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ORC ... Week 5

Welcome to week 5!!  

YIKES ... WEEK FIVE LOVES!  This has been a very productive week in the laundry room but week 5 is always the crunch week, the holy crud I have less than two weeks to finish the massive to do list I thought I could get done in six weeks week.  

And right on schedule and true to plan ... it has been that week!


Off to Charleston ...

I am off to Charleston this week for The Southern Coterie Summit.  It is my first year attending The Southern C and to say I am excited is truly an understatement.  I am attending both for myself and as part of the Lifeguard Press team where I will be styling the tables for Thursday luncheon.

Enter stress and multiple lists lying everywhere here!


Inspiration du jour ... #dimples&tangles

If you have never completed a room for the One Room Challenge you truly don't comprehend the pressure.  Any one can complete a room, but to squeeze all those wants and can dos into six weeks is incredibly challenging.  

Hence the phrase ... One Room Challenge!


On my radar ...

Doesn't relate at all ... but just really funny!

So many things catch my eye.  One of my oldest friends once told me that she was afraid of all the thoughts that bounce around in my head.  


ORC ... Week 4

Welcome to week 4!!  

YES ... FOUR!  As in I should be so much further along.


Window options ...

I have been working on my DIY mud room wall this week and the whole time I am working I see the window to my left.  Yes, lonely little window ... I see you there asking for love!


Inspiration du jour ... #bestieweek

Last week was amazing.  More than amazing actually, but I don't know how to better describe it other than ah-mazing!  I might be more exhausted than words can describe ... but it was worth each hour of sleep I missed!


ORC ... Week 3

Welcome to week 3!!  

Or, as it always seems to be for me ... the week I completely freak out and wonder what I have done!


Happy Shoes-day!

With the opening of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra show house this week I will be attending the opening gala Friday evening!  And of course with a black tie event I will need some fabulous new shoes to wear!  

And what more perfect day to shop for shoes than a shoes-day?


Inspiration du jour ... #ORC2015

The biggest story in the blog world this month is the One Room Challenge.  Linda from Calling it Home has created this one of a kind challenge for designers and bloggers to transform a space in their home from start to finish in just six weeks!

Six very short weeks!


Special post ... What this blog means to me!

Happy Hump Day!  We are in the middle of spring break in the most magical place in the world and I am hoping your week is filled with joy and excitement just as ours has been! 


Monograms ... #summer

You know I am a monogram addict.  You have seen me at the MA meetings.  I have saved many of you a seat!  

I am always discovering new sources for all things monogram worthy and today I am sharing some fabulous new things I have recently discovered.    New things on my monogram radar ... and absolutely perfect for the upcoming warm weather!

Monogram Hat ~ 


Inspiration du Jour ... #monogramedflatware

As we celebrated with Easter dinner on Saturday night (we left Sunday for vacay!!) I pulled out some silver platters to use and watched the sweet hubs polish them up.  There is nothing more that boy loves than to polish silver ... lucky me.  As I watched him polish platters and silver serving pieces I started thinking about how exciting it is to have his family's monogrammed sterling pieces.


ORC ... week 1

Welcome to my favorite time of the year!  It's BACK ... and I am so excited to get started!


Easter ... and Christmas morning!

As a blogger today is the best day of the year.  Well, since it comes twice a year I should edit that.  But ... seriously people, it is the BEST day!

The One Room Challenge is BACK!!

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