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Spring Shopping ...

Feels the sun one day and sees blue skies three days in a row and immediately starts dreaming of spring clothes.  

Yep ... sure did! 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 7

Hey, hey
... anyone loving this week, or is it just me?  The sun has been shining and it is giving me good energy and all the feels about spring which hopefully will be here so very soon.  I am ready for colors, flowers blooming, and all the benefits of spring weather and I am sure I am not the only one.  I am so thankful the weather across the country seems like it is back to its normal state, and I pray those affected are doing so much better.  I have talked about weather a lot lately, am I becoming my grandmother?? 


Master Bedroom Dreaming ...

We love our master bedroom!  I love the dark walls and how dreamy it feels ... even though it is dark. When I did this room a number of years ago I paired the chocolate walls with greens and turquoise to tie into the bathroom wallpaper.  Even though its been five years since we redid the room I really love the colors and the choices we made.  Although it is time to upgrade just a few items, it is still current and still sparks so much joy for both of us. 


Shopping Trip Recap

This post, finally I have it for you.  I promised it to you last week and then so much happened and I also realized I did not have the information I needed for you, so it is very, very delayed.  But I have extra information to share so I hope that will help ease the delay.  I can not believe this trip was almost a month ago, I am so very ready to do it all again.  

How about next month?


Do All The Things

Happy Monday
... I hope the sun is shining on you and your day is off to a great start! For so many of my friends in Texas and Louisiana I pray so hard that their week is so much better than the last one.  So many had such awful weather and so many suffered.  It truly broke my heart.  My specific prayer is for restoration and peace and that this week would bring better weather, water, and electricity for all. I am so thankful that so many have shared resources for us to help.  I do not know about you but when I know someone is hurting I need to be able to do something.  At this very moment I pray so hard for my friends in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Lord, they need water!!!


The Southern C Summit - Virtual

As you recall two weeks ago I used my virtual The Southern C Summit ticket on the road, visiting a number of cities over five days and meeting up with some alums from years past.  I love my time at Summit each year as I feel like it really sets me up for the year.  I use the time to get my mind in business mode, meet amazing people, work on collaborations, and come home with a list of amazing people to work with along with new collaborations with businesses I already know.  It is hands down the best thing I do as a blogger and business owner all year long.  There is something about that time away that truly just gets me in the perfect mind frame for the rest of the year.  I am not saying it is always smooth sailing as I come home and work it all out, but the inspiration I glean from the time always gets me going in the right direction. 


Two Weeks Of Love + Joy

The past 14 days I have participated in a giveaway a day on Instagram to share some love + joy daily.  It was so fun and a number of small businesses participated finishing with an amazing giveaway with Frontgate yesterday.  I love partnering with others, it builds excitement, shares their business with others and showers them with some new followers for their brand.  I was picky for this two week process, picking some of my favorites to share with you. It was really a great success for all and today I am sharing each of their businesses so you will have a hard copy of those who partnered with me. 


Stubbs + Wootton

I think my love for a loafer started in elementary school with penny loafers.  I can remember being in fourth or fifth grade and my dad teaching me to polish them for school and always adding in new, shiny pennies.  It was bliss.  For me the loafer is the epitome of prep style. I am a true prep at heart.  If you let me loose with a catalog or in a shop I will choose the preppy look every single time above all things.  The older I get the more this appears.  I love my pearls, love my button downs and jeans or skinny pants, and to complete the look ... love a loafer or a ballet flat. 


Cards + Cocktails

Remember before Covid when we could have our besties over and have them hang all afternoon?  Yeah, me too ... and I miss it so much. A few years ago I invited two besties over one evening and we had darling pink drinks and yummy snacks and played Lilly Pulitzer monopoly.  Before you knew it we were so busy chatting we forgot all about that darling game.  We had so much fun. Last year I set up an evening of cards + cocktails for besties and once again, so much fun. Since this isn't happening this year I thought I would re share the images of the set up before they arrived ... because I love it so very much.  In fact, as I look back on it I would not change one single thing.  All the pink, all the yummy snacks and that yummy pink drink, it was so perfect


Capitol Vintage Charm School

Happy Monday ... the sun is shining here, the music is loud, and I am ready to tackle this week.  Last week was so very good for me, I came home so very tired but also so full of creative ideas, conversations with really good fellow creatives, and a list of action items.  Since I was basically taking my Southern C Summit virtual ticket on the road it was so good to multitask and listen to great speakers while shopping and meeting with fellow alums.  I think it may be my favorite week in a very, very long time. 


Valentine Happies For Him

Happy Wednesday ... now that we have hinted to our boys what we would like for Valentines Day, let's make sure we find something fabulous to spoil them with.  I do not know about you but my husband is so simple in the gift department.  If I made him a great steak and baked potato and did all the dishes while he relaxed he would think he won the lottery. 😂 It is something I do for him each year, and this year will be no different, but I do love to snag one or two small things I know he will love to go along with the delicious meal. 


Valentine Happies For Her


All the goodies for you ladies today ... and tomorrow its all about Him.  There are such cute things in this round up for you, your mom, sister, bestie, and, of course ... to send to your Husband as a hint or two!  One of my favorite items is of course the cute pink pjs + slippers or the darling pink candle and the amazing match cloche.  You know I adore a great candle, and this one smells divine.  And those darling earrings from Hazen, I sent those to the Hubs to snag for me.  I don't think you could go wrong with any of the goodies on this fun list. 


Happy February!

Good Morning
... cue all the hearts and heart eye emojis and all the love texts and letters, this is my very favorite month of the entire year.  I think one of the reasons its my favorite is that its the first real month after we have christened a new year.  The very long January is behind us, and now we can just be ... and be happy in a month filled with love and joy. When I was little my grandmother gave me a charm bracelet one year for Valentines Day that was nothing but hearts.  It is all sizes and patterns and I truly love it so.  I still have it, and wear it, and every single time I see it I think of feeling loved ... and spreading that love

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