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Random Thoughts #022717

We had a fabulous week last week and finished it off with a day and a half away just as a couple. Those little times mean so much and can make you feel so connected.  I am thankful for a quiet week with no real schedule and a little quality time to end it.

I will call that a win, win, win!!

Our first stop on the trip was the Nashville Flea market.  Not the best Flea in February but I love the hunt so I was all in.  It was cold, as in bitter cold with high winds.  Furniture was blowing over and Lawyer was whining about the chill in the air.  We last a few hours and then he was grumpy and hungry and I gave in to head for lunch.  In the short amount of time there I scored a brass pineapple for $10 and 18 pieces of our daughter's silver pattern.  I wish I had gone back and scoured more of his booth, I am sure I would have found more.  It was amazing and I love the butter knives, appetizer forks and luncheon knives I found.  They are cleaned and already in her silver box.

Starting off a new week I have so many things on my radar and all of which must be shared!  What better way to start the week than with tons of inspiration?

I purchased this cute bag last week for my trip to the Nashville Flea and I love it.  I love using a cross body bag when I am out hunting, it gives me two hands to carry my treasures!!

After posting this amazing image on Instagram last week I became obsessed with letter boards.  I found a few sources which I thought I would share just in case you think you need one in your life just like I want one in mine!!  This one is pink and probably will be a must have for me.  I also like this one since it has a gold frame.  This one is the!! Can I justify purchasing two of them?

Isn't that image fantastic?  Ceres is a new follow for me and I can't get enough.  I like every single image she posts!!

I was looking for cute shoes and found these which are a must have for me for spring.  Have you ever seen a more Paige perfect shoe??

While I was hunting I added these and these to my cart.  I mean, they are on sale so grab them while you can!!

Last week the darling girls at Teleties treated me to some adorable hair ties.  If you spotted my instastory that day you noticed that the girls in the car on the way home from school freaked out and immediately traded out their hair ties for these darling ones.  They are so fabulous both as a bracelet and a hair tie.  My daughter and I wear the larger ones (we have a lot of hair) but our cute carpool buddy snatched up the black and gold smaller sets.  They loved them so much and I can highly recommend them.  They are cute and useful.  Win, win!!

I was introduced to the amazing Schermer Pecans at The Southern C a few weeks ago.  Along with the amazing pecans came a recipe for a delicious trail mix from Waiting on Martha.  These pecans are divine on their own but this trail mix is too yummy to not share.  It would be amazing at happy hour or for a fabulous mid day snack. You will love it.

While I was on the WOM site I found this amazing recipe.  As you know I am trying my darnedest to eat well.  I have given up the sugar and the unhealthy carbs, which apparently I was eating nothing but, and am cooking yummy meals for our family.  This meal is so good and easy to prepare and makes me feel like a rock star!  You will love it!

I have loved this darling dress and it was so fun to wear to celebrate some warmer weather!!  I found some other must have dresses on the site.

I love this caftan!!  Add some long gold chains and a cute sandal and I am set for summer!

This dress is perfect for a weekend trip.  Add a cute hat and some converse and you have a darling outfit for a fun get away.  As you may have noticed on my Instagram I wear these converse shoes when I am walking a lot.   So comfy!!

My fun friend Anne Harwell owns the shop Annechovie on Etsy and she has added some darling Staffordshire items.  I am dying since you know I have a small addiction to all things pup related.  I just ordered this darling mug (Lawyer will cringe when he sees yet another mug) and I really want two of these pillows!!  How adorable is he in those spectacles??

Another darling friend Breckyn Alexander owns an amazing store in Athens.  I wrote a recap after visiting her store and spending some time in Athens with her last year.  She has now moved her shop and added in some more cute things and her site is a must visit.  I love her collection of jewelry and her eye for art.  I need to work with her on purchasing a rug for our powder room. Her fabulous stash of rugs is so good and I love that she has fun sizes and colors.  If you are in the area BMA At Home is a must visit!!

You guys love the Pearls 101 post last week.  I love that so many of you sent me messages and are trying your pearls in new ways!!  Here are some fun earrings you need to add some more fun into your pearls stash!  Oh, and while you are on the site, how cute are these??

Cheers to a short Monday with lots of amazing things happening!! 


Winter Break 2017

The kids have been off all week for Winter Break.  Typically we make plans to leave town this week each year but this year with the addition of a cast for our youngest we stuck around town. Since Little Bit's closest friends all headed out of town for the week it was up to me to add some spice in to keep her spirits (and mine) up.


TPC Travels ... TSC Summit in Sea Island

I always look for to The Southern C Summit, I literally count the days until it arrives each year.  This is the one thing I benefit from the most each and every year.  There is something about the atmosphere and people who attend the Summit that fill me up.  The founders, Cheri Levy and Whitney Wise Long have created a fabulous "front porch of the South" atmosphere that just lends to creativity and meeting like minds that are dying to connect and collaborate.


Pearls 101 ...

I am a classic prep who thinks pearls are a necessity for every day.  I can be spotted in my pearl studs almost every single day and they are one of the first things I put on every single day. It is my go to earring and I find it works for every single day no matter the attire. I might be wearing them as I type sitting here in my monogrammed pajamas.  No makeup on and hair in a bun from sleeping but my pearls are already in place for the day.


Spring Fever with J.Crew

You know my favorite store is J.Crew just as you know I am obsessed with color and pattern. Imagine my excitement when the March 2017 Style Guide arrived at the house just a few days ago.  You know how you dog ear pages in your favorite catalog and magazine?  Well, I had to dog ear almost every single page and then get out the sharpie to mark all my favorite colors in each item.  Lord, it was almost a religious experience with the new collection. Thank goodness I just purged my closet of all things I needed to part with.


TPC Loves Elizabeth Heard

For many years my hair was short and sassy and some where along the way I let it grow.  At the moment it is the longest it has ever been allowing me top knots, buns and many days of pulling part of it back in a barrette.  Since I have hair on the dry side I don't have to fuss with it every single morning so on day two and three you will find it up in some manner.


Happy Valentines Day ... #coffeebar

Good morning and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!  I love this day every single year because it gives me another reason to love on every single person.  I am a girl who loves to dish out happies and sursies and hugs and today is the best day to do all three of these.  Love conquers all ... and needs to be spread like confetti wherever you go!

Ok, all done preaching!

I spent a little time this morning dressing up our coffee cart to celebrate with my loved ones this afternoon.  When they were super little and attended preschool it was easy to celebrate in the morning but the older you get you realize afternoon snack is the best time to love on them.  Plus ... for me it is the time they talk the most.  So, win, win!

Mug gifted to me from my darling bestie Skipper!

You don't have to spend a ton of money to create something special.  Pinky Swear!  I shopped my Home Goods and Target and gathered every single thing I added.  Oh, and Krispy Kreme for the donuts.  I try to purchase things I can use again and again so it seems worth the money to splurge.  The one thing I don't hold back on ever is flowers, because they make me so happy to have them all around the house and its my one purchase I make every single week I am home.

To break down the setup ... the confetti, sprinkles and marshmallow jars along with the cannister for the coffee pods are all from Target.  I have had them now since the fall and I just keep washing them and refilling based on the holiday.  The napkins and mugs are from Home Goods.  The Kate Spade mugs I have had for a while and since I have a whole collection of them I just use the ones I need based on the colors.  This holiday I pulled the pink and red ones. Lawyer doesn't care what kind of mug he drinks from as long as it holds his coffee.  He is so user friendly like that!

The amazing vase was a gift to me from Coton Colors and is amazing.  I can't wait to add another attachment to the front of the vase for Easter!!  Its the best vase and so incredibly cute!

And of course, the most important thing on a coffee cart is a good coffee maker and fabulous coffee. I have found my new favorite combination.  This coffee maker from Keurig makes my mornings even more fabulous as it makes coffee so fast for me and in the darkness of the morning it can't quite come fast enough.  I am addicted to this pod from Intelligent Blends coffee.  It is very strong just the way I love it.  Oh, and next up in the queue is the Tall Dark & Handsome pods.  Don't you love the name?

I hope I have inspired you to set up something special for those you love and yourself!  I love walking past something festive.  It makes me happy ... and making cocoa from this space this afternoon will brighten my day and hopefully theirs!

Have the best day filled with love and hugs ... and spread the love!  Happy Tuesday!!


From The Desk Of ...

Good morning and Happy Monday!  I am thrilled to be home after a week of travel and sitting in my office as the sun pours in and welcomes me home.  Travel is incredible and the blog provides me with amazing opportunities for travel but is there really any place like home?

Deep sigh and soaking it all in ... 


My Signature Six with Dixie Delights

Happy Thursday!!!  I am on the road again, this time in Sea Island for The Southern C Summit and I am soaking up the sun, the amazing creatives and some quality time with some of my favorite people.  The weather here is amazing and the sunset last night was nothing less than fabulous.  I mean, aren't they always better at the beach?


TPC Travels ... #nashville

I had the most amazing weekend in Music City attending the Nashville Antiques and Garden show.  It was the best weekend I have spent in a while with amazing friends, the most beautiful antiques and incredible food and drink.  I have wanted to attend the show for a few years and the timing never worked out. I made sure to add it to the calendar early this year and schedule everything else around it, I was determined to go.  It was worth every single second as this may be the best antique show I have ever attended.  The garden section was incredible and each garden was unique and creative.  There is just something about spring flowers and the smell of hyacinth in the air as I walked around that spoke to my flower loving heart. The weather may have been freezing outside but the gardens inside made it feel like a warm day in April.

I arrived early Thursday morning and after dropping my bags in Franklin and changing I headed straight for the show to attend Early Shopping.  I was greeted with a glass of champagne by the darling Ruthann and Eric Ross who chaired the event.  I thoroughly enjoyed that amazing glass of champagne which made the early shopping experience feel so special.  Well done to my friends the Ross' for a perfectly curated Early Shopping event!

As I walked the floor I became instantly aware that I had completely underestimated the show.  I knew it was going to be amazing, but the level of incredible antiques completely blew me away.  This is a gathering of the best of the best.  Some of the vendors had traveled from England for the weekend and their booths were like nothing I had ever seen before.  It was eye candy for three solid hours ...


See what I mean?  It was so hard to walk away from so many things!!

Thursday evening I attended the Preview Party which was packed full of fabulous people and even more incredible shopping.  I spotted so many more things that I fell madly in love with during the party. It was almost as if the entire evening was laid out with all of my favorite things.  Staffordshire pups, paintings, china, more Staffordshire, Opaline glass and the most adorable Italian spaghetti hair pup which I could not walk away from.  He instantly became mine.

The most exciting part of the evening was celebrating a Best In Show win for my friend Troy Rhone who designed one of the gardens.  The garden he created was spectacular and the magnolias that framed the space took my breath away.

This is a shot of his incredible Mediterranean garden that won the eye of the judges.  The details were fabulous and the garden deserves its own post which will air next week.  I took so many shots of the space to try and capture not only the details but also the feel of the space.  Well done Troy!

Friday began with more antiques and more shopping!  There were lectures but I did not sign up to attend any of them not wanting to miss out on any of the booths.  I had planned to meet up with a few people and was so excited to spend the whole day shopping and meeting friends.  

The day did not disappoint ... more eye candy and me doing all I could to keep from buying every single thing I spotted.  I wanted to take home every single pup I encountered, and I promise you I could have filled my car to the brim.  Oh, and yes the Bloody Mary was incredible as well!

Friday night was my favorite party and one I had been looking forward to for a while ... The Bourbon Party.  As you know I love bourbon and I was super excited to sip bourbon with incredible music and the fantastic antiques in the background.  It was a magical combination for me!

I had the best time ... the bourbon selection was top notch!!

Saturday I was back at the show for the Design Panel lecture.  Robert Leleux moderated a panel chattring with Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller of Carrier and Company, Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner about how travel and social media has transformed their eye and influenced their designs.  I thought it was incredible and fabulously entertaining.  Carrier and Company is new to me (how did I miss this one?) and Mary and Nathan are always fun to be with.  They are witty and funny and so down to earth not to mention beyond talented.  

After the talk I took one more walk around the antiques floor to make sure I did not miss out on anything I wanted to purchase.  I am telling you it was hard to leave so many incredible things behind. If it was up to me I would have driven home with a car full of Staffordshire and oil paintings.  Every single one of them I saw was better than the last one.  It was truly almost over the top with all of the incredible choices.  

I told you, the show was incredible ... fabulous antiques, incredible speakers and parties.  Pair that with dear friends and quality time, what more would you want in a weekend?

Mark your calendar for next year.  This is a must see event and I promise you I will be in attendance every single year!

Happy Tuesday ... 

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