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Bar Cart Series ... No. 17 Mackenzie Horan

There is nothing better than a Friday, unless it is a Friday on vacation!  We have absolutely loved our time away this fall break, the lake is incredible!  We end our days exhausted and sun soaked sitting by the fire pit laughing until bed time.  Truly such a fabulous week and such quality time with my littles.


Designer Spotlight ... Margaret Kirkland

A few weeks ago I shared with you my lovely day touring the Southern Living Idea House in Mt. Laurel, Alabama.  The house is incredible and my favorite room was that of the darling and talented Atlanta designer Margaret Kirkland.  I met Margaret a few years ago when she designed a bedroom for the Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Home for the Holidays showhouse and I adored her immediately.  Those blue lacquer walls were everything! Her love for traditional design mixed with fabulous color inspires me and speaks to my heart.  Defined by Southern Living Magazine as the "lively traditionalist" Margaret says "I just want to bring out the pretty in spaces".  As you peruse her work you would agree she has definitely met her goal.  


Lake House Perfection ...

We are off on Fall Break and are at the lake with friends for the week relaxing and enjoying the amazing house and scenery.  I am a girl who loves any day spent on the water ... lake, beach, truly doesn't matter. When I was little my father had a boat and we spent many weekends boating while he and his friends spent the day skiing.  There is nothing more relaxing to me than a day spent near the water.


Front Porch Dressed For Fall

It is definitely fall every single place I look.  The pumpkins are out at the store, the fall drinks are flowing at the local Starbucks and the amazing fall clothes are stocked and ready to be purchased and worn at all my favorite stores.  It is still quite hot here in Atlanta, so  I needed to get inspired for the season.  It was time to bring fall to the Minear house!

I wanted new pots for the front steps since the urns I have are amazing but don't really hold much in the way of dirt and plants.  They are perfect for topiairies, but if you want anything more they just don't work.  I moved them to the deck and hunted for a larger pot.  I spotted these amazing planters at my local At Home and loved the brown for fall.  The size is perfect and the color is clearly ideal for our home!

One trip to the local nursery and these babies were filled and ready to usher in the cooler weather we are promised by the weekend.  I love the size of the new planter, I can mix so many different plants to make an amazing presentation.  Since I am not the best of gardener (read, black thumb lives here) I relied on the expertise of the Hubs to help me get the right dirt and good plants for our very sunny stoop.  He loves it when I need his "help".

I love Cinderella pumpkins and the market had an amazing selection of them!  They were not as pricey as normal which is good since my neighborhood squirrels like to visit.  I will be shooing them away on a daily basis I am sure.  I loaded up my cart and was excited to get them home!

Since this pumpkin was as close to pink as I could find it definitely make it into the cart!  Isn't he darling?

I absolutely love fall and the incredible colors ...

I really needed a new fall wreath and I searched high and low and just didn't find anything I really liked.  A few years back I bought some leaf swags and made a wreath with a grapevine base.  It lasted a few years but last year it was faded and just ready to be passed on.  I searched At Home for another swag and found these which I knew would be perfect for my project.

I grabbed three of them and proceeded to tie them onto an evergreen wreath I had.  I was all ready to add a bow and then when I hung the wreath I realized it was perfect just the way it was ...

Sometimes when you can't find what you need it is best to create it for yourself!!  Don't you agree?

I absolutely love the front steps, I have walked out each morning to sit here with my coffee and take in all the season has to offer.  I can't wait for crisp mornings and all the fires we will build to end the days.  The front porch is ready to welcome the new season.

Happy Monday lovies ... here's to cooler weather on its way!


TPC Closet

About ten days ago I launched a new Instagram account so that you can shop all of the amazing things I find when I am antiquing ... introducing The Pink Clutch Closet.


Bar Cart Series .. No. 16 Sequins & Lipstick

Happy Friday Lovies ... you know this is my favorite day of the week!!  This one is extra fabulous for us because the littles have fall break next week so we are off on a fun fall vacay!!  Even more reason to celebrate with a fabulous bar set up, right?


First Day of Fall with Keurig

Happy first day of fall ... the most beautiful time of the year in my humble opinion!  I went all out and created a coffee bar for the family this morning.  We have been falling in love with our new Keurig since it arrived a week ago and this was the perfect day to have a little soiree in its honor!


Green Perfection ...

A while back I posted the fabulous photo below on Instagram. Since my first post of the day is always an "Inspiration du Jour" I am always looking for fabulous photos to post to inspire you as the day begins.  I loved my choice that day and I was excited to share it. 


Vacation Home Anyone?

Did you see that Jackie Kennedy's childhood vacation home is for sale?

The East Hampton home and 11 acre sprawling estate, known as Lasata, is up for sale for a cool 50 million.  Of course the home is incredible and the grounds are stunning.  Not that I expected anything less from the Bouviers.  While you are looking through the fabulous photos you can just picture Jackie and her sister Lee running through the halls and all tucked in after an amazing summer day.


Fall Pairings for the Prep

Yes, I am preppy.  I am always two steps from my pearl earrings, and yes I do keep a pair of them in my purse.  I love a monogram and plaid for days and if it comes with a collar and a ruffle I will chose it every single time.  And if it is available in gingham it is definitely hanging in my closet or is monogrammed and folded in my bureau.


Bar Cart Series ... No. 15 Summer Ann

It's the best day of the week ... Fri-YAY!!!  So excited for the weekend this week, maybe more than normal.  I absolutely love a weekend of possibilities!!  Plus ... I am super excited about today's bar cart.  Summer from Girls in Madras is sharing her bar cart with us today and I just adore Summer!  I connected with her immediately after we met, we have so many things in common.  I just adore her classic preppy style and her home is so similar to mine in the way she mixes old and new.  And I mean ... she is just as cute as a button.  

I found Summer on Instagram and since then have become a loyal reader of her darling blog Girls In Madras.  Summer has the most darling posts and her pictures are stunning.  She has me dreaming of apple picking in cute seersucker dresses with adorable boots and a fabulous basket.  I must make that happen this year, I may have to go without kids to make that little dream come true!  If you are even half as classic and preppy as I am you will love her blog and all of her fashion picks. #pinkyswear

In my humble opinion Summer sets a perfect bar cart!  Flowers, fun decorative pieces added in and all of her favorite drinks ready to create a drink for her besties.  As I look at her cart I can spy five things I own ... including the darling dalmation.  I told you ... we have very similar styles.  And the monogrammed hand towel ... yep, have one of those too!

And the best part of all, more about Summer ...

First of all, tell me about Summer and Girls in Madras. How did the journey to the blog begin?

Well, I suppose we could start with my name! A lot of people are surprised when I tell them that Summer is actually my grandmother’s maiden name. My family tends to use last names as first names, so I feel lucky I ended up with a name that’s consistent with my personality and style. I’m the first in my family to be born outside of the eastern seaboard. As much as I love the Midwest, I’m a Virginian at heart.

Before the blog, I worked as a contributing writer for two local magazines, specializing in culture, art, and style. I’ve always had a special fondness for classic coastal styles, from Nantucket to Palm Beach. My fashion editorial experience was a big nudge toward blogging, but my passion for interiors, which I rediscovered while decorating my first “big girl” apartment, was the final nudge.

What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. Fun fact: The idea to name my blog Girls in Madras came to me while I was standing in line at my go-to lunch spot. A woman called out to me from across the room, “Hey girl in madras! Where’d you get your skirt?” I couldn’t get “girl in madras” out of my head all day, so I just went for it!

I love that you are old school prep (me too!) ... what is your favorite thing about your style?

I think my favorite thing about having a classic style is that when I look at old photos of myself, I think Wow! I forgot I had that! a lot more than Eek! Wish I’d never worn that in public. I like to think of my style as a potential source of inspiration for future generations of my family. Johnathan Adler says “if your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it,” which, to me, completely encapsulates the preppy ethos. I also love finding new and inventive ways to style timeless pieces, whether it’s a planting a set of old canes next to a modern console or spicing up a classic trench with bright accessories.

What is your idea of the perfect day?

Ah, I love this! My perfect day would begin with a brunch of crepes and mimosas with my besties. From there, I’d head to the art museum and wander semi-aimlessly through the artworks, getting lost in the shapes, colors, textures, and stories. Then, I’d spend the rest of the day at the flea, hunting for watercolors and blue and white.

You have just been gifted $100, what do you do with it?

I’d have a gather a few friends for “flamingle” party and stock my bar cart with flamingo party favors, cookies, and d├ęcor. It’s been on my entertaining bucket list for some time now!
I love that your home is a mix of things you have inherited and newer pieces? What are your two favorite things that have been handed down to you?

Thank you! And yes, it’s truly a hodgepodge of eras in here! I love a house that evokes a sense of personal history and family history. The one piece I have that really ties the generations together is my grandmother’s pagoda-topped china cabinet, which is what sparked my obsession with all things chinoiserie. I keep a few heirlooms on display in there, as well some newer pieces. Another item I adore is my grandmother’s Persian rug, which contrasts nicely with my modern lacquered console.

Coffee or tea?


Favorite cocktail to order?

A classic gin gimlet.

Tell me about your vintage art collection.

It started with a 1940s vintage watercolor of Mexican houses that I bought at a San Francisco flea. I was drawn to the colors and the inlaid wood frame—I knew I’d find the perfect place for it one day. It’s now the centerpiece of my bar cart watercolor gallery, surrounded by a mix of originals and prints. And my latest addition to my vintage painting family is an impressionistic Bermuda sailing scene by mid century artist Alfred Birdsey!

What inspires you?

I get a lot of inspiration from museums, flea markets, photography books, and my travels.

If I spotted you on a random Saturday what would you be doing and what would you be wearing?

I’d probably be standing in line at the farmer’s market, wearing a cotton sundress, sandals, and carrying a straw tote.

What is your favorite way to unwind?

Well, nothing beats a glass of wine, a cheese plate, and a Gilmore Girls marathon! 

Five must haves.

A potted palm tree, a good pair of leather riding boots, a nice set of monogrammed napkins, a cashmere travel wrap, and ginger jars.

Favorite quote.

“I believe in doing the thing you feel is right. If it looks right, it is right.” –Dorothy Draper

Isn't she just fabulous?  I truly love her style and how she decorates her space.  She and I share a very similar thought when styling our home.  I truly believe our home is special to us because of so many of the pieces we have inherited from our families.  I look around and see so many things that mean so much to me because either my family gave it to us or his family gifted it to me.  I love using the Hubs grandmother's monogrammed silver mixed with plates I have found at an antique store and topping it off with fabulous new monogrammed napkins.  For me it just makes it so much more. 

You will adore Summer as much as I do ... and no thank you necessary!!  Follow her on Instagram and sign up to receive her blog.  I just read this week's post and I can tell you I am a firm believer in everything she suggested, especially the last two weeks!  

Thank you precious girl for saying yes to this feature!!  I know we will continue to grow our friendship and I can't wait to collaborate in the future!

Happy Friday ... pop the champs an hour early!!


Random Thoughts ... #091516

#truth via

It has been a good week, I am actually feeling better (finally) so that always makes for a good week. But the good think, for you, is that a whole lot of down town means I discovered all kinds of happy on the internet.  I know Lawyer is super thankful I am spending less time shopping online resting and more time tidying up after our crew!!  (holla ...)


Southern Living 2016 Idea House

I had the immense pleasure of accompanying ADAC Atlanta for a private tour of the 2016 Southern Living Idea House last month.  I love a showhouse and this one was well worth the two hour trip to see every single moment of it.  As you will see in a moment with the many photos I took I loved so many things about the home.  Truly it is one I could see myself purchasing to enjoy as our forever home. (she says in a whisper to not upset her current forever home!)


TPC Travels ... #Boston

Earrings || Top || Pant || Wrap (Burberry) || Loafer || Bag

I had the incredible gift of spending three days in Boston this past week.  I was beside myself excited when the opportunity presented itself and immediately booked the ticket.  I had never visited Boston and was so excited to take in all of the history and architecture in this amazing coastal city.  I can tell you after three days I have a long to do list for my next visit which can not come soon enough.  It was incredible!


TPC Loves Leland Gal

I am enjoying every second of the new weather on our porch.  It has been so mild the past few days and after being in Boston all weekend I am ready for it to cool off just a bit .  Our new Leland Gal pillows are so fun and add just the perfect new tiche of fun and the feeling of never ending summer as the weather cools off.

Leland Gal is a home decor brand founded by the talented Maggie Revel Mielczarek.  A former art teacher and self taught graphic designer her detailed and darling drawings are the basis for every single product they carry.  From ditty bags to wallpaper, and everything in between, her designs have truly taken over and the brand is growing daily. You can shop with Leland Gal both online and at their retail location in Leland, Michigan in historic Fishtown which is open seasonally from May to October.

Leland is located along the shore of Lake Michigan.  Picture quaint weathered fishing shanties in this darling little fishing village.  Maggie shared with me that originally the land was due to be sold as a lot commercially in 2004 when a group of dedicated residents banded together to create the Fishtown Preservation Society in an attempt to maintain the small working fishing community as one of the last on the Great Lakes.  What stands now is the original fishing shanties and weathered smokehouses that have existed for many years.  Summering in the quaint village is her idea of the perfect summer ... quiet, relaxed and peaceful.

Her love for the water and her life here in Michigan is clearly reflected in her designs.  The presence of the birch trees, the variety of boats, the oars, the bicycles and the iconic Jeeps.  I can't get enough. She is clearly selling a lifestyle and I am signing up to buy it all.

Don't you love it all and feel so relaxed just seeing her amazing work?  Her designs evoke a feeling of never ending summer and living near the water.  When it was time to add some pillows to our porch her pillows were exactly the thing I was looking for and we love the addition they have made.

In addition to the pillows on my porch I own a few of Maggie's darling ditty bags.  They are perfect for just about anything ... and are a darling addition to date night.

I have teamed up with Leland Gal to gift one lucky reader a Ditty Bag of their very own!!

Good luck ... you will love your new bag!!

Happy Monday lovies ... the weather has me excited about cocktails on the porch this evening!!


Bar Cart Series ... No. 14 Fancy Ashley

Today's installment of the bar cart series is none other than the darling Ashley Lastovica of Fancy Ashley. This is such a treat for me and I know you will adore her!  I have known Ashley for a few years and I can tell you this, she is quite possibly the fanciest friend I have. Always dressed impeccably, even heading to workout, she is never complete without her darling pink lips and her gorgeous smile.

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