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Ebay listings ...

I am currently adding to my ebay listings ... so keep checking!

Today I added 3 pairs of Lilly sunglasses, 1 Lilly clutch and 1 Lauren hobo wallet.

Tonight I will be adding more!!!

And check back here Wednesday am ... time to clean out the Christmas section of the Monogram Me studio.

And there is some super cute stuff hidden in there!!

Pinky swear!!


I can promise you ...

After reading Clemsongirl's post and googling the article I can promise you one thing ...

Lawyer will NEVER run for senator! Big fat, juicy hell to the NO!!!

This was the end of the news article ...

A partial list of U.S. politicians caught in sex scandals:

June 24, 2009 — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, a Republican, admits to yearlong affair with Argentinian mother of two.
June 16, 2009 — Nevada Senator John Ensign, a Republican, admits to sexual affair with the wife of a former member of his staff.
August 2008 — Former North Carolina senator John Edwards, a Democrat, confirms an affair with a videographer after denying the relationship during his presidential campaign. Admission comes as his wife, Elizabeth, struggles with breast cancer.
March 2008 — New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, resigns after revelations he repeatedly paid for sex with a hooker employed by a high-priced prostitution service.
March 2008 — New York Governor David Paterson, a Democrat, admits upon replacing Spitzer that he had an extramarital affair during a rocky period in his marriage several years earlier.
July 2007 — Louisiana Senator David Vitter, a Republican, says he was a client of a prostitution service run by the so-called D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who committed suicide after being convicted on racketeering charges.
July 2007 — Senator Larry Craig, a Republican, was arrested and later convicted of disorderly conduct on allegations of soliciting sex in a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport.
September 2006 — Florida Representative Mark Foley, a Republican, resigns from Congress after revelations of sexually explicit e-mails and instant messages with teenage male interns.
November 2004 — New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, a Democrat, resigns after revealing he had cheated on his wife and was involved in a homosexual relationship with a man he appointed as a homeland security adviser.
August 1998 — President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, admits to an inappropriate affair spanning several years with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

House cleaning ...

Time to clean ... time to sell off the extras ...

If you are interested ... check out my listings on ebay!

I still need to list some Burberry and Kate Spade sunglasses and a yummy grass green Hobo wallet ...

Keep checking ... I have lots to list!

check it out here ...

Facebook etiquette

While I was drinking coffee this morning I complete my morning routine. Sit in the office, check email, post comments, read blogs, read the news at and lastly log onto facebook. It is my morning routine and I feel lost if we over sleep and I miss out!

As I was perusing facebook I noticed I had a friend request. These are always fun ... but notsomuch when they are from your friend's 12 year old son!

I have a real problem with this! Why would I want to be friends with my friends underage children? What in the world would we have in common? And for that matter what does a 12 year old do on facebook? Does he care that I am frustrated with finding activities for my kids during the summer? Does he need to know my fake stripper name? Truly ... he is way too young!!!

I honestly feel our children are growing up way too fast. I know 10 year olds with cell phones and TVs in their rooms. Why would they want to have family time when they can be sitting in their rooms watching TV and texting their friends? Seriously ... when did this start??? Little Lawyer will get a cell phone when he drives and I no longer take him every where he goes.

And as for facebook? I really think this is a high school privilege. One for he and his friends to connect with kids at school and keep in touch with those graduate and move on. He will not be friend requesting adults and certainly not my friends.

Kids his age and family.

Period. The end.



My day has FINALLY come!!!

Lawyer and I are watching the closer on DVR. (Little Mister and I were watching Camp Rock and it overlapped!!! And then there was the big Jon and Kate announcement I missed ... but really? Do we not know where that poor family is headed??)

Where was I? Oh yes ... well Lt. Grey Hair mentioned that the new B with an itch on the show once filed charges against his partner for being a misogynist. He said they had to look it up.

Hee hee ... I giggled!

The next thing I know Lawyer has out his laptop and is googling ...

And to my excitment he is looking up the word misogynist!!!

He did not know what it meant!

Seriously?? That never happens to me ... never!!! He frequently uses words I have to google. And most of the time I have to phonetically spell them because I have never heard them! Usually when he is speaking about me or the kids. And I always feel pretty lame.

But not tonight. No ... not tonight!!!

Summer reading

I have been making my own summer reading list and spent a little time today researching. (Well that and reading about Jon and Kate and their train wreck!!) While I was googling I came across the blog of one of Clemsongirl's favorite authors Jen Lancaster. She has a great list. And the best part ... most of them I was not familiar with at all.

Here it is for you to peruse ...

Suggestions??? I do not read enough!!!

What can you suggest for me to check out??

A salad bar in my kitchen ...

We had lunch today at Ruby Tuesdays ... not my first choice ... but good food!!!

I had the salad bar complete with cukes, edamame, shredded carrots, fresh beets, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and many other goodies.

As we were leaving I was thinking ... why do I not have a salad bar at home??? I would eat salad twice a day ...

And then I thought ... that would be pretty easy to do. Spend some time one day a week on prep work and I can have yummy salad each and every day!!

My grocery list ...
fresh spinach
romaine lettuce
shredded carrots
fresh diced beets
sliced almonds
dried cranberries
green peas
feta cheese
golden raisins (thanks for the suggestion)
sunflower seeds (can't believe I forgot)

protein add ins ...
hard boiled egg
grilled salmon (must plan ahead for this one)

What would you add to my list ...


Happy Father's Day!!!

If I was magical I would have twinkled my nose and Lawyer would have woken up this morning as Bobby Flay.

But ... sadly for him ... notsomuch!!!

Since this was not possible we gave him the gift of sleep (til 10:30 am), pancakes (which he made) and the gift of chosing his day.

He has chosen to lounge in his boxers, watch TV, play on the computer and just hang!!!

So ... hang we will do!!!

Happy Father's Day to all our daddies. They work so hard ... and deserve more than one day to be celebrated!!!


First day of summer ...

Why is tomorrow the first day of summer and it is currently 101 degrees outside?

Seriously ... it is even too hot to go to the pool today!

What will it be like July 4th???

That is my question ...

Tiny Whities ...

All of the boys in our house wear boxers. Always have! Lawyer wore them when we got married and I bought them for the boys when they were done with those thick white training pants and were fully potty trained. It was their prize for mastering the potty!

Well ... five years after potty training Little Mister we had to rethink the boxer wearing. He has been struggling with tucking in his boxers and buttons have never come easy for him. So why frustrate him further with the boxer issue.

So after a few deep breaths I purchased briefs for him last week. It was a little bit of a stretch for me since it was my first purchase of said briefs. I never understood them. They are the same inside or out. How can that be ... Not to mention that they come with yucky bands sporting the name of said briefs for all to see if you bend over too far. Not at all my style!

Well ... I did it and he was thrilled. They were easy to put on and fit perfectly under his shorts and beloved jeans.

So ... off to Granna camp he went with all of his new briefs washed and ready to wear. Day 1 and he told Grandad about his "tiny" whities. My dad feeling the need to correct him informed his that they were not tiny but TIDY.

Little Mister stared and him and responded ... "have you seen them ... they are sooo tiny?"

So "tiny whities" they remain!


Sunday thoughts ...

First off I must add that I made two trips to the drive-thru liquor store yesterday. The second time I went my sisters in law and I went together to the "dry cleaners". (Don't tsk-tsk me ... they are in the same parking lot!)

Anyway I drove up, rolled down the window and the attendant greeted me as ... hey Mrs. Lawyer. Both of my SILs giggled ... and then dead silence!

Ok ... so maybe this is an area I need to address ...

On to today's thoughts ...

Today in the sermon at church we were discussing sexual impurity. Good sex v. Bad sex.

Great sermon ... until ...

He mentioned that 80% of our children ages 5 and up have been exposed to Internet porn.

Come again?


80% ... that is 8 out of 10 children. How does this happen? Most times with our sweet children mispelling their favorite websites. Lord knows it has happened to me. Ever tried to visit the White House Black Market online ... Bad! Bad! if you mix up that one! And heaven help the child who is doing a book report on the White House!!

It can also happen when our kids visit You tube. Great site ... but also full of porn. (And yes ... I came home and checked it out for myself and yes it was there!) Even Itunes has some apps that would frighten you.

When did it get so bad? At my age it was the forbidden play boy magazines in my friends parents bathrooms. They frightened me then ... but that was the worst it was!!

Why so young? Because this is the age that our children begin to play on our computers. And at that age if they are typing on their own they are such easy targets.

The whole thing made me shake in my flip flops. I refuse to be the parent who sticks their head in the sand and insists it will never happen to me.

It will happen and I will have talked to my kids and taken every precaution. And it will still slip in.

But I will be checking and waiting ... and that BFF relationship I have with my 12 year old will pay off!

Pinky swear!!


Drive thru therapy ...

I love the drive thru liquor store near our house. It rocks!!

I always make up a batch of margaritas when we have company over. These same margaritas may have made poor little Monogrammed Tahoe a little overserved!

What can I say?

They are yummy!!!

So ... I drive thru the liquor store and begin to list off the ingredients I need.

The attendant asks me if I am having a party ... I respond no ... my husband's family is coming over for a BBQ ...

He looks at me and asks "Would you like a menu?"

Um ... yes ... maybe I need one!


Family fun night ...

... might stink if your 4 year old can repeatedly beat you in Wii tennis.

Not once ... not twice ... but every. single. time!!

And then she decided to tell me how to hold the controller and the best way to swing at it.

And the one point I did make she looked at me and yelled .. "Holy smack ... your good!"

Now that's encouragement!

Thank goodness ... since earlier she asked me if I could look pretty tomorrow.

Apparently I wasn't looking pretty today in my Lilly fish pants, my havianas and my Jcrew white T ...

... but there's always hope tomorrow!!


I think I need a break ...

... from the stress of raising a twelve year old boy!!!

The questions, the tears, the stress (his, not mine), the fears, the friends ... I could go on and on!!

But ... I should feel blessed! He talks to me about EVERYTHING!

And at his place at the kitchen table sits his bible and his devotion book. It could be so much worse!

Some conversations I need a strong cocktail to handle ... and some are just plain funny!

None of which I was ever prepared for when the stick turned blue ...

... and I am not sure I am ready now either!!!



Happy Birthday Tahoe Girl ...

Lawyer and I had a blast celebrating you ...
You are dear, sweet and special and we love you!!


93 more mintues ...

...until 5 pm!

Just got two emails ...

One shitty one that I will not even think about today!

And one from the BFF with this attached ...

could you not just dip him in ranch and eat him whole???

Lord knows I could!!


When the day stinks ... count the minutes until 5:00!

Some days just stink (read suck!!) ... there is no other way to word it. Today is that day for me!!

7 am ... woke up ... Lawyer grunted at me.

I should have known ... day for me can only go down hill from there!

Lost my cup of hot coffee ... when I found it it was ice cold!
Misplaced cell phone ... FINALLY found it!
Babycakes morning playdates she was waiting on cancelled!
Forecast ... rain! (My middle child HATES rain ... he is sporting a hoodie at camp today! Always a good look for June)
Drive 30 minutes downtown to pay $45 non moving traffic violation ... in the rain!
Bon Qui Qui at the Municipal Court window and her waving finger told me off!
(Seriously ... my $45 ticket requires a court appearance ... how can that be a good use of the court's time?)
Called Lawyer ... huge mistake! He does not like to be bothered at work!
Remember after arriving at Ikea that they only serve Pepsi ... which might as well be relabeled brown water!
Drive home to a grumpy 12 year old ... always a good day!
Pick up kids from camp ... Babycakes hurts her sweet friends feelings ... that sucks! And their scheduled play date is in the toilet!
Arrive (with two kids instead of just one) at Gap to purchase jeans for my hoodie wearing 8 year old ... and realize I am without my purse! Always a bad plan ...
Drive home with two crying kids ...

We are all having a "time out" and I am counting the minutes until 5 pm.

Cuz any bad day can be made better with a cocktail and take out!



Mimsie glasses anyone?

These sunglasses are too stinking cute ... and I am offering them to you at $65. These currently retail for $125 each! I have four pairs that can easily be snatched up.
These are brand new with tags and come with free shipping!! If you want them ... email me at ... and I will ship them by Friday!
Too good to pass up ...
... and there may be more to come!


How would you like ...

Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses for $65?

Vineyard Vines polos for $45?

All with free shipping ...

Would I have any takers? If so ... I will be happy to provide for you!!

Just speak up ...


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