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Closet Organization with Scout

This summer to prepare our youngest for her new adventure in middle school I gave her bedroom a fluff".  New bed linens, new panels and a little more of a grown up feel for her accessories, lamps and side tables.  I also completely gutted her room of stuff.  I mean under the bed, every drawer and every tiny space in that room. It is now free of junk and ready for her to tackle her year as a sixth grader.

I was truly shocked to realize how little organization her room had.  I mean, I am completely type A so why was her room so messy?  And then it occurred to me as I was putting away a few things after the fluff, she didn't have anything to help her organize her space or truly any guidance from me on how to get it done.  I had just told her to clean her room or put things away and never truly either made a space for certain things or taught her how to do it.  The time was way overdue.


Twin Bed Bliss ...

Oh a twin bed ... how I love thee.  I am not sure if I am captivated by them because I had one until I got married or because my grandparents had them in their guest room but I am a huge fan of a twin bed. I can recall watching the Brady Bunch and noticing the beds shared by Jan and Marsha.  The simpleness of the look, the shared dresser in between.  I loved it immediately. 


Bar Cart Series ... No. 12 Tiffany Erickson

Its Fri-Yay!!!  I was beyond waking up this morning and realizing that relaxing with those I love was merely hours away!!  I have a treat for you today.  My darling stylist Tiffany is posting today about a recent event she hosted with a designer.  Tiffany styled all of the baubles and Rosemary styled an amazing barcart.  I absolutely love seeing how so many tastemakers style their barcarts and how many of you believe they literally work every single place you put them!!


Summer Coffee Table with Chairish

Summer is quickly coming to an end ... with only two weeks left to enjoy the long days and lazy evenings.  I know I am not happy about the close of another summer season where evenings can linger in the den for hours around the coffee table with family and friends.  I am doing all I can to soak up every single minute available to us.


Our Special Ed Journey ...

As my brand has grown many people have asked how it all began.  I can't share this story without talking about our middle child and my journey.  I say my journey because I can only speak for myself in this process. I can only share my feelings, my fears and my worries along with the lessons I learned.  I have made it a priority to make sure anything I share is from my view since protecting his privacy in this is the most important piece.  I do however feel led to share and to share from a place of hoping I can help someone else on the same or similar journey.  There is a reason I was chosen to walk this path and I am hoping this post blesses someone along the way.


Design Feature: Kevin O'Gara of Thou Swell

I have been completely blown away by a fellow Atlanta blogger for quite some time. From the moment I met Kevin O'Gara I knew he was a rock star but I truly didn't understand the depth of his accomplishments until I became a daily reader of his blog and began to watch his journey. You see, Kevin is just 19 years old and has been writing the lifestyle blog Thou Swell for a few years. My respect for his juggle of high school and the pressures of AP classes and college prep whilst managing a full time blog truly knows no end.


Where I Shop For Vintage ...

Five minutes on my blog or my Instagram feed and you know I love antiques. The older the better and if it is chippy and missing pieces ... it may be absolutely the best thing I have ever seen. I read a post about top antiquing towns on Invaluable's blog and knew I had to share my favorite places to shop in Atlanta.  I have been antiquing basically my whole life. My grandparents used to take me to auctions and I watched them purchase and refinish more pieces than I can count. The hunt is in my blood and there is no better day than a good hunting day that produces amazing results.


Bar Cart Series ... No. 11 Evelyn Henson

Today's bar cart in the Friday series is actually mine!  I was inspired by the darling cocktail hour art by my sweet friend Evelyn Henson to create a little nook in my office for hosting besties.  I love this space in our home and typically the only thing happening in here would be writing and conference calls.  Not today, as all of Evelyn's amazing art has inspired me to wear my favorite caftan and invite my besties over for cocktails this evening.


Tortoise Love

I have been smitten with tortoise for as long as I can recall.  I will take it in any form ... well except the live one.  The mix of the colors is amazing and so gorgeous.  It feels luxurious and simple all at the same time.


Blue and White ... Forever Classic

Miles Redd

Blue and white. White and blue.  The most classic combination to ever be paired and one that should truly never be parted.  Last year Town and Country Magazine published this article stating 23 reasons why blue and white is the perfect classic pair.  A year later and for many years to come, this will continue to be true.


Random Thoughts ... #081516

I was not a good example this am when I got out of bed.  I hit the snooze more times than I care to admit and it was a rough go for me.  Super sleepy and fighting a sore throat I was completely against being an adult today. But I clicked restart after carpool and I am off to a much better day!!  Nothing like some fabulous clean eating and a darling napkin to start the day off right.  Even if I am still in gingham pjs and a comfy T ...

Napkin || T shirt (trust me its the best)


Bar Cart Series ... No. 10 Jana Bek

I may have greeted this Friday with a little more excitement than most, I was just really ready for the weekend to arrive.  I have been plans to restyle a few spots in my home and we are hosting some fun people for dinner so that means a stocked and ready bar cart.  Nothing gets me more in the mood to entertain than a stocked bar cart.

Today's feature in the Bar Cart Series is the darling Jana Bek.  Jana is not only an amazing interior designer and product designer but also a sweet friend.  I have had the pleasure of Jana's company in projects and at dinner and I can tell you she is just as fabulous in person as she is in print.


Design Trends for 2017

It was my pleasure to attend the July market of AtlantasMart a few weeks ago.  I love going to the Mart because it always provides so much inspiration.  This visit Mart surpassed even my high expectations.  Envision eye candy for days from incredible designers and companies and you still will fall short of what you actually experience while roaming the halls and buildings.  It was shot in the arm of pure inspiration. In fact, I may have overdosed.


Staying Organized with Kids

Seriously?  That first day of school hit me like a ton of bricks.  I am not caving to the thought that summer is over, nope, not until Labor Day when I will finally trade summer in for fall and winter.  I mean, it just gets shorter and shorter every single year.


Bar Cart Series ... No. 9 Diff Miller

I may have been ready for this Friday since Monday morning.  What a long week ... but now we all get to celebrate the weekend!  For today's installment of the Bar Cart series I have one of my favorite Instagram besties, the darling Meredith Miller Good.

Meredith and her husband Rob watching Polo in Palm Beach


My Travel Picks

When I travel I always pack the super cute and colorful things in my closet.  Something that makes me truly feel like I am celebrating while I am away.  Travel day is another story.  You must be comfortable and yet able to make a quick change when you arrive to make sure you are ready to hit the ground running.


White House Wednesday ... Issue No. 5

I unexpectedly spent last weekend at home in Florida as my oldest and dearest friend and I flew home to say goodbye to her dad.  We so hoped we would make it before he passed away and we missed him by just hours.  He was just not able to hold on any longer.  One day into our trip we realized we haven't been alone together in many years since both of us have children and girls trips with work schedules and sick parents aren't easy.  We decided immediately to make the most of our time together and find joy where we could.  What a blessing the trip immediately became.


TPC Loves Dixie Design Collective

I am sort of a snob when it comes to paper.  I love stationery with amazing designs and they aren't always easy to find.  I strive to send stationery that truly speaks to who I am.  I love a monogram, something southern and traditional.  I love to send an invitation that sticks out and sets the tone for the event.  I keep every single handwritten note I receive.  And I know when I receive an invitation I get all excited about the event and immediately start thinking of what I will wear and the fun we will have.


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