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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!  May the tricks be few and the treats plentiful and sweet!! 🎃


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 21

Our week has been crazy.  Renovating is no joke, and our contractor is blowing through so quickly, so things move so fast.  Every morning when he arrives at 7 am, he asks for something and needs questions answered.  I could not love him or his work ethic more! It has been a lot to manage, but it went perfectly. So ... to condense my thoughts of the week, I thought a great Six Things post was in order. Plus, since we bought so many things last week and this one, I have much to share. 


Lessen The Hate

I have read and witnessed a few things of late that have given me a heavy heart.  On Monday, I searched for an image of our bathroom and stumped into a pit of hate on the internet that has given me quite a bit of pause.  Beyond that, I am beside myself with the amount of hate rampant in the media, the world, and the communities where we live.  How did it get this bad, or has it always existed, and I just see it without blinders?  And what do we do?


Hostess Gift Shopping

I mentioned on Instagram that I would dissect the brand new Mrs. Southern Social x Dillard's collection for hostess gifts for the holidays, and today I am here to deliver on that promise.  I have seen the collection in its entirety at this point, and I can tell you it is even better in person than any beautiful image can do justice.  I am really so smitten and so proud of my dear friend, it will be very popular!


Bougie Because I Hustle

If you missed the announcement yesterday, the cutest sweatshirt just dropped on the scene.  My sweet friends Nicole and Emily collaborated to make the most extraordinary design available on a precious pink sweatshirt.  Mine arrived last weekend, and I stalked it waiting to be able to wear it when it launched.  I love a cheeky sweatshirt, and this one is just perfect. 💗


A Stunning Halloween Table

The second we painted the front door orange, I started thinking about fall and Halloween.  I saw all of my clay pumpkins outside and all the stunning colors of pink and yellow mums, and I got very excited. Since the orange is short-lived, we are repainting it, I decided I needed to capture all of the orange door I could, and this time of the year, it is living its best life. In doing some research, I realized that Roseanne Beck Collections Halloween options + my orange door were a match made in heaven, and I instantly began to order it all. 


A Little Southern Social Christmas

Yes, it is October 18.  Yes, we are still in the fall and talking about fall and Halloween.  However, today we must pivot and cover the brand new collection, which releases today, between Mrs. Southern Social and Dillard's for Christmas.  If you loved the first collection, you will flip over this one.  It is filled with precious classic pieces you will use year after year.  Per usual, well done, Mary.  I could not love it more!


A Little Redo

So, I have been silent on the blog over the past (almost) week, and I apologize for that.  It wasn't planned for sure, but a little leak turned into a significant leak, and then we lost wifi, and I just gave up.  It was a week last week, and a lot has transpired.  To sum up, our copper pipes have pinhole leaks (do not choose copper), and we need to replumb our house.  To save my favorite wallpaper in our bathroom, they are going through the tile in the shower, which we don't care for, so it has turned into a remodel.  If your head just spun around, I apologize for that.  Mine did that last week when one tiny thing turned into a big something, and then the words "gut" sent me into a tailspin.  But ... it is a new week, I have a plan, and it is time to just lean into it all. 


Tidal Tablescape

It is most definitely fall in Georgia, and I absolutely love the weather and the stunning blue skies. It has been weeks of gorgeous weather, and I am soaking it up before it gets cold. This is the time I crave being at the beach and eating alfresco every meal.  Growing up in Florida, I have a genuine appreciation for the beach in all seasons, and fall may be the best. 


The Tortoise Edit

There is just something about tortoise-colored items for me.  I love it.  I own many tortoise pieces and wear them year-round.  But ... in the fall, they just seem to hit a little bit better.  Maybe it is that late summer sunshine, maybe it's the longer days with cooler temps before Daylight Savings, I don't know, but I do know I use more of my favorite tortoise pieces in the fall than any other time. 


Stitch + Supper With Us

My darling friend Nicole Letts and I are thrilled to announce we are co-hosting a fabulous event at our local needlepoint shop, The Nimble Needle. When we dreamed up this fun evening, we decided it should be what we love to do most, eat, hang out with our friends, sip, and stitch. So, that is precisely what we will be doing on Thursday, October 27, from 5 to 8 pm.  


How To Elevate A Candle

A great candle instantly makes the house feel more like home. When we travel by car, I always take a candle with me to give the space a more homey feel.  Since launching my candle with Southern Bungalow Co. in August, I can tell you that one of them is always burning in the house, giving it a fantastic scent and feel. Creating my own candle has been a dream for me; I use them often and love to gift them, and now I can give a candle of my own. I love hearing that people love the scent and enjoy their new Southern Bungalow Co. candles; I also love mine. I love hearing that people love the smell and enjoy their new Southern Bungalow Co. candles. I also love mine. It is a great clean scent, and the coconut wax and essential oils combination help to keep it a safe option for a candle in your house.  All in all, I am thrilled with Behind The Boxwoods!


Happy Birthday Weezie!

One of my favorite brands, Weezie Towels, is celebrating its 4th birthday this week!  They are offering 25% off their inventory to celebrate, making my favorite towels and accessories even better.  I love my Weezie towels and have written about them so many times.  I use them daily, take them when I travel and love to gift them to others.  There is nothing better when you travel than to take a Weezie kitchen towel set to the hostess.  Everyone loves Weezie, and you will easily win the hostess gift award when you bring along a hostess gift from Weezie.

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