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Laptop information ...

Ok ... I have been trying this whole "link" thing all day and it does not work for me! I am thinking me notsoblogsavvy! But whatever ... here is the post from Greenmagsterpie ...

Enjoy ... it is super cute ... now I just need a laptop!


My new soon to be BFF ...

Ok ... just spent the last hour (or so) reading my partners blog. She is super cute and so me!!! I should have done this before I sent her a gazillion questions but oh well.

I wanted to share this photo with you that I got from her blog. It is so strange how similar we are! Her favorite color is green (I love green), she sews and monograms (I only monogram), she is super preppy (me too) and she loves to monogram things (remember I said I would monogram my kids if I could?)! We are perfect partners! The photo is her laptop which she mentions her husband does not use for obvious reasons. My car is monogrammed in the same style in white. Lawyer is mortified to drive it with my very large monogram on the back end. Oh ... like his bright yellow jeep wrangler blends in? The funniest thing of all ... our monograms are only one letter different. Isn't that odd?


Spring Swap

Remember the Spring Swap I mentioned hosted by the lovely Mrs. Charming at Connecticut Charm? Well, the partners have been announced and the swap excitement has begun! I am so pumped ... I can not wait to wrap up my package and ship it off to my partner!

But ... before I do I want to make sure my choices are perfect for her! I have some questions so that I can get to know her better! I already love her name ... it has special meaning to me!

Here are my questions:

1. Besides pink and green ... what other colors do you like?
2. What are your favorite things to do?
3. Where do you shop and what are your favorite things to buy?
4. Do you have any hobbies?
5. What is your monogram? (Don't forget I can monogram for free!)
6. What was the last meal you had?
7. If you had a free weekend and money was not an option ... where would you go?
8. What is your favorite thing to wear?
9. On a scale of 1 to 10 ... how preppy are you?
10. On a rainy day ... what do you like to do?

I may have mentioned it ... but I am super excited! This is way too much fun!

Check in tomorrow ... I have the S-E-X post for you! And Wednesday is the 100th post and I have something special planned for that one!

Have a great one ... MPM


The wreath(s) and the crazy bird!

Today I will share with you the saga of the wreath on my front door. Hair Girl has been asking me to share this one! This weird stuff only happens to me. I can't tell if I am blessed or cursed ...

Ok ... so, I have had a dried boxwood wreath on my front door for a year now. About a month ago I noticed that one section of the wreath was missing. After staring at it for a while it occured to me that it was being used by the birds in the yard for their nests. Although this is very sweet and all it was not working for me. My fabulous boxwood wreath was being torn apart. So ... I needed to find a new wreath. At a local boutique of sorts I found a unique wreath to replace my sad, torn up favored one. It is square and made of fake boxwood. It is a good fake and I adore it. After shelling out more than I should have, I brought it home and promptly hung it on the door. It looks great and my plan is to adorn it with monthly plaid bows to reflect the holidays. Great plan ... eh?

So ... two days later as I am coming down the stairs I see a bird sitting in my new fake wreath. Seriously ... she is sitting in a fake wreath! Does she realize it is fake? By the end of the week she has completely moved in nest and all. This bird has built a nest in my new fake wreath. So that was about two weeks ago. Currently we have five eggs in the nest. Every day she lays another egg. Now I am not up on birds and their mating. My bird knowledge is slim and is limited to the most brilliant of birds and their names. That is all! Do they mate once and she lays an egg a day or does she mate every time she lays an egg. Because if the second is true the small brown bird who has taken up residence in my fake wreath is a hussy!!! Lawyer and I are skimming the internet for a photo to identify our mama bird. Currently he thinks she is a finch and I think she is a wren. Her eggs are bluish green with a few brown spots.

So ... get back to me on the mating thing. What do you know? If I do in fact have a hussy for a renter I will laugh out loud. Considering this week we had to break the S-E-X talk with Little Lawyer. That my dears is a whole new post!



Sick baby and a saucy wench!

So ... Little Mister stayed home from school yesterday with a fever. YUCK!!! Killed my plans for the day ... but having a lazy day was way cool!!! He layed around all day and was super sweet. He and Babycakes play great together so all in all it was an easy day. Our only outing was to McDonalds drive thru. I know ... big times here folks, big times! As we were pulling into the parking lot I saw a bumper sticker I thought you would like ...


Even better ... last week I got cut off by a scary little car and as she pulled in front of me I saw her bumper sticker ...


Now that is one I need. But not so sure it will go with the burberry monogrammed floor mats and the monogram on the back of the Yukon XL ... your thoughts?

My last thought is about a neighbor of mine. Yesterday it was 70 degrees here in Atlanta. My outfit consisted of a brown pleated skirt from Old Navy, turquoise perfect tee, brown cardigan, gold Haviana flip flops and lip gloss. Her outfit ... a long sleeved black t shirt, stone pleated khakis, merrells and a red puffer vest. Something is way wrong with this picture. Sweet girl ... I do not claim to be up on the weather, but please girl put the puffer vest in the "winter" section and move on to spring!!!



8 days to BEACH!!

Eight more days and then we are off to the beach for the week! I love Spring Break! It is georgous weather and then you can still wear a cute outfit at night without sweating your arse off! Eight more days ... I do love the beach!

The bad part ... I do not look like my friend here in this photo ... for so many reasons! The main two I am not skinny and I am not tan! Must work hard this week on some self tanner so as not to blind all my fellow beach goers! That would be bad, bad! I do own this adorable suit, but I bought it with an even cuter white eyelet cover up! Great combo!!
Ok, so I tried the drunk thing! Not really drunk ... but definitely saucy! It worked ok ... but I was late putting my kids down and seemed to leave half of my life over at June Cleavers when I left. Must work hard and practice more! Please know I will not be having two (large) vodka tonics every night. On that path I will be Betty Ford bound in a matter of weeks. It was a perfect afternoon sitting outside June's house while the kids played for hours and then we (read she) whipped up some mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and apples for the kids while I sat and drank. We bathed the kids and I put mine to bed at home. Lawyer's comment ... "you must be saucy - you are never late putting the kids to bed." I must say it was nice not to be so rigid and freaked out during arsenic hour. You know the one - the time of day you either want to feed arsenic to the kids or take it yourself. But I am sleepy today and I will need an extra cup of coffee. I am thinking a Grande Nonfat Latte from the Lucky Buck!
Have a great day ... MPM


If I take the drinking advice ...

Ok ... so I have read all your comments and I am pondering my options. I still do not "like" him and still am very frustrated at the amount of work I am doing alone. I have taken Hair Girl's advice and I must remember, I need his paycheck. That might buy him some time! But, I will say I am thinking the flowers and gifts shown above would be a good start. Atleast if I am to remain drunk I will need happies! That way my drunk arse will look cute and my house will look fresh with all the pink flowers he will have delivered. That way they will not be the scary ones in the package from Publix. Those are below standards and will not do!
This morning he was to get Little Mister some cereal and a cup of milk while I helped his brother get himself together. Small and easy task, yes? When I arrived downstairs Lawyer was cooking bacon and seemed confused. When I asked the problem ... he confessed. He had no idea which cereal Little Mister eats. This is not hard work folks. The kid only eats one kind (except for Saturday) and he eats it EVERY morning. If he had only asked the sweet boy sitting at the table this would have progressed without my assistance. Then he poured him a cup of milk which was properly returned to him. Not by me ... but by Little Mister!

Lawyer - "What is wrong with the milk?"

Little Mister - "Ask mom."

Lawyer - "What is wrong with the milk?"

Me - "He doesn't drink that, he drinks chocolate soy!"

Oh ... I have so far to go! I am thinking of hiring a wife for myself ... any takers ...



Because ... ofcourse, it is 5:00 in Paris!

Belle in Bloom ... you may come anytime! My parents were in Paris last week (for 15 days total) and so my mind is still in the ... what time is it in Paris? mode. So ... I would say anytime girl, anytime!

Oh, and that UTI ... enough "clear" liquids and you will forget the pain. I promise!



So ... ok bad word!

Ok ... Clemson Girl is right! Scratch the word Frisky and add in Sassy! Last thing I need is some long drawn out conversation with Lawyer about me feeling frisky when he is clearly not home!

Not good at all!


What do you think?

I was feeling a little frisky today (could have been the blue skies and the snow) ... and I changed my template.

Your thoughts?


Happy Easter!

I hope your Easter was wonderful! Mine was divine!!! A yummy lunch, a quiet house with a long nap, snacks for dinner and then a great game of Scrabble! Perfect day!

Hair Girl's question was how many eggs did we hide for the neighborhood hunt? The answer ... 84 dozen! And the sad part ... the whole thing was over in less than 10 minutes! So very sad ... The weather was divine and June Cleaver and I wrapped up the event watching our kids play on the inflatables and enjoying vodka tonics. It was fabulous! You should come by and join us next time ... the sun, a blanket, the kids playing and a cocktail ... is there a better afternoon?

Ok ... I have a question for you. What is your holiday comfort food? What do you want to see at the table for your holiday events. Mine for Easter is always the same ... it needs to be sweet potatoes and pea salad. You can change up the rest of the menu but I really won't feel like Easter without my sweet potatoes and pea salad.

What do you like?



Easter Egg Hunt ... for 300!

Hey ... sorry you probably thought I was still at the hospital visiting Paper Baby. I was there all morning on Thursday, but I am home again. He is the sweetest baby. Very cute and so very sweet! He fusses a little and then curls back up, sucks his passy and goes right back to sleep! She is going to be very lucky!!

This week has been sucked up by kids, schedules, single parenting and oh ... heading up the Easter Egg Hunt for our neighborhood. You would think by the amount of plastic eggs I have in the house we are planning on thousands attending! My parents arrived yesterday and asked ... are you in charge of the hunt for the neighborhood (only 300 homes) or the church (5000 members)? No ... just the neighborhood!

Yesterday afternooon I read to Little Mister's kindergarten class. I love kindergarten. It is such a pure, honest age. They have no problem telling you exactly what they think or sharing all kinds of information from home. Oh, the information Little Mister's teacher must get from our house. I just pray she has a good sense of humor! Surely she has heard things worse than my mom really doesn't like her panties, right?

Ok .. I am off to sort the mass of plastic eggs upstairs into age groups. The fun eggs are the over 7 group. They have money in them. When the eggs started arriving with the little jingle Little Lawyer decided maybe it was not too late to sign himself up. I mean ten dimes do make a dollar!

Have a great day ... the weather here is set for Perfect!



Paper Baby!

My dear friend Paper Girl is currently at the hospital in labor getting ready to deliver her first baby. She is the kindest, truest person and has waited so long to be a mother. Her faith has been so strong throughout this journey and I have learned so much from her. She is finally getting to realize her dream ... she is a Mommy! I am so thrilled for her! When the sun breaks tomorrow, she will finally be a mother. To a sweet baby boy!!!

Rest well and know that I am praying for both of you. You have waited so long and have been so ready for this miracle to happen. You will be a great mom and have so much love to give to the new life God has entrusted to you. How blessed he will be! Your faith is unending and keeps me grounded! All the kids prayed tonight before falling asleep. Babycakes wanted to call YaYa, but I tried to tell her you were busy! We love you and can't wait to meet our Paper Baby!

Kisses to you ... I love you !


Preppy Spring Swap!

Oh ... I am so excited! I just signed up to participate in a Preppy Spring Swap hosted by Connecticut Charm. This is way fun! After you sign up you get a partner and you swap six pink and green spring items from the letters in the word SPRING. All for a budget of $20! Oh ... I do love a shopping challenge. Come on fun friends ... sign up!

Ya think?

Heather Mills was granted $50 million in the divorce from Paul McCartney. All the entertainment news sites are reporting that she is thrilled, "very, very, very pleased" ... ya think? That is $34,000 for every day she was married. $34,000 - peeps! That is a lot of money!!! But, apparently this settlement is only 6% of his total assets. Well, if I remember right, didn't she act like an arse? I can not figure her out (like we are best friends or something) ... but really? Is she a gold digger or completely misunderstood? I can not decide ... what are your thoughts?

What do you think of her?


Any one want to make a bet?

Halle Berry gave birth Sunday to a baby girl! You know she will be such a cutie!

Any one want to make a bet on a name? I am going to guess Nellie after her grandmother ... your guess?


Happy St. Patrick's Day


My 80 year old inlaws and the SWAT team ...

Ok ... so my father in law is 82. He is very sweet, very old fashioned and extremely well mannered. I adore him. He is absolutely precious. Every Sunday he sends out a family letter to absolutely every one in his family. He never forgets and it always comes about 4ish. He is very scheduled. It is really cute. So, I skim the letter each week since they are pretty much the same. A greeting, the weather, their health, the mail they have received, happenings at church, family functions ... bla, bla, bla. So today the letter came, as always, and I am busy skimming it. So, in the third paragraph I see the following ...

We had another tragedy right next door. We had a very nice couple about our age right next door. She has had a great deal of back trouble that had pretty much crippled her and he was recently diagnosed with liver cancer. They brought him home from the hospital Friday. That afternoon he called the police to say he had shot his wife and by the time they got here, he had shot himself. It was very hard to take for us, as we were fond of them. We first knew of it when the police came to our door (like a SWAT team) asking if we had heard shots. We later learned what had really happened. So it has been a sad time around here.
So ... WTH ... my sweet little inlaws never mentioned anything. This is the kind of thing you usually tell your kids. I feel terrible for them. I will say it will be a while before I just "skim" his letters once again. What if I had missed the whole thing?



The Dominos in our area has a great deal going with a local radio station. You order a special online and they donate money to a fabulous charitable event run by the radio station. It is close to my heart and well worth the donation (and more). Why am I selling this to you?

Well ... I may or may not have ordered pizza from them two nights in a row. I am trying to make myself feel better about taking the easy way out. Plus a slice of pizza with raw carrots and a fresh fruit salad is a great meal.

I swear it is!


Remember that bad storm I mentioned ...

I told you it was a really bad storm ... I just had no idea how bad! As I took Lawyer to the airport I got to see the damage up close ...

Of course we were blessed! This is all downtown and we live in the burbs. But, I am so sad nonetheless. So much yuck to clean up ... and more storms are headed to us in about three hours.

But, I am cozy in my velour pants, t shirt, black flip flops with a venti nonfat latte from the Lucky Buck. YUM!!! Very cozy and the kids are on movie number one. Sky High ... cute movie! I also can recommend Nancy Drew ... another cute one. The boys loved it ... the sleuthing and all. I loved Nancy Drew, of course.

Oh, and did I mention my basement floods during very hard, long rains (not a lot, but enough), Little Mister HATES the rain (so now so do I) and Lawyer is out of town. Oh well, it is what it is and at some point the venti latte will turn into venti white wine!


No snuggles and the $20 conversation

So, last night I went to see The Other Boyeln girl. I have heard it was terrible and I was totally bummed. I loved this book. Every minute and every page. Absolutely loved it. When we arrived last night at the theatre I had decided it would be ok and if nothing else I would love the costumes. Complete surprise ... the movie was fantastic and I loved each and every minute. It was so lovely!!! When we arrived outside at 9 ish ... the heavens opened and the rained poured out. It rained so hard I was sure to be completely soaked upon arriving home. So, I get home completely pooped from the day. Lawyer is beginning to pack and I put on comfy pjs and curl up in bed with his laptop to scour entertainment news and read blog comments. My thought ... I will be comfortable until he climbs into bed and then maybe some "snuggling". I mean he is leaving town again for eight days.

So ... ten minutes later the storm is still very much alive and I am SOUND asleep, laptop and all. No snuggles!!! I did not even give him a hug or kiss goodnight. I was completely asleep. So, when the kids arose this morning at 6 ish with yet another storm ... he was already up and checking delays at the airport. When he came back upstairs and said good morning (being really sweet) I felt the need to apologize for passing out. I mean I know it was a long week and all, but the man is leaving for eight days.

So I ask him if he will be needing cash before he leaves. You know for the high priced hooker he will be calling in Texas. So ... his comments?

$4300? ... Isn't that what he paid her?
Do you know how much TV stuff I could buy with that $4300?
We could get an enormous TV plus an xbox and chairs that vibrate with the game.
My media room would look amazing!
Do you realize she got $4300 for about 20 minutes?
That means she makes $12000 an hour.
For sex? Seriously?

You would have thought we were having some big deep conversation. But no, I was just listening to him complain about how much people waste their money. Atleast I know he will not be spending all our savings on hookers. Now ... if he can find one for $20 I might have worries. But this is 2008 and they don't work for pennies anymore. So ... I am safe!



Oh Clemsongirl ... you are so smart

Ok ... Clemson Girl commented that I should post a picture of said armoire and maybe she could use it. Brillant! I will do so tomorrow as soon as the Jeep is out of the way and I am all done helping Lawyer pack for his trip. I am thinking the only thing worse than being a single parent for the next eight days is helping him pack to leave. Seriously if I leave it all up to him his suit, shirt and tie combinations will not be fashion forward! Trust me. No one is going to believe he charges that much per hour and looks like crud.

Also, I am thinking Clemson Girl has a point ... her weekend sucks! The only thing that may improve it would be a rainout. Unless she is the kind of mom that likes to sit outside and watch baseball. Which is totally ok, but I would rather stay home in pjs and watch too many movies and eat way too much popcorn. I am not a fan of baseball, it is swimming for us. Did I mention that is our plan for tomorrow? Not the swimming, the doing nothing. I am thrilled! After we drop Lawyer off at the airport we are planning a little am drive thru for the kiddies, a Lucky Buck for me and then a closed garage door and in the pjs all day!

Check back Clemson Girl ... I will have your photo very soon ... Have an Amstel Light for me and I will have some wine for you. Cheers!



Faith is the glue that holds me together!

Oh ... faith! It truly is the glue that keeps me from completely losing it. I have to have faith ... if not the bad days will suck me in. I must believe I am fighting for a good cause. If I don't I will give up the fight ... COMPLETELY!

Another bad day yesterday ... not worth discussing or thinking about, but these are the things I must have faith in ...

1. I am in the 15% of couples who make it. Statistics say 85% of couples with a special needs child split up. I must belive I am not that couple. Even though I do want to kick him out atleast once a week.
2. My 11 year old troubles are just hormonal - he does not really hate me and want to move out. One day he will come to his senses and adore me once again.
3. Little Lawyer's anger toward Little Mister is normal. Any older sibling of a special child has some anger. Mine just choses to express it ... ALOT.
4. Babycakes love to be naked is not going to make her a stripper one day. I do not need to hear one day that she is a call girl and is taking money from the governor of New York. I mean, have you seen him?
5. I will not be this tired forever.
6. Drinking wine in front of my kids will cause them to think I am awful. (Little Mister did tell me "Don't drink drugs Mom!") One glass is really not alot ... did I mention it is a really big one?
7. I will once again have a housekeeper and the house will once again be clean on a regular basis.
8. My faith in God will be apparent to my kids. I will leave them a positive legacy to pass on to their kids.
9. Little Mister will continue to make progress and not one day have some strange set back and never improve again.
10. Giving up gluten with Little Mister will make me one Skinny Bitch!

That is all I have for today. I have once again misplaced my coffee. June Cleaver and I were talking yesterday about how we want nannies. Not really to take over our roles, but to free us up to deal with the things that arrive. Can you imagine? When one kids shows their fanny you could deal with just the one with the issue and not all three at the same time. It would be magical. But it is just a dream...

Off to find my coffee ... MPM


Random thoughts with my coffee

Ok, I am drinking my very yummy coffee and I have all these crazy thoughts today!

We (ok me) decided that we liked the armoire that the neighbors were disposing. So ... Lawyer and I went out at crack thirty one day with the Yukon and recovered it. Now it sits in my garage. I have not found a place to use it and I am thinking I need to discard it. Can't really just put it out on the curb can I?

In my next life I come back as a man. Lawyer gets up this morning at 6 ... wakes all of us up and then proceeds to climb back into bed and attempt to go back to sleep. WTH? Really ... get your but up and pitch in!

If I find two very ugly chairs, pay to recover them and now they look completely fabulous ... was it really better to buy all new?

If we don't eat in my car why does it always look trashed and always has some random snack on the floor?

How do I explain to Little Lawyer that his crazy outbursts are really just his hormones? Cause he looks at me like I am the hormonal one!

Why, why am I always forgetting things? I write everything down! But then I forget it? WTH??

At what age do you get hungover for just looking at the cocktail?

Where did I put my coffee ... oh, great!



I never knew France was an option!

The celebrity news peeps are reporting that Angelina and Brad are planning to head to France for the duration of her pregnancy. Really France? I do not remember that being an option when I was pregant. Can you imagine? If I could have chosen ... I would have delivered all three in the French countryside. I would have been magically happen to finish up the fat stages in the greatest place I can imagine. For me ... it was my house and nothing special. Oh well!

Do we know for sure ... is there one fabulous baby in there ... or two?


Oh the perks of special ed!

Ok ... so some days are great, some days are terrible and then there is today ... which was (now that it has past) quite funny! We are in the carpool line this morning and just making the last round before the kids are to get out. Little Mister speaks up from the backseat and says to me ... I am not getting out today. REALLY? Just not gonna get out? It is not even raining and there is no rain in sight! So after some discussion I realize he really is not going to get out. So, I park, get out and walk him to the door. Now ... the benefit of driving them to school (verses walking) is that you do not have to get dressed at crack thirty! As I am walking up to the door one of the teachers says to me ... "Great pjs!". Thanks ... they are one of my favs. But wait ... it gets better! Just as I am kissing him goodbye I see the principal. She smiles, says good morning and then says as I am leaving ... "I think I like those pjs better than the red tartan ones." Oh, yes, yes many thanks! Like I said, the perks! Not every mother at the school gets compliments from the principal on their pajamas!



Mermaid boobies ...

Saturday night was super fun and I spent most of yesterday "resting". I was not overserved, but my head definitely thought I was! We went to a very cool wine bar before and then to an awesome restaurant for dinner! All super yummy and worth every penny! I laughed until my sides ached and then laughed tons more. These are the greatest people and I am so comfortable being me! They are the best!!!

So ... the mermaid boobies? Ok ... here is my story! My outfit for the night included a white tunic. I was wearing a tank with a shelf bra so I would have no bra to show through. But because the tank was not the thickest one I own I added some petal pasties that I had picked up at Walmart. They are awesome! These petals cover up the nipples and then you have a completely seamless look. None of that scary "headlight" issue going on! Well ... when I returned home hours later and proceeded to undress for bed, Lawyer is standing in the bedroom surfing the internet. We are chit chatting about the night and all of a sudden he starts freaking out. Where have you been, what was the plan for tonight ... ya, ya, ya! WTH ... and then I realize ... I am standing there basically naked with the petals still on. LOVELY!!!

The best part? I had set them on the bathroom counter to put away properly when I was not so "out of it" and Babycakes found them first thing in the am. She is prancing around downstairs wearing her "mermaid boobies". He was not happy with me AT ALL. Oh, and it would have been better to be all nipples all night? I think not!



Apparently I am moving again!

Tomorrow's forecast ... the 60's. WTH!!! Guess that means tomorrow we will be living in Florida. It has been a busy week, Seattle, Colorado and now Florida. Global warming is now wigging me out! It has stopped snowing but is only in the upper 30's. BRRRRR ...


Super Secret Saturday Cereal

Ok ... so now did I move to Colorado? Yesterday I was wearing flip flops when the kids were outside playing and today I wake up to SNOW!!! Seriously? WTH??? We (the girls) have plans to go out tonight and this is not going to change our very fun plans. I already have an outfit picked out and when that happens plans for me do not change! I am going somewhere in that very cute outfit.

So ... strict organic mommy makes one exception on Saturday mornings! Secret Saturday Cereal!!! The kids wait all week for this treat. Currently we have two choices ... Lawyer's Captain Crunch or the kids Fruit Loops with marshmellows. So Lawyer pours Babycakes a bowl of cereal and sets it on the table. She looks into the bowl and up at him. She says "That is not secret cereal." He says to her ... "ofcourse it is." Her comment ... "but where are the marshmellows?" Lawyer ... don't be thinking you can be lazy and just get out one box and pour it into two bowls ... she's too quick for that one!




Hello lover!!! I will be seeing you for Spring Break! I'll bring the wine and you bring the sun!
Mad about plaid girl ... I need an invite to come over!

The largest tole tray I have ever seen!

Here is the tray! The box was huge. I loved the tray and loved the price even more I never looked at its size!

And here is where I hung it. Here is our queen size bed and it hangs over the headboard.

Lawyer's comment ... what did that set me back ... $200? No, dude $5!!


Once again folks ... it is raining!

Did I move to Seattle and completely forget? How can we be in a drought? It has been raining tons!!! It feels like every other day. I should have bought those cute little ballet rain flats from JCrew the other night when I was at the mall. They were super cute! I would be excited about the rain today. Little Mister woke me up at 3 to get in bed with him. I snuggled in his bed and promptly fell back to sleep. He does this a lot. We just make do! At 5 ish I heard a very large crack of thunder and then his comment ... "oh great ... its raining again". I had to giggle (just a little).

Ok ... to update ... Little Lawyer's interview went amazing yesterday. He has the ability to turn on the charm when he wants to impress. We will hear back on April 7 ... only 29 days to wait!

Got my hair done yesterday at Hair Girl's salon. Looks fabulous ... love the new highlights! The blond and carmel look great with freckles. Very happy! At dinner last night Lawyer says ... "did you get your hair streaked today?" Streaked? What the hell kind of compliment is that? That will not get you some loving!

I bought a antique tole tray on ebay the other day. The tray cost me $4.99. This was shocking considering I usually pay 40 to 60 maybe more. I have them all over the house. Really ... I mean all over!! It came yesterday and I was shocked ... you will be too! I will post the photo later today. Beware this one is a shocker!



She's looking better ... but beware!

Ok ... so I have reduced the amount of anxiety attacks and I am feeling better. Although I did have another this morning ... but after some friendly conversation (thanks Sporty Spice) and
and a reality check I am feeling more relaxed. I do not like these attacks at all!!! So, I have crossed off all the "don't have to" off my list, added some "relaxers" to it and feel ready for the day.
I have all but confirmed Little Mister has a gluten allergy ... just need a blood test to confirm. He does so much better on days when he has little or no gluten products. It is almost scary the difference. After the blood results - bye bye gluten. Hello stress for Mommy! I will think about that tomorrow!
Today Little Lawyer has an interview at the private school for 6th grade. He is hormonal and grumpy today so I am praying he rallies before 1:00 when I pick him up from school. He will do great ... he is great with others - just grumpy and sassy to me. Lovely!
Have a great day ... see you here later ... MPM


A little therapy and some sunshine!

Ok ... so my friend MAC recommended some sunshine for me and exercise for Babycakes. She also suggested I call my doctor and sheck the level of medicine I take. She was thinking 10 mg may not be enough. By the way Lawyer seemed eager to dial the phone I am thinking maybe she was right. So I called, got a new rx, a large tea with extra ice from the big Chick and decided we would check out Old Navy and Payless. (Thanks, Clemson Girl) So this is what I found ...

Super cute, heh?

And then at Old Navy ...

Stinking cute ... right? Is is just me or is this looking very Jcrew? Can't you just see these with a solid T and a cute colored cardigan for spring? Very excited!!!

I am ready for a little snooze before the boys come home to rest up. Post more later ... I also got some adorable enameled bangles and scarves. Can not figure out how to post all the photos at one time. I still speak only a little blog.


She's cracked ... no really she has!

So, how many times do you think one mom can lose it in a three day span before her husband decides to "work from home"? Is that husband speak for "you need to be watched"? Oh great, I have finally lost it. I can tell by the way my family walks around me and constantly asks ... are you ok?, is there anything I can do for you? It has finally happened ... I have lost it!

Since I had a uterine ablasion in October I am no longer visited by the monthly friend. Not at all ... not even a swipe! This is great and I love it but I am beginning to think that I still should be counting the days. That way I will know when my estrogen drops and the blind crazies are coming. Maybe then I will not think I need to be committed. This has been the hardest three days. This weekend has been filled with out of body experiences. You know the kind that you think about later and wonder ... what the hell did I do? I have lost it more times than I can count and finally crashed yesterday on the floor in my closet. (It was the only quiet place) June Cleaver swept in last night with kind words, a big hug, something to help me sleep and an I love you! Who could ask for more ...

Today I am feeling ok, but not great! I am hoping a day at home folding laundry will do me some good. That is if Lawyer and his constant questions don't wear me out.

Say a little prayer that it is just hormones and all will be well in a couple of days! MPM


Me and my random thoughts ...

First of all I am completely in sync with Peyton Place ... J Lo named her babies Max and Emme ... for all of you with preschoolers those are the names of the kids on Dragontales ... is this just weird to us ...

Lipstick Jungle ... I just grow more and more in love with Kirby! I adore him. So ... does anyone else think Nico's husband is having an affair with his student. And why is Victory so in love with Charles ... he seems quite dull to me. I am liking Victory's boyfriend more and more ... maybe it's just his money!

Is it wrong to secretly go see a movie that you are scheduled to watch with your BFFs and just not tell them you already saw it? I mean it is The Other Boleyn Girl ... how long am I supposed to wait?

5:00? Can it be 3:00 or even noon on some days?

Bertoli frozen meals ... anyone else like these? Hair Girl mentioned them to me the other day and I just sampled one ... delicious!

So why did the Lucky Buck close the other night? "Kate's" latte tastes exactly the same? And yours?

How much monogramming can one girl do to her car? I already have the monogram on the back and now I have monogrammed floor mats in the front seat. Can I possibly add a monogrammed mat for the tail gate area too?

Why do I think the gas at the Quik Trip is better?

Why does all the food I get at Trader Joe's taste better?

And lastly ... did anyone else cry in Juno ... my friends are divided ... some did and some didn't. I ofcourse cried! And I am not ashamed to say it!


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