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Pop a Cork!

As you know I have loved the One Room Challenge from day 1.  Loved it, stalked it religiously, participated in four linking rounds and loved each and every second!


Let's Get Swapping ...

Wow ... so many people signed up for round two of the vintage swap!

I'm so excited!!


Inspiration du jour #bestiesaregoodforthesoul

I am happily home and relishing in another amazing weekend.  As stated Friday Lance & I took off at dark thirty for a shopping weekend in Tennessee.  After a long week I was thrilled for some quality BFF time and a little time to myself.


What's In My Bag ...

I love a big bag and I cannot lie!  

I carry the largest purse I can and have for many years.  It used to be a bag of the season and then about five years ago I splurged and purchased a Louis Vuitton XL Neverfull and never looked back.  The new ones come with an amazing removable zippered clutch ... mine did not. And they have jumped a little in price.  But all in all, the best bag ever! 

And ps ... you can't fill this baby up!


Happy Fall!

Today is the first day of fall.

As in fires, soup in the crockpot, apple picking, leaves changing, cooler temperatures and pumpkin breads and pies for days.  All the amazing things that fall brings. 


Morning Routines ...

Have you ever wondered what it was like in the life of a successful person?  I do this quite a bit ... and definitely when it comes to women.  I would love to be privy to the daily routine of maybe Sarah Jessica Parker (I will always see her as Carrie), Anna Wintour or even Emma Stone (major girl crush).  


Inspiration du jour ... #weekends

I know I am not the only one who loves the weekend.  

I mean, isn't it just the best part of the week?


Vintage Swap v.2

Happy Friday loves!!

Isn't there something just magical about Friday ... the possibility of the long, relaxing weekend is just magical!


Shopify = Success!!

To say our Thursday sales on PKL The Cellar have exploded really doesn't describe it!  We started out in the beginning of June hoping to make the sale a success and after week 2 we realized not only were we a hit ... 

we were a knockout!


Leopard = neutral ... #ofcourse

I am not exactly sure when I fell in love with leopard but I know I feel fast and hard. 

It may have started with my insane love for tortoise which I know started in the 80s and grown from there ... they aren't that far apart in theory at all.


Inspiration du jour ... #girlbosses

I am always in awe of a strong, successful woman.  Not only are they inspiring but they are also so fascinating to me.  They have beat the odds, they have pushed thru the boundaries.  

They have succeeded.  


The beginning of fall ...

Summer is gone ... and fall is just around the corner. 

sniff, sniff ...


Fall Blog Hop ...

Yes, it is time.  

I know, I know ... how can it be??

Fall is here, or it will be officially on September 23.  So ... it is officially time to start thinking about fall decor and yummy fall recipes and plans for the best season in Georgia. 


No Labor For Us ...

What an incredible weekend we had ... and I was skeptical since I am never a fan of saying good bye to summer.  

But who wants to say goodbye to long days, easy living and tons of quality family time!

Not moi ... 



Summer 2015 ...

It was a long summer for me ... a good one, but a long one!

I was diagnosed with chronic migraines and broke my foot and started a business!

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