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Labor Day Sale-ing!

As you know I have had some serious time on my hands while sitting in the hospital.  I have been living in sweatshirts with jeans and sweaters with leggings during the day as the hospital is so very cold.  With the weather being unusually cool I got online to order a few more sweatshirts since I never wear the same one without washing ... I am so worried about transferring germs.  I started texting my friends when I noticed that the sales this weekend are so good and I realized it would be easier to group them all together for them and ultimately for you.  I can't even believe its Labor Day weekend ... but I will think about that another time.  This is where we are supposed to be for now, so for now we just breathe through it and wait.


Avocado Toast

image by Angie Webb Creative

Happy Friday!  I hope your week was a good one.  I am writing today about one of my favorite breakfast/brunch treats ... Avocado Toast.  Just typing those two words makes me crave it so much.  I think I was late to the avo toast game so now I feel the need to catch up.  I promise you I could eat this meal over and over again and not tire of it one single bit.  I order it from a few of my favorite spots, but since two of those spots are in Florida (makes the daily order super hard!) I had to figure out a way to make it for myself.  After doing some super yummy research I have the best recipe to share with you.  I think I have it perfected (for my taste at least) and I hope you will give it a try.  It is so easy to make and a great meal ... especially if you add eggs on the side!   I am telling you the more I type the more I want some right NOW.


Key Lime Pie

Anyone else a pie lover?  I really do like a slice of pie and think I have basically my whole life.  When I was a child we lived in Lakeland, Florida (my home town) and spent many lunches and dinners at Reececliff.  I would order a small meal so there would always be room for the slice of pie at the end.  Grilled cheese, roasted grapefruit sections + coconut custard pie.  It was just a regular order for me and still brings me such comfort when I am home and order it.  In July when Southern Baked Pie sent me a Blueberry Pie for July 4th they added a box of Amanda's Signature Pie Crust Mix for us to enjoy later.  Since I do not bake, I promise it never works out, my mother generously offered to help me make a pie.  It was ... delicious and these photos have me dreaming of a slice of pie as I type.


The Big Little Lies Edit

It's week three of the four part series by Anna Grace .... I don't want these to end.  She is so good and so creative and I love her obsession with fashion.  She is basically the best of the best ... enjoy!  xo

image via Pinterest


12 Happies du Jour

We made it through the first two weeks after surgery!!!!!!  I am saying this with extra exclamation marks because I can share with you that that the road has been a bumpy one.  Of course the first few days after surgery are a blur and then he prepped to come home, then a complication, then we prepped again to come home and then he was released.  We all did the happy dance and I thought the road would be so much better once he got home. The first two days we both shed some serious tears.  He was in pain and oh so weak and I was so tired and feeling so inadequate as his caregiver and the grace was flowing constantly from both of us.  I think his mind was more ready than his body was to be discharged on day 8 and I thought about taking him back more than once that first 24 hours.  I have so much respect for nurses ... they all need raises and bonuses ASAP.  We are so lucky to have a nurse as a dear and precious friend who came to check on us and help us with a routine and make some amazing suggestions.  Between her, my best friends and their encouraging messages, my parents and a surgeon on speed dial they carried us when we couldn't do it on our own.  They were most definitely the hands and feet of Jesus. It has been rough but we are FIGHTERS.  Thank you so much for every message, DM and prayer.  It is so surreal to feel the days lighter than they should be and knowing we are being lifted in love.  ❤


The Cutest Headband

The headband game is strong right now and I am loving it.  I have always enjoyed a good headband and I am thrilled they are back in style, though I have been sneaking them off and on even though they weren't hip.  I do love the new top knot style even better than any other style so I guess waiting for them to come back into style was completely worth it. ❤


All The Raffia

I think anything raffia or wicker just gives you a more relaxed feel.  I think it comes from the idea that you grab a wicker bag for the summer months, wear a raffia hat to the beach, and stock your back patio with all the wicker furniture.  You add in a woven, raffia or wicker piece and I instantly view it as laid back and relaxing.  Raffia and wicker pieces have made a huge presence this summer, more than I have ever seen.  I see darling raffia top knot headbands, cute raffia sandals, the most precious raffia hair clips and so much more and I am loving the trend.  Can we just go ahead and say I never want it to end?


Slide On

I have always been a fan of flip flops and sandals, I mean I am a Florida girl at heart.  Spending so much of my growing up years in sandals all year long I just think they are more comfortable than most shoes.  With the exception of loafers (Catholic school girl!) sandals are my go to for shoes!  So, it really should not be surprising to you that I have found myself a huge fan of a slide for the warm months.  I bought two amazing pairs last summer and the collection quickly began! 


The Best Robe

Anyone else love a good robe?  For me a robe is ideal for right after a shower and towel off when you need something while you get ready.  I prefer to get ready in a robe instead of my clothes and then get dressed when I am all done with hair and makeup.  I think the idea of dressing last is something that was passed to me by my mother and I just stuck with it.  I also notice I grab a robe for first thing in the morning when I am letting the puppies out and I need a little something if I chose to sleep in a comfy white tee and pajama pants.   I was surprised a few weeks ago with a package from my favorite towel company and found a darling short sleeve robe inside.  Weezie Towels makes robes?  The answer to that question would be ... yes, yes they do!


The Gossip Girl Edit

Today is week number two in a series of four blog posts written by the darling Anna Grace.  I think this one is my favorite, but I am completely obsessed with the fashion of Gossip Girl.  

But really, what girl isn't??

image via Pinterest


12 Happies du Jour

Well hey!!  Happy Tuesday to you.  We are starting this week just so happy to be on the other side of surgery and on the road to recovery.  It was so hard to plan and wait and wait and wait, and I can not tell you the relief to be done. And the words "tumor free" is just the best phrase ever.  We are so much closer to being cancer free and I have my eyes on the prize! The Hubs is still in the hospital recovering, but each day is a new one and we hope to have him home so very soon.  I can tell you each day is a blessing and we are so thankful for all the love, support, and prayers.  We feel each and every one. 

Oh and can we discuss the sunrises we see each day?  The East wing is the perfect place to see this goodness each morning!


The Magic Of St. Simons Island

One of my favorite places to visit when I am craving some time at the beach is St. Simons Island.  With only a five hour drive from Atlanta it makes me so happy to spend a few days or more on the beautiful coast of Georgia.  With the gorgeous moss covered oak trees hanging over the streets and beautiful marsh land I think it is one of the most relaxing and picturesque places I have ever been. I think part of the reason I love it so is thanks to the yearly visit for The Southern C.  Once a year we all gather for the best view days of learning, connecting, and celebrating so it I always leave so refreshed and rejuvenated and ready for another year.  I have also visited a few times for vacation and always find it a wonderfully laid back destination to completely unplug and relax.  When we learned that surgery was coming quickly I knew I wanted to take a few days to get away with the kids.  And I chose the perfect location ... St. Simons Island. 


All The Books

I mentioned yesterday about my renewed interest in reading.  As a child I read nonstop and the older I get the less I seem to read.  I realized that I was spending more time watching tv at night then I wanted to when I could be reading.  My friend Ashley started a book club in January and I immediately signed up and ordered my first book.  I read it in less than a week and then was ready for another book so I picked out a new one and finished that one, again, in less than a week. Four books later the passion for reading was back and I was thrilled.


My Newest Hobby

One of my favorite memories from my trip to Palm Beach was a pop in to Lycette Designs.  I have been wanting to learn to needlepoint for quite some time but I had promised myself I would let Jessica teach me how.  After working with her on a blog post a few years ago I was really excited to learn from her and I just decided to wait until we could meet in person.  I was so excited to be able to visit Jessica at her darling store, take a lesson, and have her help me pick out three canvases to start the needlepoint journey.


The Jenna Lyons Edit

One of my favorite things about working with Anna Grace all summer is her fabulous ideas.  One day she pitched me a series of blog posts featuring fashion icons she really loved.  I immediately said yes, and then told her they were her's to write.  I remember the first time I told AG to write a blog post, she was nervous and excited and basically unsure but she delivered a great post.  Four years later she is strong in her ideas, strong in her writing skills and has four different blog posts to share with you.  For the next four Wednesdays the content is her amazing idea, her research, and her words.  All her and I am so impressed and proud of my girl.  She rocks!!


A New Phase

So many of you have followed along with our cancer journey and I can not express to you how much it means to me to have so many people I only know online loving on us and lifting us up in prayer.  As you may recall we had our regularly scheduled three month scan in mid June but this time the results were quite different than the other scans and we immediately shifted gears. So many of you have either emailed me or messaged me on Instagram checking in and I have had to be vague, which I hate, to all of the details and the happenings over the last five weeks.  I can now share with you all of the news and what happens next for this new phase.


Aromatic Gin + Tonic

I am rather new to the world of Gin, only have my first Gin + Tonic a few years ago with my friend Eric Ross in Highland's, North Carolina.  What I love about a good Gin + Tonic is how light it is and how is feels like it may be the perfect summer cocktail.  Since that first Gin + Tonic I have ordered a number of them out and about and still think it is such a great summer drink.  It is light, and depending on the tonic you choose has a number of really nice flavors.   Since our first G+T together Eric and I have had quite a few of them and I try to spice them up a little just to surprise him with a new take on what is his go to drink.  I think I may have hit the jackpot for summer cocktails!


A New Back Hall

Two weeks ago I took on a little project which ended up being one of my favorites I have ever completed in our house.  We have a hallway in our kitchen connecting the breakfast room to the laundry room and the garage, you probably remember it as being the location of our coffee bar.  It was yellow with a darling pink vintage bar cart and outfitted for all things coffee, tea and hot cocoa.  I thought the space was absolutely darling, but it stopped working for us in the way we needed.  A change needed to be made.


Blue + White For Your Home

As we both know I love all things blue and white, with blue and white dishes and porcelain at the very top of that love list.  I have collected a number of pieces over the years and I think it makes every corner of our colorful house feel more pulled together to have one or two things that are consistent.  In the kitchen I now have two areas that are favorites of mine with all our dishes stacked up and ready to be used every single day.  All of the blue and white crazy started for me when my in laws gifted us a stack of Blue Willow dishes they used for years and then passed down to us.  I know proudly use them daily and hope one day to pass them down to one of our children.  That gift a number of years ago began my love for blue and white and I don't see it ending anytime soon.


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