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Round Top Travel Guide

As promised I have all the details from my recent trip to Round Top, Texas with recommendations from four of the best guides I could imagine.  In recap we spent four days in Texas last week, one in Houston and then three actually in Round Top.  It was the best trip, better than I could have imagined, and shopping Round Top is something I will be doing twice a year from now on.  It was magical, something that you must experience to completely understand.  I describe it as a cross between Scott Antique Market (on steroids) + Highpoint Market (the way the town comes alive) + the best shopping, eating and sipping you can imagine.  I am telling you ... it was phenomenal


Duffield Lane Times Two

I have definitely landed on items of clothing lately that are so me.  Maybe I am maturing in my choices, maybe lines are just making items I connect with, but it is definitely been really easy for me lately to find pieces that are so very me.  The two pieces I am sharing today from Duffield Lane are easily in that category being both preppy and timeless.  I was happy to find both of these from their current spring collection and have worn both items numerous times since they arrived.  Can you even handle the navy striped midi dress?  It is perfectly seersucker and perfect cut and I could not love it more. 


Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life

I am super excited to share with you that I was invited to speak at the Beautiful Home, Beautiful Life online conference which starts in just one week.  I am honored to be among the amazing speakers you see here chatting about everything from organization, decluttering, design, and my session, how to add pattern and color to your home.  The online event is FREE and I hope you will register and enjoy all of this incredible content that has been created for you.  I have registered myself and will be soaking it in while lying on the beach during Spring Break.  Can you imagine a better place to take it all in?


Green Check For The Masters

With just ten days before the start of the Masters it is time to decide what all we will be wearing.  Whether you are attending, hosting a viewing, or even just sitting with your family eating all the appropriate snacks, a cute outfit or two is a must. When I visited Willow Park Boutique a few weeks ago to pick out a spring dress and some table goodies I spotted this darling green check dress which I knew would be perfect for the Masters.  I have yet to attend in person but my husband has and loves it and we always watch each round at home while snacking on pimento cheese, egg salad, and all the sweet tea and lemonade.  

It is just what we do. 🍋


Introducing Caryn Lawn

I am thrilled to share a new to me brand to you today that has swept through my closet and made it shine.  My love for Caryn Lawn started with a single dress, the Preppy Dress, and has now expanded to many more pieces.  What I love about finding fabulous pieces is how versatile they can be.  Caryn's dresses and tops are not only versatile, but so comfortable and equally flattering making it a must have in my book.  When she reached out to introduce herself to me I instantly stopped when I saw the word preppy to check out her website.  

Instantly, I was hooked


29 Years of Green Beer

As I share every year, St. Patrick's Day is the anniversary of our first date. He poked his head into the war room where I was working and simply said, want to grab a green beer?  That simple question spun into a full on love fest and here we are 29 years later with a family, the house, the dogs ... and each other. I will never not love St. Patrick's Day and that memory, I recall sharing a large plate of nachos, two beers and lots of conversation.  We walked from our office on Lake Eola in Orlando to Church St. Station and then walked back. March in Florida is the perfect weather and that walk there was the beginning of the rest of my life.  Looking back I never saw it coming ... but it chose me and I am forever grateful. 


Round Top Bound

Yep, you read that right.  I am heading to Round Top on Sunday morning.  This is my first time and I truly am so very excited that I am having trouble settling down before bed.  Antiquing and hunting has always been one of my most favorite things to do and traveling to and shopping Round Top has been on that list for quite some time.  Between the excitement of a new adventure, seeing everything, and the things I will be able to shop, it just doesn't get any better.


WPB + Holly Shae

I am so lucky to live minutes away from one of my favorite local boutiques and to know both the owners as well I as do. If I am in a pinch for any outing, adventure, or just wanting to shop I can pop literally down the street into Willow Park Boutique and check out the new arrivals. With spring weather coming, well and going, and a sunny evening in the forecast I was thrilled to stop in and shop.  I found such goodness while I was there, which you should absolutely check out on their website.  I was shopping with a specific event in mind so it was easy for me to keep my blinders on and check out the dresses + the table linens. 


Pi Day

Happy Pi Day ... aka March 14th.  Who else loved math and science in school? What is so funny to me is that I love math and science, did not like English at all, and completely passed notes in History and Geography so I am constantly relying on Google to set me straight on where things are and when they happened.  Got 101 in Organic Chemistry ... but probably squeaked through English with a mid B and here I am writing for a living. If I only knew then what I would need now ... 😉


Introducing ... Hapsy

I had heard of CBD for quite a while.  I had seen my friends on Instagram talk about their journey with CBD and how they were using it and taking it.  I had heard of friends locally talk about CBD and what they were doing.  But ... in all honesty I had no idea how to add it to my life, whether or not I needed it, and how I would even begin.  For me it was one of those things I would hear people talk about and would think to myself that I needed to know more but would always stop there.  Kind of like a great toothbrush people were raving about and I needed to investigate, but I never took it any further.  That was until one evening at Summit last month when my friend Nicole and I decided to try the samples we were given before bed.  We both read the instructions, took the dropper full, and I closed my eyes and went to sleep.  It was that simple, yet not at all, and truly with that one bottle, that one dropper, and that one evening my life changed. 


Inspire Collection

I was thrilled when I got the email from Talbots about their stunning new Inspire collection.  Talbots is a leader when it comes to traditional classic clothes and their partnership with Dress For Success seems like a match made in heaven.  I think this collaboration is the perfect time to think about getting involved in a DFS chapter near you and see what more you can do.  I know I feel like I could be donating gently used clothing and accessories and diving into what more I can do as a woman to help other woman in my area.  I think this darling sweatshirt, and the other two in the collection, are not only great and inspirational to wear but most definitely speak to the strength and core of the values of DFS.  


Spring Shopping

I think we can officially say that spring has begun in Georgia.  The other morning I found some pollen on my car and I noticed yesterday that the azaleas in the front yard are full of blooms.  I am ready.  I am ready for winter to end, for a new season to begin ... and for the yards and streets to be filled with color once again. I am definitely not ready for pollen season, but no pollen no stunning blooms, so ... bring it on. 


Toast Please!

Yesterday my besties and I showered another bestie with a brunch to celebrate her birthday.  It has become a tradition for us to sit and soak each other up since our girls are getting older and our time of carpool antics has ended.  The four of us have been close since our girls became besties since fourth grade and their girls are so special to me.  These women have been the world to me and any chance I get to throw them love I do. 


Add Trim Please!

Today's blog post is short and sweet, but includes one of my favorite projects.  I posted a video the other night talking about clean beauty and my evening shower habit and I got a number of questions about my bathroom.  Well, not only the bathroom, but more specifically the blinds. I love our bathroom, its happy colors and I love how custom the blind on our large picture window feels.  It was a simple project, easy to do, and delivers a ton of goodness in return. 


A Perfect LWD

The perfect little white dress, it is essential for spring and summer in the south.  I think the combination of the breezy feeling of white and the endless ways you can wear it makes it an essential.  It began long ago with Easter.  We wore our white dresses + new white shoes for Easter Sunday ready to ditch the cool weather of winter and embrace the warmth.  And in the south, that still happens except grown up me has traded the white dress + white shoe combination for a great dress and some new fun espadrilles.  Yet the little white dress is a staple in every woman's closet and is worn religiously all summer long just as the little black dress is ready for any and all fancy occasions and dining adventures. 


Denim Jacket 101

On Monday while cleaning out my closet I mentioned upcycling my denim jacket with some darling fabric on the collar and cuffs.  I got quite a few messages about how to do this and even more comments about people upcycling their own. So much so that I was sure this topic deserved a blog post of its very own.  I wear my denim jacket quite often and found that its a great and easy go to when I am cold or trying to wear a piece of clothing out of season.  It is a great grab and goes with every single thing I have.  Because, you know, it's just an easy piece of clothing to style. 


White Jeans Four Ways

You know those white jeans I hunted for you last week?  They are still in my mind.  They are, in my humble opinion, the perfect white jean for spring and summer. In case you missed out, I am speaking about these jeans.  Do not miss out on them, they are the perfect high waist, the best length (maybe cut an inch off) and the best amount of stretch.  Like I said, perfect for spring and summer!  

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