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Grapefruit Margaritas

When I was in Palm Beach I ordered a delicious grapefruit margarita at the Seafood Bar. Every single thing about experience was amazing.  Sitting at a Lucite bar filled with coral and fish was quite the magical moment but then the addition of fantastic food and a one of a kind drink took it straight to the next level.  We absolutely loved this place.


Foyer a la Minear

A few weeks ago when our sweet and incredibly talented friend Tom Tom came to town he spent the night with us and treated us to giggles, stories of travel and a fabulous Boston butt his family had prepared over the weekend.  I mean, what a fabulous house guest, am I right?  Well ... turns out he also had plans to transform our newly painted entryway into the entry of my dreams.


Soaking Up The Summer ...

We are home from Palm Beach and I am taking a few days  off to completely soak up some time with my kids. Regular season of swim team ends this week so I am about to have a lot more time with these people I adore. Time flies by and I don't take for granted that I only have a small window to truly make an impression on them and summer is a huge part of that.


Saturday Scores ... Vol. 6

Face Cleansing Towelette || Book || Face Lotion || SPF Lip Balm || Fragrance || Eye Mask (J.Crew)||

I'm in Palm Beach for the weekend (yay!!!) so I am sharing all my travel essentials for you today.   We all have those favorite things we can never leave home without whether it be stain remover or your favorite fragrance. I thought it would be fun to share my must haves ...


National Pink Day ... Yes Please!!

OMG!!! Tomorrow might just be my favorite national holiday! Did you realize it was National Day of Pink tomorrow?  I almost exploded with pink confetti when I found out! Pink is a classic, girly, happy, and fun color, but it is one you can truly use your whole life when you do it right. You can never go wrong whether it be millennial pink, bubble gum pink, baby pink, or hot pink ... they're all too good.


Introducing Giddy Paperie

As you know I am a Florida girl and I am drawn to all things coming from the Sunshine State.  I can't really describe it, but I will say I am truly attracted to something I know comes from "home".  I know we share a love of citrus picked straight off the tree, flip flops in all months of the year and desire to spend a full day at the beach.  We just get each other.

This describes my excitement to find yet another amazing company based in Winter Park, Florida.  I loved everything about giddy paperie from the introduction email to the incredible art that becomes note cards, tea towels and so much more.  The Orange you Glad note cards above took me right back to my childhood summers scouting orange groves with my grandfather for the best fruit to purchase. It is like we were able to finish each other sentences from the get go.  I am thrilled to be able to share my newest business obsession with you today.

Located in sunny Winter Park, Florida, giddy paperie, launched a little more than three years ago with the goal of making art a part of everyday life. Whether writing a note, planning a celebration or cooking in the kitchen, their goal is create an artful home and office. Working together, the mother-daughter team has built the business from the ground up and is now sold in a variety of boutiques and stores across the country and online.

Leslie was recently recognized as "10 Designers to Watch in 2017" within the Stationery Industry and they have been featured in Southern Living Magazine and The Today Show recently as well. The new "Chin Chin" collection is the latest in creating what has always been a favorite Blue and White Chinoiserie decor.

"As a painter for all of my life, it's easy to find inspiration in the the everyday 'Littles of Life': a little joke, a little fun and a little perspective." Leslie Chalfont~Founder|Designer

Aren't you obsessed too?

I have such respect for artists, they have such a way of capturing life in a real and tangible sense. Leslie is such a master at capturing her love for her life and the simple things she enjoys with the trends of today.  I love her chinoiserie drawings that combine the classic blue and white with the shells and birds that are apart of her life in Florida. Oh and then the leopard? I truly can't get enough!

I could stare at her art all day long!  I have a huge collection of stationery but I never tire of adding to my collection.  I can't decide between the Blue and White meet the Tropics and Tortoise Time with its amazing bamboo initial!  There are all so good!

I have the privilege of sharing this goodness with you with a fun GIVEAWAY!  I have partnered with giddy paperie to give one lucky reader a set of Blue and White meet the Tropics folded note cards + a set of Pagoda Princess folded note cards both in the color way of your choosing.  I am so excited to share this with you today! I absolutely love giving things away, it is so much fun!!

Enter below and good luck!! 

Have the best Tuesday filled with sunshine and all the simple things you love most!  


Saturday Scores ... Vol. 5

Bamboo Pens || Diptyque Candle || Matches (personalized shown) || 
Think Big Tray (similar) || Calendar

A desk in my opinion needs as much love as possible since I spend my working hours there ... especially on Mondays. I like to style my desk with items for inspiration as well as necessity. My essentials include everything from family pictures to business cards to a tape measure to coffee in a darling mug to my sweet pup ... and maybe a sweet pup stapler!


Random Thoughts ... #06162017

image via Slim Aarons

I am so excited it is Friday I can barely hold in my excitement.  Two reasons ... one yesterday was a rough day and the weekend always gives me the time to refresh and reboot.  I am ready for both of those things.  Second, this time next week I will be waking up in Palm Beach with my amazing friend Krystine and I am so pumped for this trip!  We have talked about this for two years and it is finally happening!!


True Beauty

mother's day

As we all know I am in my mid forties and I have completely embraced it.  I have three kids, a fabulous husband, a busy life and for the most part good skin.  I don't wear a ton of makeup, most days just moisturizer with sunscreen, mascara and blush with a good pink lip.  Some days it is just moisturizer and sunnies with lip gloss.  That is the way it is and I don't plan on changing any of those details.  I have embraced my age and my life and I am incredibly thankful for both.


Happy Everything! (plus a coupon!!)

White Stripe Mini Canister used as a ice bucket

One of my favorite companies to work with is Coton Colors.  This amazing company has been around a while and they create amazing products year after year.  Last year when they introduced the darling and super functional Happy Everything collection I immediately wanted to be involved.  I mean, the name just makes you want to smile, right? The Happy Everything collection lets you chose your base and then mix and match attachments to suit your needs and the season.  The pieces are so much fun and so easy to use.

How fun, right??

The options are endless and I have found I use them all the time.  I can use my platter for breakfast, snacks, dinner and appetizers.  I can swap out my Now Serving attachment for a flamingo, flower or truly any I own.  I own a number of the pieces and I have found that I use three of them over and over almost weekly.

This Big Bowl is fabulous for so many things!  I have used it for fruit on the counter, as an ice bucket for ice cream when the kids wanted ice cream sandwiches and this is an image of my youngest using it for a popcorn bowl while she watched a movie.  I love that she traded out the small attachment for the larger flower.  Some things just work better swapped up!

The White Stripe Mini Canister became a favorite piece in our home when the girls suggested I take the cookies out that I was storing in it and use it as a wine chiller.  Say what??  #yesplease  I love to add a fun attachment to it to add some whimsy to date night which we have at the house more than we go out.  It is cheaper and easier to manage if we have a drink or two. 

Of course when it isn't be used as a wine chiller I store cookies in it.  Sometimes I add the Now Serving attachment and advertise there are cookies inside and sometimes I just leave it blank and keep the cookies on the down low.  It all depends on my plans for the goodies inside.  With a large family I have to be smart!

The White Dot Mini Platter is truly the most used piece of the collection.  We use this piece almost every day.  From a breakfast of donuts, coffee and berries on Memorial Day to a service for ice cream sandwiches when the kids brought friends home from the pool, I use this piece so much.  I love that it is the perfect size for so many things and changing up the attachments is so much fun.  The white dots are so subtle I can mix them with anything though I seem to be using all my blue and white this summer.

Not that any of you are shocked!

My friends at Coton Colors have offered to share a discount code with me to pass on to each of you. You will love these pieces and they make amazing gifts.  I bought my mother a small platter for Mother's Day to use for all of her supper club dinners.  The platter would also be fabulous for Father's Day and would be so useful for grilled meals just coming off the grill.

From now until June 18th (Sunday) you can shop the collection and the entire website and receive 10% off by using the code PAIGE10.  Hurry over and get your gift shopping done, and make sure to get a piece or two for yourself.  You will absolutely love it all.

Have the best Tuesday!!


Travel Guide ... Savannah

Pulaski Square - Image by Kelli Boyd Photography

I had a wonderful weekend in Savannah, but I always do.  Savannah is one of those places that has won a special place in my heart and I long to spend time in this magical city of history and charming destinations.  I can recall my first visit to this special city more than 20 years ago when I met my now husband for the weekend.  It wasn't a long trip, but it definitely made an impression on me.  I recall driving home and thinking if he ever decided it was time to propose marriage I would accept.

(the Avocado Smash is divine and you must try the Spiced Lavender Mocha)

Monterey Square

As you know he did propose (seven months later) and the rest is history.  When he planned our honeymoon he added a few nights in Savannah and I fell head over heels for the history and the magic I felt in our time there.  Of course still glowing from our wedding I loved everything we saw and longed for more time in this city steeped in history and tradition.  A true Southern town full of amazing food, incredible sights and lovely people.

Typical Savannah home ... stunning!

 (the waffles are everything)

Simply put I was madly in love with everything about the city.  I recall begging him to extend our trip one extra day and making our time in Hilton Head shorter.  Of course he obliged and we spent the extra day walking through graveyards which was the trade off for me.  He loves to walk through and read each and every stone and imagine the lives of those there.  You learn so many things in a historic graveyard.

Rosé with Emily at her lovely home
(wine glasses available here)

For his birthday the following year I booked a trip to once again stay at our favorite spot, The Gastonian Inn while we toured more of the city for Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens.  It was April of 1996 and I had just discovered I was pregnant.  Once again an incredibly special visit!

Southern Charm Antiques

Over the years we have made many visits, like this one, which has just imprinted this amazing destination on our hearts.  Every trip is special, even those that only last part of a day.  This trip was just as magical and I felt it was high time I shared my favorites with you.  So many things to see, eat, shop and do, you must add Savannah to your travel bucket list.

When it comes to lodging I have two favorites.  The Gastonian has such a special place in my heart, and always will.  I can't bring myself to stay here without my husband, so if I am traveling alone or with friends I only stay at The Brice.  They both are charming, but in such a different way.  

The Gastonian is an award winning bed and breakfast with charming grounds and fabulous history.  You can choose breakfast in your room or as a group in the kitchen.  They serve cocktails everyday at 4:30 and dessert and cordials at 8 pm.  The service is impeccable and the inn and carriage house are truly stunning.  The buildings are historic, built in 1868, and are filled with incredible antiques and stunning art.  The location is ideal on the corner Gaston and Lincoln Streets just down from Forsyth Park.  You truly can not go wrong with this Inn.  Gaston Street is one of my favorites for its stunning homes and the park is well worth the short walk. 

The Brice is a Kimpton property and truly an incredible boutique hotel.  The service from the moment you pull up is first rate.  The hotel is charming and the rooms are truly lovely.  With both a courtyard and a beautiful pool you have plenty of choices for relaxing after touring downtown.   Add in their pet friendly policy and you truly can not go wrong with this hotel.  This weekend was my second stay here and the experiences just keep getting better.  From the stunning rooms, to the fun lobby and the wonderful drinks at Pacci I can not recommend The Brice enough.  After asking the darling bow tie clad concierge for painters tape on the last visit and "all the bandaids you can share" on this visit I am sure they will remember my visit.  Both times they smiled and said simply "but, of course".  What more can you ask for?

My last tip for your visit to Savannah is to tour it by way of a combination of walking and a carriage tour.  There is nothing more charming than riding in a horse drawn carriage listening to the horse shoes on the brick streets.  The intimate setting of just a few people combined with the knowledgeable tour guides makes this the best way to learn so much about the history of the city. Make notes about places you wish to return and tour on your own.  Don't forget to walk in all of the 22 remaining historic squares.  I can't wait to share all I learned about each of the squares this weekend.  They are truly each so amazing!

Have you been to Savannah?  Please share your favorite things, I am always happy to learn new things about this fabulous destination.

Happy Monday ... hope your week is filled with magical things!


Saturday Scores Vol. 4

Book || Sunnies (vintage) || Sunscreen || Speaker || Straw Hat || Bag

Summer means many a day at the pool for my family.  Since I am one who likes to be organized I have a list of things I always take with me!  Above you will see my favorite  pool essentials that I never leave off the list.  Oh and I cannot forget to mention my favorite flip flops and a cute portable charger.


Let's Be Friends ...

Isn't that the truth??

Did you know that TPC is on Facebook?  If you are new to this fabulous idea, let's fix that now and immediately become friends.  Over the summer there will be amazing happenings and I do not want you to miss even one single one of them!

Head on over now here and let's be besties, want to??

Have the most amazing Thursday!

Oh, and its National Best Friend day, so love on those who love you no matter what crazy antic or hair brained idea you have.  You know you owe them your life!!  xo


Palm Beach Dreaming ...

I am absolutely thrilled to be planning a girls trip to Palm Beach in two weeks.  Palm Beach is one of my favorite places in the world and I can not wait to introduce this charming destination to my dear friend Krystine. Since our trip is just two weeks away I have already starting packing all of my favorite things and dreaming of all the amazing things we will see and do.

I am so excited!!


Rosé All Day?

It is officially rosé season and anyone who enjoys this seasonal wine is collecting bottles and enjoying them with those they adore.  I truly adore all things rosé and my mission this summer is to turn my husband into a connoisseur as well. So far we have enjoyed two bottles and he seemed to enjoy both so my mission is going well.  But, since there are so many to try I have my work cut out for me!

We enjoyed the bottle above last night with our weekly date night.  He put together a plate of cheese, crackers and salami (for him) and we caught up on one of his favorite shows.  I hope he could hear everything between me saying "this rosé is delicious" every five minutes.  It was truly so yummy and I will buy it again to keep at the house. My friend Emily recommends French varieties and this bottle came from her. With lots of strawberry, citrus fruits and even peaches this wine was truly one to recommend.

This morning I stumbled on this article from Town & Country recommending 17 brands as a must try. Why thank you T&C I will happily do just that.  From their list I have tried the Miraval, Summer In A Bottle and Sofia but the rest are new to me.  Guess I better start collecting!  Maybe I will start with the Veuve ... I do have some fun things to celebrate!  Oh, and the pink box ... #yesplease!

I also read this article which states Aldi has one of the best wines in the world for just $8.  I will be checking my store this week to see how true this statement is.  I don't normally shop at Aldi but for a fabulous wine for $8 I can easily make a trip!

And in the spirit of all things rosé I found some fabulous recipes for you to try in case you like to mix your wine in a cocktail ~

I feel like I need to try all of these, don't you agree?  I mean, I love all things pink and each of these cocktails is prettier than the one before!

Speaking of pink ... I found a new lipstick yesterday to start off summer and I love it.  It is bright and vibrant and will be stunning with a summer glow.  Don't you think?

Happy Monday ... 

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