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Hump day happies ... and back to the big T

My new plates ... I have 6 of each - dinner, salad and bowls.

Oh ... and the large tray ... I got that too!

Doesn't this just scream "I need a monogram sticker?"

So .. there is a bad rumor going around (thanks June) that I like a color theme for vacation. Notsomuch!!! I do, however, love an entertaining theme. I get kind of crazy with the whole thing. (Just ask the back of my car ... oh yeah it is still there!) Anything preppy or pink and green will do. And now with all my new melamine plates, picnic basket, table cloth and umbrellas I am set for spring, summer and all the days to come! So, I may have mentioned that Hair Girl, June Cleaver and I are headed to the beach for a week in June with all the kids and a nanny. Hair Girl commented yesterday that she heard we had a color theme and kind of wigged out. I think she thought her boys were gonna need preppy pink and green clothes. Hee, hee. That makes me giggle. Just to think of her two cuties in pink or green is quite funny. They are boys to the t and think all bathingsuits should include sharks or fire. Mine totally agree!!!
And just to clear it up ... there is no pink or green on any of my suits. They are all navy, chocolate or black. They are slimming colors. They do, ofcourse, have monograms. Adds a little fancy! I am just saying ...

So excited about the weather ... I love it chilly in the morning and warmish in the afternoon. Spring rocks!!! Makes summer so much more tolerable when it is 140 degrees outside and all the kids want to do is play in the heat. We are headed to the park today for a weekly rendevous with the group. We all bring something for a picnic and sit outside and listen to a great band at the park. It is called the Ultimate Playdate and we love it!!! The weather should make it perfect. Want to come?

Oh ... and I made another trip to Target and now I also have a hot pink hose ... too freaking cute!!

Have a great one ... MPM


Oh ... Target makes me so happy!!!

Ok ... I stopped by Target today and hit it hard!!! Found the Whim by Cynthia Rowley line and spent $300!! Oh ... the pink and green from my store is no longer there. It is now in the back of the monogrammed Yukon XL. Oh ... it looks so good! If you need something pink and green from the Whim line and you live in my area you might want to steer clear of the new big T on Roswell Road!!! I am just saying ...

The naughty chair is still in play and working pretty good. We were only there twice today ... much better than all the QT time she spent there yesterday. Hopefully this will continue to improve. Now if I could just get rid of the head bobbing she has picked up ...

Talked to the BFF today ... she has her 1st dose of nausea. Oh the days of throwing up. I do not miss puking for 10 months. And why do they call it 9 months? Can they not count ... 40 weeks is clealy 10 months instead of 9!!!!

Lawyer heads back to Texas tomorrow. One more week and this trial will be behind us. Think of me ... I will probably still be unloading all the Whim stuff I picked up. Yes ... the whole week. I told you I hit it hard. I wasn't kidding!!!



Got it from Hair Girl .. you should get one!

Your Slogan Should Be
The lawyer's wife - Delightfully Tacky, yet Unrefined
The Slogan Generator

I finally gave up ...

... looking for the hot barista Babycakes thought had moved into my kitchen. Very, very sad! So at 5 pm tonight I made my own coffee. I am so pooped today and I really have no idea why!

It could not have anything to do with the terror that somehow came into my home and took away my cutie Babycakes and left me with this thing that is making me crazy!!! WTF??? She has become so difficult in the last couple of days. I was really thinking it was due to the baby hamsters we were babysitting for June Cleaver but now I am pretty convinced it is just a phase. I hope ... please Lord let this be a phase!! Or let me find some wine company who delivers. every. freaking. day!!!

So my dear friend MAC gave me some great parenting advice. She told me to nip the attitude in the bud and introduce her to the naughty chair! This would be a chair in the dining room (completely dull room to her) facing the wall with nothing to see or do. She should stay there until she calms down and pulls it together. I am all about this ... perfect! So ... 1pm - Babycakes gets introduced to the chair. And the introduction does not go well. She hates it!!! Perfect! She should be back to normal in a matter of days.

As she is falling asleep after hours of naughtyness and quality time with the naughty chair I ask her if she is feeling ok. I am beginning to think she may be getting sick. What else could have come over my precious little Babycakes??? So ... she says no - she does not feel well.

Me: Does your ear hurt?
Her: No.
Me: Does your throat hurt?
Her: No.
Me: Do you have a headache? (possibly from the hours of fit throwing?)
Her: No.
Me: Baby ... what hurts? What is bothering you?
Her: My heart. My heart hurts. The naughty chair broke my heart!

Oh, crap ... I am toast! This chick is good!!!!


Am I now a Lucky Buck and someone forgot to tell me?

Ok ... I love the Lucky Buck!!! Probably too much so ... but that is clearly another issue. I love the sound of the expresso machine, the smell of a freshly brewed latte, I truly love the whole experience! It makes me happy!

But ... do I want to be one? NOTSOMUCH!!!

So .. why is my three year old standing in the kitchen at 6:45 am ordering a "chocolate soy in a sippy cup extra hot pwease"?

And if we are now a Lucky Buck please tell the hot guy making the drinks that Kate will need a grande nonfat extrahot latte ... pwease!



Sunday musings ...

My preppy name ...

Your Preppy Name Is...
Pruitt Rothwell Marsden the Second
But most people know you as Cece

I did not see you at the Square today for the Taste of ... No, you were smart! You stayed home where you were dry, warm and comfortable. You did not venture out where you got drenched and listened to your kids whine all the way home because they wanted just one more thing to eat. You were smart!



No dust for us, thank you!

We have been cleaning all day! And this house feels so clean - so much better! I love the smell of a clean house. Lawyer has gone through an entire box of Swiffer dusters and my plantation blinds and ceiling fans are sparkling!
After the kids finished their chores they headed downstairs. It has been a marathon day of movies for them and tons of play time. They have loved playing with all of Little Mister's birthday presents. He got tons of Hot Wheels, some trick tracks and a 4 way racetrack. He loves them all. We bought him a holder for his cars that hangs on his closet door. It is way cool and he has already organized them all and the organizer is up in his room. Thanks to Little Lawyer who is as type A as I am! He completely took charge of the whole project! He also got a cool nerf gun dart board from Mr. Babycakes (aka Hair Girl's J). It is way cool and I have played with it just as much as they have.
We are pet sitting for June Cleaver this weekend. One cat, 11 fish and two baby hamsters. Yes sir!!! Little Lawyer loves to pet sit .... it is great money for him. All of the kids have loved the hamsters!!! Babycakes is obsessed with them and they have gotten tons of exercise while they have been here. She loves to watch them roll around in their plastic balls. They are really cute and I have to say I have fallen in love as well! But ... I draw the line at little rodents. My Jack Russells would eat them in a matter of days. And that would be Bad Bad!
Heading out in the am to the taste of ... Hope to see you there!


Geez honey ... wax much?

June Cleaver asked for an update ... 33 more days! I am so pysched I can barely breathe! Bring on the girls ...
Click here to download wallpaper, view the trailer (me ... twice today!) and see tons of photos! Book it girls ... be there on opening night! We will be !!!!!


Just because I care ...

Beware ladies ... don't fall victim to this scam ...
I am just saying ...

Earth day ...

In honor of Earth day and the focus on being green I have some thoughts. We are pretty good here in the house of law, but we can always do more! We already eat organic, recycle and use cloth napkins instead of paper ... but there is so much more I can do!

Here are my thoughts ...
Send snacks to school in tuperware instead of ziplocs.
Stop buying water bottles and use neoprene bottles.
Buy bulk snacks instead of individual packages = less waste.
Run errands on two days instead of five.
Set my washing machine for cold - somehow it got on hot and stays there! YUCK!!
Use reusable bags for groceries, Whole Foods and Target. I hate all those plastic bags ... more stuff to take back!
Bathe two kids together instead of one at a time. (They fight and I was over it)
Use my monogrammed mug instead of the paper one at the Lucky Buck (Great idea ... Thanks, maggi!)

Any other suggestions? I know I can so much more ...


Some updates!

Ok ... finally got some photos of Paper Baby ... oh, he is such a cutie!

He is just this sweet! And when he cries, he is still super sweet!!

My visit at the hospital! It was such a full day! You forget how great they smell!!

Now on to my ho-dog of a wren who choose my front door to build her nest. Yes, well she apparently got tired of us using the door and has abandoned the nest. Now I have all new issues. What do I do now? The nest is absolutely beautiful and very Martha Stewart and now it is full of eggs which will not hatch. HELP!

The weather here in Georgia is amazing!!! Perfect Spring time days and chilly mornings ... just the way I like them! Of course it does not do anything for my to do lists. About 4 ish every afternoon I scrap it all and go outside to watch the kids play. I am getting nothing done! And I have tons to do ... TONS! Lawyer must think I am totally worthless, which I must say I am in the Spring. Oh, yes and the Fall, too ... pretty much worthless then too!

I took one of those quizzes on blogger. I was not happy at all. The quiz title - what kind of shoe are you? Now ... I love shoes! Love, love, love them! I am thinking - this is the quiz for me. So I answer all of the questions and get my answer ... I am a loafer? A WHAT? WTF is that??? I did not like that quiz at all ... it is apparently broken. You will want to steer clear of it!

Tons of work to do today ... must stop surfing and playing ... ok, in a minute!




Ok ... Lawyer has signed up with his own google account and has made his first comment on my blog. Help. us. now!!

Hee, hee! He doesn't know he has to get blog owner approval first! I still rule!!


Tag ... I'm it!

I was tagged by Hair Girl to list five random things about myself. Oh there are so many ... but I only get to pick five ...

1. I do not function well, at all, in the morning without a strong cup of coffee. It has to be Seattle's Best Henry's Blend and must be the first cup of the pot. If Lawyer tells me we are out he better be yelling it as he is getting in his car to go get more. Or, it. is. UGLY.

2. I hate to write letters! I love to get them but I do not write them. I am the world's worst thank you writer ... I am absolutely terrible. And and the most confusing part ... I own tons of stationary and most of it is monogrammed. I am not sure why I love to own it cuz I am not writing thank yous with it!

3. I LOVE to give gifts! LOVE it!!! Nothing makes me happier than picking up a little sursey for a friend. And to beat all, I am married to the world's worst gift giver. Truly ... he sucks! One year for Christmas I got a 10 lb. bag of pistachios. No lie. Merry Christmas to me!

4. I HATE to hear people chew ice or crunch in any way. It makes the hair on my neck stick straight out. You should see Lawyer trying to eat his favorite snack, hard pretzels, sitting next to me. I am pretty sure that sucking on them until they are mush takes all of the fun out of eating them.

5. I can not stand little boys, or any boy, with long nails and with any dirt whatsoever! I am famous in my house for clipping your nails a lot and digging the dirt out. And trust me, they hate it! Dirty nails = nasty boys!

I tag:

Sippy Cups
Clemson Girl
Mad About Plaid



I can't say I am surprised ...

You Are Most Like Charlotte!

You are the ultimate romantic idealist
You've been hurt before, but that hasn't caused you to give up on love.
If anything, your resolve to fall in love is stronger than ever.
And it's this feminine optimism that men find most appealing about you.

Romantic prediction:

That guy you are seeing (or crushing on)?

Could be very serious - if you play your cards right!

(That could be way cool ... should I mention it to Lawyer?)

Which Sex and the City Vixen Are You?


Oh .. this is funny!

I got this email from a friend ... very funny!!

Why females should avoid owning a cuckoo clock …

The other night I was invited out for a night with the girls. I told my husband that I would be home by midnight, “I promise!” Well, the hours passed and the margaritas went down way too easily. Around 3 am, a bit loaded, I stumbled home. Just as I got in the door, the cuckoo clock in the hallway started up and cuckooed 3 times. Quickly, realizing that my husband would probably wake up, I cuckooed another 9 times. I was really proud of myself for coming up with such a quick-witted solution in order to escape a possible conflict with him. Even when totally smashed … 3 cuckoos plus 9 cuckoos = 12 cuckoos (midnight). The next morning my husband asked me what time I got in, I told him “MIDNIGHT” … he didn’t seem upset in the least. Whew! I got away with that one! Then he said … “we need a new cuckoo clock”. When I asked why, he said, “Well, last night our clock cuckooed three times, then said oh shit!, cuckooed four more times, cleared its throat, cuckooed another three times, giggled, cuckooed twice more and then tripped over the coffee table and farted!


It's all I got today peeps ...

After spending most of the day with friends and without Babycakes ... Friday nanny ... I am pooped! We had a Round Robin this morning for the school as a fundraiser and then went to Ms. Contents house for cocktails by the pool until carpool. And now ... we are all cuddling in front of the tv and I am pooped!!
But, I could not resist sharing this with you ... I do love Carrie and Stanford!
Have a great weekend ... wondering what we are ordering for dinner ... so don't see myself cooking!


Spring Swap ... the update!

The fun package I put together to send off to my partner ...

S – Super cute monogrammed koozies
P – Pretty preppy whale notepads
R – Really cute & super preppy gardening supplies
I – Inspiring book on entertaining & preppy napkins
N – Napkins in a green preppy holder
G – Green and white monogrammed tote

And the super cute and fabulous things I received ...

I mentioned a while back I was doing the Spring Swap hosted by Connecticut Charm. I loved the thought of it and the whole thing sounded like super fun. It turned out to be way more than fun ... it was a fabulous experience!!!

First of all ... I loved my partner! I was blessed with Green Magsterpie ... a girl very similar to myself. We had so much in common. In fact ... our monograms are almost identical ... so weird!!! She is super cute, very friendly and a joy to meet. She has inspired me to spend more time at the Marietta Square and get more involved in the town of Marietta. I live in this city and still do not REALLY get involved. It happens with three kids, sorry to say! I have so enjoyed meeting her and I am positive we will only see more and more of each other. I ADORE her! She is a complete doll.

Second ... I love to shop! It is a problem and I do know it, but I still love to do it. I so enjoyed shopping for her and gathering happies. She loves green and blue and I stuck to this theme. It worked great and I think she really loved them.
Third ... I got such great gifts! She is a great gift giver, very thoughtful and attentive to details. How could I not love her choices? They were perfect for me.
I would do this again in a heartbeat ... but I would be so nervous! What if I don't fall in super like with my partner ... how would I ever shop for her ... I would need a Venti Nonfat Latte from the Lucky Buck for that event!! Hee ... hee!
Have a glorious day ... MPM


Beach pics and the friendly egg ...

So ... yesterday was kind of yucky ... I will just leave it at that. Dinner ... too much wine and a very cold slice of Papa Johns vegetable pizza. I know ... gourmet dinner of champions! So ... I am attempting dinner and bed routine for the kids (behind schedule) and the BFF calls from California. Her living there totally sucks!!! She is so far away and the time change completely bites. Who has time to schedule quality phone time with a three hour time change? Like I said ... totally sucks!

So ... she asks about the beach, the kids, my life the last week. You know, the general catch up information! Then the conversation turns to her life ...

Me: So ... what is up?
Carrie: With who ... me?
Me: Yes ... what did you do last week?
Carrie: Got pregnant!
Me: Excuse me?
Carrie: Oh, you heard me ... apparently I have one friendly egg.
Me: SCREAM!!!!!

Ok ... just to update you, has wanted a baby FOREVER! She got married in 1998 ... that busted up in 2002. And in 2006 she remarried and moved to LA. The baby thing has been her number one priority. But she thought it would take forever. Apparently not! She's prego!!! And I could not be more excited. Well ... I could but she isn't moving next door so I need to get over it.

Ok ... beach photos ...

The kids sharing a towel and a snack ...

Babycakes after nearly drowning on Monday afternoon ... she spent most to the rest of the week on the side of the pool.

Little Mister had a birthday on Monday ... he is 7!

My perch at the beach ... lime green chair, pink and green towel, pink monogrammed cooler and my tervis cup with hot pink monogram. Perfect!

Oh ... I miss the beach! But ... I need to get back to real life!



Oh ... hello lover!

Only 43 more days til the Sex and the City movie peeps! 43!!! How can I wait that long? This photo makes me feel so much better this afternoon!!! Oh, yes this and the fact that I finished redecorating my den today. Well ... almost! I am still waiting for some pillows to arrive, but otherwise it is done! Oh ... and the Coconut Cupcake I had for lunch today from Ces Moi!! That seemed to help my illness as well. No lie ... that was my lunch!

Thank God ... I thought I brought home a bug!

Re-entryitis – noun.

An acute and typically severe state immediately following a fabulous vacation. It can be identified by disagreeable physical effects and the lack of energy to complete ones regular tasks. It is usually brought on being faced with ones “normal” and usually somewhat dull everyday life. People experience re-entryitis can be characterized by experiencing one or more of the following symptoms:

a. Complete and total freak out upon the sound of the morning alarm.
b. Total exhaustion and the urge for a morning, mid morning, early afternoon and/or a late afternoon nap.
c. The need for extra strong coffee more than just in the morning.
d. Convulsions after noticing the more than 100 unread emails.
e. A need for Advil upon carrying around the tons of unread mail.
f. The urge for the 5:00 somewhere cocktail(s).
g. The shakes upon missing out on the 3 full meals and ton of in between snacks.
h. Blurred vision upon reading to do lists for the week to come.
i. General irritability and moodiness.

Re-entryitis will resolve itself within 7-10 days on its own. It requires patience, lots of caffeine and time to heal. You may want to wear your scariest "Beware of Bitch" t shirt to warn others of your wretched illness and need for space.



Home again ... home again!

Why is re-entry so hard? Could it be that one never wants good, stress free times to end? Who wants to leave this and come back to laundry, errands, lists and chaos? Anyone?

So much to do and I am getting a rough start!! The only thing I have managed to do since coming home was shower (yum!), drink coffee, read up on everyone's blogs and run to Scotts yesterday to antique. I know ... I am a sloth!!

Will post details later ... we had a blast! It was a great week! Hope the week was great for you!

(and ... yes the photo is REAL! And yes Lawyer ... I did take it!)



The pink & green is packed and ready to go ...

All packed up and headed to Florida! See you in a week. Lots to post and tons of photos to share ...

Couldn't convince Lawyer to go so my heart is heavy and sad ... ok, maybe not so much! Hee hee!!

See you then ...



And there you go ...

At dinner this evening Little Mister tells me about his week. We always have these random conversations about his life at school. They are always hysterical!!!

Tonights was just as cute ...

LM: Do you know what Passover is Mom?
Me: Yes, do you?
LM: Yes. It is a holiday when Jewish people can not eat bread for a whole week.
Me: Really? Would you like that?
LM: No. I really like buttered toast.
Me: Are you Jewish?
LM: No.
Me: Are you Christian?
LM: No.
Me: Sweetie ... what are you?
LM: American!

And there you have it!

Must, must get organized!

I can not post today I am way behind! We leave for the beach in two days and I am not at all ready! Ok ... maybe I will post just a little! I am quite addicted to all my new friends in blog world!

Oh ... all the stuff I must do before I go -

Let's see where do I begin?

1. Convince Lawyer that he does want to go away with me, the kids and my parents and no they won't make him completely crazy this time.
2. Also tell him that if he comes he is not to bring that laptop. I will chunk it into the Gulf of Mexico never to be seen again. EVER!
3. Pack for myself and three kids.
4. Fall in love with all my clothing options.
5. Finish my monogramming orders. Only 25+ pieces left. Holy Crap!, I mean Crud!
6. Straighten house, yet again for the new maids.
7. Buy extra large bottle of vodka at the drive thru liquor store plus tonic and a lime tree!
8. Clean car - she is so scary!! I can not be driving down the road in a dirty monogrammed car. She will be way to embarrassed!
9. Get Little Lawyer prepared for his trip with SIL.
10. Ship extra cute preppy box to Green Magsterpie.
11. Ship equally cute box to Connecticut Charm. She deserves a big thank you!
12. Finish birthday party details for Little Mister.
13. Get excited about vaca!!! And not drink all the Vodka before leaving. That would require yet another trip to the drive thru liquor store and I do not have time!

Oh ... to much to do and not enough time. I spy an all nighter ... you?


Anal? Yes! Totally Crazy? Not Yet!

Today I took Little Lawyer and Babycakes to Hair Girl for a Spring Break haircut! They look fabulous! Totally worth taking them out of school early so she could fit them in. So ... while I was there she told me that yesterdays post was a little messed up. None of my reference numbers in my list of 100 things lined up. After thinking about it for a second I realized that I had moved some things at the last minute and never realized I needed to check any statements that referred back to another. They have been fixed and hopefully make much more sense now!

I am completely anal ... but as of yet I have not lost my complete mind! Though reading yesterdays post you probably would have thought so. Here is just one crazy example ...

5. I want the first cup of coffee in the morning ...

20. I love the smell of sharpies ...

28. I do not like to wear tennis shoes. Probably because of #5 and yet another reason for #20.

Like those three go together ... NOT!



100th post & 100 things about me!

Yesterday was the 100th post ... but since I was just posting an answer to questions I am not counting it. Here is 100 things about me ... hope you enjoy!

1. I was married in August of 1995. He is ten years older than me and most of the time I love it!
2. I was married during a hurricane in Central Florida. The only time it didn’t rain was during our outside photos. Other than that it poured!
3. To this day I love rain – it is very romantic to me! A rainy day and cuddling with the kids and a movie – nothing better!
4. I love pajamas … I love everything about them. They must be a matching set for me to fall in love with them and I prefer them ironed!
5. I want the first cup of coffee in the morning. There is nothing better than the first cup. It has a completely different flavor. It is almost as good as a pressed cup of coffee. I LOVE a coffee press!
6. I do not like condiments of any kind!
7. I do not eat leftover seafood. Love it the first day, but do not think I will eat it as leftovers.
8. I do not like socks and I hate underwear!
9. My favorite drink at Starbucks is a Grande Non-fat Latte. In the summer I order it on ice.
10. I prefer to sleep under a down comforter. I do not care if it is 112 degrees outside. Crank down the air and put me under a down comforter!
11. I am claustrophobic.
12. I hate to drive in the car. Forget long car rides or tons of errands all in one day! I get car sick if I do not drive. Also, refer to #11!
13. I get migraines all the time! Sometimes they make me sick and sometimes they just hurt like hell!
14. I love Law & Order … any time, any version … Love them all!
15. I fall asleep every time I lay down on the couch! It is a problem, but it is true! Do not invite me over to watch a movie and let me lay down on your couch!
16. I have a chalk phobia … I do not like to touch it, use it or see it! It completely creeps me out!
17. The sight of blood makes me weak in the knees. If you come to me and are bleeding, I will probably throw up and may even pass out!
18. I love a tidy house. Monica Geller is my middle name.
19. I hate food to be eaten in my car. You can have drinks, but you better not spill it!
20. I love the smell of Sharpies and love to use them! My favorite Sharpie is the kind you can click with one hand. I do not care what color Sharpie … they are all good.
21. I hate to work out! I love the way it feels when I am done, but I hate the process, all of it!
22. I love both red and white wine.
23. I love both coffee and hot tea! If I am tired, I need coffee ... If I am stressed, I need tea. like both my coffee and hot tea unsweetened with just a splash of half and half. I love my iced tea sweet and I love to put mint leaves and orange slices in it in the summer.
24. I love both Vodka and Bourbon … but for very different things. Vodka Tonics are for spring and summer and Bourbon and Ginger are for fall and winter.
25. I do like Beer, but I prefer Sam Adams and even better one of the seasonal lagers, especially the Winter Lager. It should be extra cold and even icy if possible.
26. Soda is not really my thing … but bring me a Mr. Pibb and we can probably talk!
27. I am not athletic … I have terrible depth perception! Remember #21?
28. I do not like to wear tennis shoes. Probably because of #8 and yet another reason for #21.
29. I do not like my first name … Marla, I mean, really? What kind of name is Marla? Do you know one that is not a home wrecker? I tried to drop my first name when I got married until I saw my monogram. pMs … for real? Marla it is!
30. I love monograms and crave to have all my things monogrammed. Shoot, I would monogram my kids if I could!
31. My favorite car is a platinum grey Range Rover.
32. I was born three weeks late. I was due on 12/18 and I was born 1/6!
33. I have three kids and none of them was born past their due dates. Each one came a week sooner than the last!
34. I love to paint … rooms that is!
35. I love plaid. I love all plaids. And I love to mix them.
36. I love to listen to music and I like it LOUD!
37. I love to drive with my windows down and the sunroof open. And of course to top it off … see #36!
38. I hate carpet … hard woods only for me, please! Have you seen the crap that gets caught in carpet? When I ripped it up in our first house I almost got sick!
39. My favorite color is brown. I also really like pink, black and lime green.
40. I do not like yellow – mustard is the only good yellow.
41. I hate purple!
42. My favorite book was The Other Boleyn Sister. Awesome book, I could reread it time and time again.
43. I am afraid of heights.
44. I do not like elevators, especially glass ones.
45. The perfect drink (except cocktails) comes in a Styrofoam cup with crushed ice! If Chickfila only had crushed ice I would never need to go to Sonic or the Quik Trip. But since they do not have great iced tea I rarely go there!
46. My favorite ice cream is Creamsicle – orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream.
47. My favorite fruit is a mango.
48. I love accessories – all of them. The best are scarves, shoes, bangles and bags of all kinds. The only exception to shoes is #28.
49. I graduated from college with a pre law degree. My mother did not think fashion was a good major. After two years as a paralegal I quit and took a job as a store manager selling men’s clothing. I loved it!
50. I love to shop and all things fashion except fashion magazines.
51. I loathe runway shows. The models scare me!
52. I will sacrifice warmth for fashion any day!!
53. My favorite place to shop is TJMaxx. You can find all kinds of high end products if you wander enough!
54. I love the name Kate!
55. I love the name Henry!
56. My husband is the perfect height … my face fits right into his neck!
57. I love the crack and smell of a real fire. We have gas logs and I am always wanting to reach in and rip them out!
58. I am neat and my husband is very messy. He makes me crazy and the sight of his messes makes me itch!
59. I love to ski – this is odd considering #43.
60. I do not function well if the house is not tidy. If the house is messy and I do not have a cocktail on board, I will not sleep well.
61. Numbers are very easy for me to memorize. If I dial a number a few times it is burned into my memory!
62. I love to vacuum.
63. I love to sleep on clean sheets.
64. If my bed was not made in the morning I will not sleep well that night. I usually have to make the bed and then get into it. I know … Monica Geller!
65. I love to laugh.
66. I love to sing, but I am not very good at it at all!
67. I do not like to write letters, but I love cards.
68. I enjoy reading magazines. My favorite time to read them is the late afternoon when the kids are having down time. The best time is Sunday afternoon after lunch with a Latte from the Lucky Buck!
69. I love all things antique. I can get lost in an antique store for days!
70. I only enjoy doing laundry if I use Gain detergent; Gain fabric softener and Gain bounce sheets. If I am missing one element I don’t wash clothes! And only the original scent for me, please!
71. I hate the grocery store!
72. I love the book store … I can spend way too much buying books for the kids! Oh and magazines!
73. I really enjoy bonding with my kids’ teachers … if I do not hit it off with them it will be a very long year!
74. I am very insecure!
75. I hate going to meetings or parties where I know no one! I probably will regret! Probably because of #74 and a very strange childhood.
76. I love to cook!
77. I am a vegetarian. My husband only eats meat, potatoes and bread. I hate meat of any kind. So far seafood is still ok. But not if it involves #7.
78. I love the beach! I am of course afraid of being eaten by a shark! Watching my kids swim out really far is hard for me to do. You know – because of the shark thing.
79. I am a procrastinator. I hate this about myself! It is so strange to me because I am so anal and type A. I guess you could call it my dirty little secret.
80. I have never traveled to Europe … I know very sad! I have been to both Mexico and Canada.
81. My favorite food is Thai. I love it and could eat it three times a week. My favorite way to eat Thai food is out of the take out box with chopsticks.
82. I love to eat al fresco. Any meal is better when you eat outside.
83. I loathe camping! All the dirt and bugs – no thank you!
84. As I child I used to love to go hunting with my Dad. This probably seems strange since I do not like to camp, do not eat meat and the whole animal shooting thing. It must have been the quality time spent with him.
85. I speak Spanish … but not very well! I understand way more than I speak.
86. My mother, my grandmother and I were all married in August.
87. I have been to Disney World a gazillion times and have never paid to get in. It is the most magical place on Earth!
88. I was born in Oceanside, California on a military base. I have never visited this area of California, but would love to go back.
89. I would like to visit each state in the United States … to date I am only up to 20.
90. I love to walk barefoot in the grass … but not if it is wet.
91. I am a flip flop whore. I have tons of them and love them all!
92. My dream is to have my best friend live next door and raise our kids together. Currently I live in Georgia and she lives in California. But we are working on it.
93. I love to play games. My oldest child loves to play Rummikub and Scrabble, my middle child loves Uno and my baby girl loves Go Fish. They are all really good and very hard to beat!
94. I like all of those games, but my favorites are Yahtzee and Scrabble.
95. My dream is to do the New York Times crossword puzzle and know the answers.
96. My grandfather taught me to play cards when I was very little. He would hold my cards together with a clothes pin because my hands were too small to hold the cards myself.
97. I spent most of my summers with my grandparents and these are my most fond childhood memories.
98. All of my children have family names. My husband has a family only rule. The only exception … my daughter’s middle name is my best friends. As far as I am concerned she is family!
99. I love to be creative – which is probably why I own a monogramming machine.
100. Making this list has taught me so much about myself … every one should make one! I may even continue this one!

Have a good day ... please pray for some sun ... MPM

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