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Setting The Fourth Of July Table

What could be better than celebrating July 4th at the beach?  Isn't that the ideal spot to celebrate with the shells, sand, and endless sunsets?  I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a few days at the beach in May to set this stunning table to share with you today.  I love all things summer; I just love the slow days, the long meals over a long table, and all the slowed-down family time.  Am I right?  Growing up, we went to the beach every Saturday, and I still crave the feeling of a cold shower when you get home.  It just feels like summer, even now, all these years later. So July 4th at the beach would be a dream come true for me. 


Biscuits ... Not Just For Breakfast

I have often shared my love for Callie's Biscuits and the unique biscuit that Carrie Morey creates.  It is the best biscuit around with the addition of butter and cream cheese inside. The first time I had one of Carrie's biscuits, I was in Charleston, and I loved it so much I craved it until I returned a year later and really dove into my obsession. Since 2015, I have consumed several of Callie's little nuggets of love and have had them in many ways.  I love that I can buy them online or in my local market and bring them home to share with my family. But, biscuits are not just for breakfast and can be enjoyed all day long if you get creative.  Today I have tips for you on how to do just that ... and the many ways these little yummies can be enjoyed all day. 


Shopping Southern Delicacies

Today is all about food, which I think we all love.  I love to eat as much as the same person, but if you make it for me, I am smitten. I think it just tastes better, or is that just me?  On this day of How To Look Like A Pro, we are talking about southern delicacies you can order online and enjoy or treat someone else to a great item. Ordering food by mail has changed so much recently, especially during the last two years.  Two companies I order from repeatedly and can vouch for would be Southern Baked Pie and Caroline's Cakes. These two bakeries are superior in what they do and deliver to you, or your friend will be a top-notch delicacy. You will get a fabulous thank you later.  


First Day Of Summer Edit

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  After attending an event, I sat on my sofa and watched the stunning sunset shining through our den windows.  I do not think I can say enough; I truly love summer. I remember as a child spending all afternoon in the pool and then showering and sitting outside watching the lightning bugs around the yard and just soaking up the smells and sounds of summer.  The days felt so long and magical; I got that magical feeling again yesterday.  It really is just the best time of the year.  I think summer for me equals long evenings, a slower pace, and all the adventure each day can hold.  


Choosing A Stationery Suite

My grandmother was an avid letter writer.  She wrote and received a number of letters per day and it was so fun to see the joy on her face when she would get a response.  I, on the other hand, am not.  But, I strive to be as I love to receive a note in the mail from a friend, loved one, or colleague. It is truly so fun during Christmas receiving all the cards that arrive. My favorite part of receiving a note or card is seeing the beautiful stationery they chose.  I love seeing each person's choice of card, whether it be custom and monogrammed, or from a box that they chose from a shelf.  As my friend Anna Louise says, the stationery shows off your personality. 


Upping Your Game For Coffee + Cocktails

I am super excited this week with the content I have for you.  Last week my friend Anna Louise Dixon and I prepared a lot of images, styled products, and did lots of research to bring you the best we could find.  Our goal?  To help you up to your game and look like a professional in your own home and life.  Now, let me say this.  What I mean by that is that you can easily add some items to your life to make it easier, and to feel a little more polished. So this week will be focused on How To Look Like A Pro in many aspects of your life.


Things That Made Me Smile

I woke up this morning full of anxiety.  Even though I am confident that today will be an epic day, it still had anxiety for me.  Today is the day of sweet Haines' surgery.  God has opened these doors for this day, and I can clearly see it. It will be the best day, but a super long one as his surgery is indeed a long one.  So, as I am in prayer today and very aware of my own anxiety, I sought out some quiet time with my coffee and to smile. When I found myself enjoying the morning, I thought I would share what made me smile today with all of you. 💗 


Barrington x Melissa Smrekar

Captains Tote in Parker 

I have the best news for you, all my color-loving, pattern-obsessed friends!!  Barrington Gifts has partnered with the darling and super chic Melissa Smrekar. Melissa is a must-follow on Instagram.  I shared my love for Melissa in this post, but to describe her again to you is an easy thing to do.  She has a strong (and beloved) personality. Her wit is fun and cheeky, well-spoken, opinionated, and un-waivered. She is bold, self-assured in the best way, and she is funny.  You will love her if you do not already follow and adore her. I love her posts and her stories and musings.  


Healing for Haines

If you follow me on Instagram you know this sweet baby.  Haines Wainwright is the son of my dear friend Avoly and her husband, Tyler, and has had quite a journey over the last 11 months.  He got sick last July and this week he will have major surgery in an attempt to heal these seizures. We are praying so hard for him, the team at UCLA, his family, the surgery, the journey, and every single moment in between. Haines is so young and God has worked so much in the life of this little one.  I do not want to miss one single minute of it. 

Summer Plans ...

After coming off a couple of days in Tuscaloosa, I am tired this Monday.  I will say that eating our way through unique places to eat is a job in itself.  We ate so much, visited the most incredible locations, and learned much about my parent's city and its history.  It was so fun, but wow, I am tired today.  


The Mothers Embrace

I met Rachel Camfield in 2015 at The Southern C.  Our meeting was crazy because we connected immediately after the meeting.  She was full of life, passionate about the company she was working for at the time, and just a really great spirit.  I was at the Summit to style the mid-day luncheon, and who would ever know that simple ask would change my mindset on business, Instagram, and this blog.  But ... it did.  Rachel was just a fun and bright spot in a few days that I struggled.  My oldest was in the second semester of his senior year, my life was changing, and I needed to change with it. 


Americana Summer


Does anyone feel like summer sparks the love of all things red, white, and blue?  The second I put out the flags for Memorial Day, I think I crave all things red and blue.  I have loved so many things lately and decided to share what I think would be unique pieces if you are craving Americana like me.  


Ashley Brooke x Sunshine Tienda

Before I even say more let me tell you about my friend Ashley Brooke.  She is sunshine walking around.  She is kind, so sweet, and truly the loveliest person I have ever met.  I have always felt like she was a true gift to my life and any time we have together definitely shines brightly.  To know Ashley is to know a kind, gifted, and honestly just the best person.  I admire her faith, her patience, and her joy for life.  She is just the sweetest, best friend.  So when she told me she had a collection with Sunshine Tienda I was overjoyed for her. It may be an MFEO (made for each other) collaboration.  It is bright, happy, and filled with the same sunshine that Ashley exudes in her life. I was honored when she asked me if I would like to help her announce her launch.  I think my response was ... YES PLEASE with all the xoxo I could add. 


Lady Derby + Marble Monday!

If you were on your A-game last weekend, you spotted a Live interview I did on Thursday with the incredible Kelly Culley, also known as Lady Derby.  Kelly is an artist, an avid needlepointer, a true classic girl who, as she says ... always colors outside the lines. I absolutely adore Kelly, and I can tell you that you will.  She is a dog owner, a massive dog lover, and can be found most days with a glass of wine cuddled up with one of her dogs needlepointing away. I had the immense honor of interviewing her and learning more about her love of design, art, pups, needlepoint, fashion, the garden club, and her incredible outlook on life.  I had the best time and did not want the interview to end.  We have been following each other for a while on social media but had never seen each other in "person" and had only spoken on the phone once.  I am not sure if anyone else enjoyed it as much as we did, but I honestly had the most incredible time.  I ADORE her


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 16

Happy Wednesday ... these short weeks are the best, don't you think?  I have the best roundup for you today as I have seen (and bought) many things lately that I think you will love.  It was a crazy weekend of good sales, and I had to make sure I was purchasing good stuff for myself and not just diving into the sale mentality.  With summer in full force for us, everyone needed some summer clothes, and then I added in an item, or two, for myself.  It happens. 

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