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I am blessed!

First of all I am blessed to have amazing friends and readers!  Some of whom are one in the same!!!  We have arrived in Amelia and are having a relaxing afternoon!!!  It was a long drive due to construction in Atlanta and too many riders with tiny tanks!  A five hour ride turned in 8 and I arrived needing a tall glass of wine and more than two Advil.  I do not travel well with six riders in one Yukon XL.  Two much chaos!

We arrived and unpacked and then I retreated to my room to relax.  My dad appeared at my door a little while later with two glasses of wine and a great pep talk.  He told me to remember why we had chosen to get away.  "We are here to wash away the last four months of turmoil and let you regroup.  Let me know all you need to make that happen!"

I have an amazing dad.  He is there and reads me better than I do sometimes.  I am thankful for his love and commitment.  He is one amazing man!!!

I have amazing best friends!!!  They are there without fail the most amazing people I know.  They have called, taken me for drinks, let me have sleepovers and given me blow outs when I needed to be pampered!!!  They have even sat on the other line when I sobbed for hours on end.  One girl in particular deserves the "best girl in the world award"!!!  She knows I love her more than Kate Spade!!!  I am one lucky girl.

I have an amazing husband.  He has become such a great man over the last four months.  He drove away to find a new life for us and tried out a new city, a new job and a new life for the five of us.  When we finally arrive he will know all the "places" to check out.  He arrives back in Atlanta late tonight with happies in tow from the Roasterie and Dean and Deluca.  He is excited to have a little more time in Georgia before we all head to Kansas.  We have a great life waiting for us and I am finally at a place where I am excited to experience it!!!

I have a week to recoup at the beach.  The beach + me = heaven on earth!!!

Hope you are all well ... know that I treasure all of you!!!


Checking in ...

Thank you for your sweet comments and emails.  I am doing good ... pinky swear!  I am exhausted ... bone tired actually ... but other than that I am truly ok.  Just to clear your worries and to answer a few of your emails ... my husband did not lose his job and there is not a health crisis with any of us.  It is simply as I put it ... God closed the door on us moving this summer.  We will still relocate but for the time being the company is allowing Lawyer to work from the Atlanta office.  Praise God ... after four long months of being a single parent ... he is coming home!!!

The house is off the market ... the kids are registered for school here in Georgia and I am trying to get back to a "regular" not moving next week life.  It is weird and somewhat confusing ... but I will get there!  To help that transition we are spending next week at the Amelia Island Plantation.  When I called my dad  sobbing after the final turn of the roller coaster ride he figured we could use a break ... and where else to spend it but the beach!!!  He made the reservation , I wrote my 50% check and and the six of us are out of here on Saturday for a week of the sun, relaxation and rejuvenation.  When we return the following Saturday night Lawyer should be home!

I am toying with redecorating a room in the house in the interim.  Since I had placed furniture in not one, but two different house plans in Kansas I have the bug to move some furniture around here.  I know its crazy ... but I just can't look at the den the same.  I may also paint the kitchen ... going from tan to a more neutral color to give it a more open feel.  We shall see ... still thinking ...

I have also fallen in love with Pinterest ... probably too much so ... it is addicting!  It is like reading a million magazines and tearing sheets out to pin on an unlimited amount of bulletin boards.  I love it!!!

Running some errands today and then cleaning up the pig sty that is my house!  Then I am running a few loads of laundry, ironing and packing for the beach!!!

Thank you for your unending support and love ... I feel each hug sent!

Hope your day is great!


Yes, yes I am!



What's next ...

Today is the day the movers were to show up and pack ... pack today and tomorrow, load Wednesday and Thursday and we fly out on Friday.  That was the plan ...

And then the plan changed!


Today I am working on laundry and errands and enrolling my children in school here in Marietta.  The sign is out of the yard and the lock box is gone. Our house is currently off the market.

I know your head is spinning ... but rest assured not more than mine.  I have spent most of the weekend undoing all the plans for this week and the weeks to come.  I have slept, cried more than the Bachelorette (that girl is strange!) and tried to wrap my mind around all that has happened, changed and is to come.

I do not have a ton of answers but I do have my God.  I am at the mercy of him and my life is completely in his hands.

For now ... that is enough!


p.s.  My hair looks great!  Blonder than I planned and shorter than I asked for ... but darling none the less!  It will be a great change to go with all the others!  Thank you Hair Girl for the great hair and the amazing friendship.  You had no idea when I sat down in your chair that I had just found out my whole world was turned upside down once again.  You talked me through it and loved me immensely!  I am blessed to call you a bestie!!!  xoxo to you!!!


The lasts ...

Today I am have an appointment with Hair Girl.  It will be my last cut and color before we go.  There have been a lot of lasts lately.  I made a list about four months ago and labeled it the "bucket list".  Preppy Paper Girl just about beat me up and insisted I wasn't dying and renamed it the "suitcase list".  Every time she talks about it we have to go into a ten minute speech on how dumb it was for me to name it a bucket list.  Whatever ... she loves me!

Next week (of course while the movers are here) all three kids have their last doctors appointments.  They have been seen by the same group of doctors who came to visit them when they were born.  I can remember when my oldest was only hours old and my favorite doctor came to visit.  I had never seen him before and he sat down and gave me the report on my brand new baby.  He could have told me that baby had four legs and I am not sure I would have heard him ... I tuned out after he said ... "I just visited with your son".

There are a lot of things I will miss about living here.  I was engaged here ... came home as a newlywed ... delivered all three babies ... buried Lawyer's mother ... watched them all go off to kindergarten ... witness two of them  accept Christ ... it has been my home since October 30, 1993. 

Wow ... that took a turn into sadness ... where was I?

Oh yes ... Hair Girl.  Although this is the last time she will cut and color my hair here she will be making a visit to see us every 8 weeks.  She cooked up a deal with Lawyer to fly her out every other month to cut all five of us.  He agreed and she was thrilled.  And I must say finding a new stylist would have sent me postal.  I mean ... Little Mister has some serious hair issues and hates to have it cut.  And I am not sure I would trust anyone else to color mine.  She is the only one who has ever done it.  And who else would fit me in or remind me to get my hair done.  She texted yesterday and said ...

You better figure out when you can get your hair done.  I'm getting booked up and you are running out of time before the truck comes.  I don't care what state you live in roots are not cute!

So there you have it ... whatever!

Like she wouldn't make a house call this weekend to help me out!



Collect call

I called my dad today and when he answered I said simply ...

Collect call from Betty Ford ... will you accept the charges?

Seriously ... when it rains it floods!  I keep getting hit with more to do lists and more challenges. 

But I am keeping my eye on the goal ... to be reunited as a family next week.

That is ... if I don't start drinking to manage the stress ...

who knows where I could end up!



Calm before the crazy ...

These are the last few days before the packers arrive and start the madness on Monday morning.  Not to say I do not have a lot of things to do ... because I certainly do!  I have to pack for our time in temporary housing ... take all three kids to the doctor for their final checkups ... dentists ... haircuts ... gather records and the like.  It is a long list ... and I am assuming this is the easiest part of this madness!!!

I had an AMAZING night last night.  Two besties threw a cocktail party in my honor ... more deets to come!  It was amazing and I kept the tears at a minimum and I am very proud of myself for doing so!!!

Hope you are having a great week ... I haven't forgotten you ... just buried in to do lists!



Peace ... it finally came!

The other day I posted and shared with you the complications we had experienced with our upcoming move.  I alluded to .. but did not give you any details about the true source of the dilemma.  That source ... the new house. 

The house we had contracted to buy was a great house.  A phenomenal house to tell the truth.  Great amenities, beautiful, huge and a step up from what we have.  Truthfully I was very nervous about the house.  There were areas I would not have any furniture.  It was really a beautiful house.  One that would require more money and more commitment from me.  But it was the house we were buying and I was ok with it. 

Until it seemed we would not be able to get in with the money we had set aside.  Then ... I was at a loss.  I loved the house, wanted it and was not sure how to proceed.  Lawyer contacted his people at work and they offered to provide us with extra money to secure the house.  They did not think we should have to lose money on our existing house to make a major move in our current economy. 

Problem fixed and I was calm.  Calm ... but not peaceful. 

I started making the final plans for moving and everything seemed off.  As I entered the change of address with the USPS I felt weird.  I just assumed I was dealing with feelings of leaving our home and tried to process them as just that. 

Then I got a call on Wednesday morning ... we lost the contract on the house.  The buyer had taken two offers and signed both ... and was going with the higher amount.  It was illegal and unethical and just plain wrong and I was destroyed.  Another obstacle.  I just wanted to crawl in a whole and stay there indefinitely.  I did not cry ... I had done that the week before ... I was numb.  I was leaving town in 16 days and had no place to go.  I was sure we weren't supposed to move.  It was all wrong!

My dad was here with me when I got the call.  Lawyer had already looked at two new houses since he had known since the evening before.  He insisted he could not call and tell me until he had at least some sort of solution.  But I was not hearing it.  It wasn't the right thing for our family ... and I was not budging.  My dad took me to lunch ... liquid for me I might add ... and tried to talk me through the whole process.  I wasn't upset about losing the house but I was done with obstacle after obstacle.  He insisted I needed to get on a plane and find a solution with Lawyer ... we needed to be together to make this work.  I was not so sure ... and I was sure I had no interest in flying out to Kansas with no notice with just two weeks left in Georgia.  But I gave in ... after a long discussion with my therapist ... and flew out on Friday morning.  She insisted that we needed to make plans together.  Whether we moved or not ... we needed to be partners in the plan.   I agreed.

I saw 8 houses on Friday.  I was nervous and exhausted but mostly calm.  I liked three of them and really was leaning toward one in particular.  I could actually see myself liking this house and even making a life in Kansas.  That was never the case before.   Lawyer saw the one house I was leaning toward on Friday evening and agreed.  It was a great house.  We had dinner, slept in on Saturday morning and had conversation after conversation about our life.  It was a great time for both of us and we emerged on the same page and closer than ever. 

Saturday afternoon we looked at all three houses.  The one he and I liked and the other two.  We spent two hours in the one house and make a decision.  It was our home.  The signs were everywhere and we both loved it. 

We made an offer and they accepted.  No bs, no back and forth, no crap.  We offered ... they accepted.  Deal done, contract to be signed in the am.  The only detail left to decide is the date we take possession.  I would like it to be August 1 ... she would like it to be the end of the month.  We will meet somewhere in the middle.  And I am totally ok with it.

I flew out last night and arrived home at 11 pm.  I am tired ... but completely at peace.  I am actually a little anxious to start our life in Kansas and see all God has planned for the five of us.  I see his hand in all of this and know without any doubt we are following his will! 

These last four months have been incredibly long and I do not want to relive one day again.  I have walked through preparing our house for sale, putting the house on the market, lowering the price, lowering the price to a ridiculous number and doing it all with no husband to help out.  I have hit obstacle after obstacle and tried not to complain with each and every step.  All in all I am very proud of me.  I am tougher than I thought I was and for the most part I make clear and smart decisions.  I am almost thankful for this journey.  I will get there one day.

We have two weeks left here in Georgia.  I plan to make the most out of each and every day!



Moving checklist ...

I started making lists for the move and then after the third list (because I misplaced the first two) I realized I needed to do some online research.  As I expected ... when you type in moving checklist into google you get a number of responses.  I tried to whittle them down and came up with two I liked.  Looked at both in detail and finally ended up with a great list I found on  I have no idea what they do ... just know I like their list!

I have read and re read the list a number of times.  It suggested I make a binder ... so I have done that.  Then it listed out all the things to do in a timeline.  To bad I did not already think of this ... but I was too busy living in denial.  Lucky for me I had already taken care of the "1-2 months before the move" list.

I am now working thru the "3 - 4 weeks before the move" list ... not too bad ... if I do say so!  We won't tell the list that there is only two weeks left. 

I know I have some readers in the Overland Park area ... where are you girls?

I have questions!!

Do you board your dogs ... with who?
Who is the cable provider you prefer?
Insurance provider for home/car?
Water and Electricity?

Come on girls ... what else do I need?



Blessings everywhere!

As I have posted many times God has paved the way for us to move to Kansas.  If that was not so clear I would have dug my heels in long ago and probably caused a rift in my marriage.  I have lived in Atlanta for 18 years ... it is my home.  I came home as a newlywed here, have delivered my babies here ... basically created a life here.  I have great friends, an amazing church, a great team of doctors and therapists, great schools and a support system like no other.  I am happy!

I am not saying that Overland Park, Kansas does not have all of these things and more ... but it is foreign to me.  It is the unknown.  It causes me anxiety and fear. 

At the end of last week I thought that the whole move thing might get scratched.  We got some crazy news and for a few days I thought I might get to have my cake (Lawyer's dream job) and eat it to (stay in Marietta).  I just could not fathom how we could make it all work under the circumstances that were presented to us.  I erupted into a pile of sobs on my bed letting out months of anxiety, exhaustion and fear.  I felt helpless and was on a roller coaster ride I could not find my way off.  The bestie tried to call ... more than once and I could not even find the strength to answer the phone.  She texted me three little lines.

It will work out.
Praying now.
I love you.

About an hour later I felt an enormous sense of calm.  I would not call it peace because you can't feel peace when you have been to the ugly cry and back.  But I was calm.  I had let it all out.  I had laid at my savior's feet and begged for a solution and given all I had to him.  His answer ... calm in the storm.

We went away for the weekend to the wedding and I truly did enjoy every minute.  Lawyer and I were able to put the whole worry behind us and truly just have a great time with his family.  It was a great weekend.  When we headed home I was filled with dread.  What would happen?  Would all of our obstacles be resolved.  Was the moving truck coming on the 25th ... was I flying out on the 29th?  What were we doing?

Yesterday morning we got our answer.  God once again removed all our obstacles and even further showered us with blessings.  Every problem has been solved.  He has made the impossible happen.  We are moving ... all the details have been handled.  It is done. 

Then ... more tears.  I am leaving.  It is happening.  The invites for the goodbye party went out ... it is real. 

As I went to sleep last night I once again surrendered it all.  I have to give up my fears and anxiety to be blessed even further.  I truly believe that God will not ask us to go somewhere if it isn't in all of our best interest.  My prayer for years has always been that our unit of five would be tight.  That our family would be close.  I am sure that we will achieve that.  For a while our unit of five will be all we have.  We will grow stronger.  It will be good for all of us.

I woke up this morning again with an overwhelming sense of calm.  I dropped off the younger two at VBS and headed to Chick-fil-a for a requested biscuit combo for the teenager.  As I rounded my way to the pick up window I was told that my order had been paid for ... the car in front of me had picked up the tab. 

Once again I have been blessed.  I just have to continue to give my fears over and he will handle the rest!



The wedding ...

The wedding was amazing.  The love was abundant.  We are home and exhausted! 

I have only a few of the 1200 photos accumulated by the family to share with you ...

I loved this sign ... it was under the red crepe myrtle to the left of the main house.

Little Gardens in Lawrenceville, Georgia ... an absolutely perfect setting

a beautiful  ...

and very joyous bride!

 The bride and her flower girl ...

a gorgeous (but extremely hot) setting ...

My baby was so precious! 
She was so proud to get to be right in front of the bride!

The kiss ...

... the bouquet toss ...

and the send off .

My favorite photo of the bunch ...
Babycakes and her cousin ... barefoot and precious!

My heart was so full when we left ... so much love, so much happiness!

Hope your weekend was grand!



Wedding weekend!

My nephew's wedding is tomorrow at 12:30.  We are packing up to head out for a fun weekend.  It is amazing to me that two years later we are planning to attend the wedding of a boy that was told he would not survive a car accident.  He was life flighted from the accident scene and his parents were given no hope. 

We prayed and we prayed and God provided us with a miracle.  Scott's journey on this earth was not complete.  He is completely recovered and leading a regular life.  His testimony always gives me chills. 

During his time in ICU and the months he spent recovering I clung to the same bible verse, Matthew 17:21.  He said to them, “Because of your little faith. For truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.” This verse has become so special to me and during this time of move and uncertainty I find myself clinging to it once again!  

As we head out for the weekend I am excited to watch Babycakes in her first wedding and I am thrilled to have this time with our family.  Lawyer heads back to Kansas on Monday and we begin the countdown to pack and move. 

I will be giggling all during the ceremony as I will be wearing the Lilly dress above.  The skinny dippers with sensors on their bums make me giggle!

Have a great weekend ... I will be back on Monday I am sure with photos!



Great week!

It is a perfect week.  I am full of family time from the weekend.  Babycakes is having the time of her life being spoiled for days at my parents house.  Lawyer is home and having lots of quality time with me and the boys ... life is good!

Last night I was blessed to indulge in dinner and drinks with a group of besties!  We met at my favorite joint on the square ... Willie Rae's.  The food is fabulous ... the wine is always the perfect temperature and last night the giggles were at an all time high!  It has been a long time since the server suggested we should lower our voices in the family establishment.  Blech ... no lowering for us .. thankyouverymuch!!!  So glad to have you Maggi!!! 

Today I am off to spend the day with Paper Girl.  We will eat, giggle, shop and I am sure argue in a check out line as we always do.  It will be the best!!!

I am soaking in all the quality time I can get in my last weeks here in Georgia.  I will need all this quality time stored up in my heart when I am flying off to Kansas!

Hope your week is grand!


The long weekend ...

The long weekend ... oh so heavenly!

Lots of quality time with Lawyer and both our families!

The pool ... two barbecues ... friends ... the sun ... and the parade!

We love the parade on the Marietta Square.  It is my favorite way to start the day.  We had the privilege of judging the floats which required me to appear before 8 am and we left around 2.  Long afternoon ... but so much fun!

We always watch the parade in a shady spot across the street from the cemetary.  It puts things into prospective.

Amazing float ... I gave it the most patriotic award.

The firefighter on the left is the husband of our one and only Aunt Grits!

Babycakes and her beloved Grandad!

Hair Girl and her bitty baby!

This is the sweetest baby!

Tons of giggles!!!

After the parade we headed to the square for lunch, cold beer and to watch the children bounce and slide their day away. 

The whole day was bittersweet.  I love the parade and being part of the city of Marietta.  I will miss our town and the lovely people in it.  We have been here so long I can now walk into just about anywhere and recognize someone.  We ran into numerous friends on the square yesterday.  I love that!

But ... new horizons await!!!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Happy 4th!!

Have a great day!

Happy birthday America!!

The Lawyer family


Happy weekend!

I am loving our weekend.  Lawyer is home for ten days and life is good!  The minute he enters the house and I see his smile I feel centered and at peace.  This man drives me to the point of insanity ... and at the same time is the love of my life!

The weekend started Friday at 4 with a pool party for the kids and all their friends.  Everyone had a fabulous time and the kids loved every second of playing with their best friends.  40 kids + pool + sun = 120 hot dogs ... just in case you were wondering! I loved the giggling, the smiles and the love they all share.  It will be hard to say goodbye to so many people we have shared so much with over the last 16 years!

Yesterday the kids and my parents took a trip to the World of Coke which just happens to be on my bucket suitcase list.  (Paper Girl says bucket list sounds like I am dying!)  They had a great afternoon and I had a nap ... perfect day for all!!!

Today we are quiet and enjoying the morning before church and then grilling and games all afternoon.  It is simply the perfect weekend!!!

I hope you and yours are well and enjoying this holiday weekend!



The den ...

Back from online shopping and back to the house tour ...

The den ...

The den is huge ... and I could only really get one good angle for a photo.  The black and white silk panels will be moving into the dining room for the next house.  I am excited about using them in the green room!

My husband swears this room is what sold the house for him.  He loves judges paneling.  I am a huge fan ... but I have always wondered what it would have been like if we'd painted it.  He would have divorced me. 

Love these chairs.  Bought them at Lakewood for $100.  They were purple and disgusting!  Not any more!!

Left of the fireplace

Mantle ...

Right side of the fireplace

Table between the couches

Coffee table basket

 My favorite painting we own ... sweet but beautiful!

The bar area ... lots of yummy cocktails have been mixed here!

Next up ... upstairs ...


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