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Lake Is On Sale

The much-beloved pajama brand, Lake, is having a sale!! This isn't just any sale; it's the biggest sale of the year for them, the ANNUAL sale. This is to be noticed, as some items are 50% off.  I always describe Lake pajamas as the grown-up version of the softest pjs your baby ever wore. They are incredibly soft and known for various styles from a short/short to a long/long and every single thing in between.  Recently they added even more styles, including fun nightgowns and robes.  The sale includes all varieties: men, maternity, lounge, and children.  I know of so many of my friends that love a wonderful matching moment, and this is the time to stock up on those options.  Lake is a bit of an IYKYK, and I can tell you, do not miss this sale.  


Mardi Gras

If you recall, I learned a lot about Mardi Gras during my trip to Fairhope + Mobile last month.  Having grown up not in that area, I only knew Mardi Gras to be a day, not a season.  I knew there were three colors but had no idea why and did not understand the history or the seasonal significance.  Since my hostess, Nicole, is from Mobile, she could give me much of the history and encouraged me to dive in more for myself and my readers. 


Antonio Melani Does It Again

I shared when I discovered the goodness of Antonio Melani last year.  This fabulous brand, available at Dillard's, knocks it out of the park for me with every piece they create.  Yesterday they released a new collection, one they partnered with the darling Jennifer Sumko to design. These pieces may be my favorite of any they have released.  They are stunning and feminine, and the patterns are beautiful.  Honestly, I could buy every piece + shoe and wear them repeatedly. 


Classic Tupperware

While shopping for Valentine's Day happies for a friend, I found the most adorable Tupperware pieces at my local Target. What caught my eye was the pink and raspberry-colored pieces, but of course, the blue was a close second favorite.  I felt younger and my mother had just received new pieces from a party.  It was a full, I will take it all, moment as I picked up every pink and raspberry colored option they had and immediately divided it into three gifts, keeping one set for home.  Since we use glass containers for food storage and microwave warming these items will be for cold storage only, but to tell you I am excited is really an understatement. 


Our New Powder Room

When we first noticed the leak in our den, I never thought we would have the pleasure of redecorating some of our rooms.  All I saw was water, ceiling damage, and a huge mess. I remember crying every time I saw the plumbers cutting another hole in another wall and realizing my pretty walls and ceilings were being destroyed.  I knew it was all just walls, but I had taken the time and decorated them the way we loved them, which was hard. Who knew I would be here in late October, sharing brand newly decorated spaces with you that we love even more!


Valentines Dinner

We always eat at home for Valentine's. As I mentioned last week, we prefer to eat at home and enjoy a fabulous meal + a great movie. This year we plan to watch the new Reese Witherspoon movie that was just released on Netflix, and I am excited about dinner, a movie, and a fire.  Simple yet perfect. 


Random Thoughts ...

Happy, happy Friday!  I haven't been this excited to see a weekend in a long time.  This week was so hectic and so filled with so many things.  I am ready to spend time with my family this weekend and just be.  We have two fun things this weekend, one Saturday and one Sunday.  I love being with family and friends; this weekend will be fun. 


National Pizza Day

image + recipe

I saw this day come across my calendar and initially dismissed it. Then I saw a few images of some ridiculously yummy-looking pizza and decided to revisit it.  I am a person who is sparked by images. If the menu has photos, I will most likely order it and click if the recipe shows me what it should look like.  Is anyone else a visual eater?


Galentine Edit

During the month of love, I genuinely love to shower my girlfriends with notes and treats to let them know what they mean to me.  It is this group of women who are my daily lifeline. We all know a great bestie is part companion, part therapist. We go to them for advice, to talk through our ideas, and to provide us endless laughs and support.  I am convinced that God gave us girlfriends to manage our complicated life.  Without mine, I would be lost


Spring At Duffield Lane

When I was in college, I worked part-time at The Gap.  The season between holiday and spring was known as transitional, and it was always blue and white and a bit of cream.  It felt like a perfect way to start a new year, with a clean color palette and returning to the basics.  I have noticed for a while that I crave a perfect simple palette when the year begins, especially in January.  Maybe it is a cleanse from all the colors and patterns of the holidays, or perhaps I just love the combination, but I definitely feel the pull to wear more navy and white at the beginning of the year. 


All The Pink + The Bows

Now that February, my favorite short month, is here ... it is time to use all the pink we can while the month of love is still here.  I think this month is so much fun.  We are all relaxed again after Christmas and so happy the long month of January is over, so let's have some fun get-togethers. 


Shop Pink Clutch ... online

Guess what?  I have launched an online shop filled with vintage and antique goodies that I find all over.  I am so excited for this next step for my shop as I have wanted to provide online 24/7 shopping for over a year.  With many tries and different avenues, Etsy is the option I chose and I couldn't love it more.  


No Wallflowers Here!


We chatted about Never A Wallflower before when I introduced you to their darling Game Day dress.  This fun company carries darling shirts and dresses perfect for game day and every day.  I had thoroughly enjoyed their short and midi dresses and was thrilled to say yes when they asked me if I wanted to try out their new-to-me sweater collection.  Sweaters with embellishments?  How quickly can I say yes?


Needlepoint Month in Review

If you are a follower on Instagram, you know I provided a deep dive into Needlepoint for January.  It was content available to subscribers only, and I shared two lives, one for a stitch class and one about starting the hobby and finishing tips and tricks.  I aimed to inspire those wishing to begin the hobby and re-inspire those who may have taken some time off. Needlepoint is a beautiful activity for me, and it has been so much fun and provided so much relaxation over the few years I have been stitching. I enjoyed the deep dive into the hobby and learned so much about how to begin a canvas and even more about finishing.  I consider the task a success. 


The Birth of The King Cake

While traveling last week, I discovered a new appreciation for the season of Mardi Gras, specifically king cakes. Having an epiphany birthday, I have always felt it was super special being born on the day the three wise men arrived to baby Jesus with their three gifts.  Growing up, we always left our decorations up until the day after Epiphany to appropriately celebrate the birth of Jesus and the season that surrounded us.  It wasn't until purchasing and eating a king cake in Fairhope that I understood the history and tradition of this delicious and super unique cake. 

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