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Happy Halloween



A quickie questionnaire

I love to read blogs ... and design blogs are my favorite!!!  Last week I spotted this little questionnaire on Project Gadabout.  I learned so much about her in such a small amount of time.  It inspired me to fill it out for myself.  When I copied it to past in the post I apparently grabbed her font too.  Kind of like it!  Too bad I have no idea what it is called .... of course if it was a monogram font I would know it right off!
Here we go ... 

Guilty Pleasure? Anything sweet.  I love a trip to the candy store. 

I can't travel without? A pile of new magazines. 
Recent Splurge? My Louis Vuitton Neverfull
My go-to flower? Hydrangeas
In bulk, I buy?  Nothing.  I hate to store things.  Lawyer loves to buy all kinds of things in bulk and then I have to store them neatly.  Drives me crazy!
I sleep on? Two fluffy pillows and one to hug.  There is always a pillow between Lawyer and I.  I never feel like the bed is empty when he is gone.  
Comfort Food? Kraft Mac and cheese or an everything bagel with cream cheese and sliced tomatoes
For Breakfast? Cup of coffee and cereal or a Kind bar 
For Dinner? I love a big salad!  I also love Mexican and Thai.  Though ... suggest take out and I am up for it any time!!!     
Love/hate relationship with? Exercise.  I hate to do it but I love the way I feel when its done.  I wish I could remember that motivate me to do it more!
Can't Stop Watching? Right now ... Modern Family, Revenge and the Mentalist 
Best online shopping find? J Crew outlet on the weekends
Dreaming about? the holidays ... I love the family time and cold nights in front of a fire!   
Crushing on? Blue and green in the house ... I seem to be adding a lot of both lately. 
Every girl should have? Confidence.  Hands down!
My style in five words? Modern mixed with timeless and a dash of vintage.
I love wearing? Rainbow flip flops ... I am addicted to them!  And rain boots ... I love how I feel when I wear them!
Dream Job? Designer of any kind!  Though my current job of mom rocks!!!
That was fun!
Learn anything about me?
Happy Halloween!


The beauty of fall ...

I was overwhelmed yesterday by the gorgeous colors in my house and in the yard ...

Hope your day is just as beautiful!!!



Keeping it real ...

So this week has been kind of a bust for me.  The kids have early release due to conferences so I am only alone from about 7:30 to 12:30 ... which means I have to squeeze an entire day into just five hours.  I feel like they are in preschool again.  Well, preschool plus they stayed for lunch bunch.  Thank goodness it is just one week.  

My middle child does not do well on early release weeks.  He likes his schedule.  He doesn't like change.   I dread this week each year.  He is very confused and needs a lot of redirection.  Not my favorite week of the year either.  I will confess I had a beer last night with dinner.  Needed a little something to make it over the hump.  It helped ... then I got sleepy so I was out by 9.  It happens ...

Lawyer has gotten his travel schedule down to a system.  He is trying to keep it to an every other week thing.  It's working so far.  Neither of us minds the travel but the kids definitely notice him being gone.  He went from being a work at home dad for 18 months to an absent dad.  It was a tough transition.  Every time he leaves the house they think he will be gone for five months.  They are always thrilled when he returns five days later.  

I promised to photograph my Country Living purchases and share them with you.  Truthfully they are still all wrapped and in the bags.  I haven't had the chance to get them out and enjoy them.  I am however caught up on laundry and almost done cleaning the house.  I am considering a house keeper once again.  That was the first thing to go years ago with we needed private therapy for Little Mister.   I would love to have the house cleaned all at one time on one day!  And to have someone else change the sheets ... now that would be divine.  Although ... I may have to school them in how to properly dress a bed just like the previous housekeeper (my gay bestie ... I swear nobody has ever cleaned my house the way he did!) did to me.  

I am actually excited about cooking tonight.  I know ... my kids are shocked too!  Lawyer would swear I was lying to get something out of him.  We are having this ... except with turkey.  We have Frito pie regularly but I never serve it in the Frito bags.  The kids will love it!!

Hope your week is a good one ... I will be back in full swing next week!

Pinky swear!


Giveaway winners!!!

Thank you for all your amazing comments and sweet thoughts on my products!  Since I have shut my business down it is nice to hear all your thoughts.  I will definitely do more giveaways!  It is a great way to get rid of some onesies and give you some fabulous sursies!!!

Here are this weeks winners ...

This set of happies goes to Hillcrest Acres!!!  

Email me at and let me know what you want on your happies!!

The koozie goes to Little Miss Southern Love!

Let me know which koozie you want!!!

Also ... I have some extra koozies if you guys want them!  I will sell them for $12 (which includes shipping!)
Email me at and let me know which one you want!!!

Here is what I have left ... 

3 Ga tech, 1 Florida, 1 Bama, 1 Auburn, 1 Clemson and 1 Georgia

Have a georgous day!


Weekend = bliss!

I love the weekend.  This weekend is no exception!  I had an amazing Friday (post to come) and the rest of the weekend has included gorgeous weather and family time!  How could I ask for more?  

Only two more days to enter the giveaway!!!

Many of you have entered but I know more of you have not ... come on girls!!!

Who wants some cute stuff???



What is the definition of the word repair?

One of Little Mister's weekly homework assignments is to define his vocabulary words.  I write the words and then he defines them.  It keeps him from getting confused and writing more than one thing on a line.  His brain works faster than his hands and that happens more than I would like to admit.  

This week one of his words was repair.  When he doesn't know the definition of the word he asks me for my help.  I always tell him to use the word in a sentence.  When he uses it in a sentence he figures out how to define the word.  He writes down the definition and then I have to check his spelling.  He spells phonetically.   

LM: What's the definition of repair.
Me:  Use it in a sentence.
LM:  My mom took the car in for repairs.
Me:  So, what is the definition of repair
LM: to fix it

Thank goodness I double checked his work ... 

You can thank me later!



My cowboy

Our middle child decided about a month ago that he wanted to be a cowboy for Halloween.  Pretty cute!  But he didn't want to be just any cowboy ... he wanted to be just like the ranch hand at the ranch Lawyer's best friend owns in Colorado.  

Ok ... first of all he is way over six feet.  The sexiest man I have ever seen and probably the most polite man to walk the earth.  He is the roughest, toughest and kindest man I have ever met.  He tips his hat when he sees you and takes off his hat when he enters the ranch house.  When he is near all the ladies swoon.  Heck, I think Lawyer even swooned.  The fact that he wants to be like John Todd makes me proud.  What a great role model! 

Since we won't be six foot something by October 31 ... I decided to ask him what he wanted to wear.  He made me a list.  I lost the piece of paper but here is what he wrote.

Black Cowboy boots 
Already have my hat 
The things he wore over his jeans
A long shirt
A belt and buckle

We headed out to Good Will to locate boots ... found a pair of Justin's at the first stop for $20.  Score.  He also found a great plaid shirt he liked and we purchased that too.  Hair Girl has a buckle I bought for her husband for the 70's party we attended in March so I just have to ask her for it.  I found chaps (the things he wore over his jeans) and a lasso on Ebay.  I paid a total of $40 for both.  Score big time!!!

The lasso arrived today and he has been practicing on the mailbox for the last hour and a half.  He finally figured it out.  He asked me to video him ... and now I get to share it with you!!

He's getting pretty good ... can't wait to see him do it in the chaps!



Tooth Fairy

Don't forget to sign up for the giveaway!!!

The tooth fairy that comes to our house is very cautious.  She doesn't go out in rainy weather.  It is hard for her to fly and then when her wings get wet she gets stranded some place and has to take shelter for the night.  So if it is storming she won't come to our house that night ... she will wait until the next day while you are at school when the rain has ceased and the way is clear.

Or ...

that's what my daughter thinks!  It is so much easier to explain to her than the real story ...

... that Mommy was so tired after reading with and praying over her older brother that she collapsed into bed and completely forgot about the tooth and the snack she had laid out.  

Until the next morning when the mini me reminds me and I wake up in a jolt and roll over and say to Lawyer ...

"please tell me that is rain I hear ..."

Saved by the rain yet again!



Comfort ...

There is a lot of things that make me comfortable.  I try to add a little comfort into each day.  It doesn't happen every day.  Sometimes it doesn't happen until I put on my lazy pants at the end of the day.  Some days it happens all day long.  Today is one of those days ...

Between the long weekend at the show where the bestie was super busy, ok super busy doesn't even describe it, to re-entry, the problem du jour with the middle child I am in need of a day of comfort!  

I started by lounging in the lazy pants longer than normal.  I swamped my sleep T shirt for a cable knit sweater and a pony tail and tidied up the house.  Nothing makes me feel better than walking thru a tidy house.  Lawyer was hanging around today waiting on Comcast (ps ... hate Comcast! but that and the reason we have both Comcast and AT&T Universal is a whole 'nother post!) so that was a bonus to the comfort level.  

I then answered emails and wrote another novel/email to the school.  Got those thoughts off my chest ... the comfort level rises even more.  

Loaded my darks into the washer and watched Rachel Zoe on DVR.  This day is good!

Made Kraft Macaroni and cheese for lunch paired with a Diet Coke in my favorite cup.  The perfect comfort lunch. 

Now I am working on blogs for the week, watching Fashion Hunters on DVR and resting on top of my super comfy bed.  I changed out of the lazy pants into black riding pants/leggings and have added a button down to the sweater mix.  This fall I am addicted to button downs more than ever before.  

This afternoon will (I hope) consist of hot cocoa for the kids and coffee for me while we tackle homework.  It is raining and cold and they will need the warm liquid as much I as will need a caffeine boost.  We rented a movie yesterday from the Red Box so the kids are dying to watch Gulliver's Travels and it is the perfect day to do it.  I do not like them watching TV during the week but I have to concede on rainy days.  

I am meeting two dear friends for dinner at our favorite ... Chicken and the Egg.  I have already texted Hair Girl to let her know my hair is not up to par.  It is tough when one of your closest friends does your hair and has high expectations.  Not to mention cuts her own hair.  Yes ... she cuts her own hair!

me:  No comments on the messy pony tail
her:  Put a flower in it and call it style
me:  or lip gloss and call it comfort

I will be sporting the same duds I am wearing now with wellies and a possible scarf depending on the temperature when I leave.  The only thing I have to do before I go is add some mascara and lip gloss.  I love spending time with my close friends.  It's easy and comfortable.  The way it should be!

Hope your day is grand!!!



Giveaway time!!!

I know I am late this morning... but I had an novel/email to write about my middle son.  Seems that school is on the downward spiral and I needed to get all the happenings documented asap.  He comes first!  He has to!

Ok .. I have two little vignettes I have brought up from the studio ...  I hope you love!

First, a set of things to help decorate your house for fall!

A napkin holder with 150 orange napkins
A black and white striped kitchen towel ... monogrammed in orange for you!
A orange hand towel ... also monogrammed in white (or black) for you!

The kitchen towel is perfect for your kitchen sink and the hand towel will make your 1/2 bath fabulous!

Next ... a team koozie!

I have the teams shown ... if you can't use it for yourself it will make a great gift!

To enter ...
A comment gets you one entry!
Blog about it gets you another entry!
Follow me gets you a third entry!

Winners drawn bright and early next Tuesday!

Good Luck!



One more day to the giveaway!

I know ... I promised you a giveaway today ... but I need one more day to peruse the studio and make something fabulous appear.  I am super sleepy after a long week and my house needs some tending to today.  Five days away for Mom = bomb galore for the house!  Ugh!!!

No worries ... I will be back tomorrow ... eyes brighter with not one, but two 




Giveaway on its way ...

I am busy this week at the Junior League Mistletoe Market helping my bestie Preppy Paper Girl but I will be back on Monday ...

and ...

We will have not one, but two giveaways!

And who knows.  

I might just send you a happy package Preppy 101!

Thanks for the suggestion!!!



Anybody ??

Up for a giveaway?

I have some great stuff hanging around in the studio without a home!




I am loving ...

I just discovered collages ... I am loving them!

I really like to see all my favorite photos together.

I know I whined about summer ending ... I do love my summers!
I am finally fully into fall and I am enjoying each and every day!  The weather has been fabulous, I have been wearing a ton of oxfords this year and I do heart my Erin Condren planner.  

Happy Fall to you!



Bucket fillers!

Baby girl's teacher has a program of praise called the bucket filler.  The children are encouraged to fill out sheets for each other with sweet notes of encouragement.  They can fill them out whenever they feel led and then they give them to the recipient.  It is so incredibly sweet!  So far she has received two of them so far this year and with each one she comes running thru the door to tell me all about her bucket filler.  

I am thinking we should adopt this for our house.  How amazing would it be to find a little slip of paper from your sibling with a little note of kindness!

We are definitely going to try it!




Never judge a book ...

Late yesterday afternoon the boys and I were outside in the front yard.  The teenager was preparing to mow the grass and I was getting ready to start the blower for our younger son.  Lawyer was out of town in LA.    

A sheriff pulled up in front of our house and parked.  A nice officer got out and requested Lawyer.  Since he wasn't home she spoke to him on the phone and left the papers she was carrying with me.  I shook her hand and she left.  She was in the driveway a total of maybe 10 minutes.  It happens a lot.  Not so much anymore since Lawyer doesn't work for himself ... but it is not a foreign concept to me.  Lawyer is an attorney.  He was the registered agent for a lot of people.  He still is the registered agent for one of his friends.  He was served.  No biggie.  

Since we live at a three way stop and since it was just about 5 pm ... I am guessing just about all the neighbors drove by.  The nosy ones for sure.  They were driving way slower than their usual how fast can we make it up the hill and thru the stop sign.  It was priceless.  Even the sheriff commented it.    

After the boys were done with their chores we sat on the stoop and enjoyed the amazing fall weather.  The teenager remarked at the rubber neckers from earlier.  I asked him what he would think if he saw a sheriff or a police car pull up in front of someone's house.  He thought about it and then responded ... "I am sure I would have raised my eyebrow at them.  And that would be really dumb!"  

It was the perfect teaching moment.  He will never forget it.

You can not ever judge a book by its cover.  

Thank you Lord for that teaching moment for all three of us ... it was priceless!



The caul

I have more useless knowledge that I learned during my morning ritual.  This time I was perusing and read a story about Jessica Alba's new baby girl.  Sweet baby!  As I was reading the story I came across this couple of paragraphs ... 

Also unexpected — Haven’s arrival in the caul, meaning she was delivered inside her amniotic sac.
“Cash said, ‘She was born in her safe haven,’” Alba recalls of choosing her daughter’s name. “And so there we had it.”

Disclaimer ... Before I go on with my thoughts I need to say that I do not buy into any of the following information.  I am grounded in my belief in my Savior and nothing more.  I do not believe in psychics.  Period.  The End.

Back to my story ...

When my middle child was born he too was born in his amniotic sac.  The doctor had broken my water but the sac remained intact.  When he was born he was still inside the deflated sac and the only thing outside the sac was his one big toe.  It looked to me like a clear deflated balloon.  He was completely clean and they simply wiped off his foot and handed him to me.  I heard the nurses talking (there was a lot of talking and whispering going on ... he was an unusual birth) and one of them said to me.  "He is still encased is his sac.  He will be a pyschic."  

Um ... ok.  Whatever.  I moved on.  They immediately started talking about his other issues and I completely forgot about the sac.  

I had no idea the sac had a name or any other information to go with it.  Apparently it is called a caul and those who are born with it intact are called caulbearers.  

Wikipedia says ...
"Many caul bearers claim to possess clairvoyance or other preternatural abilities.

In medieval times the appearance of a caul on a newborn baby was seen as a sign of good luck.[5] It was considered an omen that the child was destined for greatness. 

Another site says that caulbearers are known to be able to predict the weather.  If you want to know when it will rain ... just ask my son.  He can tell you in the morning whether or not it will storm.  The site also says that these children are easy babies and from early on can be set aside as different.  Yes ... he was an easy baby but any baby would have been easy after a baby with colic who cried for three months straight!

I found lots of information in Google ... but the only piece I am willing to claim is that these children are rare and special.  

I could have told you that!


What I learned from blog reading yesterday ...

I have mentioned plenty of times before that I have a ritual in the morning.  The kids leave the house at 7:30 am and I brew myself a hot cup of coffee and head up to my bed to snuggle with my computer and fulfill my am ritual.  I log onto the computer and first read and then and then hit my blog roll.  I do not feel ready to face the day until I am done.  Silly I know .... but its my ritual.  

Yesterday I was reading and came to the Jones Design Company.  One of the many design blogs I love to read.  It was her birthday and she was posting about baking herself a carrot cake.  Funny enough my mother would make me a carrot cake each year for my birthday.  She made it because it was my favorite.  The "funny" part is that I do not like carrot cake ... never did.  It was my dad's favorite ... not mine.  My favorite cake is chocolate with white icing.  It's quite the joke at my house.  

Anyway ... as I was reading I learned a little bit of wisdom.  

She writes ... Today is my birthday. And according to Wikipedia, it is the birthday of 698,999 other Americans too. October 5th {the most common birthdate} happens to fall 40 weeks after New Years Eve, so I guess it makes sense that all that lovin’ on New Years turns into babes 10 months later. 

I immediately thought of Baby Girl.  Her original due date was October 5th and my ob took her two weeks early via c-section.  If she had been born on her due date she too would have the most common birthday.  Fun little tidbit of knowledge!

So I guess she was a New Year's Eve baby ... too bad I have no idea what we did that year.  I am sure it was the usual ... watch a movie and order Chinese take out.  

Kind of funny ...



Happy Wednesday!

My life has changed so much in the last seven months.  As we were preparing to move I shut down my business.  I could not continue to work and move and get the kids settled ... blah, blah, blah.  Now that our move has been postponed (and hangs in the back of my mind weekly) I still have not gone back to work.  It has been a huge blessing that I did not see coming.  

Now that Lawyer is traveling more than we planned I need to be on my toes.  Not working gives me the flexibility to be pulled in any direction.  I have never been more relaxed even though its been stressful at home lately.  Our middle child is struggling at school and I am working daily to get him and give him what he needs.  I will say yesterday I needed a time out and I was able to schedule a last minute wine date with a friend.  I love that!  If I was still working I would have pushed thru the night and then worked and crashed into bed.  Not a good plan ... instead I was able to take care of me.  I came home a few hours later relaxed, refocused and much sweeter than when I left.  Happy mommy is good!  Pinky swear ...

It's Wednesday and I find myself enjoying coffee, some computer time and a DVR'd Rachel Zoe.  Life is good!!  

On the to do list for today is some laundry, errands for a big week next week and some more down time before the bus arrives at 3 and we start the homework craziness again!  My sweet baby is getting hit hard with the homework from 4th grade and its wearing on both of us!

I am also hoping to squeeze in a smidge of girl time this am ... we shall see!

Have a great day!


Obsession of the moment!

I have always loved resale stores ... especially vintage ones.  I have sold to resale stores in the past but had never really shopped in them for myself.  Until recently when I discovered a number of resale stores in my area that sell high end couture.  I know ... be still my heart!  I have visited almost all in the area with only a few left to discover!  I am in love!!!

It started with birthday party shopping for the mini me!  She was having a dress up party so I hit up two Good Wills in Buckhead and Sandy Springs to locate heels, dresses and accessories.  Now I know Good Will is very far from high end couture ... but I got lucky twice!  Check it out ...

A Louis Vuitton messenger bag and a Thomas Pink men's woven.

The messenger bag was $22 (missing the strap) and the Thomas Pink was $5.  I took the Louis to the store at Lenox to have it checked out and to order a new strap and its legit!  Holy crud ... who takes Louis to Good Will?

The Thomas Pink is too large to wear out but I looove it as a night shirt!  So comfy so amazing tailored!  Love it!  I may or may not have worn it to a friends for coffee last week.  Let's go with may!

Not to mention I saw Manolos .. Jimmy Choos and Louboutins ... for ridiculous prices.  Too bad they were not in my size!  They were all in great condition!!

That plus a conversation with a friend about a store she loves sparked a whole new passion for me!  Here are my finds so far ...

I snagged these brand new clogs yesterday and left a Calypso shawl behind.  I was a little worried about the eggplant/purple tones but I haven't stopped thinking about it!  I will be snatching that up tomorrow!  Let's hope it is still there!!!

Never been worn Ferragamos ... so comfy and such great shoes!!!  $79!  

Yes its Hermes and yes it is in perfect condition!  I love it!!!  $180!

Great boots and only $99 ... Preppy Paper Girl insisted I grab them up ... Love them!

I left behind a gorgeous pair of Chanel heels in navy blue and some great Burberry espadrilles.  I have told myself a hundred times the heels were too high but I still dream about them!

Yes its an obsession and yes I am hooked!

What can I say?



Poison what?

It all started Friday morning after the kids left for school.  I received a text from the teenager letting me know he was having trouble with his left eye.  He said it was "inflamed" and asked if he could go to the nurse for some ice and Tylenol.  I of course said yes!

He goes to the nurse and she looks at him and gives me a call.  She says not to worry ... it looks like he was bit by a bug on the bus.  She has iced it down and given him some Tylenol and he is headed back to class.  Fabulous.  We dodged that run to school and gather said teenager bullet.  Back to my cleaning and organizing of the house.

I receive another text from him about 3 pm letting me know he now has a rash.  He tells me he isn't staying after school for clubs and is coming home on the bus.  Easy peasy!  I love a kid who communicates!!!

He arrives home and I completely freak out upon seeing his face.  He has a dark red rash covering his left eye, his nose, all down his left cheek and his left ear.  His eye lid is bright red, covered in rash and blisters.  The nurse clearly needs to attend some continuing education classes.  This is no bug bite at all and looks to be poison ivy to me.  He and I run over his week and realize he hasn't been outside in danger of touching anything poisonous for at least a week.  He was home sick with a bad head cold for Monday and Tuesday and then was buried in homework and clubs the rest of the week.  I load him up with benadryl ... kiss him goodnight promptly at 4:45 pm and head off to Baby Girl's soccer game and dinner afterward at Chic-Fil-a.  When I get home I wake him up ... convince him to eat the chicken sandwich I am holding ... load him up with some more Tylenol and kiss him once again!

The next morning he looks 1000% worse and Lawyer is convinced he has the plague.  I am sure its poison ivy but am still 100% he hasn't been exposed to the outdoors for at least a week.  There is no way ... right?  This child is highly allergic to anything with the word poison in it.  As we are prepping to get him to the doctor he comes in and lays this little nugget on me. 

"It just occurred to me that we did a leaf project in art class on Wednesday.  Two girls from the class were responsible for gathering leaves outside and the rest of us were asked to sketch them."

Are you kidding me?  My child is completely covered with poison ivy because of an art project?  Oh ... she is not going to like me ... I can promise you that!!!

He is home this morning resting ... and doped up on steriods, benadryl and Tylenol.  I am hoping to encourage him to return to school tomorrow.  However I am not sure I would have left the house looking the way he does as a teenager!

I will keep you posted!


Fall is here!

What a great weekend for weather ... it was crisp and sunny during the day and cold at night!  My perfect weather!  I got a lot done around the house!  I cleaned ... moved furniture and hung a few things on the walls to brighten up the house.  I just need to hang a wreath on the door, get some mums and the house will be fall ready!

Baby girl had a soccer game on Friday night and another on Saturday afternoon.  She loves soccer.  We had to skip last weeks games due to her bike injury and she was not happy at all!!!  It was great to see her happy on the field.

She spent the first quarter sitting out ...

... but was back in the game in her favorite spot ... goalie! 

My favorite part of the game is the beginning and the end.  Both teams gather in a circle and have a quick prayer.  It does my heart good to see it each and every time!

I highly recommend watching a soccer game in a toasty scarf and drinking a hot cocoa!  

Saturday night we were off to the fair ... again!  Lawyer had been dying to go and we squeezed it in after the game!  

I love the fair!  Where else can you people watch for hours and get a jalopino pepper?  I mean ... you can't make this stuff up!

It was absolutely freezing but super fun.  I would rather be cold and cozy in a warm clothes at the fair then hot and sweaty any day!

We stopped for hand stamps and then were off to ride until we dropped!

The cold but happy crew!  Lawyer doesn't look happy in this photo but he swears he was!

Me and the mini me waiting in line for the flying circus!  I love this ride!!!

Finally made it to the front of the line ... did I mention it was freezing cold??

Ran into our sweet friend Aunt Grits!  We love her!!!  She appeared at the end of the roller coaster.  Her timing was perfect ... Baby girl was tired and crying after she road the coaster.  She ran out of the car once it stopped and right into the arms of our sweet friend!  I was shocked that she didn't like it, usually she is fearless!

Although after Daddy sprung for cotton candy ... her smile returned!!!

Lawyer bought chili cheese fries to share ... though Baby girl and I stuck with the cotton candy!
I am sure if I took a bite of those I would surely die!!!

Hope you had a great weekend ... 
I am loving this weather ... may it last for a while!


ps ... just noticed this photo Lawyer took with my phone while Baby girl and I were riding the roller coaster ... simply priceless!

Good times!  xoxo


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