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Bar Inspiration

Summer is here for us and I am making a list of things I want to do around the house while I have a more relaxed schedule.  We do have some plans for June, but most of it is pretty open, hence the project list. I am not taking on anything crazy yet, but I also have some things I want to do. One will be a Dutch door for our laundry room, some color for our bar cabinets, and some "gardening" in our front yard. First up, our bar needs some color to give it some interest.  I am thinking of something fun and something very green. πŸ’š


Daisy Perfection

I have the absolute best news for you, my darling friend Kate of August Morgan, is once again designing clothes.  Kate has the best designs with effortless dressing in mind and I absolutely adore everything she creates.  At the Atlanta market, in January, I got to preview her new designs and was smitten by every single one.  I was thrilled when she shipped me this darling Yellow Daisy dress and have now worn it twice.  It is just like every other piece she creates, beautiful on with beautiful fabrics and unbelievable details.  Every single dress I own of hers is my favorite, and you will love her and her darling clothes.


Memorial Day Sale Roundup

Oh ... the sales we will shop!!  It is LIVE, all of the fun Memorial Day sales are on, and there are some great ones!


Memorial Day Edit

It is almost here!  The unofficial but truly official start of summer is coming!  I am really ready for this summer where usually I am really sad about the end of the school year.  Understand me, I am struggling with my daughter graduating, but I am also ready for the long days to relax and soak up our family time. This summer is so special, our last before she starts college in the fall. πŸ’—


Print Fresh Summer Sale

Oh, this will be such a good day.  My beloved Print Fresh pjs are on sale!!  The Print Fresh Summer Sale is always so good, but I think the patterns included in this sale are some of my favorites.  The fun taxis and leopards above is just so fun, but the pattern I love the most, Good Dog in Vintage Rose, is also on sale.  I almost want to get a second pair just to make sure I have a backup when the first pair wears out. The sale is 20% off items that are already on sale with code SUMMER. There are 11 pages of items on sale ... that is just huge, and so many fabulous prints are up for grabs. In addition to pajamas, you can also grab sheets and travel bags, wallpaper, and more.


Classics ... On Sale

I love a great classic piece.  Something you can wear year after year and it doesn't ever seem to age, these pieces are the winners in our closets. One of my favorite brands for classic pieces is having a sale, and the pieces I picked for you are excellent options.  I love all the blue and white; each piece would pair well with shorts and white jeans, and even slide from spring and summer into fall with a light sweater.  In my opinion, you can't go wrong with any of them.

Plus, they are on sale.  So win, win


Things Of Note ...

Happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was beautiful and filled with some good downtime.  I spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing and tackling some things on my to-do list that I had neglected for two weeks.  We are finished, I think, with graduation events, and now I am playing catch up with things I have had to put on the back burner. I did my laundry, ran some errands, started thinking about dorm dΓ©cor, napped, watched Queen Charlotte, and gave myself some mental downtime.  I needed it and am starting the week feeling refreshed and ready for a great week. 


Graduation Dinner

With all the fun graduation parties and events, my girl felt a bit overwhelmed.  It has been a long, but super fun, two weeks.  She does not like the spotlight on her in any way, and convincing her to do something to celebrate was not easy. She is 100% her dad and flies under the radar when celebrating themselves. I was able, after many conversations, to convince her to let me cook dinner for her and her girlfriends.  I decided on a long table on the deck with simple linens, white flowers, and a meal I knew they would love. 


Coffee Bar

Last week our Keurig stopped working.  Why do they never give you any notice?  I am a girl who wakes up thinking about that first cup of coffee, so a coffee maker that breaks is just so wrong.  Plus, it was right before all the graduation festivities were starting, and the last thing I could manage was a broken coffee maker.  I cried; yep, all the emotions had been building, and it all came out when the coffee maker died.  My poor husband was utterly freaked out and immediately started researching a backup plan.  We have a French press, so all was well, but our Keurig let me down


Go To Grad Gift For Girls

I have always enjoyed reading graduation gift ideas and should have made better notes of great ideas as I am in the thick of it. So far, my daughter has attended six parties and has thirteen left.  Most of the parties are for girls, but we have a number of them for boys.  Next week I will detail what I gave to each person for others in my boat in the future, but I do not want to give anything away before it happens. She attends a very small school, so we know these children well; some of them even feel like family. With that being said, there are tiers of gifts depending on how close they are, and how much we want to spend on each. Yes, cash is always king, but I also wanted to make the gifts personal. πŸ’—


My Thoughts for Young Mothers

Happy Monday ... and happy late Mother's Day to you.  We are in the middle of two crazy graduation weeks and I am loving and soaking up every moment.  But wow, is it intensely emotionally and physically exhausting. Last night at a party my friends and I were talking about how unreal it all feels since we see each other and the kids repeatedly.  Come next week at this time I will be very, very sad it is all over. But with each closing door, another opens wide ... and I am so excited for this journey for her.  She is going to love it!! πŸ’—


Hat Holding Beach Tote

Weezie Towels launched the cutest summer collection ... including my favorite new product, the Hat Holding Beach Tote.  Yes, you read that correctly, this bag holds your favorite hat when it isn't being used.  You just slide it into the side of the tote, and BAM, it is safe until you need it again. Not only does this bag hold your hat, but it is large, waterproof inside for all of your wet pieces, and perfect for use all day in the summer.  You can head out in the morning for sports, the pool, the beach, etc. and then even take it to an alfresco dinner or eat poolside, and it looks just as good as any other tote.  


Things Of Note ...

Happy Monday!!!  We have had a busy few weeks and have two more of the same, with my daughter graduating from high school. Between exams, senior thesis, lacrosse banquet, last day of school, grad parties, and all the logistics, it has been a bit of a whirlwind.  And, it isn't over yet.  This mama is just trying to enjoy it all, not think too much, and embrace it as it comes.  

But ... it is a focus, that is for sure. 


Mother's Day With Canvas Style

Mother's Day is creeping up on us; it is officially 12 days from the day we celebrate the most important woman in a lot of our lives.  She has been there since the first second, always shows up, says yes, and holds it together with dental floss and pins.  Every single woman, mother or not, loves to feel and look her best, and Canvas Style makes that happen at such a great price point.  I have gathered my favorites for you, but the whole site is filled with goodness for every occasion. They carry it all from fun gatherings, like Derby + Cinco de Mayo, to inspirational pieces. 


The Finished Closet

Two weeks from the day I began, I finished my closet.  I finished it within an hour of my husband returning from his business trip, literally in the nick of time.  I promised myself, and him, that he would not come home to a mess and stuff all over our room, and taking up residence in his closet.  It was close, but I made it happen. To read the plan and understand what I wanted to do, check this post

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