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Commuication 101

Babycakes takes ballet on Tuesdays after school. It is the perfect situation. She finishes her day at preschool, eats lunch, changes into her tutu and heads to ballet. I pick her up two hours after school is done. Like I said ... perfect!!

They have a recital next Saturday. The ballet teacher has been preparing them for weeks and is now working on their costumes and the final details. She sends the girls home with their instructions. She does not send paperwork ... she just tells the girls what they need to tell us. Babycakes loves this. She feels completely in the know. She comes home and fills me in on all the details.

The first week she came home and told me they need white panties or no panties under their pink tights "with feet please" for their costumes. She promptly told me ... "Miss Becky does not want any tinkerbell panties sticking out the back of our tutus" ... she then told me that Miss Becky said that was tacky. Yes, my dear ... it is!

Last week she came home with instructions for their hair. "No front pony tails, no two pony tails, no barrettes, no headbands and no braids. A bun or just cut hair." Since we are sporting the stacked bob we will go with "just cut hair".

Last night I got more information. We need pink ballet shoes. "Not white, not black but pink to match my tights with feet please." Check. I will get right on that!

Thank goodness my child can remember to tell me the deets. Or else she might me sporting two pony tails with footless tights and High School Musical panties pooking out the back of her tutu with her white ballet slippers. What a fiasco that would be!

Just to be sure ... that would not happen. Mommy is too preppy for that crazy action!

Pinky swear!


Lawyer's closet overhaul ...

Yesterday I decided to tackle Lawyer's closet. It was down. right. scary! The man works a lot and usually comes home to sleep, change clothes and quickly regroup. That closet was his dumping ground!

All afternoon (and most of the evening) I was in that closet. I pulled out four large bags of items to donate, sorted and organized and made a list of must haves. Like I said ... sweet man works a lot and does not have time to shop for himself. Or ... atleast that is what he tells me.

Today I worked on the shopping list. We are spending the weekend in Hilton Head marketing and he needs to look sharp. So after spending the day gathering, exchanging and returning we are set for the spring and summer at the law office.

If you need some personal shopping done I am your girl. I can hunt down the goods ... pinky swear!

Today I gathered the following at TJMaxx, Marshalls and Nordstroms ...

One pair of Ralph Lauren khakis
Two pairs of Ralph Lauren khaki shorts
One pair of Ralph Lauren blue seersucker shorts
One pair of crab seersucker Vineyard Vines shorts
One pair of Izod pink seersucker shorts
Two Vineyard Vines polo shirts
Ralph Lauren belt
Lilly Pulitzer tie
and two pairs of shoes
His favorite? That would be the pink seersucker shorts! Paired with a white polo shirt, navy belt and flip flops.
Who could resist him?


What a week ...

Wow ... this is a busy time of year at school. And since I have three children at three different schools that makes it even crazier! In this week alone I attended ...

One middle school baseball practice
Three baseball games
One preschool music program
Two first grade lunches
One first grade science experiment
One first grade story time
One preschool conference
Six carpools
and countless trips back and forth to each ... not to mention the trips to the store to gather things they all need for their respective activities! And to top it off ... I had my own to do list! Sheesh!!
Friday afternoon I was DONE! I counted seven trips from my garage to various activities. I was tired and beat! How do moms with more than three children attend all of their different needs?
Yesterday afternoon I laid down with Babycakes for a nap at 2:30 pm ... and promptly woke up at 8:00 pm! Watched a movie with Lawyer and was back to sleep at 10:30!
I am thrilled to say this week does not look so crazy ... and even includes a weekend away with Lawyer to Hilton Head!
Now that is my kind of week ...


Little Mister's week to shine ...

Each child in Little Mister's first grade class gets one week to shine. They are super special all week and the kids, of course, love it!!! Who wouldn't? During the mid life crisis I am currently having I would love a week to shine ...

One of the activities he gets to participate in is a science experiment he gets to do for the class. I have been doing research and found some we like ... but I thought I would seek out some help.

Have you done, seen or heard of any science experiments for children that you thought were neat?

Keep in mind it is April and almost all of the kids have already had a turn ... so no volcanoes, diet coke rockets, paper airplanes, dirty penny in coke or the usual ... we have to think outside the box.

Any ideas?


Um ... that's funny!

Sitting here with Lawyer and a large glass of wine watching mindless TV. Ok ... I confess I was watching Samantha Who?. Not a great show ... but funny enough. Samantha's mother is frighteningly familiar!!!

Where was I? Oh yes ... there was a commercial for a late night show with guest Zac Efron tonight. I just love him ... probably too much! I confessed to my husband my love for cute young Zac.

Me: Is is bad that I have a huge crush on him?
Lawyer: No. I have a huge crush on him too!

Oh ... he is funny! Now I remember why I love him.

And since he just paid $1100 to get the Yukon XL fixed ... we adore him!


An apology can do so much ...

I awoke this morning to car trouble. You know ... the kind where you see a huge puddle of fluid under your car and your power steering sounds terrible. Fluid + noise = no power steering fluid ... bad, bad! Two hours later I am the proud driver of a 2010 rented Hyundai ... oh it just keeps getting better.

The rental has XM radio ... which I love. I am not a big fan of talk radio but I do enjoy Oprah's radio show. I was driving along listening in bliss and this great segment came on about apologies. I thoroughly enjoyed everything I heard. I did not grow up with an understanding of apologies and forgiveness. I grew up with a non existent father ... a mother that was not sure she wanted the responsibility of raising a child ... and a gracious and loving stepfather. None of the people in my life were big on admitting their mistakes. Mistakes made you weak. I completely and wholeheartedly disagree!

What I heard today sums up exactly how I feel about mistakes and apologies. She worded it so beautifully.

When you apologize and accept responsibility for mistakes it creates character. Thinking that admitting mistakes makes you weak only makes you stupid. Giving a heartfelt apology changes your life forever. When someone accepts an apology their life is also changed forever. Character is formed by trials.
There was a blessing in that Hyundai after all ...


Proust Questionnaire ...

Last weeks slip of the mind (garage door ... robbery) has had me thinking ... I am overstressed! I have way too many things on my plate ... how can I simplify and enjoy my days more? How can I stay ahead of the rat race instead of feeling like I am constantly being chased?

I found this on my dear friend Charlotte's blog and I am sitting down to enjoy a Diet Coke and think about my answers. Charlotte is an amazing person. She is so clear about who she is ... how she wants to spend her time and is passionate about her love for her husband. Everything about her is magnetic!

Here are my thoughts ...

What is your idea of perfect happiness? A tidy house, a completed to do list and an afternoon with nothing to do but hang out with my family while enjoying a great bottle of wine and tons of laughter
What is your greatest Fear? Being left all alone by everyone I love
What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? My insecurities
What is the trait you most deplore in others? Judging others
What is your greatest extravagance? I am not an extravagant person ... the simple things bring me the most happiness
What is your current state of mind? Pondering my life ... but pretty relaxed
On what occasion do you lie? When I am afraid
What do you dislike most about your appearance? That I do not recognize fat self in the mirror.
Which living person do you most despise? My husband's first wife
What do you most value in you friends? Unconditional love and endless laughter
What or who is the greatest love in your life? My husband. I can not imagine my life without him and yet everyday I want to kill him.
When and where were your happiest? As a child spending summers with my grandparents ... I always loved each and every day
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Being afraid of so many things
What do you consider your greatest achievement? Giving birth to three children so self assured
Where would you like to live? A big city with a hours drive to the beach every weekend
What is your most treasured possession? My children
What is your favorite occupation? Fashion designer
What is your most marked characteristic? Short, sassy hair - which I love!
Who are your favorite writers? Anyone writing about historical figures
Which historical figure do you most identify with? I have absolutely no idea ... probably a bad answer
What is it that you most dislike? Anything fake or plastic
What is your biggest regret? Not traveling abroad before getting married
Which talent would you most like to have? To bake ... baked goods always seem so personable to give as gifts
How would you like to die? Old and at peace in my sleep
What is your motto? Everyone makes mistakes ... it is how you handle the mistake that defines who you are.

That was the best thirty minutes I have ever spent ...

Charlotte ... you always challenge me to be a better person ...



I have not touched a computer in five days ... and it has been so nice. We have loved our vacation and I am sad to see it end. I just had breakfast and a trashy mag on the screened porch and the ten minutes alone was fabulous. Now it is time to pack the car and head north.

We have had such a great time ...

One day at Disney, two days at the pool, yummy meals, a visit from the Easter Bunny, ice cream at Friendly's, Easter breakfast at my favorite place to eat in Winter Park, a drive by our old house, drinks with Hollis and that sweet baby and a new Scrabble game (which turned out to be the Spanish version) to play at the pool.

The perfect four day vaca ...

See you back in Georgia ...



I am the luckiest girl in the world!!

Yes ... that would be me! Extremely blessed and so very lucky!!!

Last night after a long day of birthday celebration Lawyer and I carried two half asleep children up to their beds. We were all exhausted and I collapsed in bed at 9 pm.

Only to be awoken at 3:30 am by surburbia's finest with my GPS in his hand. The police officer and a half asleep lawyer in a t shirt and plaid boxers have the following conversation:

Surburbia's Finest: Is this your GPS unit?
Lawyer: It looks like it, but I am not sure.
SF: It appears both of your cars have been entered and cleaned out and we have caught the individuals and should be able to return your items to you.
Lawyer: How in the world did you know this belonged to me?
SF: I turned it on and pressed HOME ... it led me here.

That is correct. We left the garage open in our exhaustion and both cars were cleaned out. My purse and its contents, his litigation bags and our GPS unit. It was all returned to us by the sweet officer who dropped in for a visit at 3:30 am. Who never once judged us for leaving our garage door open or our cars unlocked. He was kind, sweet and ever so helpful.

We are completely whole (minus one Nintendo DS, a Diet Coke in a monogrammed koozie and six bags of Cheez Its left from our snacks snuck into the movie theatre). And so very lucky!

And don't think I am not thanking God every minute of this day for our safety and our belongings. Losing those items would have made our planned trip to Disney World so difficult tomorrow morning!

And yes, I doubled checked the cars were locked and the garage door is firmly down!

Sleep tight!


It is April ... right?

Just checking ... it is April 7th ... right?

I am packing and doing laundry for Disney and it is snowing outside. I am so confused! Thank goodness we are skidding out of the driveway on Thursday for warmer weather! I am not enjoying the cashmere sweater and jean combination I am forced to wear to combat the 40 degree weather.

Spring Break is meant to be warm!!!


Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

Birthday number 2 of the week!!! I love that we have two birthdays in one week ... but I am usually tired after all the fun!

Today is Little Mister's 8th birthday. He is so excited! I can remember being a child and waking up the morning of my birthday so excited I could hardly stand it! Now I wake up thinking ... can I really be thirty fill in the blank? How did I become thirty fill in the blank? Am I old enough to have three kids ... one of which is 12? Not as much fun as being 8 ... that is for sure!!!

We had planned a trip to Build a Bear with friends along with movies and dinner with more friends! He wakes up this morning and informs me that 8 year olds do not go to Build a Bear ... they go to Waffle House for breakfast. Um ... ok ... just let me call and cancel those plans with our friends and completely re do the plan for the morning! Thank goodness he picked the movie for this afternoon ... or he might decide 8 year olds don't do that either! Does he know I am not a big fan of the Waffle House?

Our present to him ... (among 7 other small things) ... a day at Disney World on Friday. We are packing up the kids and the car and heading out Thursday at noon. Four nights and three days in Orlando in the warm sun! Absolute perfection!!

Now that I am truly excited about!


Too much cold medicine is bad, bad!

Now I know the cold medicine I am taking is effecting me in a bad way. I just put a load of dirty clothes in the dryer ... not the washer ... turned it on and walked away. When I returned I found a load of freshly dried dirty clothes.

Nice one!


Happy Birthday Lawyer!!!

Today is Lawyer's birthday. He was up before we were and was showered, dressed and off to start his day at work. He has a meeting at 11 and then we are hoping he can cut out to spend the rest of his day with us. It stinks when you have to work on your birthday ...

We are planning dinner at his favorite barbeque restaurant. He loves their ribs and I am a big fan of the chopped portabello salad and chocolate chip banana pudding. Since the kids are out for Spring Break we can all catch a quick nap this afternoon and be ready to hang out when Daddy shows up! Since both Little Mister and Babycakes are recovering from illness I do not want anyone falling asleep during dinner! If by chance a legal emergency flares up (and they do!!) we will do take out and hang out here at the house.

After lunch with Hair Girl and her boys today the kids and I are headed to the Life is Good store to grab some last minute happies for Lawyer. We have already snatched up some shorts, new flip flops, DVDs, accessories for his blackberry and a large box of Whoppers!

Nothing says Happy Birthday Lawyer like a new DVD and a large box of Whoppers!

What is a legal emergency you ask? ... it could be anything ... the last emergency he responded to involved a concrete accident. The scaffolding broke and two men literally drowned in concrete. They are never good!


I wish it was ...

... an April Fools prank 5 Bickies ... but unfortunately ... it is not. This was really my day!

Well not exactly ... it did change just a bit ... on my way to take Babycakes to the doctor they called to inform me that they were done with sick visits for the day (as in ... they were all done seeing the sicklies) and could she wait to be seen in the am. I said yes ... I was too worn out to drive back across the river to Sandy Springs anyway.

So it should now read ... wash, rinse, done for today. Wait to repeat tomorrow!


My day ...

Woke up and then proceeded with the following:

Drink coffee
Call and make dr appt for Little Mister who is getting sicker by the day!
Drive to doctor
Sick visit with Dr. Handsome (I do adore him)
Make arrangements to take Little Mister to hospital for blood work and chest xray
Bought a shake for Little Mister from a very large woman named Peaches
Talk Little Mister out of the tree!
Proceed to hospital
Wait ... wait and wait some more
Call Lawyer to pick up Babycakes from June Cleavers (she has fever, sore throat and cough)
Chest xray
Blood work
Drive home - drop off Little Mister
Car pool
Pick up Babycakes
Head back to Dr. Handsome

wash ... rinse ... repeat ...

This day sucks!

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