More Pink For Your Life

Pink is just the happiest color in the crayon box and I would choose it every single day all day no matter what!!  And since this is the month where we are all embracing all the pink all day every day I have a second edition of all things pink for you.  I can tell you it was not hard one single second of the scouting I did for this post, or the last one, I am happy to hunt down the cutest pink things for all of us!


Lake Pajamas ... On Sale

I never post twice in one day ... but ... I missed out on the notice that the Lake Pajamas annual sale started so that was most definitely worth a double post.  Lake Pajamas is one of those brands that have a cult following.  If you know, you know.  They are the softest pajamas and seem to only get softer with every single wash.  I love mine, wear them all the time and swear by them.  Last year I branched out and bought a gown and, it to, is the most comfortable thing. This sale only happens once a year and is most definitely worth shouting from the roof tops.  It is that good.

Presidents Day Shopping

Just in case you are like me this morning enjoying a leisurely cup (or two) of coffee and perusing the internet I am here to tell you there are some great sales for you to check out.  Today is the beginning of our Winter Break so the kids are home, there are no alarms this week and we are really down for doing some fun things + relaxing.  I think I have mentioned before that my children get a week off every other month (and start school August 1) and the Winter Break is always the one that stumps me the most.  After chatting with our friends we all decided we would just chill this week and I could not love the idea more.  I had no intention of sharing sales or doing any sort of shopping at all and then I happened upon some really good sales and I really wanted to share with you.


All The Love Potion Please

I mentioned adding a fun cocktail to your Valentines celebrating in this post, but the drink I found was so delicious and fun I think it deserves a post all on its own.  I found the recipe for Love Potion while reading an article on fabulous Valentines cocktails in Town & Country and honestly what first drew me in was the pink color.  I mean, just being honest with you.  But then while reading the ingredients and realizing I only need limes completely sealed the deal for me.  This is such an easy to make cocktail and its so yummy + its pink which makes it a must have in your cocktail playbook. You will love it, pinky swear. 


All The Candy For Valentines

So I told you that Valentines is my very favorite holiday ... there is something about it that makes me so happy, girly, full of love + happiness.  I know it may be cheesy to some, but to me it is just all the wonderful feelings, plus more.  I can recall being a child and cutting out all the hearts from folded paper (remember in half, and then you had a full heart?) and loving all the chocolate.  Since I am partially (ok, fully) addicted to loving on others this is the one day I feel like it is the day you do it with complete reckless abandon. 


Caftan Heaven

Caftan c/o || Sandals || Bracelets c/o || Sunglasses || Earrings c/o

There is something about a caftan that makes me just so happy, it changes my mood the second I put it on.  I love the comfort, the beach-y feel, and the immediately sense of relaxation.  I can not turn down a chance to wear a beautiful caftan and being in Sea Island for the week was the perfect excuse, maybe ever.  With the crazy rain we have had for weeks in Atlanta I was really excited when the weather forecast for St. Simons showed the happy little 🌞 symbol so when Willow Park Boutique showed me their new caftans I was most definitely all in to own one immediately.


Biscuit Casserole ... Yes Please

About a month or so ago I discovered that Callie's Biscuits launched biscuit casseroles.  I will tell you that when that news hit my feed I was all over it as Callie's are my favorite biscuits ever.  I know how to make them but that does not deter me from driving into the city to visit my favorite little biscuit shop.  I love all the varieties and I was so excited to hear Carrie was now making casseroles.  It was like any other brand you are really enamored with ... whatever they release you are just sure you will love, and I was absolutely correct once again.


Love + Kindness

It's Valentine week and I am more giddy than usual, as in ... all the pink hearts, pink confetti, pink and red sprinkles, and most definitely all the flowers and chocolate please + thank you!  I just restocked our hot cocoa station with extra K cups, marshmallows, flowers, and to go cups.  I am loving this little set up and it is getting a lot of visitors which just makes me oh so happy.


The Happiest Of Mondays

I can't believe last week is over.  It was good, as in so very good.  This may have been my sixth Summit, but in a lot of ways it feels like my first.  Just like every other thing in my life, it felt new and oh so wonderful in all the ways.  I shared some of my feelings about it last night on Instagram, and I will share more as it unfolds ... but be prepared, I am making some really good changes to so many things!


Zhushing Up The Coffee Table

I mentioned last month I was changing a few things around in our den and I really like the progress so far.  It is always nice to swap things up and play around with your accessories, it feels like you have all new things and you just shopped your home.  I can tell you your husband will definitely like it a whole lot more, mine sure does.


My Adoration For Scout

As you may recall I am a contributor for The Southern C blog and it is one of my favorite things to do.  I love interviews and love getting to know creatives on a deeper level ... I find it so fun and they have so many amazing things to share.  My first blog post for this year was a really good one and I am still absorbing all I learned and discovered about the amazing Owner + Creator of SCOUT Bags, Deb Johns. 


Shopping For All The Pink!

Pink ... its just my signature color.  It makes me happy, gives me life and I think every single thing just is prettier in pink.  Since we are three days into my very favorite month I am most definitely wearing all the pink ... on repeat ... and I love it so.  I am telling you, it is just the best color in the wheel.  There is something so happy about all things pink ... I think the simpleness of the color + its pureness + the feminine side.  It is just sooo very pretty. 💗

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