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Year of Change ...

I was so excited to be invited by the talented crew of the Year of Change this month to be their guest blogger!  When Surburban Bitches asked me to join in I was beyond giddy!!  I love this series.  If you aren't familiar, they take on one project a month to make a huge difference in their houses in a year's time!  Can you imagine all I would accomplish??  It's like a One Room Challenge once a month.  What an exciting idea!!


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #diningroom

Seriously??  Y'all are blowing me away with all the comments lately.  I have the kindest readers!  Thank you for the love yesterday on the Study.  We are SO CLOSE!!

Three of you asked about our pink dining room.  What better day to talk about it then the day we usually talk about eating and drinking?  I absolutely love the dining room in its pink and green glory!!  


Tuesday Thrift ... the study

For me ... thrifted pieces just make a room.  Maybe it's that I have found them amongst the rubble.  Maybe its because I see them as unique.  Maybe it is being able to share where I found each piece!  I am sure that I feel like a room feels complete with the little thrifted details. 

I have been working on the Study for quite some time.  I painted it a few years ago going back to an inspiration picture from the JCrew catalog and wanted to make the dining room and the study 
perfect just like this.  I absolutely love green and blue together in any combination of hues!!


Inspiration du jour ... #blackandwhiterug

There are some design pieces that are so amazing they make their ways around the internet ... blogs, Pinterest, designer rooms and the like.  I recently scoured this amazing poster which has been popping up all over the internet and in rooms for quite a while since its debut on Domino's cover in September 2006.  No matter how many times I see this poster it never gets old.  I hung it in Little Bit's room last name and it is PERFECT!  

(via Pinterest)


Beach roundup ... #peeps

This last four days here at the beach has been amazing.  Short but packed full of fabulous time, places and people.  I needed this little vacay so much.  My mind, body and heart needed to get away and soak up some pure relaxation.  


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #thebeach

Caprese roll ups 
(inspired by @tenniskat on IG)

Besides my hours of sitting in a chair on the beach and reading book after book .. my other favorite part of the beach is the eats and drinks!!  When we are here for a week, or two. at a time I plan a sandwich and drink of the day.  Sooo fun and sooo yummy!!  


Tuesday Thrift ... the porch sofa

There are so many cute antique and thrift shops here at the beach ... but since it is a short trip I am abstaining from popping in.  It is just about to kill me ... but I will be back.  The kids keep pointing out my faves and I keep saying we need to focus babies, focus!!  And the fact that I am in a smaller car is a huge factor.  Where would I put all that furniture I find?


Inspiration du jour ... #myhappyplace

Yesterday mid morning we packed up the car and headed for the beach.  There is no other place for me than the beach.  It's calming and peaceful and re-energizes me.  As a child my mother and I spent every Saturday at the beach and it just became part of my makeup.  We would pack up the baby blue Pinto and head for Indian Rocks beach and arrive home again at dark!!  She would wear her crochet bikini and me my neon yellow two piece.  Her with a big floppy hats and Dr. Scholl's sandals and me with flip flops and zinc oxide on my nose!  I would stand up in the seat of the Pinto (it was the mid 70s) keeping my eye out for the draw bridge ... still one of my favorite sights of all time.  Those Saturdays were the one of the best memories of my childhood. 


Little Bit's room ...

I absolutely love this room in our house.  It's full of life, Lilly and color!!!  

This photo was taken about two years ago when she had twin beds pushed together.  Since that time we realized that her brother actually needed the twin beds for sleep overs and she got his queen size bed.  The wall art is still the same and the bedding was tweaked just a smidge ... but otherwise it looks almost identical to this today.

Minus the headboard.  And I am a big fan of a headboard!!


Blogging for me ...

A little break in the Haven Blog Conference recap posts ... to talk about why I went.  I love my blog!  I love to write, I love to read other blogs ... I love to be create, I love to be inspired.  My husband commented this morning that I never sit still.  It's not uncommon for me to completely tear apart the house simply because I got inspired to try that piece of furniture in another room.  And that starts a storm of moving furniture.  When I call the boys from upstairs they groan and are convinced I will make them carry something.  And I will ... 

But I digress ... 


Haven ... The people

For me the best part of Haven Conference was the people.  It was packed full of bloggers.  And by packed full I mean ... PACKED!  So much talent and so many cute little peeps!  Let's start with my roomie ...


Haven Conference ... #wow

Haven Maven

I signed up rather last minute to attend the Haven Blogger Conference.  As in so last minute I had to join the Facebook group to scour a ticket from someone who bought one and then could not attend.  I didn't really know what to expect and was rather nervous about attending.


Haven Conference ...

Hands=On at Haven Conference 2013

I am at Haven Conference this weekend ... 

I will come home to share many pictures and tons of stories!  

See you next week ... 



Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #watermelon

Summer is in full swing and if you anything like our family ... you LOVE some watermelon!!!

(via Pinterest)


Tuesday Thrift ... Before & After

My absolutely favorite thing about thrifting is the afters.  Taking something amazing and adding some paint and love and truly making it something fantastic!!  

Remember this piece I scored from Details Atlanta?


Inspiration du jour ... #July4th

I absolutely love July 4th!  Memorial Day marks the beginning of summer for me and by July 4th we have officially been enjoying weeks of down time, swim team, late summer evenings and plenty of grilled yummy food!

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