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Inspiration du jour .... Dixie Delights garage makeover

I am addicted to organization.  I absolutely love to organize and it brings me great peace.  A tidy space with everything labeled is my love language.  Lawyer swears I am Monica Geller from friends.  I say ... OMG, thank you for the compliment.  

One of my sweet blog friends has a garage that has me both drooling and planning my own garage makeover!!!  If you aren't familiar with Amanda from Dixie Delights then you are in for a treat.  Her house is amazing and has the best color flow.  When you read her blog make sure you take the home tour.  And I would set aside some time to take it all in.  A big cup of coffee or a glass of wine is required.  Every single room is stunning.  You can thank me later!!

Today I am sharing her garage makeover!!!!  And it's nothing short of fantastic!!!!



Spring Break ...

Spring Break officially starts today at 4:20 pm when our middle schooler walks out of the building.  I could NOT be more excited about some quality down time with my peeps!  I am planning NINE days of unplugged wonderful long lazy days!  And with the schedule we have kept the last few months ... it can not arrive fast enough for moi.

We are headed out of town to the lovely, laid back Tybee Island.   Located just off the coast of Savannah, Georgia this three mile by one mile island is known for its laid back, relaxed atmosphere.  When the travel agency called to confirm our reservation she was insistent that I knew how relaxed and low key the island was.  Sugar ... you had me at Island.  


Interview with the Lacquer king ... Lance Jackson


This week I had the huge treat to sit down with the Creative Director of Parker Kennedy Living, Lance Jackson.  This small but powerful design firm is blowing all of our minds with their new huge amount of success in three short years of business.  Newly published in the April issue of Southern Living and as the source for lacquer in Atlanta all while prepping for a major showing at the Atlanta Symphony Show house in late April, this amazing duo is the talk of the town here in the south.  I have the pleasure of not only know both Lance and David professionally but also as dear friends.   That talent you see in pictures and on paper is nothing short of addictive ... and they inspire me daily in my own life. 

They have just launched the blog section of their amazing website ... and I IMMEDIATELY added it to my blog roll.  His Instagram, Pinterest and now blog are not to be missed!!


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ...

Nothing inspires me more on Hump Day than thinking of the weekend!  We are headed out of town for Spring break ... so once Friday evening hits it will be all weekend all day for moi for 9 straight days.  And to top off the great news ... the traveling hubs will be in tow, off the clock and ready to relax!!  Pop the champs and cue the band!!  XXOO!!

This week's Eats and Drinks ideas come straight from my favorite new cookbook ... 
The Preppy Cookbook by Christine E. Nunn ...


A good thrift ... its down right addicting!

(via my instagram)

A afternoon antiquing with a bestie is like no other!  Walking through a lovely antique store  or spending a Thursday at Scott's Antique Market just can't be beat.  Unless of course we are speaking of true thrifting.  The stop into Good Will, Value Village, Park Avenue Thrift or the like.  Passing all the complete junk to find a true treasure.  Now ... that's addictive!!


Inspiration du jour ... FLOWERS

(via my instagram)

I absolutely love fresh flowers.  Roses, hydrangeas, tulips, carnations, gerbera daisies, peonies, sunflowers ... even stock.  Truly any kind, I love them all.  I flower shop almost every Monday to make sure I have at least two arrangements in the house.   I am convinced that a house needs fresh flowers and candles at all time! 


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