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Let's just donate him ...

Little Mister is home sick today. He is recovering from strep throat and needed one more day to heal before returning to school. He and Babycakes fought all morning long. They are usually best friends and can play for days ... but today was not good!!! I had a long list of things to do today and I was focused on getting them all done. I made my list ... put a movie in the DVD in the car and we headed out.

Our first stop was his elementary school. They have a donation box in the parking for clothes. I had a small bag of items to donate and so the school made the to do list.

As we drive in the parking lot the silence in the car is broken and he notices we are driving up to school ...

Little Mister: Why are we here? I thought I was still sick.
Me: You are still sick. I am making a donation to the box in the parking lot.
Babycakes: Cool ... we are dropping off Little Mister.
Me: Baby you can not donate your brother. We are donating clothes.
Babycakes: Oh snap!!

Gotta love it ... her solution for an annoying brother. Just donate him to another family! I never thought of it!



All that and a bag of chips ...

I have been telling Lawyer for years that the corner Publix is a little suspicious. Don't get me wrong ... I grew up in Lakeland, Florida home of Publix. I love Publix. But that one is quite shady. The parking lot is ... shall we say ... home to the ladies of the evening. There is an ATM in the far front corner and I have spied more than one male getting some cash and adding a lady on as an extra. Lawyer says he does not believe me ... but I have seen it more than once. To top it off I have also seen a male in his car greet more than one friend in my time on the patio at the mexican joint in the plaza. I do not make this stuff up ... I swear. After it occurred to me exactly what was transpiring in said car I quickly found myself no longer hungry for my veggie taco and side of guac and chips. Still ... he does not believe me.

Well today Babycakes and I popped in Publix for popsicles. I had been to three different grocery stores searching for one brand of popsicles that he likes that do not have food coloring. What a Mommy will do for a sweet boy taken ill with Strep. Anyway ... store #4 and still no favorite popsicles. So Babycakes and I decided to move on and I let her pick out something just for her. Her choice ... Dora shaped popsicles. They looked positively gross ... but she was beside herself with excitement!

As we were leaving I saw the oddest thing yet to happen in that parking lot. The police officer working off duty as security went home with a patron. And not just any patron ... but one that could not even be a day older than 16. She could drive but if she was 18 then I am 25. And I promise you I am not. They were making out in the car like you would not believe and I could not stop staring. It was just like a train wreck ... I was afraid to look away. I could not tear my eyes off them ... even as they drove away. As I think of it I am sure my mouth was wide open and completely embarrassing!

All I am saying is this ... you will not find me giving that particular Publix any more of my money. I am afraid what I will see next!!!

Oh ... and guess what? The very gross looking Dora shaped popsicles are dye free! Who knew? He was thrilled ... at least he ate something!



ok ... now i am sure she is not right!!!

Does Amy Winehouse not have one person in her life that can help her out? She may be an amazing artist ... but really ... what the hell is up with her?


I second that one ...

Seriously ... just sat down to catch up a little blog reading and stumbled on this ...

... and I think my arse is smaller cuz I just laughed part of it off!!!

Enjoy ...


More info ...

Here is a better photo ... they are the Calista sunglasses ... and they are stinking cute!!!

Lilly sunglasses anyone?

This glasses are brand new purchased by my dear friend Charlotte this weekend ... but sadly they are too big for her very petite face.
However ... now you have a shot at purchasing them ...
(click on photos to enlarge ... blogger was jacked up!!)

They are DARLING!!! You can buy them online and in stores currently for $180 or here for $90 plus free shipping!!!
First person to email me gets them ... ...
Hurry ... they are stinking cute!!



I have shipped 41 boxes out. If you have not received an email from paypal stating you have a package coming to you ... and your order was not monogrammed ... please email me!

And ... two of you still have not paid your invoices ... Monday I need to cancel them and resell your items!

Thanks ... your goodies are on their way!


do not despair ...

I will listing all of the unsold items on Monday ... I am still shipping and I do not want to relist anything that sold and I missed!

But do not worry ... there are still items waiting to be grabbed up ...

hang in there ... until then make sure you pop on over to Preppy Paper Girl for some great paper happies at very cheap prices!


speaking of sales ...

Hey check out Preppy Paper Girl ... she is having a sale! She has amazing things and the stuff she is selling rocks!

Check it out here ... oh, and sign up to follow her ... you will not be disappointed!


Some paperwork to go over ...

Ok ... shipping is progressing! All items not needing a monogram are boxed and ready to head out ...

That is except those who have still not paid ... there are 6 of you I am still waiting payment from ... and I will not list you, but you know who you are. If you have changed your mind ... no biggie just drop me an email so I can put your items back up for sale.

Otherwise, get over to paypal and get it taken care of!

Thanks again for shopping! Once everything is shipped I may have more items ... so keep in touch!



The shipping has started ...

I am working on getting your items to you ... it is a lot to sort through and I am a little foggy from a long weekend at the lake with friends ... but I am committed!

Posts will be light this week ... there is a lot to ship!!



Thank you for shopping ...

All the invoices have been sent and the pile of items left is so very tiny ...

Thank you for shopping and clearing out my studio ...

All your items will be shipped out next week ... the monogrammed items will ship last!!

They will be on their way to you ... pinky swear!!!


Last of the clean out ...

Ok ... here is the last of the stock to clean out ...
everything still available in listed in this post. If it is not listed here it has already sold ...
Hope you love it ...

Beach stuff towel and back pack $10 ($15 monogrammed)
Silver frames $8 - email me the color you would like your bow to be.
There are two 4x4 (on left) and seven 4x6

Christmas pillowcases $6 ... can not be monogrammed!

Christmas pillowcases $6 ... can not be monogrammed!

Everyday pillowcases $5 ($8 monogrammed) ... orange and pink/black still available!

Reversible throws ... $6 ($10 monogrammed)
2 turquoise/lime and 3 red/blue left

Christmas pillowcases $6 ... can not be monogrammed!

Paper weights $6 - ONLY P LEFT!

Lilly night lights $10 ... can not be monogrammed! - SOLD!

Towel back packs $8 ($12 monogrammed)
only two orange/pink left

Three wine glasses left $8 each ... L, B, S
Toe Goz flip flops left:
Size 7 - pink houndstooth, palm trees, brown/pink dot, black paisley, pink/lime stripe
Size 8 - navy/white dot
Size 9 - black braid, mint/brown stripe - BOTH SOLD
Size 10 - black paisely, black/white houndstooth, pink braid, pink/blue crabs, bermuda bags
Flip flops listed in red are sold!
Comment and leave me your email so I can invoice you ... I am sorry to not have a current photo of the flip flops left ... but my camera just DIED!!! There are photos of each shoe already posted in the last two days!
Happy shopping!!


Spring cleaning the studio ...

Some questions answered ...

update ... the pink/green Lilly nightlight has sold ... the only two left are both pink/orange.

Size 9 pink/green paisley is sold!

Ashlier ... All of the size 6 toe goz on the blog are still available ... the removable buttons are added for $5 a pair. The button will have your monogram!

Sassy Cass ... can you tell me what you want ... I can not find you on my list!!

Any other questions feel free to email me ...

Check back tomorrow!

That is all for today ... but wait, there will be more!

I am now 2/3 of the way through the studio ... so there will be more in the morning!

Also, I will repost the items not already sold so you can get a clear picture of what is currently available.

But I will say ... there is not much left, your girls are excited!!!

Preview for tomorrow ...

Silver frames
Holiday pillowcases
Rest of the flip flops
Note pads
Paper weights
More wine glasses

... and more beach towels!

See you in the am!

Ok ... some questions answered ...

I am pulling items to photograph for you ... keep checking back! Some questions I received this morning ...

Soon to be Mrs. M ... the whale toe goz are a size 5 ... email me at if you want them. I have your list going ... let me know when you are done!

In a size 9 toe goz I have the following ...
Black/white grosgrain stripe
lime and pink paisley
pink and baby blue crabs
Black braid

Also, if you need to check a size of the flip flops ... click on the photo and it will enlarge! I should have told you earlier ... sorry!

Speak up if you want them ...

Don't fret ... there's more!

Things are selling quickly ... but do not despair ... I am only half way through the studio ...

more fun things to come!!!



Round 1 ... flip flops and slippers!

Ok ... here are the rules again! First to comment and commit gets the item. Paypal invoices will be sent. Shipping is a flat $4. If you want an item monogrammed it is $5 more!
Go for it ...

photo 1 ... toegoz flip flops $14 each (less than wholesale girls!)
update ... size 7 blue and brown dot and size 7 pineapples SOLD!

photo 2 ... toe goz flip flops $14
Want them monogrammed? Add $5!
update ... flamingos 9, lobsters SOLD!

photo 3 ... toe goz flip flops $14

pink gingham in bottom right corner is sold

photo 4 ... raffia slippers $6/pr
choose open or close toe and chose ribbon color
Very comfortable!! One size fits most!
12 of each style available
update ... 2 closed toes ... sold!
Terry cloth slippers with Lilly Pulitzer button $12

These two pairs are size L (9-10)

Terry cloth slippers with Lilly pulitzer buttons $12

These three pairs are size M (7-8)

Terry cloth slippers with Lilly Pulitzer button $12

These four are size S (6-7)

Click on the photos to make them larger ... Toe Goz runs small, pick one size up than you would normally wear!


Spring cleaning the studio ...

Heads up girls!!! Today I am cleaning out the studio to make room for all the new stuff! And you never know what I might find. The best part? It will all be available to you to purchase dirt cheap!!!! Nothing over $15!!!! Hello ... can you say SALE!!!

Check back all day ... I will be loading items for sale at first come, first serve!

A sneak peek ... here is what I have found so far ...

Toe Goz flip flops
Ribbon pillow cases
Brown pattern frames
Raffia slippers
Lilly Button slippers
Wine glasses
Navy & Green towel wraps
And who knows what else I will find!!
Ok, here are the deets ... I will load photos and prices. You can choose products and comment and the first person to comment gets the item. There are plenty of items ... don't panic ...
... get ready!!!

Holy three colums Batman!!!

I did it ... It is 1:00 am and I finally have three working columns. Do not ask me how I did it ... I have no freaking clue. But ... it is done!



Kristin Pearce!!!

Giveaway alert!!
Kristin Pearce is giving away one of her beautiful creations ...
hurry over to her blog and sign up ...
I love her creations and this beauty has my name all over it.
Can't you just see me wearing it with a long sleeve white T, jeans and monogrammed Toe Goz ...
... I can!!

Bachelorette bebe!!!

In this weeks OK! magazine you will find a photo layout of Trista Sutter's baby sprinkle hosted by friends and family. I watched this season of the Bachelor series and fell in love with both Trista and Ryan immediately. Imagine my surprise when one of Trista's friends contacted my and asked if I would make products to place into the sprinkle goody bags. I was thrilled. We settled on the Monogrammed Frame and I got busy making 5o of them. Shipped them off to Colorado during a blizzard and prayed they would arrive.

They arrived safely and were loved by all. I am beyond thrilled!! Her friend Kelly was so dear and so kind and so easy to work with.
So, if you get a chance pop out and get a magazine (Rhianna and Chris Brown on the cover) ... it is a great article and heaven knows we all need to read a little bit more about the tragic happenings with Rhianna. It makes me sad to even think about it ...

Ok, Preppy 101 ... one more thing!

Ok, I figured out the problem ... but do not know how to fix it ...

Can you check your HTML ...

the main wrapper says $startside,
the middle wrapper says $startside, and
the right wrapper says $endside

what do yours say? I am thinking the main wrapper takes precedence and the middle one should float a different side ...

Your thoughts?

Help Preppy 101!!!

Ok, followed your suggestion and I was able to change my HTML code ... and it was easy!

But ... as you can tell it is not right, yet! I have three columns .. but somehow I got two on the right and not one on the left. I used the Minima Stretch Lefty instructions and somehow it is not quite right ...

any suggestions?



ok .. how do you do that?

Ok ... I know some of you have super cute blogs and I am working on mine ... here are some questions ...

How do you get a third column? You know stuff on both sides of the posts ...

How do you get a background that is not solid ... say for instance pink and white gingham?

Help me ... I am still trying to figure out my blackberry, finish my website and now design this blog to look less 2008 ...

and I need some help!!! So bring it on!!


Babycakes has never met a stranger ...

Seriously ... it is true! She strikes up conversations everywhere with people. She will ask their names and then even invite them over to our house. It is often when I pick her up from extended day at preschool she will say to me ... "I invited --- to come over this afternoon". Or my personal favorite is the preschool mom who calls me to tell me that Babycakes invited her child over to play and she is wondering what day will work for me ...

Yesterday we planned to go bowling. After our Saturday chores we were headed out to Cosmic bowl at the bowling alley. My kids love to bowl and Lawyer was on a league as a child. He can bowl!! Babycakes says he curtsies when he bowls ... if you say so!

Where was I? Oh yes ... while we were doing chores I developed a gas bubble in my ribcage. It has happened before so I know what to do ... lay on the heating pad, drink a soda and usually it will pass. Yesterday it persisted, I grew naseous and finally threw up. Yuck for me .. but then the gas bubble was gone and we were about our day.

We are bowling our second game and Babycakes has made friends with the little family to the right, a dad and two boys. The younger one, Matthew, and Babycakes have quite the conversation going and she is in full girl mode! The family is preparing to leave at the end of our second game and Babycakes has now struck up a conversation with the father. They are chit chatting and I hear her say ... "we were late because my mommy had gas!".

See ... those are the things we don't share with others!


How did Lawyer react you ask?

One comment I got asked how Lawyer reacted to Babycakes' comment at the baseball game ...

His reaction as she is saying WHAT THE HELL? as loudly and slowly as she possibly can?

He stops typing on his blackberry, looks to the right at me and says "That is your daughter!" Apparently she gets her bad language from me ... but I don't know what the hell he is referring to!

And there you go ...



She may not be a lady with that mouth ...

Little Lawyer attends a private, Christian school. He is a rather quiet, very reserved child. He is well known at school for his kindness, patience and easy going behavior. I am very proud of him.

He is on the middle school baseball team. Their first game was yesterday afternoon. Great game, great weather ... all and all good day! That is ...

... until his baby sister standing up in the back of the stands says very loudly, very clearly and very slowly ...

I am thinking he may just be a smidge tarnished ... I know I almost died of embarrassment! I guess I need to be more careful!!


I am not dead ... pinky swear!

sweet baby ... he smells like heaven!

BFF ... cutest thing in a size 2 going!

I promise I did not get kidnapped in LA ... I did come home. I came home with the BFF and sweet baby in tow and she just left Sunday morning. Neither one of us was ready to leave the other ... so we packed up that sweet baby and all of his things and boarded a flight straight back to Atlanta. Her husband was ready for a break ... I think 8 weeks of colic did him in! Everyone on the plane asked us how old "our baby" was ... no, we are not lesbians, but thanks for asking!

Now that she has gone home I have to get back to my real life ... and I am BEHIND!!! Two weeks in a fog will not do anyone well ...
I am trying to catch up, eat my weight in pie (depression now that she is home has set in) and get back on track!

Give me a couple of days ... I will be back ... pinky swear!

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