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Thanksgiving Prep ...

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I am in full prep mode for the house full we are expecting on Thursday!  I could not be more excited!  Nothing says thankful to me than to be surrounded by laughter, family and best friends!!


Remember our bar ... its time to REVEAL!!!

Yes, I know its been MONTHS between when I finished the bar and this post.  Yes, I should apologize for the delay.  And yes, I realize I have been busy.  

So how about we skip the rest of the chat and get on with it?


Green walls ...

I will admit I am completely obsessed!  Every since I saw Chev V's kitchen I literally dream about these green walls.  I probably should even say it ... 

I covet them!


Inspiration du jour ... #ORCfaves

I know you may be tired of me talking about the One Room Challenge ... but I just can't stop.  This round was just soo good!  This may be a long post, but I have to squeeze in all of my faves.  And there are so many ... 


Holiday shopping!!

I started shopping a few weeks ago, but today I would consider to be the first of my shopping for the season.  I have a list and I intend to get it done quickly!!


Random thoughts ... #thingsicurrentlylove

1.  I can't believe its Thursday already ... and just two more weeks until Thanksgiving.  We have so much going on that week as a family that I started prepping for the big T day.   It looks like we will have about 20 guests, some overnight, so prepping early is a big thing for me.  We have already divided up the menu ... so at this point table settings and an agenda is all I can tackle. 


Tuesday Thrift & Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #minneapolis

I am quickly recovering from my long weekend in Minneapolis ... it was a cold, snuggly weekend with tons of bestie time and shopping mixed in!  In other words ... perfection!


One Room Challenge ... the deets

First of all I must say I am overwhelmed by your comments and love for our new bathroom!  We are seriously loving it and every time I catch a glimpse of the wallpaper my heart skips a beat!  It's soo good and matches perfectly with our bedroom ... well it will even more after I #makenewdrapes!


One Room Challenge .... Master Bathroom Finale

Welcome to Week 6 of the One Room Challenge!  If you have made it with me during this six week journey I owe you a bottle of champs!  It's been a long one ... but pinky swear, it is about to be worth every week of you checking in on me and wishing I would have more to show you.  


Inspiration du jour ... #cramming

Pinky swear I have not forgotten you.  I have forgotten all the posts I owe you and I surely miss blogging!


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