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Hazen & Co. ... Want To Be My Valentine?

Tomorrow begins my favorite month of the year and I am truly giddy with excitement.  It is a month of love, all things pink, and so many feminine and girly things.  I am here and ready for them all!  I got a wonderful preview to the inspiration photos of Hazen & Co. new Valentine collection and I think I love this new release most of all.  It is truly so beautiful and each piece I want to add to my ever growing collection of Taylor Miller Turner's beautiful creations. Each bracelet, necklace, earrings + (new!) barrettes are so very pretty.  Like really, really pretty. 


Going Green ... How It Feels Now

As you know I decided last year with my husband's cancer battle to go green in our home.  I was very committed to making a safe home for him and for our family and I am so thankful I took the challenge.  I made a number of changes to our home, most importantly to cleaning supplies and things we put on our bodies, and every one of my changes is still in play today.  I have learned so much along the journey and I hope to share those with you just in case this is something you wish to tackle in your own homes and for your life as well.


My Travel Style

So I think I may have told you before, but if I didn't share let me do so now.  I am an earlier packer.  Every single time I travel I pack at least a week in advance.  I start pulling clothes I want to take, make sure my laundry is done so I have all the options and then decide what, if anything, I need to buy.  I don't know when the early packing started ... maybe when the kids were tiny ... but it stuck and now it is just my favorite way to do it.  I used to do laundry for them and then pull all the things I wanted to pack into a clean laundry basket so I would not have to clean it again before the trip.  Traveling with three littles was always a challenge but I found a system that worked and stuck with it.  Now that it is just me I need to pack for I think I do it because I love it.  It reduces so much stress for me and then also helps me think of things I need to do and gather way before I need them.  I can promise you if I am traveling at any time I will have started packing at least one week in advance.

Every single time.  And I love it so ... 


Cancer ... Where Are We Now?

It has almost four months since we came home from the hospital and I haven’t really updated you on all the things happening. As you may recall the first four weeks were a lot to deal with and then the second four weeks were better as the bigger drain came out and he was released to go back to work. He continues to heal from surgery and, although the major issues are all gone and he is so much stronger, there is still some recovery happening. I can recall when he first came home and could barely walk on his own and didn’t eat but a tiny bit thinking it would take months to see him strong again and now almost four months later he is that strong. God is so faithful and so good. There is no other words I can say. He is a miracle.


All The Lettuce Ware Love

With the buzz around the current Sotheby's Mario Buatta auction I have been thinking quite a bit about lettuce ware and more specifically Dodie Thayer.  Mario's extensive lettuce ware collection sold yesterday for $48,000 and I literally can not stop staring at the images.  It was truly such a fabulous collection of her amazing work.  In 2015 I wrote a random thoughts blog post and included the new that Tory Burch had collaborated with Dodie Thayer to release a new collection of her stunning lettuce ware pieces.  There is something about the green in the pottery that is just like no other.  It is the perfect lettuce green and always makes me think of spring and new life when I see it.  I have been captivated for years by its beauty.


Chinoiserie Tulips ... yes please!

Do you remember when I shared this darling calendar with you on Instastories?  I have toted my love for Leslie of Giddy Paperie so many times and I will be continuing to do so as her talent truly has no end.  It is a desk calendar with a card for each month featuring Leslie's beautiful art + Tina of The Enchanted Home's love for blue and white porcelain. Does it get any better?  Each month is truly beautiful but February is truly my favorite.  I am really looking forward to flipping the card next week but I will feel that way each month because Leslie's artwork truly shines on each card.


Mario Buatta's Legacy

With the beginning of the Sotheby's auction of legendary decorator Mario Buatta tomorrow I am reminded of his legacy of incredible work.  Mario's timeless interiors and love of antiques and linens is only one of the reasons I love his work.  The layers of his interiors, the collections, the beautiful pieces he chooses ... I could go on and on.  In a time where collecting is not as popular as it once was I am completely enamored by his collections and maximalist mind set.  I loved perusing the auction images and getting a glimpse of the things he loved.  The more images I see the more I realize I am drawn to things that people much older than me would collect ... needlepoint, cabbage ware, Staffordshire pups, antique silver, oil paintings, chintz, and so many beautiful pieces of furniture. 


Great Staples On Sale

This year as I keep telling you I am shopping smarter.  I am only buying staples and things that make sense to add to my wardrobe.  So far this year I have stuck to my plan and it feels really good. I have taken stock of what I have, what I have too much of, and what I really "need" and now have a plan for purchases.  I have discovered I have a ton of grey and navy sweaters, hardly any great shirts that don't button down, and no where near the dresses I need to pull of things I need to attend.  I also have a great trench on my list ... which I will be hunting I am sure for a while.  But ... that is alright, I have a plan.


No Stigmas Please

Today I shared an update on our middle son after seeing him exceed and shine doing something he loves.  This would be amazing for anyone, but for a child who has had a few really rough years it is even more precious to us.  You may recall he struggled two years ago with a huge roadblock of mental health issues and has been healing and recovering and learning to live within the new bounds ever since.  I only share my side of the story because it is the only one I can tell, and it is the only one I have a right to tell, and every single time I bring it up I am flooded with messages.  So many of you so lovingly commented, responded, sent me messages of your own stories, and so much more.  It always evokes a number of responses, all positive, and always makes me think.


Friday Favorites

I don't think I have been happier to see a Friday in quite some time, for some reason this week has been jam packed.  We also have a really busy weekend, but I think it seems more relaxed when you have plans on the weekend so it never seems to stress me out.  I have been going non stop since last Monday, and even though I love it, I am super tired today.  There is something about getting back to a schedule after a few weeks off that is just killing me this time.  But with coffee, lots of cold water, and some good music I am doing it. 

And my new favorite coffee for the house ... a lavender latte.  Soo yummy!


Smart Shopping

One of the decisions I made this year was to make smart choices when it comes to adding to my wardrobe.  Since I am always seeing new things in the world of blogging it is tempting to add so many things to my closet, but that is not smart shopping on my part.  I am at the age and time in my life when I do not need a ton of things so the things I purchase need to be thought through on my part and something I will have for a while and wear time and time again.  I usually gravitate towards this idea but I can also veer off the path pretty easily so I need to be intentional about my purchases.  I have a running list of things I would like to add to my wardrobe and I am always looking to fill these needs but other than that my "wants" need to be carefully thought out.


2019 In Review

Wow, 2019 was a full year, both personally and professionally, and all in all a great one.  Although it was the hardest year I have ever had personally it was also the best year for the blog and me professionally.  I think the way they work together is so beautiful, as I relied on the blog to carry itself for the third quarter of the year so much and I can not tell you how pleased I was when things worked out so well.  I basically had to close my computer and step away from it for more than two months and yet it was still an amazing year for me.  That ... and you all ... is so incredible.


Swapping Out The Old

It's that time of year that can be very awkward, the after holidays and January time when we never really know what to wear, how to put back our furniture and how to accessorize our home.  I know I am not the only one who feels it but when the tree is gone and the holiday plaids are put away ... what do we do to make our homes and selves "right" for this time of year.  I even noticed as I was putting the tree away that my furniture placement might need some fluffing.  I always seem to move things around after the holiday decor is put away and I feel the need to change up our house.  And then what to wear ... do I use my new leggings and pullovers as a uniform or actually get dressed in something "real" to tackle the days. There are so many questions.


Do You Summit?

I truly can not believe it is almost Summit time .... its just shy of a month away.  As you have heard me chat many times, The Southern C Summit is my very favorite conference.  I have been going consistently for years and did not even skip when the times were stressful at home because it feeds me so very much.  I am thrilled this year to be heading out again in mere weeks for another amazing packed few days of connecting, collaborating, and creating! 


All The Hearts For Weezie Towels

I have been using Weezie Towels for about a year now and I can tell you once you use them you can instantly tell a difference between your old towels and your Weezie ones.  I love my Weezie towels and how soft and luxurious they are.  I use them regularly and even though we have two sets I get a little grumpy when I see someone else in the house with one of my towels.  I know, not so nice, but I am just being very honest.  They are that good.  I am super excited to share with you a new limited edition design for Valentines Day that can be ordered immediately ... the darling heart icon. 

So basically I am sharing an amazing towel and telling you it can also be ordered with a heart ... is there anything better I could tell you?  Maybe even gift a set of makeup towels ... keep reading!


Intentional Mornings + Linen Pajamas

This year I have choose to be incredibly intentional in every single thing I do.  I know that sounds simple but for me and last year it is so much deeper. I always choose a word for the year and this year I was very specific about my word and what I wanted my days and year to look like.  I want it to be full of purpose, deeper in both relationships and personal, and very specific about what I do and purchase for our home and my closet.  I don't think I have made bad decisions that need to be changed, but I do think living my days with purpose and intention will be so good for me and my life.


Cheers To 50!

I think there is a part of me that is in shock that yesterday I celebrated my 50th birthday.  I was so ready to embrace 2020 and let last year go.  As much as it taught me it was the absolute hardest year of my life and some of it is still hanging around.  Its ok ... I am working through it all but knowing all the stuff happened last year and this year is a blank slate makes me feel so much better!


Lilly After Party Sale Time!

Since we both know I am a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan there should be no surprise that I am super excited about today's post.  The only thing better than purchasing new beautiful Lilly pieces is purchasing them on major sale!  I have the website all queued up and ready to go, my alarm set for 8 am EST and I am ready to stand in line and shop! I don't think there is a better way to start the new year than with the Lilly After Party Sale!

The sale begins promptly at 8 am EST this morning and only lasts until 11:59 pm tomorrow so you must shop quickly to get the items you want.  I am linking my favorites below ... but since I can not access the items until 8 am I will have to update it as the morning progresses.  I have listed all my favorites below ... plus so many other options that are truly such great deals.  Dresses for under $80 that were otherwise more than $170, leggings for a steal and the cutest pjs for a song!  Yes, yes please!! 

Good luck scoring all your favorite pieces.  There is nothing better than a new piece of Lilly you have set aside for the warmer months or even a sweater you can wear right now.  They have so many beautiful pieces right now.  👛👡👓

You can use this link here to get in line to shop the sale ... my wait this morning was only 22 minutes. 

Happy Shopping!


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