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Merry + Bright Entry

Happy Tuesday
... it's such a fun day!  I have the first peek into our home this Christmas and I am participating in one of my favorite things a blog round up.  I love these as you get to see the homes of so many creative and talented people, and snag some amazing ideas.  I always love partnering with others ... and this group is a fabulous grouping of incredible bloggers so I know you will truly enjoy today's hop.


Cyber Monday Goodness ...

I hope your weekend was incredible and this morning you are just like me, trying to decide if that last piece of pie can be considered a good idea for breakfast.  😋 I am working on decorating today and I could not be more excited, it is the most magical time of the year.  I am also shopping some sales today to be able to knock out some items on my list.  I am updating the sale list I made the other day for you, I hope you find some incredible deals. 

So, Happy Monday + Happy Shopping!!


Stuffing The Stockings

I really enjoy stuffing our stockings, I get a little crazy and most definitely over fill them, but I think the tiny fun gifts may be the best.  I always grab some candy, each of their favorites, some small bottles of bourbon, for those who can partake, and some scratch off lottery tickets ... because they are just fun.  I am almost done with the stocking stuffers this year, just a few more goodies to snag. 


Holiday Sale Time ... Master List!

What a week we have ahead of us all, family time, all the yummy food, and a time to pause and show all we are thankful for, sign me up for sure. I am really excited for this Thanksgiving after having to cancel it all last year.  My husband was in the hospital having emergency gallbladder surgery, we all had covid, and it was a huge mess.  I think back and am just so very thankful that it is behind us and this year we have the time to be thankful to be so very blessed. Oh, and please pass all the Thanksgiving sides and cranberry sauce to my end of the table.  

Anyone else most excited about sides?


My Favorites ... The Kitchen

The truth be told, I do not love to cook.  Most of that dislike stems from the fact that I do not feel accomplished in the kitchen while my husband is a true master. While we were dating we discussed of ordering pizza and then he proceeded to make pizza dough himself and the rest is history.  I am, however, a master of appetizers, drinks, salads, and setting a mean table.  So ... with his knowledge and mine combined I am sharing our favorites from the kitchen along with our go to orders for sending and ordering food online.  I have a list of favorite spots I order items to be enjoyed by our family and to send as gifts.  At the end I have a list of gift recommendations for all needing or wanting to gift anything kitchen and food related. 


The Sweetest Fall

It occurred to me this morning while having brunch with two friends that this is the first fall in four years that I am just "being". Sitting outside this morning by the fire pit with my yummy Oat Milk Lavender Latte and just enjoying the weather and all the leaves was magical.  I do not know a time in the last four years where I have really had nothing to manage health wise for someone in our family ... and with Maggie's ankle healing we are just enjoying the fall. The trees are prettier than they have been in years, the temperatures are perfect, the sky is blue.  


Christmas Dreaming

Don't misunderstand
... it is not decorating time yet, but I am very much in planning mode. I love to make lists and plan it out weeks before the tree comes up from the basement and gets dolled up from head to toe.  For a number of  years I decorated two trees, one in the dining room and one in the den, and then last year we just had the one in the den.  I loved it and will do the same, but ... I also see a small one in my office, and quite possibly a skinny one in the foyer. I haven't decided on the last bit yet, but I am thinking about it while staring at the entry and thinking it might need something different this year.  I usually decorate the banister of the stairs and add a few extra touches and this year, with a new and taller dresser, I may add a thin tree decked out in lights and bows.  We shall see, but it is definitely the way I am leaning. 


How To Set A Beautiful Table

I am so very excited to be included with some fabulously talented bloggers to share with you our tips and tricks for setting a beautiful table.  I love setting a table, in fact, so much more than making the actual meal.  Luckily for my family my husband loves to cook.  For me its the pairing of the linens, the china, the little details all while thinking of the people who will be sitting at the table. When we sit down at the table the first thing I think of is how it will look.  I think its part of the excitement for me. 


Oh, Hello ...

I hope your Monday is filled with sun pouring into your house and you so enjoyed the extra hour of sleep yesterday.  I was absolutely exhausted after my trip to Dallas, but in the best way.  After being sick all last week before we left I was a bit tired before we left and I used yesterday to just completely rest.  It's cold and flu season, make sure you take extra care of yourself ... that is my PSA.  I had a cold that worked its way into fluid in my ears so with an antibiotic I feel so much better.  I felt so silly at the doctor on Thursday asking why I was still not feeling well after taking a Covid test four days before.  I recall thinking I shouldn't be sick ... I completely forgot about colds and normal viruses after focusing on the more serious ones the last two years.  She giggled and said, well you could just get a cold.  #sillyme


Short Sleeve Tops to Layer

I discovered a few weeks ago that I am lacking in great short sleeve (or not long sleeve) tops.  When I found myself wearing the same darling black top again and again I realized I needed to decide why that was. I love this top, it is so comfortable and so flattering and works with a variety of jean styles and shoes.  In the fall in Georgia you can have days that are in the mid 70s and so a sweater, even a light one, seems to heavy.  The fall and winter is the time I wear jeans the most and with those jeans I love a sweater, a great long sleeve top and a light jacket ... and in times like now where it is still pretty warm a shorter sleeve top.  

And I am truly lacking in that category. 


My Favorites ... Entertaining

I have swapped up my entertaining favorites and my beauty favorites today worried about ordering time lines and monogram cut off dates.  Of course I am monogram obsessed and most of our entertaining favorites are monogrammed so these would require a little more lead time.  I noticed that Emily McCarthy (my entertaining go to) has a cut off for personalized gifts this week and I do not want you to miss out on being able to order any of these items for holiday gifts. Trust me when I saw Emily nails it when it comes to monogramming and entertaining items.  Her Shoppe is my first go to time and time again, the customer service and the options are just superior to some.  And, of course, she is one of my closest friends ... so that is a win, win for all. 


Plaid Palooza 2021

With the beginning of November I begin what my family calls plaid palooza.  I crave all things plaid, I wear all the plaid and my porch looks like a plaid shop. My response is always ... and is this a problem? I love plaid, it's the preppy in me and I love mixing them.  So here we go with all the plaid all the time until (and maybe even beyond) Christmas decorating time.  I have been known to have a plaid den at Christmas.  


Falling Into November

Anyone else need a moment?  What the heck, how is it NOVEMBER?? What happened to August and the remainder of the months until now. It feels as if it flew by but when I look at photos from July I feel like it was a lifetime ago. For us we hit the ground running the second we came home from family vacation and returned on August 1.  First it was volleyball tryouts, then an injury, two doctors, then school started, then rehab and games, then she could play, then another worse injury, more doctors, more rehab, more games, playoffs, then they lost state in the first round and then two weeks of catching my breath and now its November.  Also, that was the longest and worst run on sentence I have ever written. I swear I was just celebrating her birthday in September mere weeks ago. 

Time is a true thief

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