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Blogger is rude!!

Blogger will not let me properly space my post and it is angering me ...



Ok, so needed some retail therapy today. Did I mention yesterday was really bad? Well, let me mention it again. Bad!!!

So, I have been in 4 TJMaxx's in the last 24 hours looking for the Lilly items in the above photo brought to my attention by Tickled Pink & Green. (Thanks for letting me borrow the photo btw!) Finally ... store #4 I found them. There was one of each left. Well, atleast until I swooped in and grabbed them. 
So, do you really think I went into all of those stores and got NOTHING? Um ... notsomuch!

Below is a list of my goodies:
Three dresses to chose from for tonight's SATC movie outing
One pair of fabulous black patent leather high heels - SATC
One fabulous clutch - SATC
Bamboo dividers for the junk drawer in the kitchen
Two turquoise Toss frames - sursy closet
One lime green and navy hanging bag
Two RL bathingsuits for Little Mister
One RL polo for Little Mister
New bathingsuit for babycakes
Lilly tunic nightgown/swim coverup
Lime green clutch - Christmas party
Dress for our Christmas Party - super fabulous

Pretty good, eh? Now I just need a nap before tonight. I am still battling allergies and Lawyer keeps calling me a Canadian Goose with the way my voice crackles and honks.


New friend or new boyfriend?

Ok, so first of all it was a VERY long day. Not going into it at all, so please do not ask. Tired, exhausted really, but Little Mister is not sleepy so he is watching "just one more show pwease" and I am blogging.

For a long time now I have compared friendships to relationships with boys. Please let me explain before you tilt your head to the side and say "huh"? When you are in a "relationship" with a friend it can easily be compared to a relationship with a guy. You have your enjoy them when you see them places girls, just hang out with girls once in a while girls, your see atleast three times a week girls, your do everything together girls (1-3 of these) and your married for life girls. (You know what I am talking about, you just never thought of it like that before!) And there is the end of "relationships". You don't miss the see them places friends or just hang out in a while girls. You will probably miss your 1-3 do everything together girls, but breakup with a married for life girl and you will need therapy and drugs. And don't even get me started with what happens when you see your married for life girl out with a new girl. That just plain sucks!!! There are rules and they must be followed.

So ... I do have a point. I meet people all the time, we all do. You like some, you hate some, you tolerate some and once in a rare while you find someone you start rearranging your schedule for and want to propose to almost immediately. These are the truest friends and can never be replaced!! I can count on two hands the number of these I have in my life. They span years and will never go away!! I was recently blessed with one of these kind of friends and I am completely smitten. She is fabulous and I have no doubt she will enter the inner circle rapidly and stay there for a very long time.

May you too be blessed!!!

(BTW ... Little Mister fell asleep on the couch! So freaking cute!!)



WTH ... aspanagas?

Ok ... so I love to eat out. Even better I love delivery take out. It is kind of like having a personal chef that delivers what you want in 30-45 minutes in cute little boxes. Well, I am beginning to worry!!

Last night at a mexican restaurant on the square I was reading the menu looking for the yummy vegetarian dishes. I came across a veggie quesadilla. Sounds good, let's read on. Two of the ingredients celery and coliflower. Ok ... do not add a "vegetable" that appears regularly in soups and stews and WTF is coliflower??? I am not touching that one with a ten foot pole.

So, I begin to recover and then tonight I am perusing the chinese menu for delivery and I come across another vegetable which I am not familiar. Aspangas. Ok ... what the hell is that one?

I understand the language barrier, but perhaps the printer could use their spell check?



Extra madras pool has a new home!

So ... my extra pool has been adopted. Green Magsterpie is its new owner. We are meeting up tonight for a girls' night out and I am bringing the pool. She is bringing cash. Kind of feel like I am dealing crack.

I am just saying ...



Preppy BBQ ... 101!

Dinner last night was fabulous and if you are a chicken eater even better. Lawyer makes this great grilled chicken that he puts a rub on that makes the neighbors and our friends line up at the door. Every time we invite people for dinner they ask ... are you having chicken? And he finishes it off with grilled sweet potatoes with a maple syrup and ancho chile powder glaze and grilled asparagus. The last two are amazing .. you would have to ask someone else about the chicken. (He made me portabello mushrooms ... which are super yummy!!!)

So, to get ready for the dinner I broke out all of my Whim tableware which I had been saving for the beach. It is not everyday your baby graduates after two years in kindergarten!!!

Above are the photos ...

Let me break it down for you ...
Hot pink umbrella - Big Lots $25 (Found this Friday shopping with Content)
Green tablecloth - Target Whim $4 (unzips to go around the umbrella)
Lilly Placemats - TJMaxx $20/4 (grabbed these yesterday)
Melamine plates - Target Whim $2 each
Lilly pink seersucker napkins - TJMaxx $19/4 (Found these last year)
Pink lemon salt and pepper shakers - Target Whim about $6
Lilly needlepoint coasters - clearance after Christmas at Parisian
Table and 4 chairs - Goodwill last year $50 (no lie ... made a dropoff and say it sitting outside)

And ta-da ... instant Preppy entertaining!!!! It was super cute and I love it all!!!



10 only happens once!

Ok ... so obviously I did not sleep in again today. No ... like clockwork the two little ones were up at 6:30 am. It is magic. 6:28, 6:29 ... 6:30 both of their doors open and they appear in my room. I really do not know how they do that. So, Lawyer is sleeping in. He deserves it ... he took care of the crazies all day yesterday plus had my car completely cleaned front to back. That is better than diamonds to me. Some girls want jewels ... I want a car that sparkles. What can I say?

So, the rest of my weekend? We haven't really decided what to do. I know this afternoon I am taking the kids to the pool. Will I put on a suit? Oh, that would be a hell no!!! It is too early in the season to bear this body. I will need tons of sun before I decide to show up in full suit. As Hairgirl says ... "fat always looks so much better brown that white"! Totally agree!!! Plus our pool is always filled with bikini clad moms and I am just not there. Not kidding. Definitely not there.

We are having a bbq tonight. Very small but special. Little Mister has finished kindergarten and wants to graduate. He thinks if he does not graduate he will be going back another year. Two is enough in his book. He wants to be done and I don't blame him. So, since the school does not graduate them ... I will! 6:30 my backyard ... small ceremony. Just for him. He is totally pysched. Anything to reassure him he is done and ready for first grade!

What are you doing? Anyone leaving town ... or have the gas prices scared you home? They surely have kept my driving around at a minimum. I mean I would rather spend $100 on shoes anyday instead of gas. Can I get a hell yeah?



Seriously exhausted!

So ... I guess I was tired last night. I slept until 9:40 am. I almost fell out of my bed when I looked at the clock. Really? Almost 10 ... that rocks!!!

Huge day of cleaning out. You would not believe the amount of crap that accumulates the last couple of weeks of school. I am talking some serious crap. We started in Little Lawyer's room. He and I made the bed, tidied (a bunch), put away all the stuff he wanted to keep from 5th grade, pulled some scary stuff out from under the bed and make that room SPARKLE!! Then he was off the play at the SIL. Gone the rest of the day.

Ok, now Little Mister's room. Same story. Bed, dust, tidy ... organize! This room needed serious help. You know the kind where you refold every drawer, put away each toy into its own space. This sort of thing. Went on forever.

Babycakes' room. Super way cute. Pink and light lime to the max. One big preppy room. Totally love it. This room needed dusting, vac and all kinds of clothes refolded and put away. That chick needs nothing!!! If you see me out and about please stop me and ask me where in the hell I plan on putting whatever I am holding preparing to buy. She needs not a damn thing for atleast two years.

So when that was all done I got ready to tackle the sea of laundry. Broke it all out and had about 8 loads. There was no way that was ever gonna get done this weekend. So ... I packed it all up and headed in the Jeep to the laundry mat. This was a great plan. Tackle it all in a couple of hours and get some time alone. Oh yes, you heard me. I took my Gain detergent, Gain fabric softener and Gain bounce to the laundry mat. If you have never been there I feel for you. It was a blast from my poor childhood past. My mom and I would go every week. I loved it. All that detergent in those tiny boxes. It was the bomb. Still is ... at least the one I went to today. Super clean and the Asian guy was super helpful. He pointed me to the very large machines in the back. Got it all done, folded and put away in less than three hours. Just you try to beat that.

Now I am super pooped. Sitting here blogging, dog sitting on my foot. Boys watching TV with Daddy and Babycakes is fast asleep. Perfect day of cleaning, organizing and laundry. And you just know that laundry mat smells fantastic. I mean the sea of Gain I used will keep that place fresh for days!!!



Girl power rocks!

Babycakes and I had a great night together. We finished dinner and watched High School Musical 2. She sang the whole movie. Seriously! She is too cute and we had a great time!

Lawyer and the boys came home about 9:30. They were pooped. Very. Long. Week!

We just watched Grey's from last night. Awesome! I am totally pysched. It was the best show in a very long time! Lawyer and I had a great night. Just hanging and watching. Made out in the commercials. All in all way cool!

He asked me how was my day 1 to 10. Morning was maybe a 5 ... fight with kids before school and coffee was cold once we finally sorted it out. Shopped with my friend Content all morning. She treated me to a Latte and a scone. That made it an 8 ... quality time tonight with Babycakes and now Lawyer makes it a 9. Who could ask for more?



Ok, when I left you last I was working on cleaning up my office. It looks so much better and actually makes me want to go in and work, ok ... not so much!! It is such an improvement that Lawyer wanted to know what I did with all the stuff in the office.

Him: Where is all the stuff that was in the office on the floor?
Me: I put it away where it belongs.
Him: Yeah, right ... you could never find a place for all of that stuff.
Me: Are you doubting me?
Him: I am just saying!!

He is right. There was a huge mess. But I swear I cleaned every bit of it up. Pictures to come.

Have a great night. Babycakes and I are alone. Lawyer took the boys and some friends to see Indiana Jones. Hooray for us ... girl power!!! We have ordered a pizza and are watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on DVR. I know big times!!!



Oh and yes, bought more crack today ...

Of course I went to the Big T ... all the cool stuff is on sale!!! And got some cool stuff I did not even know I wanted the first hundred times I went!!

Oh, and I bought an extra madras pool ... anybody want it? The first person who asks and wants to pay $10 plus shipping can have it. I will send you a paypal invoice ... go for it!!


Oh ... I am planning to clean ... BEWARE!

This will be me in the morning ... Little Miss Tidy! My office is SCARY!!! I mean tons of orders finished, crap everywhere, needs a total overhaul ... SCARY. My kids are afraid to go in, not really a bad thing... but still it is beginning to make me itch! In a big way! I will take photos tomorrow and show you before and after. You will be proud ... pinky swear!!!

And then tomorrow night this will be me ... Little Miss Fun!!! I am going off tomorrow night with Hair Girl and Maggi to a cutie little shindig!!! I will give you the deets later ...

Have a great night ... Oh, and I think David A*** (because I could not begin to spell it) is going to win American Idol even though I want David Cook to win. We shall see!!!



Swap questions ... answered!

So the Summer Swap is in full swing now and I am busy finishing up my shopping for my partner ...

She has asked me to answer my own questions ... so here goes -

1. Besides pink and green … what other colors do you like?
Chocolate brown, navy and orange
2. What are your favorite things to do?
Shop (I need a program for this one), read magazines, antique, decorate my house and monogram!
3. Where do you shop and what are your favorite things to buy?
JCrew, Lilly, Vineyard Vines, Banana and of course TJMaxx!!! I buy all kinds of things, but you will probably see me most days in a skirt, polo or monogrammed t shirt and flops!
4. Do you have any hobbies?
I think Lawyer would say shopping!!
5. What is your monogram? mMp
6. What was the last meal you had? I am a vegetarian ... so usually pretty dull, but last night I had a bowl of Total and Cranberry cereal and a large Vodka Tonic (bad day!!)
7. If you had a free weekend and money was not an option … where would you go? Beach ... no thought necessary!
8. What is your favorite thing to wear? Skirt, polo and flops at the moment. Sometimes I add a cardigan to add some jazz! I am loving my new Tori Burch flops ... I may need some more.
9. On a scale of 1 to 10 … how preppy are you? 7 1/2 ... I do like some of the cute things out that are not always super preppy!
10. On a rainy day … what do you like to do? Curl up on the sofa with a handful of magazines and my monogrammed throw and read forever!
11. Favorite preppy designers? Lilly and VV
12. Favorite preppy accessories? Pearls, Gumball necklaces and enamel bracelets
13. Any other favorite things? I am easy ... I like lots of things!
14. Do you collect anything? Tole trays and anything old and beat up!
15. Favorite thing to do in the Summer? Grill, play in the yard for hours, pool and of course the beach!
16. What most makes you think of Summer? Vegetables off the grill, bubbles and the stack of pool towels which seems to stay on my dryer.
17. Favorite treat/drink? Sweet tea and iced nonfat lattes!
18. Any thing else you think I should know that I completely left out? That pretty much tells you about me ... anything else you want to know?

I love swaps ... and summer should be the best so far!!!


Beach countdown ... 34 days!!!!!

With only five more days of school ... all I can think about is our trip to the BEACH!!! We are going to have so much fun, we always do!! I was looking through photos of our trip to Sandestin for Spring Break and picked out some of my favs ...

Little Lawyer who vacationed without us ... he went to West Palm Beach with my SIL and her family. He had a blast, but we missed him terribly!

A picnic in Seaside with my babies ... they are cute, aren't they?

Little Mister turned 7 on the trip. Seriously ... he's seven?

My dad and the kids at the playground. They played here while Mom and I shopped at the Outlets. Kind of a great set up ... a playground at the Outlet Mall!!

Babycakes after a long, hard day. She fell asleep with her sippy cup still in her mouth. And it happened almost every night!

The race cars at the Fun Park. This place was tons of fun. I felt just like a kid again!!

A sign at Seaside ... it was the perfect quote!!!

My mom and Babycakes!!! She was too short for lot of the rides at the Fun Park!

My favorite thing ... watching the kids at the beach! As a kid this is where Mom and I spent all day every Saturday. It is still in my blood!!

34 more days ... time to start packing!!! And I am not even kidding!

I am dreaming of ...

Find this today ... and it is on sale!!! Isn't it cute? They have red & pink or black & green ...

But this one is my fav!!!



What does your name mean?

So ... I tried this and these are my results ...

And just in case you were wondering ... this is truly me! I mean the scary stuff! I am not at all tooting my own horn ... I asked the BFF and she is the one who says it is really, really me!

You are influential and persuasive. You tend to have a lot of power over people.Generally, you use your powers for good. You excel at solving other people's problems.Occasionally, you do get a little selfish and persuade people to do things that are only in your interest.You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection. You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive. You have the classic "Type A" personality.You tend to be pretty tightly wound. It's easy to get you excited... which can be a good or bad thing.You have a lot of enthusiasm, but it fades rather quickly. You don't stick with any one thing for very long.You have the drive to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time. Your biggest problem is making sure you finish the projects you start.You are deeply philosophical and thoughtful. You tend to analyze every aspect of your life.You are intuitive, brilliant, and quite introverted. You value your time alone.Often times, you are grumpy with other people. You don't appreciate them trying to interfere in your affairs.You are friendly, charming, and warm. You get along with almost everyone.You work hard not to rock the boat. Your easy going attitude brings people together.At times, you can be a little flaky and irresponsible. But for the important things, you pull it together.

What does your name mean?


Vaca for two at ... Serenbe!!

So ... the deets you have all been waiting for! Lawyer and I took off last Thursday for three days at Serenbe! It is an amazing place!!! I completely recommend you going and enjoying every last minute! It is so close to home (only 32 miles) yet feels so far away. It is a planned community and an inn on a farm. The inn is made up of the main house, lake house, guest house and three cottages. We stayed in the Dogwood Cottage suite. It is a bedroom, massive bathroom with fabulous tub, living room and large screen porch. Your breakfast is included (and it was amazing every time), tea time is at 4 and you can either eat dinner at the Farm House or in town at The Hil. I recommend you try both. They are both the best food I have EVER eaten. This is the most perfect place and the people are truly amazing!!! I can not say enough fabulous things about this amazing place. Very relaxing and the absolute perfect place!

I could go on for days ... but instead I will make a list of my favorite things!
1. Mint sweet tea made special for me when I inquired what they use all the mint on the farm to make.
2. Warm cookies delivered to your room every day at 3. The chocolate chip were my fav!
3. The wines perfectly matched to each course with dinner.
4. The amazing bed - the one Lawyer and I completely ripped apart trying to figure out how they made it so fabulously comfortable.
5. The perfect farm sounds.
6. The black sky (you don't see that in Atlanta) and the million stars.
7. The perfect grits!!!
8. Fresh squeezed orange juice.
9. Feeling completely relaxed!!!
10. The tshirt and boxer combinations Lawyer packed just for me! They were so cute!!!
11. Driving to the inn in the Jeep with the top down!
12. Talking without being interrupted by short people.
13. Taking long hot showers.
14. The wonderful massage and facial.
15. The parfait at The Hil and the brown sugar cookie on top!!!
16. Being away from the kids for three days.
17. Their smiles and giggles when we got home!
18. My parents who loved the kids like I would while I was gone.
Truly ... this place is perfect! Check it out ...


All clear!!!

Praise God!!!! the cardiology appointment went great! They were looking for an ventricular septal defect (VSD) which is not present. Little Mister has recently seen a geneticist at Emory, who after hearing that he had an extra digit removed from his thumb at six weeks of age, began discussing with us all the genetic issues that can be present with this extra digit or Polydactyly. We had previously thought that once the extra digit was surgically removed all was behind us. As for the thumb, it is. But, there are a bunch of genetic problems that can be present along with the extra digit. The one was called Holt-oram syndrome (the heart issue) and the other is a blood disorder known as Fanconi's Anemia. We are waiting on blood results to rule that out and have about 6 weeks left to wait. I know ... big fun. Once these two, which are the most serious, are ruled out we can look at the less problematic ones. Those do not scare me ... these two do!!!

So ... one down and one to go.

And on a positive note they did find something called an LSV (left sinus Valsalvia). This is present in one percent of the population. 99% of people have only one source of blood flow into the heart - on the right side. Little Mister is special. The LSV means he has two sources of blood flow into his heart, one on the right and one on the left. It is no big thing and does not affect the heart at all. What does this mean ... he is special!!! But I could have skipped the whole last three weeks of drama and told you that ... FOR FREE!!!

Cheers! MPM


Oh Hair Girl ... this is for you!!!

Hair Girl and June Cleaver have been working really hard to learn a dance routine for a JL event. They have had struggles with the crazy routine! Not because they can not dance, but because the choreography is a little sketchy! So ... I am thinking they should have hired the one who orchestrated this shin dig ...

It rocks.

Check it out ...

Thanks to I do Declare for the giggles. It completely erased my thoughts of Pediatric Cardiologists and the EKG and sonogram Little Mister has scheduled for the morning. I know I promised you juicy deets from the getaway weekend, but that will have to wait. I am overwhelmed with worry and prayer at the moment.

I promise ... tomorrow!!


Summer swap questions for my super cute partner!!

I am participating in a Summer Swap! I am super excited after having such a great time in Connecticut Charm's Preppy Spring Swap. My partner for this swap is Preppy Pink Crocodile and I am super pumped! Love, love, love swaps!!!

Here are my questions for my cute partner ...

1. Besides pink and green … what other colors do you like?
2. What are your favorite things to do?
3. Where do you shop and what are your favorite things to buy?
4. Do you have any hobbies?
5. What is your monogram?
6. What was the last meal you had?
7. If you had a free weekend and money was not an option … where would you go?
8. What is your favorite thing to wear?
9. On a scale of 1 to 10 … how preppy are you?
10. On a rainy day … what do you like to do?
11. Favorite preppy designers?
12. Favorite preppy accessories?
13. Any other favorite things?
14. Do you collect anything?
15. Favorite thing to do in the Summer?
16. What most makes you think of Summer?
17. Favorite treat/drink?
18. Any thing else you think I should know that I completely left out?

I have to get to know her so I can pick out the perfect gifts!!! I love to shop and I need to know all I can so I can maximize my budget. Oh .... I do hate that b word! I highly recommend swaps ... sign up. You will have a great time! Good luck Hair Girl ... I have good thoughts for this one.




Hope all of you had a great day! Mine was purely lovely!!! I am on my third cocktail of the evening after a long scrabble tourney! Very fun!!! We had an amazing trip ... deets to follow.

Kisses to all of you mommies! You work your fannies off and you know it!!!

xoxo, MPM


Please do not call ... I won't be home!

Lawyer and I will be here for the next three days! All alone ... and finally relaxing. I would tell you where we are going, but I don't want any of you to join us. No offense!!!

See you on Sunday! Have a great weekend!!! MPM

If you are faced with the Hundred Acre Woods ...

Ok, so Hair Girl and I had this conversation yesterday and she wanted me to share it with you. We are talking about hair, you know the kind ... down there! And not just yours ... but his too!!! The conversation started with my asking her if Paint Boy trims. One of my friends and I had a conversation and her husband does not. Never even crossed his mind. It surprised me. I guess I thought it was standard operating procedure. Hair Girl and I are in agreement ... if it is large and in charge you need to take control. But apparently this is not happening in every home. I have to say it again, it sort of surprised me. I mean we are not talking about leather, whips and chains (don't get any ideas - so not me!!!) we are talking maintenance. Simple taking care of business. I thought it was pretty straight forward. We are expected to trim and maintain and spend tons of money to wax and endure pain. Hell ... some people even monogram (once again, so not me!!!). So ... I am asking ... what is happening in your house ... heavy trim, slight maintenance or nothing at all? I am just asking ...



Crack alert peeps!!!

911!!! I finally located the Madras Inflatable pool from the Whim line. My friend, Ms. Shop on the Corner (aka Mrs. SOC) called me today and told me she saw it. Ofcourse, she had no idea I would have a madrasgasm on the phone or she would have grabbed it, them, whatever!!! Thanks TP& G for the photo ... if they have enough I will get you one!

I will let you know when I own it, or two, or whatever!

Oh, and the current total on the Madras buckets is 4 ... but I am thinking 6 is good for me!

I am just saying ...


Clemson Girl ...

Please, please, please tell me about your monogram party? It sounds perfect for me!!!

And if I come I will bring you a sursy, or two!!!



Wow ... is that a brand new Target?

...No, it is just my kitchen table with all of my Cynthia Rowley goodies!

I did warn you that it was useless to shop where I shop ... that I did get a lot of it!

A great idea I got from Tickled Pink and Green!!! These are in my laundry room holding summer flip flops. Paper Girl suggested I labeled them with monogram stickers. Great idea ...


Wouldn't this be fabulous as wallpaper ...

... in my half bathroom downstairs??? I just love it!


And I thought having a baby made me a mom ...

Ok ... I have had two over the top situations lately. You know the kind ... you question a situation and then decide, "I must do this, I am their mom!" I am sure looking back on the last two days Lawyer would not have responded the same way. His take would have been - "there must be another way to fix this". But me, notsomuch ... I am in the trenches, I am the mom!

So it started on Thursday afternoon with Little Mister and another one of his constipation bouts. Oh these are so much fun for all!!! We were at June Cleaver's house for our regular Thursday cocktail and play date and his constipation kicks in. I will leave out the horrible details. Let's just say that when he gets constipated he tries to hold it in and it continually sneaks out. Oh this is BIG fun. So after a couple of hours of playing this game at June's, we finally feed the kids and I take mine home. Oh, he has clothes that need washing and he and I are both totally frustrated. With the situation and each other!!! So I get him home and he finally produces the movement and ofcourse it is huge. My doctor calls it a toilet choker. And ... they are! (I always feel like he just gave birth) Fabulous!! But wait ... now the toilet breaks. Seriously? WTH????Won't fill up, won't flush and I am completely hacked off. I can not leave the stinky very large thing there all night and until the plumber comes ... what will I do? June suggests I get it out of the toilet and there in lies the mom moment. The kids are in the shower and I am next to the potty with a slotted spoon, a colander and a bottle of bleach. I leave it there!!! Are you kidding me - am I really doing this????

Then, last night we are enjoying a drive in Lawyer's Jeep with the top down. We just dropped off Little Lawyer for a sleep over and we were on our way home. The kids are quiet in the back. Babycakes is playing with her new mini Pucci Puppy and Little Mister is playing game boy. It is going to be a great night!!! All of a sudden Babycakes starts bawling and screaming. And I am thinking OMG ... did one of them fall out of the jeep on the street? Oh yes they did ... but it wasn't the kids it was Pucci Puppy. He flew out of the jeep and is on the road and she is hysterical! So, I do a u-turn go back to look for Pucci and there he is in the middle of the road. And me ... yes, that was me dodging cars at 6:45 pm to retrieve Pucci Puppy. Yes, that was me risking my life to save a stuffed dog. Only because I am the mom!!! He is safe and resting comfortably!!

I am hoping to fly under the radar today ... MPM

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