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Last Minute NYE Prep

For many years the Hubs and I have stayed in for New Years Eve but this year we made plans to spend the evening with friends at their new house.  There is just something about this year that makes me want to do all sorts of special and different things and we are starting with tonight.  Since we didn't have plans until a day or so ago I am most definitely pulling some fun together last minute and I thought I would share how I made it happen.  I am sure I am not the only one needing some last minute help so here are my thoughts, tips + tricks.


Bar Cart Bliss

The best part of a bar cart for me is how incredibly versatile they are.  You can use it every single day as either a storage for all sorts of bar items or as a side table or book shelf and then clear it off for a special occasion and deck it out head to toe for a party.  My new bar cart from Serena & Lily is not only stunning ... but also has wheels making it super easy to style up for both everyday and special occasions.


Merry Miracle Christmas!

Merry, Merry Christmas from my family to all of you.  I hope your holiday is magical, full of peace and joy, and includes every single person you love and adore.  We are spending the week with our family and best friends and I will be soaking up every single second of the quality time.

This was a year I will not soon forget nor do I wish to.  At the beginning of the year I chose a word for the year and it was peace.  I can say that I know more about peace than I ever thought possible and kept peaceful as much as I could through the hard days and nights.  God stood next to me at all times and when I needed him most he carried me.  It was dark and it was the hardest thing I have ever done but I laid my sweet husband at His feet and He returned him to me healed.  That is peace that I can not describe. 


Christmas Breakfast

Anyone else think breakfast is the best meal of the whole day?  I love breakfast, brunch, and most definitely breakfast for dinner as it is really my favorite meal of the day.  When it comes to Christmas I think breakfast gets even better as it is the start of the most magical days of the year.  We always have sit down breakfasts during the holidays and the table is always fully set for the festivities.  I always set the center of table and then the place mats and place settings can be changed up as I need for each meal. 


All The Plaids ... Yes Please!

It may or may not be known but I am a major plaid lover, as in major.  I love almost every single plaid you can discuss with a few that just don't strike my fancy.  I think it may be the product of growing up in the 80s where plaid + Ralph Lauren reigned but whatever the reason, I have a major love for all things plaid.


Front Door With Frontgate

I love our home this Christmas, I think I may have mentioned that once or twice. I think part of it is the new eyes I have and part of it is the magical nutcracker feel of this year's decorations.  Every single time I walk around the house I just feel so much joy and magic around me.  And that starts with the outside of the house which I love more than I ever have loved before.  This is our second year partnering with Frontgate for our home, and the outside is the best it has ever been. 

It is like really, really pretty. 🎄🤶


Pulling Together The Most Needed Gifts

The Santa is holding the little blocks with numbers and every single morning the numbers dwindle down and now it is only 8 days until Christmas.  Anyone else feeling some pressure?  For me its the little gifts, the teacher or carpool mother or the friend from the children's school that always slips me up.  I try to keep a number of easy to create gifts on hand for these exact moments and I am happy to share my tips and tricks with you.  To make a gift for someone you don't need to over complicate it or make it super extra to be perfect and darling and so well loved.  I hope I inspire you and help you with the last minute gifts that are most definitely the most needed when you haven't thought of them. 🎄


Pass The S'mores!

Anyone else love s'mores?  I think they are fabulous treats for the cooler weather and perfect for a treat during a family Hallmark Christmas movie.  It seems we have a fire in the fireplace nightly when the Hubs gets home from work.  Can you even believe he is back at work??  Over the weekend I decided that we needed something sweet and in a few minutes we had a tray of ingredients ready to make the best little sweet treats.


Collecting Nutcrackers

I think I have mentioned before that we have collected one nutcracker for every single year we have been married. I am not sure how it started or which one of us gave the first one but it became a tradition and I really love it. Some of the ones we own are new, some are vintage, and all of them are special to both of us.  After I posted a few photos I got a couple of emails asking for sources and tips on collecting and I figured it was the perfect subject for a blog post.


All The Christmas Joy ...

So I may have over decorated for Christmas this year, but I couldn't be happier that I did.  With the extra time at home after my husband came home from the hospital + decorating earlier than ever this year I found it was easier to get more done.  I love our home decorated for Christmas and now that it is all decorated and the boxes are put away again I am truly just soaking up all the goodness each and every day.  I am greeted each morning with the lights from the tree as I walk downstairs and it the joy just keeps flowing as I walk to the kitchen each morning. I think it truly feels like we live in a little gingerbread house ... and I could not love it more.


Christmas Crafted Cocktails

I love serving a special drink when we have guests.  Sometimes I make punch and sometimes it is individually crafted cocktails but both are so fun to create and serve when you have people in your home.  For me it feels special and it is a treat for the friends and family we have invited in to spend time with us. Often times I will get emails and texts after asking how for recipes which makes it even more special to me.  I made an impression on them and made them feel special enough to want to make it again for others.


Holiday Shopping Roundup

Happy Friday ... can you believe it is already December 6th, it is like time is on a fast train speeding by.  I am doing really well on my Christmas shopping and found so many fabulous gift ideas and places I think you all will love as well.  Today is a roundup of sorts of all kinds of things that I think make great gifts ... for all sorts of reasons. I whittled down the list to include the really great things ... and it was still long, but oh so good.

I have included gifts for all ... men, women, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, best friends, car pool friends, teens, besties ... all the people!


Blue & White For The Tree

This year when I was planning out our trees (dining room + den) I knew I wanted to add blue and white pieces to both.  I didn't want solid navy or solid white ornaments, I wanted something perfectly chinoiserie.  I have a small collection of hand painted ornaments I wanted to use and expand on so both of our trees would feel similar even though in theory they are very different.  I started doing some research for myself and found such great options I knew I wanted to share.  Once I started down the rabbit hole of great blue and white ornaments I knew I would be writing this post and I am super excited to share it today.  Whether you are wanting just an ornament or two or a whole tree I have great options for you.


Our Den For Christmas

Today is one of my favorite days on the blog in December ... the beginning of the home tours for me.  I love partnering with other bloggers to share our favorite parts of our home all decorated.  I always feel like I am inviting you over for coffee or cocktails and opening up my fun spaces for you.  Today I have partnered with 11 Magnolia Lane and a slew of incredible blogs to share our homes.  If you are new to me, thank you for coming ... and if you are a seasoned reader ... welcome back for Christmas!!


All The Cocoa Please!

It's no secret that we love hot cocoa at our home and from the moment the first chill begins I set up a cocoa bar for all of us plus all the people who pop in to see us.  For weeks now I have been making cocoa for my daughter and our carpool.  I make two cups of cocoa for the girls and our son gets a vanilla latte as they all head out the door.  Since it is now December I changed the bar to be 100% Christmas and now I just think the hot cocoa tastes even better.  It is so fun for me to gather up some of our favorites + some new things and set up a station which I know will bring us all so many warm and yummy moments. 🤶


Cyber Monday Goodness!

image by Angie Webb Creative

It's December ... can you even believe it?  It is also Cyber Monday which is huge for getting all of your Christmas shopping done online today.  So many sales, so much goodness to be had!  I have broken down my go to shops, both small and big box, and listed their sale for today.  Most of these sales will end tonight and be the best sales you will see this week.  Yes, stores will still be having some sort of sale but the items will diminish in quantities and sizes and I always miss out if I do not get on it today!

I have my eye on some Airpods, gifts for the pups, Lawyer's gift and gifts for the kids!  I have a big list to conquer today and next week it will look like my doorstep won the lottery.  Luckily I already ordered all my gift wrap so I am ready when the boxes start arriving.  I ordered my gift wrap above from Ruby Stripe and the rest of it (pink stripe + blue pups) from the darling Sweet Caroline Designs!  It is all so good and so thick and I love it so! 🎄

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