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Random Thoughts #013017

Don't you love this??

Happy Monday lovies!!  The sun is shining here, the sky is clear and blue and I am setting up for an incredible week!  You may or may not know that Monday is my least favorite day of the week but I have decided it is all my perspective and I need to make an adjustment in that area!  So ... from here on I will exclaim Monday to be a great day with tons of possibilities for the week!


Valentine Gifts for Couples ...

Can you tell by now that Valentines Day is one of my absolute favorite things to celebrate?  I can't tell you how much I love the day of pink, red, love, hugs and telling those you love they are special to you.  Add in some pink drinks and quality time and I am all kinds of giddy.



Mary Tyler Moore

Yesterday we lost a fabulous woman and an inspiration to so many.  Mary Tyler Moore was not only an actress but also a hero to many of us who grew up watching the Mary Tyler Moore show with their mothers.  Her show was a pioneer force in representing the modern woman.  "Mare" was a 30 year old single woman who moved to the big city on her own and worked as a news producer for the local station.  She dated on and off during the show but was always portrayed as a single woman with a strong career.  Mary and her husband at the time pitched the half hour show to CBS who made the decision to say yes.  It was the first of its kind with a working woman as the lead character.  The premise of the single woman's working life soon became a television staple.


Bar Cart for Valentines Day

Bar Cart styled by Mimosas and Monroe
Painting by Evelyn Henson

I am in full Valentines Day prep mode, but I am not rushing the holiday it is just simply one of my favorites.  What isn't to love about a day that celebrates love?  And in today's world where I see so many things that scare me I am all love all day every day. Not to mention February is a month I wear pink pretty much all week long in preparation for spring so I can't think of one reason not to get ready early, can you?

Bring on the pink and month of endless love please!!

Since we are having a dinner party for Valentines Day and I am planning a few little happy hours with my besties I need a fabulous stocked bar cart!  Of course I will stock it with some of my favorite things, but I also plan to shop for and stock it with some fun new finds!  For our dinner I am serving Prosecco and mix ins so I am thinking vintage glasses + fun bowls for add ins + bottles for juices.  I mean, doesn't it sound perfect?


Grand Hotel Goodness

Late yesterday afternoon I received a comment on my Instagram post suggesting I might like to check out the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan.  Since the work day was done and I was relaxing with the mail and managing some algebra homework I hit google and checked it out.

Where oh where have I been?


Office Overhaul ...

As part of my change up my life and #turn-it-on-its-ear-and-shake-out-everything-that-doesn't-work I have now come to the office. I love my office. I love the space and the ability it provides for me to be a full time Design & Lifestyle Blogger but I have noticed that I have been moving things around a lot lately.  As in, A LOT! That should have been the first clue that something wasn't working for me. But since I can be dense with all things me, it wasn't until I spotted two lamps I fell madly in love with this weekend and started moving furniture around in my head that it hit me.


Shoe Lusting

When the BFF was in town last weekend we spend quite a bit of one day roaming around Nordstrom. This is not surprising in the least for us.  We are known for grabbing Nonfat Honey Almond Lattes and wandering the store for quite some time. We wandered through the beauty section, tried on new moisturizers for her and shopped the eye section like it was our full time job.  I have my eye on a pair of new sunnies that she promised me looked ridiculous on me.


Dreaming of Valentines Day

Glitter Guide via House Beautiful

Yes, I know Valentines Day is a little less than a month away ... but it is never too early to be thinking of table decor.  Although I am not one to rush time to fast forward to a holiday, I am one to dream of it and plan it out in advance. This just creates excitement for me as I plan out the menu and gather what I need to make the evening special.  When it comes time to set the table I am ready to hit the ground running.  I am a planner, its just me. I may or may not have already chosen a color theme for Christmas next year.


First Day ...

Thank you so much for your incredible support on yesterday's post.  I am always a little nervous when I sit down to share my heart and then to push post and put it all out there.  However I am always thankful I took the leap and listened to the call to do so.  I received so many heartfelt messages and emails of people feeling just about the same way I am and it was such a blessing to me.  We all struggle and need to start over and I am encouraged to know so many join me on this journey.

Onward and upward lovies ... 


Shaking It Up ...

Good morning and happy Tuesday!!!  I do love a week that starts on one of my favorite days of the week.  Isn't Tuesday just Monday's cuter more fun little sister?  We had a weekend filled with some good, some fabulous and some healing after last week's broken bone for the youngest.  She struggled quite a bit this weekend having to miss out on a swim meet that she was slotted to compete in, but this morning she was up and in a good mood and I am hoping she is faring better today. Being a mama is hard work and I find the hardest days come when any of my loved ones struggle. #deepbreaths


Random Thoughts 01.12.17

Happy Thursday ... I think if I squint really hard I can see happy hour tomorrow just peeking its gorgeous head out over the haze of the clouds this morning.  I do love a Friday ... almost more than I love hot coffee and monogrammed pajamas.  #almost


Some One Room Challenge Thoughts

As I grabbed my shoes this morning from the laundry room I was struck with some deep thoughts. Our laundry room is cute (I mean, right? Just look at that photo) and works perfectly for our family the way it is set up.  We have places for every backpack, dropped shoe and supplies to take care of the laundry for our family of six.



If you spotted my Insta story this morning than you are privy to the fact that today is in fact my birthday!  I woke up to a door decorated by my youngest with hearts and words of affirmation and a beautiful hand made card.  I will tell you I had to stop the story twice and shed some happy tears.  It was truly the most beautiful gift!


The Best of 2016

As I looked back over my goals from the beginning of last year I was both shocked and surprised at how much the blog, my Instagram (13.3 thousand new followers!!) and I had grown over the 365 days.  As I looked at each business goal I was so excited to realize that I had not only met them all, but some of them I had blown out of the water.  I am not only incredibly thankful and so richly blessed but I am also very aware that without the daily devotion of every reader and follower none of those goals would have been possible.

Thanks KE for the kick a#* mug!!


Happy New Year Table

I absolutely loved this year's Christmas table and wasn't quite ready to say goodbye.  I loved walking by the room and seeing all my darling pups dressed for dinner along with my favorite dishes out and gorgeous on the table.  When it came to setting the table for New Years I decided to keep quite a few of the details from Christmas for the new table setting.


Holiday Memories 2016

Happy New Year!!!  Can you believe it is a whole new year full of amazing possibility?  I do love a new year, it is the ultimate morning.  So much to do, so much to see and so many opportunities for adventure!

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