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Farrow + Ball ... New Colours

Farrow + Ball launced nine new colours for 2016.  Not a huge deal until you realize that this only happens every few years.  Then it becomes a champagne worthy event.  I have told you many times I absolutely love Farrow + Ball paint and the incredible look it has given our kitchen and breakfast room completed in the last One Room Challenge.  I have a large to do list of things to be given some Farrow + Ball love.  My heart skips a beat every time I see their colour book.    

Sigh ... 


Stair envy ...

For quite a while now I have wanted a staircase makeover.  I think this area could use a major shot in the arm.  A new banister, new spindles, a runner instead of carpet.  Black risers instead of white. Basically take the girl in to the plastic surgeon and come out with a complete makeover.  Not just a little Botox but a total face lift.  She is so early 1980s.


Spode Celebrates 200 Years

Spode is a Stoke-on-Trent (city in Staffordshire, England) pottery company founded by Josiah Spode in 1770. Josiah Spode is most known for his perfection of an under glaze transfer process still in practice today.  This allowed the company to mass produce the pottery forever changing the ceramic business.  Spode launched the Blue Italian print in 1816, a print still in production today.  This year marks the 200 year of production, blessing us with blue and white Spode china for two centuries.  

One Kings Lane is hosting a Spode sale selling both antique and new release pieces.  I happened upon this sale yesterday while perusing art and couldn't stop looking at all the incredible pieces they are offering.  Some of them are quite pricey and others very reasonable, but all of the pieces are well worth the ticket price.  

I picked all of my favorites for you ... but you need to hurry.  The sale ends very soon!   I do love a sale and the time frame just makes it more exciting, right?

1 (sold out) || 2 || 3 || 4 (sold out) || 5 || 
6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12

I will confess that I purchased the teaspoons and this lunch tray.  I wanted so much ... but I had to refrain.  I seem to be acquiring more blue and white than I have the space for currently.  I know ... I can't think about that today.  Sort of what happens when you are ordered to stay home and rest.  I had to take a break from my House of Cards marathon. 

So much goodness!  Stop reading and start shopping!!

For tons of amazing blue and white inspiration check out my Pinterest board.  There is blue and white literally everywhere in our world!

Happy Thursday lovies ... 


TPC Travels ... #athens

Does a calendar get any more exciting than a day with a trip penciled on a date?  I love a good adventure and even a last minute one, a packed bag is always a good thing to have!  Don't you agree?
Last Saturday I took a day trip to Athens, Georgia to see my darling friend and shop owner Breckyn Alexander.  Breckyn and I met at the Summit last year and I love her style and her incredible passion for artists.  She is gorgeous, smart and amazing to be around.  I could get lost in conversations with her about her passion for design for hours.  

The trip came together rather last minute but it didn't feel that way when I arrived.  Breckyn planned a fabulous afternoon for us and I found myself madly in love with the city and not wanting to head home.  Something about a small town that I connect with, the quaint spots and everything within a small area.  It just makes so much sense.

I only spent a few hours in Athens so most of my tips for the city are recommendations from Breckyn and her darling friend Dominque.  They were chatting the whole time we were walking and the more food they spoke of the more I wanted to stay for a month!

To shop:

BMA at Home is a must ... the best jewelry, art and rugs.  Her turkish rug collection is fierce!

Agora Vintage ... the most incredible vintage store I have visited!
Sonia Says ... Breckyn reviews this as a top notch clothing boutique
Treehouse Kid and Craft ... Breckyn says this is her favorite childrens store
Heery's ... an Athens staple

To eat:

The National ... The National Tonic and stuffed dates were incredible.  I could have sat here all evening!!

Sea Bear ... Le Midi, the oysters and the seared okra!  They were amazing!!!  Possibly the best oysters I have ever eaten!!
Rooftop at Georgia Theatre for incredible drinks, food and the view
Last Resort ... Breckyn recommends the crab cakes
Big City Bread ... Breckyn goes for the soup! Oh, and the beer.
Ideal Bagel ... Breckyn says the lox bagel will change your life
Two Story Coffee ... Breckyn is a coffee addict and swears by it. 
Condor Chocolates ... need I say more?

To do:

Walk everywhere ... I loved that we parked to shop and dine.
Take in a band at the Georgia Theatre (Athens is known for its incredible music)

After falling in love with the city and Agora Vintage I will definitely be going back.  Athens is a short drive from the city and yet when you arrive you feel super far away.  I call that a win, win.

Thank you Breckyn for a wonderful day!  I will be back soon!!


Marge + Rita

Is there anything better than fresh lime + tequila?  Maybe some chips, salsa and guac?  I think I could live off of this combination and probably did in my early 20s.  It just seems like the perfect meal somedays ... and a distant cousin to the wine and cheese board.  Right?

All good classic recipes start with fresh lime juice.  Add in Cointreau and good tequila.  Layer on a salt rim and a fresh slice of lime and you are set and ready to enjoy.  My brother in law who worked as a bartender for many years makes the best frozen margarita I think I have ever drank.  He swears by a splash of orange juice at the end for an even fresher flavor.  I don't know what he does to the rest of it ... but it is perfection.

But, why stop at the traditional lime flavor?  There are so many amazing varieties and more that seem to pop up daily!  In honor of National Margarita day yesterday I have searched and found the best recipes for margaritas.  Skinny, lime, grapefruit, pomegranate ... the options are truly endless it seems.

I am recovering from a horrible case of bronchitis that seemed to show up out of nowhere so I won't be indulging in any of these this week.  It is a tea with honey mixed with chicken soup and my favorite cups of jello.  But ... I see one of these with my name on it this weekend. 

And that will keep me going until then!


50 Elements of Southern Style

Recently Southern Living celebrated 50 years of publication with their Celebrate the South: 50 Years of Southern Living issue.  Its an amazing issue and one that I will save for sure.  I loved reading how things have changed over the last 50 years and how some things have remained quite the same. I mean, if it isn't broken ... right?

One of the articles that caught my eye was 50 Elements of Southern Style.  The guide listed 50 things every southerner can't possibly live without.  I immediately started reading and checking things off the list. I mean I live in the South, I should be chock full of southern style, right?

 How did I do?

Our monograms.  Are you kidding me with this one?  Let's make a list of the things that don't have my monogram, it would be a lot shorter.  Got this one nailed down good.  I clearly remember my first item with my name on it.  It was fifth grade and my shirt had my name ironed on the back in white velour letters.  I was hooked.

Signature scent.  Mine is Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

A great pair of boots.  I have a few but I am still hunting for the elusive great pair for me.  For now it is a pair of yellow Hunters. I am on the hunt for a great pair of riding boots in brown.  I just need to suck it up and buy these or these.  


Pearls.  Earrings, bracelet and quite a few necklaces lengths.  Also good on this one however I still see to be drawn to pearls.  When we went to Snow Mountain last week I wore the small pearls so I wouldn't take a chance on losing the over sized ones.  Not wearing pearls never seemed to occur to me.  Yes, I know.  Super silly of me. 

Pink lipstick.  I have two I love, Mac All Fired Up and I have recently fallen in love with Revlon Matte Lip Color in Obsession.  

Skin that glows. I am working on this one.  More water, less tea.  Champs in moderation. Also, I have just purchased both great skincare and a Clarisonic and I am loving both of them.  Post on this coming soon!

Tailored dresses. I have three Kate Spade dresses I adore.  I have my eye on a new one that is truly the definition of a tailored dress. 

Sparkle. I love some sparkle from amazing earrings to glitter on my feet.  I am not sure I have ever seen sparkle that I didn't love, but honestly what girl doesn't?

Color, Color and More Color. Have you seen my house.  Think I have this one under control.  But, there is always more color to be bought and spread around. 

Family Heirlooms. We are blessed to have inherited so many amazing pieces from both my husbands family and my own.  My favorite things are his grandmother's silver collection, my grandmother's barristers book cases, books, old framed photos, his mother's crystal vase for my roses and his parent's Dodie Thayer shell bowl.  

Good hair.  I get compliments on my hair so I will say its "good".  I do know I wouldn't know what to do without my best friend who makes the grey disappear and the cut amazing and I am lucky to have thick hair which I only wash about twice a week. 

Gingham button down. oh, I have just a few of these.  Basically every color of the rainbow and in pink and blue I have almost every hue. I am still hunting the perfect red and of course chocolate would be di-vine!!!  Gingham for me is just about the perfect option every single time.  The collar, the pattern and the variety of colors.  How can you go wrong?

Team colors. Florida Gator for sure.  Every single inch of me bleeds orange and blue.  I will root for anyone in the SEC and, of course, any one playing Florida State. 

Perfect pair of jeans.  Aren't we all hunting these?  I have two pairs of Old Navy jeans I wear almost every day but I am not sure if they are perfect.  Still hunting for that one.  

Prints with personality. Also pretty set on this one!  My whole life has personality.  My clothes, my house ... I love almost every color and darn near every print.  The brighter the better for me. 

So, I am doing well on the southern must haves.  Some better than others, but I expected it to be that way.  I truly think to be a southern woman you need to be able to garden and bake and I stink at both of those things.  Clearly need to add some line items to my goal list for the year.  

Happy Monday lovies ... or I guess I should change that to y'all!


Bar Carts ... New vs. Old

Who doesn't love a bar cart?  I know I love them probably more than I should.  Owning four of them, I know that is a lot , I find them incredible useful for so many things!  Housing our drink collection, serving, coffee stations, side tables ... oh I could go on and on.  


Guest Pop In ... The Chinoiserie Collective

I met the Katie, the darling eye behind The Chinoiserie Collective, when she bought one of the first items sold at The Cellar.  She posted her fabulous green lamp on Instagram and added a tag and I immediately spent a while going down the rabbit hole of her IG feed.  That was June of last year. She was new to IG and had just a few hundred followers.  Flash forward eight months and her following of 13.9K is nothing short of inspiring.


Vignette of Me

Recently I was chatting with a darling friend about creating something for me.  She is super creative, an incredible artist and someone I am loving getting to know.  Don't you love how secretive I am being ... I promise it will be worth it!


How do I do it all? ... I don't!!

When we see someone online or in print with a pretty smile and clothes just so we assume they have it all together, right?  It immediately puts pressure on us.  Why don't I feel that way, why don't I have it all together?  The truth is its just a snap shot and no one has it figured out.  We are in work in progress, I promise.


Style It Challenge ... Lisa Mende

Lisa Mende is an incredible designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina and truly just a darling soul. She is beautiful, funny and has an incredible eye for creating a spectacular space.  It does not surprise me one tiny bit that I am madly in love with the den she created for Taylor Burke Home's Style it Challenge with One Kings Lane.


Champagne Cocktail for 2

Champagne is the go to happy drink for celebrating.  I for one looove a bottle of good champagne for just about any occasion.  I adore everything from the fancy bottle to the pop of the cork! Fancy drinks are always a good choice! #yesplease

Champagne is a sparkling wine produced from a grape grown in the Champagne region of France. There are specific rules for producing champagne from this area.  It must include, among other rules, specific vineyard practices, sourcing of grapes from the region, specific pressing regimes and a second fermentation of the wine inside the bottle.  This second fermentation is what creates the magical carbonation which makes it feel so special.

I love a champagne cocktail ... and feel so special ordering one while out and about.  A traditional champagne cocktail includes a sugar cube, a splash of bitters, a squeeze of lemon and a lemon peel. They are so yummy and I highly recommend you add them to your drink of choice list. 

Since Lawyer and I will be celebrating at home this weekend, I created a pink champagne cocktail for the special occasion.  He isn't a big wine drinker, preferring red over white, but he will indulge in a champagne treat with me for a special event.  Of course, after his toast with me he will immediately switch to his go to, Woodford Reserve.

To make the Valentine treat ... you first add in a sugar cube to the bottom of your glass. Add in a few shakes of bitters to taste.  I like about three good shakes.  To create the pink color I added in a smidge of grenadine syrup.  Add in your champagne, squeeze in a little lemon and top with the lemon peel. 

Chin Chin!!

I may have drank mine while preparing ... and now I may be a smidge sleepy.  Oh, and ps.  I know why I am not a food and drink photographer ... this was super tricky!  xo

Happy Valentines Day my lovies!  Here's to a day filled with love, loved ones and large boxes of candy that don't add one pound to the scale!!


Designer Spotlight: Mallory Mathison Interiors

I feel in love with Mallory Mathison Glenn's work just about the same time I fell in love with her.  I had seen a small shot of the room she created for the 2015 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays and immediately fell in love.  I simply could not google it enough.  I didn't attend the show house in person, so my only visual of the room was what I could find from other's Instagram accounts.  It was just not enough.  You will know in a minute why I will forever be kicking myself for not going.  

Mallory's work in this room is nothing short of showstopping.  When designing the room, which she named "A Holiday Affair", she created a persona for the girl who would live here.  I love her words as she gives us a detailed insight into the darling girl who would live in this space. 

"A Holiday Affair is inspired by a charismatic, curious, fun-loving girl about town.  She loves to jet-set around the world mingling with artists, debutantes and virtuosos.  She is a lover of design both classic and contemporary.  This space was innately inspired by a social calendar from Town & Country, Slim Aarons, The Greenbriar, Kate Spade, cocktail hour and wanderlust."

She then introduces the girl and gives you more about who she is, which is quickly evident in the details of the room.  She is someone who I would love to be friends with, we all would. 

"The stylish, quirky, thoughtful and spirited American girl who lives her life in “A Holiday Affair” has many attributes.  She has engraved calling cards, loves salt & vinegar chips with champagne and collects matchbooks from exclusive resorts and local watering holes.  She has a dominating tennis serve, hosts remarkable cocktail parties barefooted and Funny Face is her favorite movie.  In the summer you may see her shopping for sandals in Antiono Ruoco or sipping sangria at La Fontelina. Winters are perfect for perfecting her backhand at the Bath & Tennis and finding treasures along Dixie Highway. Her bags (a mix of Louis Vuitton and L.L. Bean) are always packed and she embraces adventure; which will certainly be fulfilled this holiday season!!"

Mallory partnered with Schumacher using their fabric, wallpaper and furniture. Zanzibar Trellis in Jade (wallpaper and fabric for the settee) was inspired by Mallory's love for Palm Beach. Singeries Multi on White, the wallpaper in the adjoining room, was a fun addition. Singeries is the French for "monkey trick", "a genre depicting monkeys apeing human behavior, often fashionably attired and intended as a diverting sight, always with a gentle case of mild satire". She added in an incredible bed and large chest along with antique pieces that would give the room its lived in and well collected feel. She shared with me that she scoured old Town and Country magazines along with books such as The Preppy Handbook and The Privileged Life for inspiration and ideas to create the room and the persona of the Bon Vivant who resides inside.

The incredible space is eye candy for days. I have looked at these images many times to prepare for this post and I still spot things that I have not seen before. That to me is true design brilliance! I want to move in and stay forever.

The art on each side of the Chinoiserie chest are pieces by Laura Park, a Charlotte artist known for her abstract art.  Her artwork can also be printed on fabric.  Can't you just see two pillows made from the incredible art above?  #swoon.  

Both the incredible Penhurst Chest and the amazing Venetian Bed below are from Baker.  That bed, that fabulous bed!  Can you take it all in?  The crackle lacquer with hand painted Chinoiserie details make it perfect for this room. I am madly in love with both pieces.  New pieces that feel and look like antiques passed down from loved ones.

The Rose Medallion bowl on this side table is filled with matchbooks collected for the space. Mallory told me of her adventures in finding and basically "borrowing" matchbooks from all over.  She even enlisted friends to do the same.  The matchbook collection tells so much about the girl who lives here, from pool halls to elegant hotels.  It inspires me to start a collection of my own.  

I have decided to save the desk for its own special post.  I am truly obsessed with the desk area and all of its incredible elements. The calendar alone deserves its own post.  I can't get over the details in this room.  The painting above the desk is by the incredible Mallory Page.  

That bedding.  I just die. I am in love with both choices.  Julia B is the source for the incredible black and white triple scallop coverlet, sheeting and shams.  Porthault is the exquisite source for the bottom shams and duvet.  So very French and so very fabulous.  

The art for the room is a collection of contemporary and emerging artists Mallory gathered together to create an incredible gallery.  It is a collection which appears would have been pieced together from purchases and gifts of beloved friends.   It includes a pieces from Sally King Benedict, Angela Nesbit, Teresa Gerard, Nancy Franke, Melissa Payne Baker, Ethel Vaghan, Adrian Alsobrook and Mallory's mother Monteigne Mathison.  

Couldn't you just stare at the art collection for hours?  So well matched.  Absolutely di-vine selections!

The bedside tables from Fabulous Things, LTD are perfectly styled with incredible lamps, framed photos and the books only a true Bon Vivant would chose for herself.  I just love the addition of both a champagne glass and a tea cup.  A girl does have her necessities.  

I absolutely want to pick up the rooms and plop them down in my own home to enjoy for myself. That Zanzibar Trellis alone has me swooning.  I simply can not get enough! For more of her incredible design work and a peek into her life follow Mallory on her Instagram and check out her website.  

For sourcing and design inquires contact Mallory direct.  All photography by Laura Negri.  

And stay tuned ... I have an amazing post planned for you on that incredible desk area!  I die.  


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