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Yes ... we really do own Bitty Baby ...

Yesterday June Cleaver and I took our girls to American Girl Cafe in Alpharetta. I had never been there and Babycakes was over the moon with excitement. We went to celebrate Curls' birthday and to spend a gift card Curls had received for her birthday. We own Bitty Baby and so we spent the early part of the morning dressing her and prepping her in her moses basket for the trip.

When we arrived at the store they immediately asked if we would like to chose an American Girl doll. I declined stating that we would like some new clothes for our Bitty Baby but we would not like to purchase anything else right now. They checked out Babycakes holding the baby in the moses basket and seemed a bit odd. I thought they would be a little kinder but they seemed off to me. I could never quite figure out why they were acting so weird.

We made our purchases, ate lunch and then departed. The girls thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I loved how cute the whole place was. They provide you with a seat for your baby at the table and even have hooks in the bathroom to hang your dolls on while you use the facilities. It was all painted in Blush and Bashful and Shelby would have been so pleased!

We were driving home and Babycakes asked me to dress her baby in her new clothes. I undressed the doll and then it hit me! We brought the wrong baby. They thought I was trying to pass off a Target baby in Bitty Baby's clothes. Holy crap!!! Little do they know we do indeed own Bitty Baby and just happened to dress the wrong baby that morning. No wonder they looked at me so oddly. I could not figure it out at the time. There were tons of other children there with their dolls that were buying new accessories. Why were they treating us so differently?

Now I get it ... and I must say it is too funny! But be sure the next time we swing in for a new look for Bitty Baby we will make sure we actually bring her!



Mrs. Acquisitions and Mergers

Babycakes and Little Lawyer were having a conversation this morning. She asks him to help her get down her piggy bank off the bookcase so that she may put some money in it. He sweetly says ok and they head up to her room.

Two seconds later I hear her burst into tears. She is crying and he is marching back down the stairs.

Seems she "acquired" the money from his savings box in his room and now was planning to put it into her piggy bank.

I am thinking she is just planning ahead. You know for when she is married and has the whole ... "our money is my money conversation". It just seems she has taken it one step further. Why not just use the money he was not "using" to save for herself. (Pretty smart if you were asking for my opinion!)

They worked it out and she is no longer needing to put money into her piggy bank.

That is until she spies Daddy's money on the bathroom counter. I am thinking next time she might ask Little Mister to help her.

I am pretty sure her oldest brother would decline to help her again!


More sex to come ...

It is official ... there is a sequel planned ... I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!
And you?


Your questions ...

Did not get a lot of questions ... but some! Either I am boring or I tell too much about myself on a regular basis ... me thinks I am boring!!!

Here goes:

What is my favorite thing to monogram? I love all my things monogrammed ... it makes them feel special. They are white, over sized and adorned with chocolate brown monograms in Fishtail. They are lovely! The best part ... when they get dirty I just send them in a bleach cycle and they are good as new!

Do my kids create Lego's and put them on shelves? Why ... yes, they do! Have you been to my house? They love it and I dislike it .. have you ever tried to dust a Lego battleship?

How did Hair Girl and Clemsongirl and I meet? Well, hold on to your coffee ... here is the story ... Hair Girl and I met a couple of years ago through our mutual friend, June Cleaver. After a few girls trips sharing the same room (and bed) we became dear friends. Our boys are the same age and have the same interests ... it is easy for them to hang out. She is a fabulous hair dresser and we all adore her. I would trust no one with Little Misters hair ... he has two crowns and three cowlicks and if it is not cut correctly it screams "special ed".

Clemsongirl and I met in May. She picked me up off my blog. Don't let her tell you anything else. She invited me over to a party she was having and we became instant best friends. I will love her forever!!! She is funny and completely true blue. Will not judge (unless you forget to buy the covers for your outside pipes) and will always bail you out of jail!!!

Hair Girl and Clemsongirl met through our mutual friendships and it clicked! Not all friends do ... that I know!

Anything else you are dying to know ... I was sure you would bombard me with questions about my kids and my amazing fashion. It is not everyone who can pull off the Jcrew sweater, Old Navy hot pink sweatpants and Uggs look so well. Hee, hee! At this point I am too cold to wear jeans and yummy shoes. I am too frozen!

I have a question for each of you ... how did you find me? How did we become friends in this blog cul-de-sac??


Um ...excuse me?

So I am on the phone yesterday with Hair Girl and we are catching up on life. She has been really busy and we have been playing phone tag for weeks!

I was telling her how I was not loving my hair ... it seemed to be in need of a haircut all the time. It really has been baffling me lately. How can I get it cut every four weeks and still be in need of a haircut as much as I am? It feels long and shaggy and seems to be growing like it did when I was pregnant. Which ... btw ... I can never be again ... so relax!!

She listens to me and then quietly says ... "well, the truth is I have been secretly growing it out for the last couple of months." Ok ... let me process this ... how does my Hair Girl grow out my hair and not tell me, or better yet, why did it take me this long to notice? What the hell? Am I dense? Did I not notice she was not cutting as much off? This is not good!!!

I have made an appointment for Thursday ... we need to get to the bottom of this! Either I need to fall in love with my new hair ... whatever the vision will be ... or she needs to cut some hair off ...

She is awesome and her vision is always on target ... but I am really not sure how this will turn out!

Stay tuned ...


It is too cold to be creative ...

Seriously ... it is cold!!! I can honestly say I have never experienced 12 degree weather in Atlanta before ... never!!! I am freezing!

I am doing my best to stay inside all day. There is plenty to do around the house ... my only problem is entertaining the kids with movies and legos ... but it might work! I am bundled in flannel pj pants, Lawyers golf socks and a sweatshirt (yes, clemsongirl it really is a sweatshirt ... I think!) and hugging my extra large cup of steaming hot coffee!

I am too cold to post anything super fun ... but I will answer questions!

Got any ... questions that is ... anything you want to ask?


Such a great deal ... hurry!!!

This is such an awesome promotion Paper Girl is running ... I would hurry and be one of the first 10 ... but I think she would know it is me!!! Plus I have her working on a logo for my new website ... so I feel like I have asked for enough (atleast for today) ...

Don't delay ... order today ...

I passed the hunting test!!

Little Lawyer just headed out for the weekend to go hunting with my Dad. I am thrilled for him. He is very excited and very warm. He was reluctant to look like the "kid from The Christmas Story", but I won out! I dressed him in a million layers considering it is currently 12 degrees here in the deep south. Seriously ... what the hell? It is COLD!!!

I have been shopping all week for this weekends trip. Dad always gives me a list of the things he needs and I head out on my quest to locate them. This trip he requested flannel button down hunting shirts. That was not easy. I located one at Old Navy and one at Lands End but nothing else could be found in his size. We laid out all of his clothes last night and received a thumbs up from my dad.

Thank goodness. Considering the last trip and that fiasco. I do not think I would have survived that drama again!!



What a cutie ...

My best friend just had this little cutie ... isn't he sweet?
I keep promising her she will sleep again and he will grow out of colic and stop crying ...
... pinky swear!



My pharmacist is a friend of mine. Not because I am there a lot but because we are friends outside of his business. His wife is lovely and we are from the same small town. She grew up in the house next door to my best friend in high school. I know ... small world.

Yesterday I saw my favorite drug man and we had a catch up chat. It was good to see him as always. He is such a sweet person and they have an adorable family.

While I was there I mentioned that I needed my anxiety meds refilled. He said he would handle it and I checked it off my list. My gyn always makes me call for a refill and Drug Boy handles that for me. I told you ... love him!

Last night he im-ed me ... here is our conversation ...

Drug boy: Your prescription is ready.
(I think ... wow! what great service!)
Me: Great, thanks I will be in to get it! It was great to see you. Tell your wife I said hello.

And then just as I am moving on he sends another message ...
Drug boy: They said you are due for your annual. Glad I know that.

Lovely! Yes ... it is time to distance myself from sweet Drug Boy ... he now knows I need to see the gyn for the peekaboo!

Just lovely!!


Need a giggle?

Check this out ... you will laugh, pinky swear!

And just for the record ... if one of my perfect boys comes home with her ... I will instantly become the worst mother ever ...

I am just saying ...

Calling all preppies ...

Look what Preppy Paper Girl just picked up ...

Seriously the cutest stuff I have ever seen!!! You will love each and every piece ... we sure did!!! I want the paper pompoms for Babycakes' room and the mousepad for my very new laptop!!!


Really ... that is my name?

Lawyers oldest friend sent us a very late Christmas card. They (as we all do) have lost touch over the past couple of years with the busyness of our everyday lives. He was thrilled to get it. They have been friends since elementary school. I was happy to see him so excited!

That was ... until I read the address on the front of the envelope. They addressed it as follows:

Alex P. and Pearl Keaton
Dude? WTH? Am I 80 years old? Pearl? Really? It is ok you can not remember my name ... but could you not have gone with Mr. and Mrs.? And it is 2009 ... use Or better yet ... just address it to him personally!
And somehow you settled on Pearl?

my sweet birthday ...

Last Tuesday I celebrated the passing of yet another year in the life of me!! Having a birthday so close to Christmas was always a pain as a child ... but I have grown to love it! I was thrilled to send my babies back to school and head for a pedi and lunch with two friends at one of my favorite places. We had been planning since before Christmas so I had plenty of time to look forward to my day ...

After a very long pedi (very long stressful story!!! I will spare you!) I headed to lunch with Paper Girl and Clemsongirl. I was thrilled to be joining them ...

Little did I know I would be joining a group of friends ... they had secretly arranged for me to be surprised!!! To say I was surprised would be an understatement. I was shocked and completely blown away! It was amazing ... all the way down to the red velvet cupcake provided by Johnnie Gabriel!

if you know anything about Paula Dean's cousin you know she is famous for her red velvet cake ... it is to die for!!!

all 7 of us ... I love my friends!!!
Thank you to each and every one of them who made me feel like the most special girl in the world. They all made time in their schedule for just me ... it was the sweetest time together!!! I was so humbled by the love of each of them ... I left and headed home with such a full heart and my love cup overflowing ... I will not forget it!
Just as I settled in for the evening Lawyer appeared with a jeep full of groceries to make me dinner. We dined on veggie lasagne, white wine and homemade chocolate cake. Does it get any better?


Pay it forward ... the results!

Ok ... I have read through all the Pay it Forward comments and I have to say a lot of you have gotten some crap as gifts!!!

But ... Julie tops it with this comment ...

My worst gift was from my grandmother - bless her heart - so I am not sure it counts but we still laugh about it! One Christmas not too long ago, I got a long bouquet of very fake and very plastic poinsettias. My mom, DH nor myself could figure out what I was supposed to do with it. My mom thought it was to be on a table runner on a dining room table. Tripp, well, he thought it should decorate the trashcan and then I read the box that it was wired into. "Smith florals - beautifying your loved ones final resting place for 50 years." Oh yes, it was a floral arrangement for a headstone. And to top it all off - the plastic flowers were dusty like draw pictures on the petals dusty! 'Cuz you know nothing says Merry Christmas like some flowers for a headstone!

Julie ... send your address to and I will send you a happy!!! And don't forget to pay it forward!!


Your blog is fabulous!!!

Thanks Mad about Plaid!!! What an adorable award! I will be really good and pass it on before I forget!!!

This fabulous award comes with a few rules:
Put the logo on your blog or post. Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Seriously ...10? Here goes ...

News Readin' Wife (Hilarious!!)
Sippy Cups (Hands down fabulous!)
Clemsongirl (you know I love you!!)
Hair Girl (you would be fabulous if you would post!!)
Jillian Inc. (adorable!!)
Monogram Tahoe (get off Pathwords and post!)
Green Magsterpie (love the backgrounds!!)
Tres Poshe Preppy (super chic and always fancy!)
Nautical by Nature (super cute!)
JCrew Aficionado (I have saved so much!!)

And now I have to share 5 addictions ... (only five?)
1. Seattles Best Henry's Blend ... do not call until the first cup has been drunk!
2. Thai food ... last night Lawyer had me at "I will pick up thai ..."
3. Lipstick Jungle ... kind of a problem since I am behind so many episodes right now ...
4. shoes ... serious problem!!
5. My kids giggling ... does it get any better than their cute giggles?

Ok girls ... pass on the love!


Yeah me!!!

Sorry I have been so out of touch this week. My parents in town (read no free time and lots of last minute changed plans!!) and I have been reorganizing all my Christmas decorations. I swore this year I would not put anything away without weeding and reorganizing the entire loot. It has taken me three days and I am almost done! Short story ... busy week.

We just returned from dinner and I put the kids to bed. Just as I was settling in to watch TV with Lawyer in our room he suggests I use the computer. He knows I love to surf his computer before bed whilst he is watching TV. He knows me well ...

...except it wasn't his laptop on the bed ... it was for me!!!

He surprised me with my very own laptop!!!

Don't we love him???


Happy Birthday!!!

Ooh ... today is a great day! Although I am so sad to see the end of the holidays I am happy to have my schedule back. All three kids go back to school today. I am planning a pedi and lunch with friends ...

... does it get any better for this birthday girl?



Sleeping babies ...

Both of my sweet little ones were asleep at 6:00 pm ... no lie!!! They were so tired from ice skating that they both requested to go to bed. Can't beat that ...

... and Baby Girl fell out of bed and hit the floor and never woke up.

Love it!!!


Ice skating 101 ...

Lawyer and I took the kids ice skating today ... they had been begging for over a week to go. Little Mister came home from school one day and made a request. After they finished their chores (in record time) we headed out ...

Both of the little ones were super excited but I was worried ... they had never been!

A couple of times around the wall and she was off ...

.. then she wanted to learn to backwards skate ...

She loved it ... and we never did see Little Mister once his feet hit the ice ...

... she tried to convince Daddy to let her stay past the curfew ...

... he said no! but did let them stay to see the Zambonie!


Pay it forward ...

A couple of weeks ago Mrs. News Reading had a pay it forward post. I was selected and today I received an adorable happy in the mail. Then I remembered ... oh smack ... I forgot to pay it forward.

Better late than never ...

Post about your worst gift ever received ... and the best comment gets a happy ...

I will start ... I am not sure which gift was worst ... the $5 Starbucks card from Lawyer for my birthday ($5???) or the large bag of pistachios for Christmas two years ago???

They both sucked!!!

What is the worst gift you have received???

pajama day ...

Today is pajama day for the mommy! I am loving it, but the kids are not so pleased. Little Mister wanted to go ice skating and Little Lawyer wanted to go to Target to get Rockband. We have done neither. It is the quiet season around here when Lawyer does not go to work and I am loving the quality time. If I stay in pjs I can soak it up ... if I get dressed I will think of something I am supposed to do. I am headed for a shower and then into a clean pair of pjs. Seriously ... this is the life!
So, I have just one question for today ...

Why can't you get Mexican food delivered?

Thank the heavens ...

I have been searching all morning for my drivers license renewal form which arrived in the mail too long ago to mention. I REALLY did not want to stand in line with the scaries this morning and renew my license. After a long look I located the coveted form and renewed online. I am so thrilled I can not even express it in words!

The last question on the form was did I want to renew for 5 or 10 years ....

I chose 10 and then as I pushed submit on the form I began to think ...

I will now look the same on my license from 2004 (when I got the last photo taken) to 2019 ...

is that good or bad?


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