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Powder Room ... It's done!!

I love our powder room!  I loved it before, but as I mentioned in this post I felt like it was missing something, some extra character, something cheeky, and definitely some points of interest.  Well, after two weeks of work I couldn't be happier with the results. It is exactly what I wanted, and more, with some great ideas sent in from Instagram followers.  I have a video of the space you can see here, but I will break down sources and ideas below.  Our dear friend David, who cuts and colors my hair, was at our house on Monday and he came out of the bathroom and said ... love the sign on the door.  Yep, exactly what I hoped and more!  


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 9

Happy Wednesday!!  Did the first day of summer sneak up on anyone else, or just me?  I looked at the calendar today and was in shock ... its June 23?  What happened to the first three weeks??  I think that time is marching so fast these days and I have had to go back and look at the photos on my phone to realize what we did and that we are truly soaking up summer and not just working out way through it.  The older my children get the faster time flies.  The little one just mentioned yesterday she will be 17 in three months and I promise you it was a combination feeling of almost passing out and throwing up.  How did my little baby get so big??!


Kitchen plans ...

As I am putting the very final touches on the powder room this week I am already looking at my next room to tackle.  The kitchen and breakfast room are the largest space on the main floor after the den and definitely the most used!  As it is in any home the kitchen is the heart of the home and we are in there all the time, cooking, eating, and playing all the games.  I love our kitchen, but I did want to switch out just a few things.  We finished it in November 2015 as part of an invited participant One Room Challenge redo.  I loved it then, and I love it now, and will be changing the smallest of things.  It will be an easy upgrade ... so I have it all on the brain and the list made so that the second the rug arrives for the powder room I will be able to hit the ground running!


Sarah Flint Crushing ...

I shared with you in May that I am completely and totally in love with my new Sarah Flint shoes, so much so that after my Natalie flats arrived I immediately added a pair of Grear sandals to my closet as well.  Well, she has some darling new arrivals and once again I am smitten.  The only question, which pair(s) do I chose?? The magic of Sarah's shoes is the way they are made.  She thinks of every single detail and if you have ever watched videos of her trips to Italy you will notice her care and love for every single piece she designs and sells.  And ... the comfort is worth every single penny.



Today is one of the best sales you can find this year for Frontgate.  You know I love them, love working with them, and stand behind every single piece we use and own from them.  I can not say enough good things about Frontgate or their products, and right now you can shop for 20% off with code LTK2021.  The sale is live and ends on June 13th so don't delay. 


Slim Aarons

As I am working on my powder bathroom I have talked about our love for Slim Aarons and his photography.  For me it is the perfect mix of art + the vintage feel I love to add to our home.  We have so many inherited pieces and I find I do well mixing it with both vintage pieces + new pieces to make it feel timeless and not just a museum for old pieces. I honestly do not recall the first time I learned of Slim Aarons and his iconic photographs but I can tell you I truly am a fan of the timeless, and often cheeky, images.  


Social Media Etiquette

This blog post has been on my heart for so long.  I think I put it off because I felt I wasn't qualified to speak on the topic, but as time goes on I feel called to speak up, so here I go.  Please know this comes from a place of love, kindness, joy, and a place where I think someone really just needs to speak about it.  I can only speak about my experiences, which I intend to do so, and hope to spark a conversation about change.  It needs to happen. 


Operation Completion ... Powder Room

It's a new week, and a new room, and I am here for it. I really missed not working on a room last week, but also since it was truly so short, I think I would have struggled.  This week is all about the powder room ... and I love the room, but also think it needs some changes.  There is nothing wrong with the room (well, the light flickers and it needs a rug) but it will also benefit from some goodness.  I have had a new light for a while and I am ready to get it hung.  I also snagged a cute mirror on Spring Break and immediately wanted to hang it in the powder room for a change.  There is a whole lot of squares and rectangles in the room and it is begging for some circles.  


Marrying Faux + Real

Wowza, it's Wednesday ... and I am in shock.  I know we all took Monday off, but it also felt like a two day Sunday so the fact that the week is half over is just crazy to me. Today I am chatting about something I think I have mastered and would love to share.  We are going to break down the topic of faux vs real plants and more specifically mixing them together.  I have always wanted amazing topiaries for the front of our house, but after buying and killing two sets I gave up.  That is until I decided to embrace them in a different capacity and now I am loving how they look.  The funny thing is ... the house I have always loved in the neighborhood that inspired the topiaries are also using faux and I had no idea until I decided to purchase and try them out.  

Do you shy away from faux plants?  Maybe you shouldn't.


Operation Completion, The Office

Why oh why did I not decide to tackle my house one room at a time a long time ago.  This is so good for my type A finish a project self.  I have found I instantly love walking into rooms that are "done" vs rooms that have a pile of anything anywhere.  I have no idea why I made piles to begin with, except that I have been super busy running a blog + a shop, and I just lost my focus.  

But this ... wow, it has been incredible.  


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