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Sprinkles Cupcakes All Day Please

I think the day Sprinkles installed a Cupcake ATM at Lenox Square Mall might have been the best day ever. For many years I have loved Sprinkles cupcakes and the opportunity to have them delivered via an ATM every day all day is just a gift from Heaven. When visitors come to town it is one of my favorite spots to share with them, and to this day not one has been disappointed. When my favorite photographer came to town it one was of her requests and I was more than happy to oblige. 


Pink Walls ... #yesplease

At the end of last year I began to question the pink walls in our dining room.  They have been Benjamin Moore pink begonia now for about six years and I have loved, loved, loved the pink.  I had a momentary lapse in thought and was considering painting the room another color.  After restyling the walls and swapping out a piece of furniture all of a sudden I was in love with the pink once again.  Honestly I am not sure who was more thankful I decided not to change the color ... me or the Hubs who was so confused for the few weeks I was having major doubts.  The pink shall remain!


Hunter Lovin'

I love my Hunter boots and I think I am one of many with this same sentiment.  They are amazing for so many seasons but the rain and snow would be the time they truly shine.  With or without boot socks they are perfect for pulling on when the weather is not quite the best.  I have been known to pull them on to walk the dog in the morning ... you just step into them and go. Whether you prefer the Tall Boots, the Short Boots or even the Chelsea you truly can not go wrong with a pair (or three) of Hunter boots.


The Best Skinny Margaritas

Shirt || Glass 
Coaster (custom from my Emily McCarthy for Cotton & Quill fabric)

I absolutely love Mexican food and have to be very honest and say I eat it multiple times a week. We have tacos, taco soup, taco salad and even breakfast tacos on the menu more than once a week.  Luckily for me my family is on board with my love and total obsession with all things taco related.  My favorite accessory to a good taco meal is some shredded lettuce, sliced avocados and, of course, a good Skinny Margarita.  


Pink And More Please

Can we not talk about how January is already skating by?  I do not understand how time flies so fast, truly it feels like we were just celebrating Christmas and now I see Valentines everywhere I look.  I will confess I am so excited to see pink and hearts galore as February is quite possibly one of my favorite months of the year.  I love the month filled with pink, gingham, hearts and LOVE.  Bring it on and don't hold back one single bit.  💟

Just a few of the pink on my radar currently ... I mean, bring it all please!


Taco Soup ... on Repeat

Since our weather has been so very cold this winter we have been eating a ton of chili and soups.  It is perfect since they tend to be easier to cook and they are perfect for the two diet issues we have in our household (gluten free + low sugar) so soup + chili on repeat it is.


Crazy Love Market & Coffeehouse

A few weeks ago for my birthday two of my besties invited me out to breakfast to a new-to-me spot in Roswell.  I was super excited for a number of reasons but mainly to try a new place and, of course, to start the day with two cute friends.  I am always up for adding a new place to my personal favorites list and your birthday just seems like the perfect day to try a fun new restaurant.  Downtown Roswell is about 20 minutes from our house and is home to some of my favorite restaurants.  It is a darling and super fun area to visit, eat and shop.


Chinoiserie For The Table

I have had my eye on these Chinoiserie plates from Pottery Barn for a bit now but I just noticed the stock up sale I have been watching ends this evening so I had to hurry and purchase what I wanted.  And just as I was pushing Complete Order I remembered I never shared these amazing plates.  I blame it on the snow and the freezing temps and the fact that I was frozen for a week.  Yep, that's my story!

You will be just as smitten as I am with this collection, it is the perfect piece to mix with all of my blue and white, and yours!  Bring on the spring tablescapes ...


Random Thoughts #01172018

We are having a snow day today and even though our snow fall is minimal there is a lot of ice on the roads and the schools here definitely err on the side of caution when it comes to winter storms, so the kids are off today and it looks like tomorrow as well.  I am not complaining one bit as I am loving the cozy day at home with my two youngest.  Think movies + popcorn + cozy blankets and lots of giggles.  Definitely my kind of day ... #thankyouwinter


Love Is Always The Answer

Some of my favorite quotes come from Martin Luther King, Jr.  What a man, what a vision and most definitely what a man for God and others.  I long for the day when we will all feel the love and equality that we deserve.  Hate is such a devastating and destructive emotion.  Love is always the best answer, no matter the question.


Peacock Alley At Its Finest

To know the name Peacock Alley is to understand the meaning of quality pieces for your bedding and bath.  In business for more than 40 years the luxury bedding, linens and bath product company has been a leader in providing their customers the best in bedding and linens.  Their extensive line of products will outfit your bedrooms and bathrooms for your comfort and the comfort of every single person you invite into your home.  In my opinion and in many others, they are the best.


My Love For Haviland & Co. Limoges China

One of the many things I collect is Haviland & Co. Limoges china and more specifically the hand painted gold and white pieces.  I absolutely love the look and details included and simply can not pass up a monogram piece.  It started with a collection of six M bread plates and developed into a passion for hunting and finding new pieces.  At the moment my collection is still small, but it has the potential to be vast with the way I seem to be to locate pieces.

I feel an episode of Hoarders in my future ... 😉

Photo by Kristen Hechler

A few years ago I purchased my largest amount of pieces when my best friend Lance spotted a number of monogram pieces at an antique store on the Marietta Square. He called me and told me of his find and I immediately raced over to beat the clock before the store closed.  It was an exciting purchase as the monogram was one letter different from my grandmother and one letter different from both myself and Little Bit.  I was thrilled when I brought it home knowing one day I would wrap it up as a gift for her.  It is truly so beautiful. 


Thoughts For 2018

Since we had Winter Day off from school yesterday I completely felt still sucked into winter vacation.  We were rumored to get ice and a wintry mix with the possibility of a little bit of snow but all we experienced were really cold temps and rain. 

Gross and no thank you! Instead of venturing out into game/presidential traffic we stayed in for the day, next to a warm fire and I took full advantage of the two helpers to help me tackle Christmas decorations and get them packed up and put away.  It turned into a very productive day, and I am always super excited to have extra time home as a family.  I will call that one a win, win.


Winter Sale Scores

As you may have noticed on Instagram I celebrated a birthday yesterday. We are still in celebration mode and I am not upset about it one single bit.  I honestly think a whole weekend beats one day of celebrating any day of the week.  With the perfect mix of family time, brunch with besties, a fabulous movie and dinner with those I love most I can not imagine celebrating any other way.  

Oh, and on your birthday make sure you add extra pink marshmallows!  ☕


Organization For The New Year

I love to organize pretty much anything, have I shared that with you?  My husband calls me Monica Geller when he sees me get out of bed after getting all tucked in to put something away I left out.  I can't help it, and to be honest it does help me sleep so much better.  I really believe in having a space for things, it helps me with the clutter that comes with having a lot of us in the house and definitely helps them put their own things away.  With a house full of people we can create some serious chaos in a short amount of time.  Sometimes I feel like I just tidied a space and five minutes later it looks like a hurricane blew through and left all kinds of stuff scattered in its path.  I am not sure about your house, but my people are prone to misplacing things and if I can keep them putting things where they belong we seem to be able to cut down on the "can you find my ---" asks.


Coffee + Marshmallows

Yes, I love my coffee.  I think about it just as my eyes open in the morning and most likely again at night before I go to bed since it is the first thing I do when rising each day.  I can remember being a child and watching my grandparents enjoy their coffee and wondering what all the fuss was about.  I was little then and now ... simply put, I am a coffee addict.


A Whole New Year

Happy 2018!!  I am days into major hibernation with my people and truly I can not imagine spending the holiday break any other way.  The kids have had multiple adventures and I have been the one to lay low, probably lower than I have in years and I can tell you I definitely don't hate the decision to unplug some and truly just relax.


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