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Party of 6

Over the last year I have commented many times that fact I have four kids.  And I do.  About a year ago a fourth child showed up at our door step and has made his home with us.  He is in every way ours, every way that truly matters.  There is a story behind that adventure, a story I am sharing today.


Apple Cider Sangria

I am in love with apple cider this time of year.  It just feels like the drink you are supposed to have on hand.  Don't you agree?

Fall ... check.  Apple cider ... check.


* One Room Challenge * - Week 4

Holy week 4 Batman.  Yowza ... this is flying by!!!

Things are moving along almost perfectly ... so I shouldn't be stressed, right?


Pillow Heaven

One of my favorite things about a room are the fabrics.  Since I am drawn to pattern I love mixing them ... and for me, the more the merrier!

With the incredible Schumacher Nanjing from DecoratorsBest I wanted to mix some fun choices.  Even though some of the choices are still a smidge up in the air, I have nailed down most of the options.  And how can anything blue and white be wrong?  

When I was deciding on pillows for the breakfast room I knew I wanted to use the pillows to bring in some fun texture.  Since the chairs are orange I was drawn to green and pink.  And how can you ever go wrong with green and pink?

I have loved Arianna Belle pillows from the moment I spotted them. She has an amazing store with incredible choices.  Think gorgeous patterns and velvet made into the most incredible pillows.  Simply put - perfection!

I had such a hard time deciding which pillows I wanted to add to my room.  Arianna was so kind to send me all the swatches I wanted and they arrived so quickly and with a handwritten note.  I am a sucker for anything handwritten.  If you take the time to write me a note I will save it forever

I almost chose that incredible green velvet for pillows, but at the last minute went a completely different direction.  That green is still calling my name.  Possibly screaming it.  I am hands down drawn to all things green. 

I am so happy I decided to request swatches.  The pillows I was absolutely sure I would chose were the first ones to be eliminated.  Isn't that the way it always works?

Aren't they all divine?  I have bookmarked more than one for future use!

I can highly recommend Arianna's pillows to you.  Her customer service is spot on and the pillows are incredible.  Of course, I can't tell you yet which ones I chose.  I am quite sneaky like that this week.  I will tell you this ... they are perfect.  I could not be happier with my choice. 


Have the best day loves!


TPC loves Design Darling!

One of my favorite online stores is the happy little shop of Mackenzie Horan.  Design Darling is filled with gifts, art and decor to make any home a happy one.  You need a gift?  She has that covered! Something fabulous for your new vignette ... check, check.


Crushing on Sofas

Things happen in my house on a whim.  Well, not completely on a whim.  I spot something I love, I think about it forever and then I finally buy it and the whole house seems to start shifting.


Photo Catchup

I have had a life outside the One Room Challenge lately.  Pinky swear.  It just feels like I sleep, breathe, think and speak ORC.  Oh wait, I do, but there is more.  I swear!

It has been a fun couple of weeks.  Along with the major work happening in the house, I have had some fun times outside the house.  I have to keep telling myself this ... a few days just felt like dust, cleaning and more cleaning!

I pulled some pictures off my Iphone while I was syncing it the other day.  A little snapshot into my weeks ... 


*One Room Challenge* - Week 3

Holy half way point ... It's getting real up in here!!

Ok, before I panic let's catch up!


Three Words

I had the amazing privilege of an interview by Emily McCarthy for her Signature Style series.  I adore every single thing Emily.  She is not only an amazing business woman, but also a dear and treasured friend.


Inspiration du jour ... #orclinkups

There are so many reasons I love the One Room Challenge.  It's fast paced, it's fun and its so inspiring!  My favorite part is reading each update ... and gaining so much inspiration from others!

This round is absolutely no different ... there are some incredible rooms happening in the Linking Participants!

Prepare for eye candy for days ...


Monogram Etiquette

Yes, we know I am a monogram-o-holic.  

I add the dashes to make it even more of a statement!  I mean I monogram ever-y-thing I get my hands on.  It's like I am afraid someone won't know its mine ... right?


*One Room Challenge* - week 2

Holy cow its week 2. 

 Did that fly by for anyone else other than me?!!


Changes ... #goodones

Doesn't it always seem like when one thing changes in your house, everything changes.  It is definitely true for me.

When I made my get this crap done to do list at the beginning of the summer there were a few things on the list to be done to two rooms of the house.  The dining room needed some touch up paint (after I feel off a ladder and hit the wall) and a few changes and the powder room needed some serious love.  I have taken full advantage of the handy man and the painter and I am crossing things off the list like mad. 

It's a crazy time, but it is a good thing!!


Inspiration du jour ... #handlettering

I am a sucker for almost anything personalized.  It's almost like it is in my DNA. If it can be monogrammed or personalized in any way at all I am immediately drawn to it. 

Yes, it is true, if I can write my name on it I will!


Random Thoughts #10092015

I have rounded up some fabulous fall ideas and items I am positive you need!  This cooler weather has me craving layers, plaid and a yummy drink by the fire!  

Want to pop over and hang on the porch?


TPC loves Warby Parker!

New season seems to always equal new clothes.  Isn't that just the way it works?  
And as a girl who wears glasses, it was time to freshen my eye wear wardrobe.

Enter Warby Parker ... my go to source for fun and fashionable frames!


*One Room Challenge* ~ Week 1

It is that incredible time of the year again known as the One Room Challenge!  Honestly my favorite time of the year in the blog world.


TPC Shops!

I am quite the lover of shopping, but truly ... what girl isn't?

One of my favorite places to shop is Emily McCarthy.  Brand designer, lifestyle designer and owner of the most darling shoppe around!


To Hang or Not to Hang ...

My name is Paige and I am a plate hanger.

I hang quite a lot of plates and I am perfectly fine with that. 


The History of the Oyster Plate

I have recently fallen madly in love with oyster plates.  I have seen them in my many buying excursions, but not until recently did one catch my eye.  

I was shopping at Scott's Antique Market when these beauties were on display.  There were only two of them and I knew immediately I had to have them.  Pricey and delicate ... they quickly won over my heart.



I have the coolest friends!  

One of my favorite girl bosses has blown my doors off and written a book ... and y'all, its a good one!!

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