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Black Friday 2019

So first things first ... I make a list of items I wish to buy for gifts and then also those I am hoping to stock up on for our family.  This is a great time to grab things like luggage, boots, sweaters and pajamas.  I also think it is the perfect time to snag a great TV or anything else with a plug you either wish to gift to someone or you need for your home!  So, make your list and then click through the sales below ... there are some amazing things to snag!  Making a plan makes shopping so easy and takes the least amount of time to get what you want.  Also, if you forget something, just place another order.  I have done it many times and I find most sites are offering free shipping so it isn't terrible to make two orders!

Making a plan also helps to make sure I do not overbuy.  It is so easy to get sucked in and need about half of what I buy.  Make a list and stick to it if you can, if this is an issue for you. ❤

Gifts For Him 2019

I am not going to lie, shopping for the men in my life is always really hard.  They are pretty settled and grounded people and would prefer an adventure more than a gift most times and so finding them a few things to wrap and place under the tree is difficult for me.  I always find incredible things they would love ... but I am not always sure they need them.  Shopping for the males in my life is always a little bit difficult for me so I am tackling this gift guide first in hopes that I will find some really fun ideas to surprise them with this year.


Serena & Lily THANKFUL Sale

I am so excited to share with you that Thanksgiving came two days early with today's Serena & Lily sale.  I will admit I am little late to the S&L love, but I can tell you once you start a love affair with all things S&L it is hard to stop.  This current sale is incredible as they are offering 25% off almost everything with code THANKFUL so it is their Thank You, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale all wrapped up in one.  The sale runs from today (cue the confetti cannon) until December 3 and is the only sale you will see!  Since we are focusing on special and meaningful gifts this year I was so excited to partner with Serena & Lily and get a sneak peek a few weeks ago at this incredible sale.


Baked Spiked Apples

This recipe is so delicious and so many of you have been waiting for it since seeing me devour one the day after I made them.  What I love about baked apples is the ease in creating them.  They are so easy, so hard to mess up, and truly the best dessert or breakfast food.  I made them thinking they would be an incredible dessert option and then after eating one for breakfast proclaimed them the best brunch food.  Warm and yummy apples for brunch ... who knew it was the best idea.  You can pair it with cheesy scrambled eggs and toast and you would be the hit of the block for a fall brunch.  These are truly so easy to make and can be made with or without the yummy brown sugar glaze ... but I most definitely say with please!


Gifts For Her 2019

I am super excited about gift giving this season, I think maybe the most I have been maybe ever.  With the year we have had and the last few months I have such different ideas of how my gift giving will happen. I have decided to give very intentional gifts this year ... something that I know will be a special gift and one that mean something to the recipient.  I have made my list and I am working on finding exactly what I want for every person on the list.  When I made my gift guides this year I picked things I think make special gifts for the people on your list.   With each gift I am suggesting I will expand on why I chose the gift and how I think it could be given in a special way.  I put a lot of thought into all of my gift guides, so we are not just gifting another thing someone may or may not use ... but you are giving something that has a lot of meaning, and love. ❤


Lavender Latte

I think my first coffee shop experience was years ago with my Nana when we stopped in after Christmas shopping and I ordered a tall mocha.  At that time I was in college and I was not really able to drink espresso without the extra added chocolate ... but thank goodness I have grown up and don't need so much sugar in my coffee drinks.  For me sitting in a coffee shop and ordering a fancy latte in a hot mug is such a special treat and takes me right back to my time with my grandmother.  One of my favorite things to order is a lavender latte.  It is light, aromatic and the perfect amount of flavor for me.


The College Look Edit

Oh, my darling assistant just gets better every single week.  I swear she is not only the cutest thing on the planet, but has a heart of pure gold and has such a love for Jesus.  I love every single summer when the door opens at 9:30 and her voice says ... "good morning".  I also love catching her singing while she works as she has the voice of a true angel. This summer she was so focused on her wardrobe and styled herself into some darling outfits, it was so fun to see this side of her truly blossom.  This post is all about her own style and some students who have seen her incredible talent and have asked for her help.  

Can you love it more??  Here is Anna Grace back with another series of Edits and this one is all about her own style!

image by @kenleighmccart


12 Happies du Jour

Designed by Stephanie Sabbe

How can it already be the week before Thanksgiving?  This year has truly flown by ... and for sure the last four months.  I am really enjoying this week decorating our trees and working on our oldest son's room for when he comes home at Christmas.  He moved out when we were prepping for surgery and his room was a bit of a mess with a little of this and that and had no purpose.  I spent this weekend working on it and will finish it this week just in time to host him for Thanksgiving next week.  He has a birthday next week as well, so it is even more special.  I can't wait to show it to you ... coming very soon.  The photo above is my inspiration ... and is based loosely (very at times) on the design above.  Isn't this room incredible?


Apple Cider Cocktail + The Best Swizzle Stick

Anyone all about the apple cider this time of the year?  We most definitely are ... from having a glass with breakfast to enjoying it spiked as a cocktail at night we are truly apple cider fans.  I think the crisp air, falling leaves, and snuggling by the fire makes me crave all things apple.  A true cloudy, slightly pink, slightly spicy apple cider is my go to. 🍎


So Very Thankful

Our plans for Thanksgiving are still a tiny bit up in the air (depending any thing that happens) but we are planning to be out of town for the day.  I am excited to be with our family and to just have all the moments with those who are so close to us.  We will get up in the morning and drive (not far) and spend a full day with some of our family.  That being said I did not need to plan a table for us here at home.  That did not prevent me from taking some time to set up a great Thanksgiving table to inspire both me and you.


12 Happies du Jour

I find the time flies with both of us home right now ... it will be 8 am in the morning and then we will have one or two appointments and the next thing I know its 3 pm.  It is crazy ... but I am trying to be really present since I know this time with us together is fleeting and he will be back at work in a month or so and this time will be gone.  I love being able to pop in and grab lunch after an appointment, something we did yesterday, and truly just getting to sit at a table and stare at my walking miracle.  He is such a kind and precious man and hearing his foot steps around the house is the best kind of gift.  It is so good and so precious ... but man how the hours fly by.


Barrington Gifts Sale

Happiest of Mondays to you!!  We are having the best fall weather right now, well its a little cold today, and the leaf peeping is truly the best its been in years.  This weekend was so fun ... with lots of adventure and the debut of my favorite new crossbody bag.  This design is new for Barrington Gifts and I think its perfect.   Any time I can buy plaid and add a monogram is a good thing ... two reasons I love purchasing from Barrington Gifts.  Today is the last day for the Veterans Day sale which is 15% off the entire site which is the best sale of the year.  Since we both know I love all of my Barrington pieces I rounded them up today to share with you some great gift ideas to truly take advantage of this fabulous sale. 🎉


Gift Of Talent + Love

If you spotted my Instagram this morning than you know most of the story of this mug and its incredible creator, but I don't think one simple post is enough to give you all the details.  I can't do the details justice, but I am going to attempt to give you all I have.  This was one of the biggest blessings I received and when it came I truly did not understand all it would end up being and how bad things would get before I had a chance to gift the mugs and spread the love the love that was given to me.  Like I said, I am not sure I can do this justice ... but here goes my best effort. 


All The Pie For Thanksgiving

When I think of my favorite Thanksgiving food I think I can break it down to just a few things; turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce .... and pie.  All the pie please and thank you.  After Thanksgiving dinner is passed and we have the opportunity to snack on leftovers for days I always choose the same plate ... a little turkey, too much stuffing, cranberry sauce and more pie.  I don't know what it is about pie that just makes it the best dessert choice for the entire month of November for me, but I am all truly all about the pie. Since my baking skills are slim at best I rely on buying all of my pies from Southern Baked Pie Company and they never, ever disappoint.  I used to be so much safer since all of their locations were further from our home, but the brand new location in Vinings being just minutes away is putting delicious homemade pies right at my finger tips.

And I am not upset about that one single bit. 


12 Happies du Jour

Fall has been so pretty this year in Georgia.  The trees were really showing all of their stunning colors.  We had a really cold few days last week and I am hoping it has not put an end to the rest of our fall colors.  Some of the trees in the neighborhood are now just dropping their leaves in bulk ... but others are holding on.  We shall see.  I really do love a full fall with weeks of amazing temperatures and gorgeous leaf viewing. 


A Month Of Giving

photo by Angie Webb Creative

When we were still in the hospital I recall longing for the time when we would be home and things would be "normal" again.  He would be getting better every day and I would be sitting at my laptop daily writing away about things that inspired me.  It would feel so good to be home and healing and getting back to our "normal".

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