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Is this an airplane or a bus?

I spent the weekend in Orlando hosting a baby shower for my best friend. It is her first baby and we are very excited!!!! We had a great time. She was exhausted and uncomfortable (29 weeks) ... but it was worth it!

I flew home last night and I must say I was very confused! As a traveler I was trained by my parents to dress appropriately. You know ... shirt, slacks, ballet flats and cardigan in case you got cold on the plane. I will admit on the way down I did not miss a beat ... on the way back I had to change after arriving at the airport to be able to board appropriately. And why did my parents insist on looking nice? Well I assume it was to look less like the idiots I road home on the airplane with. Seriously? I thought I was at the bus terminal. WTH??? When did travel become so laid back? You paid $300 for that seat and you are going to wear your flannel pjs and crocs? Are you sure you thought thru that?

Here is what I saw just last night on my flight home ... and please remember it was 7:00 pm when I boarded.

1. Two parents and four kids (all under 8) all dressed in scary pajamas and not even matching ones. And by matching I mean the top matching the bottoms. Those kids screamed and fought the entire 60 minute flight while Dad read the paper and Mom read her book and listened to her Ipod. I am so thrilled they were relaxed!
2. A 20 something in her white velour pjs with multi colored polka dots and her bright red crocs.
3. A 50 something in a tank, tennis skirt and flip flops. Now really ... were you planning on playing in the dark when we arrived in Atlanta?
4. A very tall man in the seat behind me with the stinkiest tuna fish sandwich I have EVER smelled. Closed air = no tuna!!
5. A teenager with white sweat pants and no panties. Dark hair + tight white sweats + no panties = bad news bears!!

Oh, and yes ... please do not yell to the other steward that you left off serving the "Oriental" couple. Oriental refers to food, rugs or vases. They were Asian!



Murphy runs away!!!!

This morning after the boys left for school Babycakes decided, as she always does, to put Murphy on the leash and walk him. Same story every day ... except she wanted to take him in the front yard. Lawyer was not happy, but I assured him it would be ok. I was outside with her ... what could happen?

Well after being walked around the yard a hundred times he decided that was enough and ... made a run for it. Babycakes did a face plant in the yard and her beloved dog ran full blast down the street and far, far away. She burst into tears.

Lawyer gave me the speech ... bad idea, knew this would happen, yada, yada, yada ... so I was left to retrieve him. He is running full tilt away from me dragging his 6 foot leash. It was a bad sight. Me in my pjs and flip flops (not even good ones) darting through yards and the street trying to catch one very naughty Jack Russell. For my neighbors it must have been hysterical ... for me notsomuch!!!

After twenty or so minutes he turns back to the house and then darts up the street in front of the house. Babycakes is sitting in the garage bawling!!! She is sure he will never come home. And I promise you at that point I really wanted to just let him run all the way to China. I follow him forever. After a couple of close calls with bad drivers some neighbors and I finally corner him in a yard. Of course it took 5 of us to scare one 11 pound dog into submission. He finally gave up and sat down and waited for me to grab his leash. Smart little pain in the ass!!!

We start walking home and just as I round the corner heading toward the house I see Babycakes. She is sitting on the curb next to the mailbox with her head in her lap bawling!!! Can you just imagine what all the neighbors thought as they drove by? It must have looked like I had finally had it and run away from home.

Now, there's a thought ...



I didn't forget you ...

I am just up to my neck in special ed! Once a year we have to meet and set goals for next year and this year is completely different. More doctor's visits, more paperwork and more stress!!!

I will post soon ... pinky swear!



Marcus ...

Thanks for your prayers ... this sweet boy still needs them and plenty of them. He is in ICU!!

But please do not be confused ... my children are all fine and healthy. I am asking for prayer for a dear friend.

Thanks again and please do not stop!


I need your prayers ...

Please pray for an 8 year old named Marcus!!! You do not know him but God does and he and his family need your prayers!

Please pray for healing and peace!

In God's love ...

A few more ...

My dad served as our photographer, Ronalde ... and he did a great job ...
these are some of his shots ...

Hair Girl making the girls glamorous ...

My mom painting nails in her "salon"

Clemsongirls' boys ... aren't they dapper?

Babycakes and Ryan ... they are quite the couple!

Little Mister and my Dad
(Lawyer gave him a french mustache!)

Babycakes and her BFF Susie

June and the girls

Susie and Tahoe Girl

We are so blessed with the most amazing friends and loved ones!!! I would not make it raising three babies without all the support we receive!!!

Thanks ... I love you all!

Fancy Nancy ... a la Babycakes!

Fancy Nancy party ...

Fun was had by all ... she had an amazing time!!!

Happy Birthday BABYCAKES!!!

My baby girl turns 4 today! Happy Birthday baby! You are truly the light of the family!

She is so excited ... all her Susies are coming over at noon ...

... and we will make them all fancy!

Pinky Swear!



Babycakes birthday wish list ...

Babycakes turns four on Sunday. It is hard to believe that she is already four ... where does the time go?

I asked her this weekend what she would like for her birthday. She thought for a moment and then said ...

a guitar
a skateboard
"real" lipstick ... "not the kind I have now"
and a "real" purse
So I am thinking she is thinking of running away to join a rock band ... riding on her pink skateboard, wearing her "real" lipstick and having packed all her new Webkins in her "real" purse.


How to ruin my day ...

Pour out my brand new large sweet tea from McDonald's that has the perfect amount of crushed ice and sweet tea for no reason ...

And run ... because I am now plotting your DEATH!!


Murphy ... the dog of many talents!

This is Murphy (right after digging his way out of the yard) ... he is a Jack Russel Terrier and probably the worst dog ever. He is naughty, way too smart, an escape artist and most commonly a pain in my arse!!! Why is he still around? Babycakes! This baby girl LOVES her dog. Since she could crawl she has always loved that dog. He drives me crazy ... she adores him. He digs out of the yard on a weekly basis and will not come to my call ... at.all. She goes out and calls his name ... he comes running! I swear at times he looks and smells like he is wearing Princess chapstick.

It started with the names ... first it was just "My Murphy", then he was "My Pink Poodle" and now he has moved onto her "Chick-a-wa-wa" (she picked it up from The Chipmunks). She has bought him things (well, really me) and insists on taking him everywhere in the car (and I refuse). She is responsible for feeding both dogs. She gives Miles (the other Jack Russel) a 1/2 cup of food and Murphy about a cup and a half. Every time she walks by and his bowl is empty, she gives him more. We are lucky he only weighs 10 lbs. and not 110 lbs.

She spends hours of day playing with him, walking him on a leash in the back yard and teaching him things. She started coloring in the laundry room next to him and then she upgraded to trying to better him. She reads to him (makes up stories and shows him the photos in the book) and teaches him tricks and he could literally care less! But she insists he loves it.

So today is probably my personal favorite ... she is teaching him to talk. Yes, you heard me. This morning she locked him into the laundry room with her for his lessons. She was sitting on a stool talking for ever. She came out for pen and paper and Daddy had some questions.

Lawyer: What are you doing in there?
Babycakes: Teaching Murphy to talk.
Lawyer: Oh yeah, how is that working out for you?
Babycakes: Good!

And she proceeded to head back in the laundry room! Once he can talk who knows what she will want to teach him. If it was up to me his days would be numbered ... she will having him running for president in 2012!


This momma rocks ...

How do you become mother of the year?

Simple ... you step outside your tight assed, type A self and forget all of your rules and bring home ...

Taco Bell for dinner!

And sit there during dinner and watch their faces as they consume taco after taco and ...

... smile!


Proud to be a Republican

I have gotten a couple of requests for the pink and green McCain/Palin stickers ... here is how to order them ...

I found it on Sippy Cups and she has the link. I need to give credit where it is due!

They are adorable and do make being a Republican even better!



Just call me Susie ...

Babycakes has a little group of friends. They are all really cute ... and Lawyer has a hard time telling them all apart. So ... one day he started calling them all Susie. It bothered me the first time he did it and then I realized he really knew their names he was just playing with her.

Now ... it is precious! And all of our friends think it is adorable. All of these adorable little things are coming in and out of our house and he is calling all of them "Susie". Love it!!!!

Next Sunday is her Fancy Nancy birthday party. I can just see it know ... all eight of her adorable the friends dressed up in their finest giggling while Lawyer is referring to them all as SUSIE!!! It should be priceless!!



Oh yeah ... I can rally!

So ... been feeling quite under the weather this week and it has put a huge damper on getting things done. You may have noticed that I am a run around with my hair on fire girl. I can pull together this house (rather large) in about 90 minutes. We are talking beds, empty trash, Windex problem areas, light well placed candles, straighten toys, fluff pillows and other random items that seem to bring our home full circle. Nothing says tidy like my house after an hour and a half of focus. Well ... notsomuch this week.

Daddy has been taking care of the evenings and it was getting scary!! I am talking really scary ... like dvds out of their cases, trash in the basement, apple core in the bathroom trash ... SCARY!!

Please do not misunderstand me ... he was a huge help, but he is no Consuela. Yes shug, I know you can be ... but only on the weekends.

So, after the haze of being sick wore off it was time to bust a move. So at 10:00 am yesterday morning I began ...

Five loads of laundry - washed, folded, sorted and put away
Trash gathered
Basement scrubbed
Guest room made up for parents (coming soon)
DVDs all in their proper cases and back into ABC order (hell yeah, how do you store yours?)
Den straighted, dusted and pillows fluffed (yes shug I know you did the fluffing ... but do bees really fly upside down?)
Kitchen cleaned
Car unloaded of its random crap
School paperwork filed
Cookies baked for after school (Oh yes, I can definitely be Martha Stewart!)
Fall swap package shipped
Relax on couch for 1 hour

And all of this done by 2:30! No lie ... my house looked awesome and totally back to its regular state. Just the way this type A control freak likes it ... smelling good and tidy!

And it did help that the ipod was blaring and every so often it played on of my favs ...
Crazy Bitch!!!



In the spirit ...

... of strange things husbands say ... here is my newest conversation!

Last night I was really sick. Throwing up, hot, back ache, the whole nine yards. I am not sure if I had a bug or the end of the migraine of the century, but I am not 100% today.

Enter conversation this morning ...

Me: (Feeling all yucky and looking for a hug!) What made you fall in love with me?
Lawyer: You have amazing eyes and you are good people!

Come again ... good people? What do I do with that?



Does this just happen to me?

Last night Lawyer was headed to a late meeting. As in ... dropped into the house at 6, changed cars, and headed out. (Cute Jeep with a soft top is not so good in a thunderstorm!) He was in the house a total of 3 minutes. And the entire time he was in the house he was on his cell phone talking to a client!

So, he calls me after he is on the road to the meeting for a quick chat. He overhears me telling the kids that the shrimp is hot and to eat their vegetables first.

Lawyer: Who are you talking to?
Me: (the lovely people I have invited over for an impromptu dinner party) The kids.
Lawyer: Who made shrimp?
Me: (the chef) Me.
Lawyer: Who is eating the shrimp?
Me: (the a listers on the dinner party list) The kids.
Laywer: Oh, ok I have to run. I will be late!
Me: (Ya think? It is already 6pm)

Seriously ... are you tired? Or just silly?

Who would I be serving dinner to at 6pm except for the kids? He obviously thinks I lead a glamourous life and was not feeding the kids (only two, Babycakes fell asleep on the sofa) in my pjs and flip flops with terrible sinus headache and a large sweet tea from McDonalds!!!

Atleast he thinks I am fancy!


Happy Meals ...

This is truly the funniest blog I have ever read. Lawyer and I catch up about once a week. Yes, he reads a lot of them ... especially his Clemson Girl!!

So tonight we are catching up on her current week and we get to this entry. I am reading the entry to him as he is sitting next to me enjoying a beer.

He takes a sip, I read the conversation section and he ...

spits his beer ...

Everywhere! It came flying out of his mouth he was laughing so hard!

I laughed so hard I actually peed in my pants.

Yep, really did!

I am telling you ... she is funny!



Should I be worried ...

... that Lawyer just burst into laughter watching an ad on TV and then told me Homer was his "hero"? As in Homer Simpson? Are you kidding? Could this day get any stranger?

What happened to my sweet Alex P. Keaton?


Wicked Swap ... much better!

Ok, I must say I was quite tipsy last night when I drew names for the swap. I know ... I am ashamed. I thought I could pull it off ... obviously NOT!! Isn't that the worst part ... not realizing how many mojitos you really had.

Just let me warn you - DON'T DRINK AND DRAW ... names that is!

So, I have linked all of the partners (except for 4 of you) and removed all the duplicates and straightened the whole thing out.

Atleast ... I think I have!

If I am missing something ... please let me know!

If you are not linked I can not find your email ... drop me another one and I will link you ...


A lttle change ...

It was late last night when I got around to picking partners ... we had been at a cookout and I was really tired (read ... extra tipsy!! BTW ... have you tried the Smirnoff Mojito?)

I did not realize there were an odd number of swappers ... until I matched them all up ...

So, we had one last minute add on ... and here are the new stats ...

MMM & Courtney
Courtney ... thanks for the comment ... welcome aboard! It is sure to be a WICKED ride!


Partners ...

Here are the partners for the Wicked Swap ...

Preppy Paper Girl & Ladybugs Picnic
Sippy Cups & The Pink Clutch
Grosgrain Bride & Pink and Green Bride
J. Buchanan & Beaufort Belle
Jaime & Brian & Lindsay
MMM & Courtney
The Pink Clutch & Hillcrest Acres

I know this seems long ... and it is! I will let the partners exchange personal information. I really want you to know that I am total understand your need for alter egos! (I sure do love mine) I did not link the names, but I will be happy to link them if you need me to! Just yell ...

Ok, here are the rules again -

Send out items by: September 30th
Budget: $25 (not including shipping)

Our theme is Preppy Halloween – polka dots, gingham and plaid. Please!! … nothing creepy.
Cuz that is not so preppy in my book!

You send your partner six (6) items in a Preppy Halloween theme.
The six items will represent the letters "W-I-C-K-E-D”.

Please wrap your gifts and label them with the letter they represent.

Be Creative!
Have Fun!
Meet a new friend!!
Please email me with any questions ... I will be happy to help! I hope you have a great experience ... I am so excited!


Wicked swap is closed ... stay tuned!

The wicked swap is officially closed. We have 58 swappers and I am really excited!!!

Thanks for signing up ... stay tuned!

Partners will be posted this afternoon ...


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