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Lake perfection!

Today's post is way over due but my arse is dragging!!!  I am pooped!  

This was my annual lake trip weekend.  We started with brunch on Friday and then headed off.  Roadies in hand and packed up and ready for late nights, great meals, girl time and giggling until our stomachs ached!!!

Cell phones deposited into a basket to be able to spend time with "the people you are with".

The meals are divided before we go and each of the match ups go over and above to make amazing food.  We have never had a bad meal in four years of going to the lake.  Each and every meal is better than the last.  We eat, and eat and eat!!! (and drink some too!)

This meal was made by our host ... Curried Butternut Squash soap and an amazing complimenting salad!!!  I am not sure why I only photographed this meal ... they were all to good to be true!!!

The best part about the lake for me is the laughter.  Wine spraying out your nose laughter.  The kind that makes your stomach ache for days!!!  We will be laughing about things we talked about until next year at the same time.  There will be texts, photos and emails that only us a group will understand.  One conversation we had was about number ones.  Who would we love to date that is famous.  Tennis Barbie stated hers was Anderson Cooper.  Of course Anderson Cooper is gay.  This afternoon Chelsea Handler sent us a number of photos from the weekend.  One of them was of Tennis Barbie's boyfriend Anderson and her boyfriends boyfriend.  I am still laughing!  

We always watch a movie.  Last year it was Love and Other Drugs.  Borders on soft porn.  My choice and I had no idea.  Good movie ... just wasn't prepped to see Jake Gyllenhaal's buck naked self.  Not complaining, wasn't prepared. 

This year we watched Country Strong.  I liked it a lot ... others hated it.  We cried, or some of us did, and the music is top notch!!!  I need to watch it again.  There was a lot of chatter going on and I think I missed a lot.  Can't watch it with Lawyer ... he will complain for ever that I chose another movie where the star dies.  I will save it for when he travels next.  

I love the water and this place is special to me.  It is peaceful, represents laughter and love to me.  The sun was setting and we squeezed in a group shot ... took a while to figure out the cameras ... but we did it!!!

A lot of more to the left, the right, hurry ... hurry ... and snap!  It was taken!!!

I squeezed in just as the photo was snapping ... hence the reason I seem to be more in the front of the rest.

Thank you girls for another great year!!!!




Ash Wednesday came and went without me barely noticing it was a Wednesday or that it was special in any way at all.  I was too busy with my Phenergan coma to think about much else than feeling human once again.  But now that I have arisen from another brush with "near death" I am on schedule and ready to report my plan. 

First of all ... let me say, I will not be giving up caffeine!  That was stupid and retarded and then to find out we were moving and I would be a single parent for about six months at the same time.  Re-to-the-tarded!!!  I should have given up immediately and picked something else.  But ... instead I indulged on the weekends and tried to make do.  Stupid and shall never be repeated!!!

So what am I giving up ... refined sugar and Diet Coke!  

So what does that mean for me?  No cold can of Diet Coke in the afternoon, no sweet tea, no candy, no cupcakes, no sweets of any kind at all!!!  And I have a HUGE sweet tooth!!!  Dude!!!  I better be feeling better by the end of this ... which I am sure I will.  Sugar controls my day and should not!!!

What am I subbing ... more unsweet tea and more fruit.  And then there will be fruit in my tea!  Yum!!!

Are you giving anything up?  Taking anything on?



Just love him!

Lawyer's travel schedule has been out of control lately.  Since the new year he has been home a total of 24 days and most of those include that he was home for eighteen straight days the first of January.  He has been traveling to the west coast and the time change is killing our communication.  He wakes up after the kids are off to school and gets home from the office as I am going to bed.  Reaching him is difficult with his conference call schedule and being around when he finally calls is hard.  I will admit it ... I have been a little less than patient.  Ok ... not at all.

Then I started to look at it from his point of view.  Even though he is not the man to communicate his feelings he desperately misses his family.  He is working hard, tired and lonely.  So am I.  Him being gone means he is excelling in his career.  He is requested to be places and so he goes.  I should be proud, not whining and patient not bitchy.  I need to realize that I am not an easy person to love but my husband loves me unconditionally.

No marriage is perfect.  If you think it is you are wrong.  If someone tells you their marriage is perfect, they are in denial.  Every person has a cross to bear and every marriage has a flaw.  Marriage consists of compromise, communication and unconditional love.  This new phase in our lives needs tweaking, better communication and patience.  We will figure it out just as we figured out how to parent three children and how to navigate the world with a special ed child.  I do not think that I have mastered either of those, but I do think I do a good job at both.  

I was reminded Tuesday how much my husband loves me when he called home on Tuesday afternoon and was told I was asleep on the floor in the bathroom suffering from a stomach virus.  Before HSM could come up and check on me Lawyer had arranged for his sister in law to collect the kids, bring me supplies and take care of their homework.  She took them to dinner, bathed them and tucked them into bed.  She arrived again yesterday with dinner and homework help again allowing me to sleep and rest and be able to tackle the remainder of my week.  He did all of this after delaying a conference call to make sure his wife was cared for when I clearly was in denial that I could care for myself.  

I am rested, feeling so much better (even a little skinnier!) and ready for today and tomorrow!

And feeling more in love with that husband of mine!  



Happy 3 day weekend!!!

We packed the car on Friday and headed off to the beach!!!  

We are home once again, unpacked and ready for the week!

Hope your weekend was fabulous!!!



The worst mother ever!!

Parenting a teenager is very hard.  I used to think that it was hard when they were little and needed constant supervision, but I am not 100% sure that it was easy peasy compared to the teenage years.  When they are little you just have to keep them safe, teach them right from wrong, keep them as healthy as can be and love them to bits!!  Now that he is 15 I have so many other things to add to that list.

I have been focused on letting him go ... just a little.  He is in high school, he needs to be independent.  He needs to make his own decisions and then watch them play out.  At least with the little things.  He recently fell asleep while doing his homework and then woke up early and panicked that it wasn't completed.  He left a binder at school and when we went to retrieve it the building was locked up for the night.  He didn't do as well as he could have on the quiz the next day.  These are natural consequences to his actions.  They are healthy.

He is a great kid.  He is trustworthy and loyal.  He works hard and makes good choices.  He listens to the rules and doesn't try to push them.  He is a little naive and I like it that way.  He has the rest of his life to be worldly and exposed to more than he needs to be now.  I truly believe in letting kids be kids as long as possible.  They don't need to watch TV and movies above their age groups and they don't need to be places that are not appropriate for them.  Let them just be the age they are and not push them to be older and wiser.  Sorry ... where was I?

For the most part HSM and I only fight about his attitude toward his younger siblings.  He gets jealous when his younger brother gets more grace than he did at the same age.  I try to explain to him that you can't compare the two since WPM has learning and behavior issues to deal with but he is convinced it is just me loving one child more than him.  In his heart he understands, but his head and his hormones disagree.

Yesterday Lawyer and I made the call to limit some of the messaging on his cell phone.  Although he has never been inappropriate he did receive a photo from a girl that I did not like.  She is a nice girl, but a little boy crazy at the moment.  She sent him a cartoon which was a tad inappropriate.  It did not contain nudity but it was not appropriate none the less.  It was a wake up call for me.  Although I am pretty darn sure he would not send messages or pictures that would put him self in danger I am not sure he would not receive them.  He is a 15 year old boy.  And boys attract girls.  After talking to some friends and mulling it over I decided to block his phone from being able to receive photos.  He was, of course, not happy.  His argument was that he would be missing out.  On what I am not sure.  He did point out that he would not have been able to send me the photo he did from DNOW last weekend and I would not be able to send photos to him.      He argued about it for quite some time.  Now I know what the debate team teacher liked him so much.  He was convincing and most of his arguments were valid.  Unfortunately there is too much risk out there.   

He is right, he will be missing out on some things.  But first and foremost he will be protected from receiving photos from some girl who didn't think before she sexted!  He doesn't understand it now and doesn't need to.  I am ok with that.

I am good with him thinking he has the worst mother ever. 

It's my job!



Allergies ...

So I came to the conclusion last week that I am suffering from allergies.  I sneeze a lot, my ears itch, I always wake up congested and my eyes remain swollen.  I also have been getting sick a lot and all of the illnesses are sinus related, with of course the exception of the "near death".  Every one in my house is allergic to something (aren't we all?) but I have never been diagnosed with anything other than food and drug allergies.  They all take Claritin once a day and for the most part that keeps it all under control.  I headed to CVS to ask the pharmacist which medicine I should try for myself.  The first thing she asked me was "do you experience inside or outside allergies?"  Ummm ... since I am self diagnosing I have no idea.  She recommended I try Zyrtec since I might be allergic to things both inside and outside the home. She said it would make me sleepy ... so take it at night.  Perfect, thanks ... have an nice day!! 

Last night I took the Zyrtec.  I woke up this morning able to breathe.  I wasn't congested and my eyes are far less swollen.  My ears still itch, but it is only day one, right? I could smell the coffee brewing and it tasted better than it has in a very long time.  

I am cured!  

Or at least for this ailment ... I am sure I have a lot more issues that need help!!

hee, hee!!



Happy Valentines Day!!

(I do love Pinterest!!)

Here's hoping your day is filled with love, sweet treats and kind words!!!



Whitney Houston

Oh what a sadness that another great in music has passed!  Another amazing voice and an amazing talent attacked by life.  I grew up listening to Whitney, Michael Jackson, Cindy Lauper, Madonna and Billy Joel.  It makes you pause and think about your own life when one of the pieces of your childhood has gone!

So released so many great songs.  So many get off your feet and dance songs.  Turn up the music and act like a fool songs!!!  This is by far my favorite ...

Wow the hair ... the eye shadow!  Its 1987 all over again!!!

My favorite movie is by far The Preachers Wife.  Great music, inspiration story and amazing talent.  My favorite part of the entire movie is the very end.  It gives me chills every single time I watch it ... of course the best part is the last minute!!

Rest in peace!



Valentine shopping!

I did a little shopping last week whilst recovering from the "near death".  I am thrilled with my happies and can't wait to wrap them and give them away for the day of love!!!

Lawyer will love!  He enjoys a smidge of bourbon on long days and these glasses are super cute!!

I shopped exclusively at Furbish Studio.  Partly due to the fact that it was filled with cuter than cute items and partly due to the fact I was too tired to search for other happies!

Also for Lawyer (and me).  I thought they would be super cute for our sinks!

I LOOOOOVE Valentines Day!  I usually host a brunch for friends but this year I skipped.  Between Lawyer's hectic travel schedule and the Lawyer family trading one illness for another I figured why add the extra stress?!  Plus ... we are headed for the beach on Friday and I am gone again next weekend to the lake, soooo the schedule seemed a smidge tight.

For friends ... aren't they too cute for words??

For the BFF!  She will looove it.  I wrapped it up with chocolates and mailed it North.  She is freezing her fanny off in Minneapolis so I am hoping it warms her day!

Since Lawyer leaves again on Sunday night we had to get a little creative on the celebration.  We agreed to a date night at home for Saturday evening and a family date night before he flies out on Sunday.  It's the thought that matters!!!

I have asked him to order some Thai for dinner ... the quickest way to my heart and I am making him a key lime pie for dessert.  He will be over the moon with love for me with this one.  Who doesn't love key lime??

Enjoy your weekend loves!!



Warehouse madness!

So ... I went straight from the bed to the besties for her first warehouse sale!!!  She has onesie, twosies left over from past years.  It was time to clear it out!!!

You can check it out on her Facebook page and grab up some amazing things at less than wholesale prices!  We have loaded over a 100 photos today and there will be plenty more tomorrow!!!

Happy Shopping!!!



Sicker than sick!

I have been dead dog sick now for five days.  The first day was just a sore throat and a cough.  That spiraled into a fever and a terrible cough.  Lawyer tucked me into bed and would appear every 4 hours with more meds and a new drink.  He tried to hold my hand at night but said even that was hot.  I slept under the covers and two extra blankets to keep warm.  He slept on top of the sheets and swore that my body heat could warm the entire house.  The poor man was only home two days and all he did was take care of me.  I am sure he was jet lagged but I never heard him even whisper a word or a whine.  

He left Sunday night after tucking in the younger two kids.  Then he came down the hall, gave me some more meds, a new drink and kissed me goodnight.  At 7:30 pm.  I needed the sleep and the rest to be prepared to handle yesterday on my own.  I ventured out to the doctor and the drive thru for lunch.  I know ... big girl!  Then I hit the CVS for more meds and a new box of tissue.  I think my appearance left the CVS attendant wondering where exactly I live.  I thought the big sunglasses would cover some of the scary up ... but alas I guess not.  Apparently if you are going to get the flu you must seek medical assistance within the first 48 hours.  After that you are left with healing on your own.  

Good to know ... for the next time I catch the near death.  

Ugh ... 


ps.  Props to you Lawyer for the amazing job you did this weekend.  You said all the right things, kept the kids at bay and scrubbed the house until it sparkled.  It was such a treasure to see it all tidy and clean.  I appeared in the kitchen yesterday morning and about passed out from the shine from the wood floors.  Wow ... you rock!!!  xoxo me!!  


Sigh ... a break!

Lawyer popped in yesterday afternoon much unexpected.  He emailed me from the plane letting me know he was on his way home.  My response ... Really???  I was never so happy to see that black car in the driveway and him step out of the back seat.  It was a very long three weeks and I will be soaking in the time off and taking a few extra naps before his next trip out of town!!

In the middle of the night I heard someone in the bed next to me moving.  I woke up to see which one of the babies had decided to snuggle their mama and remembered that Lawyer was home.  I sighed and fell immediately back to sleep.  What a great middle of the night surprise!!!

Happy weekend to all!!!

I will be lounging, relaxing and hugging on my family!!



Odds and Ends & a questionnaire ...

I received an email yesterday questioning my design to paint the office turquoise.  I am thrilled you all know enough about me to point out when I blog about something that doesn't make sense to you!!  Her question ... Why would you paint a room such a bold color when you might still have to list your house and move to Kansas??  Thank you so much for pointing out that I have failed to reveal to you in that post that we have news!!!  

Our move has been officially cancelled!!!  We are in Atlanta for the duration.  Lawyer has moved into another department at work, one that no longer requires him to move to the home office.  He will be spending more time on the road ... but we get to stay put.  

The Lawyer house is thrilled!!!!  

On a completely different subject ... I signed up for Hopsy's Pink Swap and was paired with New England Girl in Pearls.  She is super sweet and I can't wait for her to receive her package.  It should arrive at any moment!!!  She emailed me yesterday and tagged me with these questions which I have answered for her on the blog.  It is always fun to answer questions ... it gets me thinking.  Hers were quite good!!!

1. What type of makeup could you not live without?
I do not wear a lot of makeup ... not near enough probably ... but I would never give up mascara, blush and lip gloss.  Unless I am down right exhausted I will apply those three before presenting myself to the world.  I love Bobbi Brown and she has been my go to for the last ten years, but I have dabbled in Chanel and instantly fell in love.  I am not sure I will ever use another mascara now that I wear Chanel.  It's magical!!

2. If you could live in any state other than the one you are in now, which would it be?
Hmm... I am a city girl but I do looooove the beach.  I would have to say that my pick would be New York.  I could feed the need for the big city hustle and bustle and then travel to the Hamptons for the beach girl inside of me.  Of course I would have to have enough money to be able to afford both!  
I do enjoy quite a few states, Colorado, Texas, Kentucky, South Carolina and Maine to throw a few out.  I could never, ever life at peace in a place that was landlocked!!!

3. Is there a song on your iPod that you would be embarrassed for someone to see/hear?
Hands down ... "Gold Digger" by Kanye West
I should remove it but I do love to blare it!!  I would be so upset if one of my kids heard it!

4. What show are you currently hooked on right now?
Definitely a toss up between two quite different shows.  Downton Abbey and Revenge!

5. What is the last book you read?
One Day by David Nicholls
I was not a huge fan of the book but I started it and was committed to finishing.  I found it rather sad!

6. What is your cocktail of choice?
Depends on my mood.  I am not one to turn down a cocktail of any kind if you make it for me, though I do not care for rum or gin at all!!!  I am most often seen with a glass of wine (white or red), a vodka and cranberry with extra lime or an old fashioned.  I do LOOOOOVE bourbon!!!

7. What iPhone apps could you not live without?
Words with Friends, The Weather Channel and Google
I am falling in love with a new app .... my 365.  It forces me to find a photo to share about the day.  

8. Top 3 favorite movies?
Steel Magnolias for its perfect cast and classic pairing of Southern women, Message in a Bottle for the incredible love story and Sex and the City for the over the top amazing fashion 

9. What is your favorite place to shop?
Here in Atlanta Nordstrom, Ann Mashburn or Kate Spade but in New York ... anywhere!!

10. What is your favorite mid-day pick-me-up?
A trenta shaken black tea no sugar and a sweet treat!!!

11. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
First and foremost, my family and then fashion, design and besties!!!

Kisses to you all!!!



One sick boy!

WPM is home sick.  He has been home since Friday morning.  It started with a cough, then by Sunday was a worse cough and by Monday was the kind of cough that make him gasp for air.  He coughed a lot ... and then coughed what seemed like every single minute of the day.  He was miserable!!

He is now on the third day of two different kinds of steroids.  The doctor requested he stay home for the week ... but I am not sure either of us will make it that long.  He is missing his schedule and I am missing a few moments where he does not talk 24/7.  He is quite jacked up on drugs.  He talks constantly and can not sit still.  I have never taken steroids but I have been told by many they make you feel terrible.  I would attest to that plus so much more watching him this week.  

The county is quite upset that he is missing this much school.  They have called now twice to inquire as to when he will return.  My response ... I am quite sure it would not be responsible for me to send him to you in this condition.  Although his cough has improved he is quite out of sorts and will be quite difficult to manage. His anxiety on level ground is tough at times, but jacked up on steroids three times a day is quite a challenge!  He will return when the doctor seems it appropriate.  Thank you for calling ... yet again!

(google images)

A friend on Facebook recommended I send him to school with a note attached to him that reads ... 
Bee in mason jar, handle with care!

I plan to send him to school tomorrow and see how he fares.  Today is his last day of drugs so tomorrow is kind of iffy ... but he does miss his schedule and special ed kids thrive on schedule.  I am keeping my fingers crossed but also am prepared for the day not working out at all!!!  

Today we will hang out, I will answer 1,000,000 questions, watch him draw picture after picture and laugh a lot!!!  He is the funniest kid I know and when you jack him up on drugs he only gets funnier!!!

Have a good one!!!

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