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Week in review ... #happyfriday!!

 Happy Friday!!!  I took a week off from blogging ... although I didn't really schedule to do so!!  The kids last day of school was last Wednesday.  Thursday we had a full schedule and then on Friday I flew to Minneapolis to spend a long weekend with my best friend and her family.  The weather was perfect ... crisp and 70's and the city was absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  Since they only have about 4 months of outdoor weather we soaked up each and every second we could outside!  


Inspiration du jour ... PINK

One of my many favorite colors is pink!  All shades of pink ... pale, bubblegum, shocking, hot, raspberry ... they are all GOOD!  Every thing just seems happier with pink.  It adds life to a room, happiness to a bouquet of flowers and sass to your lips!  Pink clothes ... yes, pink rooms ... yes, pink nails ... yes, pink drinks ... oh yes!  Such a fun and fabulous color!!!


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #salad

(image via Pinterest)

My favorite food, other than a huge plate of pasta, is a salad.  And not just a iceberg, two tomatoes and a cuke side salad, but a SALAD!  I do not love to cook, but I can whip up a mean salad in record time!  I try to keep good salad ingredients in the house at all time.  I have them chopped up and ready to go and then its easy to prepare yummy salads.  The kids call it a salad bar ... which I suppose it is to them.  All the containers set out and ready to pick from makes things so much faster for me. 


Tuesday Thrift ... #MHMroom

Happy Tuesday!!!  

I am in complete project mode here at Casa de Lawyer ... trying to knock out a master to do list I have had on the books for longer than I wish to recall!  At some point you just gotta put on your big girl panties and make it happen!

This week I am working on :Little Bit's room.  Although with her being 9 and finishing third grade this week I am not sure she is quite little any more!  Sniff ... 

Here is the room now ... 


Inspiration du jour ... The Pink Pagoda

I have been writing this blog and reading many other for seven years.  I have so many favorites I love reading.  The kids leave in the morning, I pour my second cup of coffee and sit down at my computer for some morning me time.  

(courtesy of Pinterest and The Pink Pagoda's Blue and White Monday)


ORC ... # myfaves

The One Room Challenge is now a week behind us and I am thrilled to say I have now read each and every blog from the other 75 linking partners.  There is some ah-mazing work and serious eye candy in those links.  And tons of hard work.  Some of these rooms included serious demo and still were completed in six weeks.  Reading others updates is by far my favorite part of the whole challenge.  I get so excited on reveal day ... I probably rush my children out the door a little quicker than I should on those days!  

I have to start with my personal favorite.  I know, I am biased since Lance and David are not only friends but basically family to the Lawyer family ... but are you kidding me with this room??  The pictures do not do this room justice!  It's soooo good!  The Thibault fabrics are so incredible and the wallpaper and the rug are EPIC.  When the hubs read his reveal he asked me which room they had transformed.  When I told him it was the former all white master bedroom he stopped, looked at me and said ... "wait, are you kidding?  I need to see that again from the beginning."  Yes!  Y'all he knocked it out of the park with this room!

Lance ... You went BIG!!!  xxoo


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #drinkaccessories

(via Pinterest)

I am in the middle of a million and one projects all with one goal at the end.  My sister in law and I are hosting a bridesmaid luncheon at my house in early August.  We all have a house punch list ... and I am working to finally finish mine.  All those little projects are getting crossed off the list and I will say as the list gets shorter I am getting more and more excited!  Life is too short to have long to do lists!!


Tueday Thrift ... #theporch

Thank you soo much for all the amazing comments on the completed porch.  Its so fun to read each and every one of your comments.  I am so excited that you love it as much as we do.  I still walk by the door going outside and my heart skips a beat.  It's way more than I envisioned in my head.  

I have so many favorite elements on the porch and way high up on that list is all the items I found while thrifting!!  Not only did I accessorize it for a song, but the hunt was so much fun!! 


One Room Challenge ... The Finale!!

Week 6 ... The Finale!  It's finally here!!!  Six weeks of dirt, pollen and a dingy old porch is behind me!  I am so excited about this space and will be having coffee here this morning!  Before revealing the massive picture overload I must thank Linda at Calling it Home.  I am so thankful she opened this up to Linking partners again this year.  I absolutely love how this challenge has pushed me to completely transform not one, but two spaces in our home.  I am more than thrilled with the results.  You are amazing Linda and I have two incredible spaces thanks to you!!!  xo

Before we get to the after ... we need to go back to the beginning!

Here is my inspiration photo ... 

This amazing space from Mary McDonald started the whole design.  I loved the blue and white mixed with natural bamboo.  The show stopping sofa with amazing details.  The green of the yard behind.  Perfection. 

And my porch before ... 


Hump Day Eats & Drinks ... #ORCcrunchday

It's crunch time.  Serious focus required.  Like Venti with an extra shot focus!

The last few things on the punch list for tomorrow's reveal are in full swing.  I am downing back to back unsweet teas and living off my favorite go to snack mix!  I need to switch to water ... but I will wait until mid afternoon!!!


ORC ... last minute work!

Usually Tuesday's are all about thrifting ... but we are in week 6 of the One Room Challenge so notsomuch today!

(amazing design by Mary McDonald)

It's down to the last two days ... the last punch list and the end is soooo very near.  My porch transformation is so close to being finished I can last the fruits in my Sangria.  I am so excited to finish this project and be able to enjoy it every single day.  


Inspiration du jour ... #blueandwhite

Happy Monday!  I am linking up to The Pink Pagoda's May Blue and White Bash this morning to share some of my favorite elements from my current porch renovation.  I absolutely adore Jennifer and her amazing talent.  I have been so thrilled to use Jennifer's art in both of the spaces I transformed for the ORC.  I am thrilled to show you how her art was used on Thursday!  It's ah-MAZING!!!!


Happy Sunday!

May your beauty never disappear because it comes from deep within ... from a gentle and quiet spirit!



Spring refresh!!

(via Pinterest)

Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth.  


One Room Challenge ... week 5

Welcome to week 5!!

I am in the process of redecorating our outside screened porch and surrounding deck area and linking up with 83 other bloggers courtesy of Calling It Home!!  If you missed last week ... you can catch up here!!  

Here is my inspiration picture from the amazing Mary McDonald!!  

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