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Print Fresh Sale

Today’s blog post is short and simple, but one you don’t want to miss.  My favorite pajamas as on a crazy sale and today is the very day. I love everything about them, the style, the patterns, and how cozy they make me feel night after night.  


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 22

Happy, happy Friday!  I think this is the first week of the year that I have been filled with inspiration and excitement for 2023.  It wasn't as though I was not looking forward to a clean slate and a new year; I was just a little stuck and needed a reboot.  I am heading out of town today for the weekend, which always gives me unique insight and inspiration.  Stay tuned; I am running someplace beautiful and, hopefully, full of great antique and vintage finds. 


Styling a Large Coffee Table

As you know, I bought my dream coffee table earlier this month.  I love it in our den and feel it was meant for the space.  It is more significant than our other one, which it needed to be.  We have a large room, and I feel the former table was just too small for our vintage sofa and the size of the room.  This one is perfect.  I also love the raffia texture and color; it is a great neutral for all the colors I have added. 


Our New Seating Area

As we were renovating our bathroom, I would walk through our heck of a bedroom mess every night and try not to take in all the chaos.  It was awful as a mix of all kinds of things piled up, plus a ton of the contractor's items. Checking on the bathroom became a game of how quickly can I run through the mess and not see it and get the update on the construction.  One night I stopped, looked at our room, and took it all in.  I remember texting my friend Eric Ross and telling him I thought our room's orientation and setup were wrong.  My vision was to move the tv and my dresser from one wall to another, allowing us to set up a proper seating area and enjoy the space.  He agreed with my thoughts and affirmed that the room wasn't being used as it could be. The following day I started drawing it out and paper and planning the changes. 


Overnight Oats Breakfast

I have eaten the same breakfast for about two months and absolutely love it.  I struggle with getting excited about breakfast because I don't eat many eggs.  I get into a routine where I eat something I love for a while and then switch it up when I am ready. Overnight oats are my go-to because they are quick, easy, and provide many good things to break my fast. 


Shuffle The Cards

Recently I moved a game table into our den and promptly added two chairs for the perfect spot to do a puzzle or play endless rounds of cards. I have been playing games my whole life and love nothing more than round or three cards or an excuse to pull out one of my favorite games. When the kids were little, I always took cards with us to restaurants as it was a great distraction between ordering and the meal arriving.  We played Go Fish, Old Maid, and their favorite, UNO. To this day, I can easily talk them into cards during dinner, and they will commit to sitting with us way longer than just showing up and devouring a meal. Doing their best to beat me and each other keeps us all on our toes and connected as they chat a lot while we are playing. 


All The Hearts

Is it just me, or does a heart just make you smile?  The weather is gloomy, the fire in the den is going, and I am dreaming of wearing all the heart things.  


Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a courageous man. Many years later, we are still looking to him for advice, guidance, and poignant quotes to share with others. Dr. King preached and spoke of change, love, and taking the unpopular road. He knew love was the only way, and he was aware we needed a drastic change ... and honestly, I sometimes wonder if anything has changed. 


Stepping Into Needlepoint

I have mentioned many, many times my love for needlepoint.  After many years of wanting to learn, I finally had the opportunity to sit down with Jessica in Lycette in Palm Beach and take a lesson.  Within six hours of that lesson, I was on my way to stitching my first piece.  There are so many things that I enjoy about needlepoint.  It is an excellent way for me to stay creative.  It is the perfect way to start and end a project.  It clears my mind when I am stressed and helps me to focus on things I can control. I love what I create and have so many finished pieces in our home that I truly enjoy.  It is a fabulous way to connect with others and make new friends, which isn't always the easiest at this age.  And it keeps me off my phone while traveling.  I keep a project in this bag with me at all times, and I can pull it out while waiting at the doctor's office, while traveling, and definitely during long car rides when I am not the driver.  


Lake Pajamas For Valentines

January is a long month; halfway through it, we all start thinking about February.  February, for me, is full of all things pink, lots of love, and Valentine's Day.  Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays and a perfect excuse to shower love on those around me. I also love to host brunch, maybe a game night, something fun to hang with my besties and take a minute to tell them what they mean to me. We can never shower too much love on those we adore; it simply isn't possible. 


Best Things I Bought in 2022

As I was working on Monday's post, I started thinking about all the items I bought in 2022 and what were my true favorites.  When I realized I had made some fantastic decisions, I realized it was worth the share. My list is all over the place, but it should be since, as women, we buy for the house, our family, and for ourselves.  This is an excellent list of many items I bought and loved and would buy repeatedly. 


New Year, New Lists

Happy New Year
!  And first off, let me say I am so excited to be sitting at my computer this morning with the sun pouring in my office window, ready to start a new year of work.  I took an extended, unplanned hiatus after realizing I was exhausted, spent, emotionally drained, and needed proper rest.  The two months of renovation and leaks wore me out to a place I hadn't been in a long time.  One day of rest turned into four, and then I realized I just needed to wholly lean in and take some time off.  I feel refreshed, full of creativity, and ready to tackle this year.  And this year, I can only pray it's even more impressive than last.  Wow, 2023 has a lot to measure up to ..., and I can't wait to see it unfold. 

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