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Be Still ...

So ... I am sure you have seen on Instagram by now that I broke my foot last Wednesday night.  I am fine ... just need to slow way down for the time being!


Swim Team #win!



Summer swim team for 2015 has come to an end!


White House Wednesday ... Issue No.2

In my dreams and hopes of one day being able to paint our forever home white ... 
once again I bring you another week of WHW!! 


Little effort = big changes!!

Sometimes the tiniest things make the biggest impact.  Sort of like a love note you find on a post it.  Tiny note but big meaning!



Vintage Swap ...

Happy Friday!  
I don't think I have ever been so excited to see one week end as I am this one!!!


Blue obsession ...

I feel like I am having a major color obsession right now.  First it was yellow last week, it is always pink and this week it is definitely all about the blues.


Inspiration du jour ... #tackletheugly

I am a master of to do lists.  I make them all the time.  I use them to relax, to clear my mind and to organize my day.  If I don't cross all the items off my list I carry it to the next day.  And most of all, I absolutely scratching things out in black sharpie. 


Blue + White = Bliss

As I have said so many times before ... blue and white is simply bliss for me.  It's classic, timeless and just the simplicity of the two colors together makes me happy.  And you can't beat the classic color of the blue ... its a perfect shade between navy and royal.  So vibrant and full of life. 


National BFF Day

Yesterday was National Best Friend Day!  I am blessed and incredibly lucky to have three best friends and a handful of besties I wouldn't trade you even for a closet full of vintage Kate Spade and a house on Palm Beach. 


Inspiration du jour ... #newventure

I am always inspired by things around me.  Whether it be photographs, flowers, food, music, friends or things I see while shopping, inspiration is every where you look!


What I read ...

I have mentioned before I have a morning routine.  I wake up, have coffee (bliss), read my devotional, get the kids to school and then sit down with coffee number 2 and my blog.



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