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Happy Shoes-day!!!

Any one else madly in love with their shoe collection?  

Yes, I see all of you with both hands in the air!  I don't know what it is about my love for shoes ... but its a real and deep love affair.  Passionate really.  I might jump in front of a bus for a pair of mine.


Inspiration du jour ... #eastertable

It is time to plan my Easter table.  We will be traveling on Easter Sunday, but I plan to have dinner in the dining room on Saturday night as a family before we go our separate ways the very next day.  I have been working on a tablescape .. but just haven't finalized the pieces.  That is nothing new for me.  I find a piece that inspires me and then I have to track down the remaining things to make it all work. 


Chinoiserie Help ... #thoughts?

Chinoiserie : a style in art (as in decoration) reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs; also, an object or decoration in this style.  

In my words ... a timeless style incorporating all things I love.  For me that is bamboo, pagodas, foo dogs, blue and white, birds, bold colors and a lot of white. 


Lamp Shades ...

A shade is a necessity to a lamp.  You wouldn't use the lamp without it ... but it doesn't have to be white and plain and boring.  To me its sort of like a belt.  I wouldn't wear pants with loops without one ... but I don't have to chose the brown boring belt that does nothing for me.  I will happily choose the leopard one with a monogram buckle!


Monogram Napkins ... #yesplease

As you know I am addicted to monograms.  Might have my own MA meeting.  Probably need to be in charge of it with all my the monograms I own ... but it is what it is.  


Lettuce ware love ...

I was sourcing dinnerware last night and decided to check out the lettuce ware collection available from Tory Burch ... And my heart practically stopped!  

I had seen the promo pictures in the PR release, but I hadn't researched the actual pieces available for sale.  And once I started I couldn't stop looking.  And then wanting.  And then the wanting turned to party planning in my head.  I mean ... I just couldn't stop!


Inspiration du jour ... #weekend

Wow ... what an incredible weekend.  To say I am exhausted would really be an understatement, but fun times equal sleepy weeks.  I had such a full four days and can't wait to share it all with you today!  I say it all the time ... I truly am blessed!


Spring Shopping ...

Spring shopping ... it's a lot like spring cleaning ... it is just something we need to do to make it feel like spring.  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we all have a skip in our step!  A new pair of shorts, a new pair of white jeans, a cute pair of tennies or flops and the season just feels perfect. 



Girl Talk ... Cotton + Quill

I am so thrilled you love the new series ... it's a personal favorite of mine since I get to chat with talented women.  The field of design and the blog world is full of amazing, talented women that I am dying to get to know.  And who doesn't love some girl talk?



My name is Paige and I am addicted to monograms. 

You can sit next to me in the MA (monogrammers annonymous) meeting.  I will gladly save you a seat.  


Inspiration du Jour ... #townandcountry

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is the ever classic Town & Country, @townandcountrymag.  Being a preppy girl with very traditional likes, this magazine appeals to every side of me.  To be able to get a daily dose both online and with their Insta pics is more than I could ask for!  The IG feed provides so many amazing inspirational pictures, and I promise you I have regrammed more than my fair share.  Like the photo above ... isn't it amazing?  And why, oh why, don't I own that skirt and bag??


Happy Friday!

It's Friday y'all!!!  Finally ... this week may not have one of my faves.  It was long and hard at times, but I am thankful the weekend and a whole lot of bestie and family time!


The Laundry Room ...

Oh, the laundry room.  The dreaded place of dirty laundry and never ending chores.  Seriously?  Doesn't every person dread this room?  


Clothing classics ...

As part of my #lentnospend I have been truly digging through my closet and purging so much.  I think I have filled two contractor trash bags with donations from my closet.  That includes everything from shoes to coats.  

Of course, I need to say that some of the items I purged were in that closet since I had baby #1.  

Oy ...


Inspiration du Jour ... #fundoors

Last week I posted on Instagram my desire to have a fun, colorful front door.  Every single spring I get the itch to paint our front door something fun and fabulous ... and each spring I get shot down by the neighborhood architectural committee.   But this year ... I am breaking the rules and making it happen!


The Pink Room

the pink room at Christmas

I absolutely love our dining room.  I love the color and I love the furniture in the room.  It is one of my favorite rooms in our house.  But ... It isn't finished.  

I know ... are things truly ever done?


Girl Talk ... The Fancy Ashley

I am very excited about my new series, Girl Talk.  There are so many amazing bloggers, designers and people I am dying to get to chat with and learn more about their lives.  If I could invite them over for drinks and apps I would ... but since that isn't always doable, I have decided to interview them and just pretend we are sharing champs and curled up in chairs for some Girl Talk!


Tulle Skirts ... #lovethem

Tulle skirts!  I absolute love them.  I love the way they look on and I absolutely love how girly I feel when I wear it.  It's like I could just break out into a ballet at any moment!



Is it really March?  Wasn't it just Christmas?  How in the world does the time speed by quicker each year?  I promise you it was just President's Day and now we are preparing for Easter.  How does this happen?


Inspiration du jour ... #lifelist

I have been thinking a lot lately about things I truly want to do.  Maybe its the impending graduation of my oldest and the realization that my days won't always be spent doing for three kids ... or the fact that being in NYC on an adventure was so good for me ... but my mind keeps wandering to adventures I want to have and things I want to do.  It was time to make a life list.  

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