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Introducing Fete Home

As we all know I love all things tabletop related, give me a tablecloth, some napkins, flatware and vases to play with and I am like a little girl with a brand new set of Barbies and accessories.  I love setting tables for any event including a simple dinner at home.  Honestly, setting the table may be more fun for me than cooking which is why I married the best cook I know!  😉  I get so very excited to find a new amazing source for all things home related and I am thrilled to introduce you to the amazing finds available to you from at Fete Home.


Weekly Wellness ... Ditch & Switch

As you know I am working towards being clean and green this year and slowly but surely changing our household into a green home.  I will never be 100% green, but I hope to be close and to make better choices in all areas of what we use in the home and and our bodies.  Even though it has only been a  few months since I started the "ditch and switch" I already feel so much better about the work I have done.  Every single time I pick up a product I know is safe I feel so good.  I honestly can't tell you how empowering it feels to have knowledge and to make decisions that are best for our family.


8 Ways To Celebrate Spring In Your Home

Happy Wednesday to you!  I am super excited about today's blog post as it is one that serves two purposes.  I have partnered with so many talented partners to share our homes with you dressed for spring and I have packed in six tips to help you add spring to your home.  Basically a win, win of sorts since you get to see some of our home and so many other amazing homes as well.  I absolutely love blogger roundups ... it is like being invited over to tour the homes of those you follow online.  What could be better than that?


A Huge Vietri Sale

I just looked at the calendar this morning and had a moment of shock when I realized that March is literally almost over.  I can't believe how fast this year is moving along, the only plus side is the presence of spring and the warm + sunny days.  Since my husband isn't up to cooking right now I have been doing most of the cooking and I am getting more and more in the routine of planning dinner.  It is one of his favorite ways to end the day, but I am thinking I am killing it right now, or at least I am trying. 


12 Happies du Jour

image by Angie Webb Creative

Happy, happy Monday!  I am loving the spring weather, the flowers, the birds ... every single bit of it.  I posted yesterday on Instastories that I was ready to offer a full commitment to spring, anyone else just love this season?  There is just something about this spring that feels different to me in the best way, almost like the flowers are better, the sun brighter, the days happier. Maybe it is due to the peace I am feeling (word of the year), which is such a blessing and I can see things clearer.  Honestly, I don't know, I really can't explain it, but I am so happy about it.  💗


Gingham, Ruffles + Scallops

I am thrilled it's Friday and the first Friday of spring at that, one that will require a happy hour alfresco for sure.  It has been super sunny all week and I have loved every single day of it.  It is still a bit chilly, but with the sun shining I am happier than I have been in months.  I am so ready to embrace all the long evenings with the late sunsets, oh yes, and a cocktail in hand just makes it even better.


Oh Happy Spring!

I am literally giddy this morning knowing that spring is here.  There may be a little nip in the air, but the blue sky and the sun shining has me filled with inspiration and dreaming of so many things that I want to do this spring.  Even though Winter isn't my favorite season it usually doesn't make me sad like this one did. It was grey so many of the days and the rain was literally unending.  I can not tell you how much moss we have in our yard and it almost felt as if it was growing on me as well.  I love a good rain storm, especially at night, but rain all day every day is honestly just awful.  The upside to the rain is all the beautiful green (even moss) that we have now and the trees in bloom and the tulips which are just beginning to show their pretty little blooms.  I can not say it enough ... happy spring!


12 Happies du Jour

I hope you are having the most amazing signs of spring that we are in Atlanta.  I am truly so inspired by the sun, the blooming trees and I am even embracing the pollen because I know it means the yards and trees will be gorgeous in just weeks.  Here's to the end of the bitter cold, snow and ice!


Amazing Sale At Frontgate

With warmer temperatures finally showing up along with the blooming trees and the sun shining I am very ready for outdoor soirees.  I absolutely love anything alfresco and our screened porch allows us time in the morning over coffee, lazy afternoons reading and playing games, and evenings spent watching sunsets and enjoying happy hour.  I partnered with Frontgate last year to freshen up the space and the pieces we chose together are perfect, and look brand new even almost a year later. I love working with the amazing people at Frontgate who always have the best options and most incredible selection for both inside and out. 💙


Weekly Wellness ... Spring Cleaning

Anyone else getting really excited about the longer days and slightly warmer temperatures?  The sun shining the last few days for way longer than normal is just life giving.  As the warmer temperatures are starting to stay in Atlanta I am becoming more and more excited about spring.  For some reason it has rained on repeat in Georgia resulting in record rainfall and it, along with winter, has brought on my first ever slight case of winter blues.  The onset of spring is so welcome and I intend to celebrate it with some spring cleaning, fluffing, and more than one spring dinner.


A Great Source For Blue + White

We all love blue and white porcelain and I am sure I am not the only one hunting great pieces to add to my collection.  I find so many great pieces when I am antiquing but I am asked quite a lot about great sources for finding blue and white pieces.  I have found a source you will love, and the prices are truly insane. I found jars, kitchen pieces, lamps, and even a fabulous book. Get ready to add to cart + stock up, these pieces and prices are fabulous.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy Tuesday to you all ... I am heading home this morning from Nashville and a super fun project that I am sure you spotted on Instastories yesterday.  I love being with creative and fabulous people and this collaboration was just that. You must follow my sweet friend Mary Huddleston who is not only so very talented but also so very funny. 💗


The Best Jeans To Add To Your Life

Happy Friday to you!  I am so ready for this weekend I can almost not even handle it.  A little down time + some extra good family time + wearing my new favorite jeans on repeat.  Does it get any better?  I am so excited to share with you that I have purchased and am wearing my second favorite pair of jeans I have bought in a few months time.  I am pretty picky when it comes to jeans and these babies (although I was pretty skeptical they could beat the last pair) are truly fabulous.  They are soft, just the perfect amount of stretch, and the worn spots + the ankle detail make them honestly my new favorites.


Weekly Wellness ... Beautycounter

Happy Thursday to you all ... I am sitting in the office with the sun pouring in and I don't think I could have asked for a prettier day.  Maybe it could be in the 60s, but I will not complain.  Sunny days always make me so very happy.  I decided today was a great day to answer so many questions I have gotten over the past week or so once I posted about Beautycounter and the offer to sign up as a consultant for half price.  My DM was filled with questions as a number of you reached out asking about my experience, what it entails and all the details.  I would have loved to get this up to you before, since it is the last day for the half price deal, but with the week we had I am thrilled that I have the time to do it for you now.


Introducing Weezie Towels

I will be very honest, when Weezie Towels first emailed me I was oblivious that this company selling these luxury monogram towels existed.  After finding their website I immediately spend more time than I should admit to researching the company and reading about every single product they sell.  I can easily do that, go down a rabbit hole of something I like and then have spent so much time learning all I can.  After emailing back with way too many exclamation points and most likely my message in all caps I was set.


12 Happies du Jour

Happy, happy Tuesday!!  I hope your week is going well.  We are hunkering down for what the weather says will be a rainy week and I am wearing all the color I can find, buying all the pretty flowers and focusing on the sun I can create since Mother Nature is grey and cloudy.  Don't you love this amazing hand painted wall?  My sweet friend Evelyn Henson painted it and you can stop by if you are local to Charlotte or are visiting.  Make sure you snag a photo and tag it #confettiheartswall.  I just love it so much!


Candlemaking with Candlefish


Are you a candle lover just as much as I am?  I have such a love for a lit candle and how it makes my house smell and feel.  After deciding to go clean and green in the house this year I have had a hard time choosing safe candles.  I am thrilled to learn that Candlefish has so many options available that allow me to still burn candles ... and be safe.  I am a huge fan of all things Candlefish and have attended two classes to make my own candles which is so much fun and I recommend it to all. 


Shopbop Sale-ing!

Happy Sunday to you!  Today's blog post will be super short because this is the last day of the Shopbop sale and there is so much goodness to be had.  The sale has been extended until midnight tonight and I would hop over and check it out immediately. I love Shopbop for so many reasons and the quick shipping + incredible selection is two of those reasons. This sale is sooo good and always is.  The more you spend the more you save, which means this is the best time to stock up on some things you have had your eye on and a few things for Spring Break which will be here before we all know it.


Weekly Wellness ... Cotton Towels

Hey Friends!  I am so happy to see all the lovely messages regarding our newly finished upstairs hallway, we are so very thrilled.  Yesterday afternoon I had to check in on the rest of the house and found it to be a smidge less than tidy (read messy!!).  I picked up things I had neglected, ran a few loads of laundry and cleaned the heck out of my kitchen.  Why, oh why do the counters gets so crazy??

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