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Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 12

I am not going to lie, content wise I have been in a rut for about three weeks.  That was the time I began working on a big project that I can not disclose for quite a while.  I struggle when this happens because I pretty much share what I am working on professionally in real time, so when I can't I become lost for what to write.  The good thing is that the project is now finished and I am literally days away from attending The Southern C ... so good content and inspiration will be aplenty very, very soon.  I apologize for being so spotty the last few weeks, I was slammed and being secretive is hard for me, but that is behind me and forward we shall go. 


Vintage Book Goodness

While I am shopping estate sales I always hunt for unique books that I can add to my collection or think are fun for resale.  Sometimes I find really fun ones, like the Housewives Guide to Antiques and Your Secret Servant. A friend was at the house recently and started commenting on their favorites of my collection and it got me thinking, what a fun blog post.  I have found some I really adore, and some super witty ones that I think would make great additions to your bookcases.  I have gathered a bunch that I both own, and ones I think would be super fun to own.  

Anyone else have some in their library they just adore?


Valentine Cocktails

Can you tell I have Valentines Day on the brain?  I have been thinking about it for the last week and the best part for me is that I really think of it as a whole month of sharing love not just a single day.  With that being said I will be wearing all the pink + red, eating all the cute pink sweets, and celebrating on weekends with a great Valentines cocktail.  (ps ... when you use pink ribbons for your Christmas decorations can you just use them again for Valentines Day?  ... asking for, well me!)


Dreaming ...

Do you dream?  I don't mean the kind that we do while we sleep, I mean dreams for the future.  What are you doing now that adds up to a dream you have for the future?  What little steps are you taking every single day that leads up to something big? Are you working towards a goal?  And if not, why?  I know, a lot of big thoughts for Monday morning. 


Packing For Summit

This is just about the time I started making lists and more lists about what to pack for The Southern C.  It is a three day full on fun time to wear so many pretty things, changing at night for dinner.  I love to start my business year thinking about how to best present myself to others, and dressing the part is always the best way for me to do so.  I love fashion, having started my post college (second) working for a men's retailer.  I have always loved picking beautiful clothes and pairing them with accessories + fun shoes.  For me Summit is the best way to show off the most fun things, so overpacking is a normal, and expected, issue.  


Valentine Shopping

Anyone else just looooove Valentines Day?  It is my second favorite holiday ... the love and all the pink makes me so very happy.  For the entire month of February I will be wearing pink, hearts, and spreading all the love and joy I can. It was one of my grandmother's favorite holidays and I think it became mine at a young age.  Yes I am a sucker for the heart shaped box of chocolate and all the pink and red roses, but instead of hoping they will be gifted to me I love to gift them to others.  And this year I will be hosting a little brunch for besties and I could not be more excited. 


I Heart Printfresh

I have always loved a proper set of pajamas.  There is something about changing into them at bed time and feeling so good about wearing something cute and comfortable as I climb into bed.  I think my love of a great pajama turned into an obsession a long time ago, and I see no end to the love in sight.  I just really prefer a proper pajama, a top that buttons with a collar + an elastic waist bottom, and I think Printfresh pajamas might be my favorite brand I have ever worn. 


Murdaugh Murders Podcast

I am obsessed.  I have been completely sucked into the unraveling of Alex Murdaugh (pronounced Elic Murdock) since the moment I started reading and listening to this podcast.  A little back history, I have a pre law degree and had full intention of going to law school and working for the state attorney's office as a prosecutor. During college I worked for a number of law agencies and firms as a clerk + paralegal for experience. When I graduated I settled on one law firm to work as a paralegal while I studied for the LSAT and took some time off before law school.  


My Plan For This Year

Have you seen the funny response that Ina Garten had to Reese Witherspoon's goals for the year? I loved Reese's goals and I really loved the honesty of Ina.  Honestly I am somewhere in the middle.  I definitely love that Reese is making some great goals for herself and ones we should all adapt to, but also, I can really resonate with Ina. Covid numbers are high, worries are high, times are hard. I think we need a mix of the two and to be able to say ... some days I am good and some days I struggle.  💗


After Christmas Refresh

Anyone else crave organization and a new piece or two to begin the new year.  I have already organized every single kitchen cabinet, moved in a new armoire in the kitchen hallway to hold part of my china collection, and now I am looking to refresh just a few things in the house.  January is always a reset month for me, making sure I am set up for a successful year ahead. So, with that thought I thought I would share with you some of the pieces I use to organize things like drawers and the refrigerator ... and a few things on my radar. 


Wrapping A Gift

I have mentioned before that I worked one Christmas season at Lord & Taylor as a gift wrapper.  The year was 1993 and it was in the time where you could have your gifts wrapped at a department store in the customer service department.  You would walk up, check out the selections offered, choose your selection by its number, and then leave your gifts to be wrapped perfectly.  I miss the gift wrap departments, but I do not miss that Christmas.  The stress level was intense and the customers were lined up for what seemed to be miles.  

What I walked away with that year was the ability to wrap a perfect gift with little or no waste.  I do love to wrap a gift and will choose a box over a gift bag every single time.  I think a wrapped gift with a proper tag is so much prettier to gift and to set under a tree. 

I found a video for you that is very close to the way I was trained.  The only difference between this and the Lord & Taylor wrapped gift would be two things.  One, you measure the paper before it is cut, and two, you tape the second piece as close to the edge as possible to not have a visible seam. We also used double stick tape, but this is hard for an everyday wrapper.  I prefer the clear tape, it goes on well and can not be seen. 

When it comes to wrapping paper I have my favorites I shop from time and time again. I will list them below.  All of these companies create beautiful, thick paper that you can use to create beautiful boxes.  

Ruby Stripe

Sweet Caroline Designs

Initial Offerings

A Thing Created

Here's to using a box and wrapping a gift every single time. 💥

Image courtesy of Ruby Stripe in patterns that are perfect for Valentines Day


The Best Punch

I made this punch twice during the month of December and it is truly so good I think it is worth sharing yet again. It is so yummy and is perfect for all the winter months with one small change.  I really think punch is my favorite thing to serve for company, most definitely a group of people. You can make it before, you can serve it in either a punch bowl or a pitcher, and you can make it and then have your guests add their own spirits.  That is a major win, win ... don't you agree?


Happy 2022

Well, hello
... new year, and a clean slate of possibilities and adventures await us all.  I hope your holidays were amazing.  I took a very needed break of the blog, social media, and just hunkered down with my family and myself and feel so very refreshed and ready for a new year.  I was not sure that I would be ready to embrace another year of the unknown ... but then I realized we can't sit with what we know, we must move on.  

So ... 2022, let's do this


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