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Beach trip - it is officially over!

I got my coffee this morning after a great nights sleep and walked outside on the porch. It was very sad.

It did not smell like the rosemary that grows around the house at the beach.

I did not smell the salt air.

I did not hear any waves.

I really did drive that 10 hour drive home (the one that should take 6 1/2 hours).

It is really over.

And it is really SAD!!!



Sunday musings ...

Great day. Woke up when I wanted to (ok, it was 7 ... so?), unpacked, spent an hour with the family at the pool, enjoyed both coffee and mint sweet tea made by Lawyer and caught up with Clemsongirl. She brought the kids and a basket of goodies for me. Loved every piece!!! I must say my favorite item was a Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner. I installed it immediately after she left and love it!!! I know ... I am simple, what can I say? Who isn't a sucker for a new cleaning item? I tried it out a couple of times before taking a shower and then again right after my shower (#2 for the day).

Great product ... makes the whole bathroom smell super clean. But ... don't do what I did. Do not test it out with the shower curtain open. Total retarded moment. The damn thing sprayed right into my face. Would be remotely ok if I had only made that mistake once ... but no, I did it twice.

I am just saying ...

Packed up Little Lawyer and headed to the movies for a date. He wanted to see Get Smart and I was happy for some one on one time with him. Eleven is a hard age and most of the time he thinks I am retarded (which I am) but when it is just us he thinks I am super cool. So ... more one on one time it is!

We stopped by the big T for a candy purchase. We filled my Mary Kate and Ashley sized hobo with a buffet of happy eats. Bagged candy was 2/$4 and so we got four different kinds. Between the peanuts M&Ms, the almond M&Ms, gummy bears and Swedish fish we were totally set. We topped it off with water for me and Coke Zero for him.

When we arrived at the movies he thought I was totally weird. I asked the concession girl to fill my popcorn bag only half way up to get the optimum salt and butter combination in the center of the bag. Then she filled the bag and I added more salt and butter. We go to the small theatre that makes amazing popcorn. Add in a self serve butter machine and top it all off with an Amstel Light and any movie rocks!!! He did not like the language (my sweet, naive boy) but over all it was pretty cute. All the night needed was Parmesan cheese smuggled in to make the popcorn perfect.

Don't think I won't be packing that next time!!!



Home again ...

Two cars, nine and a half hours, 11 people, one detour, one large accident (not us) and many tears later we are home. Finally!

I am locked in my room upstairs and Lawyer is on duty. Finally!!!

Here is a recap of the funniest things I heard all week ... and they all came from people 12 and younger!!!

Why don't you ever wear your hair down?
(Little Mister to me)
Why did you grow your hair short?
(His comment the next day)
I have diarrhea of the nose. (Babycakes)
I can't come right now ... I am way too fussy!
I have to wake her up ... I love her!
(Babycakes on Mary Poppins)
They need to make this road shorter or you need to drive faster.
(The Beav to June)
There is drama in your car!! (Hair Girl's C to me)
I will be your wing man!
I askded for tea and did not askded for juice. (Curls)
Don't forget my sunscream! (Babycakes)
Your kid threw something at me!! (Hair Girl's J)
Are you sure it wasn't the vodka talking? (C to June)
My brother has a really large penis!!
(Babycakes to the Hotties on the beach)
*** By the way ... notsomuch! ***
And the funniest part of the week ... laughing until you pee on yourself with dear friends!!
See you next week ...


Frankenstein called ..

On the beach this afternoon we were sitting in the surf and enjoying the sand and the sun. There were jellyfish everywhere!!!! It was madness ...

Little Mister paused in his playing and walked up to give me a kiss.

Super sweet.

As he walked away he stopped, turned around, looked at me and said ...

"By the way ... Frankenstein called, he wants his hair back."

Lovely ...


Pay today ... pick it up tomorrow?

I was sitting here catching up on my blog reading and I stumbled onto Hair Girl's to see the photos she had posted. Then I remembered I forgot to share our scary McDonalds experience. You know the kind ... where you leave scratching your very sandy head and thinking WTH just happened.

We were leaving St. Joe's island and stopped into the local McDonalds. They are all the same. Food tastes the same, consistent service, strange people waiting on you ... same story everywhere you go. It's simple, it's McDonalds.

Not so much in Port St. Joe. We pull up, place our special orders and then I decide to try the new milkshake. Something fun to go with my square fish sandwich with its square fake cheese and no tarter sauce. (I know ... exciting!) They were advertising a juicy orange shake. It sounded fabulous. I ordered a small one for us to try.

Here is what happened to me:
Destinie (scary old lady with scarier teeth) : That was one small orange shake.
Me: Yes ma'am that is correct.
Destinie: Our milkshake machine is broken. The manager went to get some parts to make it work.
Me: Excuse me?
Destinie: The machine is broken. You can come back tomorrow to pick it up.
Me: Excuse me?
Destinie: You can get it today and come back tomorrow and pick it up.
Me: No thanks ... you can take it off the order.

First of all ... when did they start doing special orders? The kind where you place your order one day and come back at a later date to pick it up? And did she really think that I would say ok? And further more ... was I gonna really drive 90 minutes the next day to pick up my small milkshake? Whatever ...


Just call me surf girl ...

Yes, I will be spending my day in the surf. All day!!! Not going any further into the ocean after yesterday's trauma. Not happening for me. No, thank you!!

The surf yesterday was really rough. It was absolutely perfect for the oversized innertubes the mommies bought at the market. All of us in big huge preppy colored tubes. What could be better?

Little Mister decided he wanted to use mine yesterday. Sounds great. He laid on his belly in the tube and rode the waves and I pulled him over them as they crashed. We were having a great time. Then ... it was over!

I felt something on my leg. Sharp pain and yuck stuck to the back of my leg behind the knee. Some scary words and pain later I finally got Little Mister and I out of the water to find burn marks on the back of my knee. And they hurt, BAD. The kind where you want to use bad language. A LOT. But, I was good and refrained. Urine did not work. Sand did not work. I sat in the tube in the sand and tried not to cry. Slowly it went away and the redness faded after swimming in the pool later.

Today it is all better. But, I must say ... my time swimming with the scary creatures is over for this trip.

Just call me surf girl ... and maybe later ... pool and cocktail girl.



I just ate her eye ...

Our afternoon plans were delayed due to the arrival of the Ice Cream Lady. The kids all ran outside and waited patiently for their turns. Seven kids and $15 later they had made their choices and were happily enjoying their ice cream.

Babycakes and Curls happily chose Dora and Bugs Bunny. The flavors were frightening (not to mention the scary colors) but both girls were thrilled. Their enjoyment of the ice cream completely entertained us.

Watch video #2 first and then watch video #1. Hair Girl narrates for you.

Enjoy ...

Now click over to Hair Girl for the rest of the adorable photos.


Today the beach house is serving ...

So we have eaten lunch and are enjoying our drink of the day on the screened porch. We are relaxing and then heading to the beach for the remainder of the afternoon!!

Sandwich of the day was a grilled number consisting of wheat five grain bread, fresh pear, Havarti dill and frog jam. Absolutely delicious and my new favorite sandwich. I will just need June to make one for me every day for lunch!!! We topped this off with Seagrove Tea and fresh mint. Absolutely fabulous!!!

Oh ... and June says her favorite cocktail is the Shorenuff!!

And there you go ...


Kate is the favorite ...

Every day is different. Different sandwich of the day for the Mommies and of course a different cocktail. We do not decide until the morning. It is the only thing going that changes for us. Each day the kids get up at crack thirty, watch TV, sing, dance and fight until we go to the beach where they play until they whine to go to the pool. There they play until 4:30, then they shower, have snack, play, eat dinner and collapse into bed. Each day = same story!!

So ... the Mommies vary it up. Each day we make a sandwich of the day out of the supplies on hand.

Sunday - whole grain bread, sliced tomatoes, provolone cheese, basil and dijonnaise with Seagrove Tea
Monday - pumperknickel bread, sliced tomato, pimento cheese with Shorenuff
Tuesday - pimento cheese and wheat thins with Shorenuff
Wednesday - italian five grain bread with hummus, basil, tomato, havarti and avocado with Kate's cocktail

So far Kate's cocktail is our favorite ... you would love it too!!! It was perfect upon returning from a day trip to St. Joe's island where we shelled and hunted for hermit crabs all afternoon. We had a fabulous time and caught at least 50 crabs. Of course ... we left them all behind!!

Thursday ... has not yet been decided, but I am thinking it will have something to go with jam.

I will let you know ...




So we headed back to the beach today armed and ready for another day with the Skinnies and the Hotties. We had made a new cocktail that we were all really excited to try out. Its name ... Shorenuff. We are lubed up with sunscreen and prepared for a new day. We arrive at our spot and none of our friends have surfaced. We settle in and begin our adventure. It is a glorious day and we are all excited to be out.

After our first cocktail we are in complete conversation. It is a great day. No one has been stung by a jellyfish, the seaweed has pretty much disappeared and the water is glorious. All is well. Here come the Hotties. The kids are adorable, Mommy is wearing a bikini today and Daddy is darling as usual. Today we start gathering information. Yesterday was all quick pleasantries and today we start our week long friendship. June compliments her suit and she is all excited. "Thanks ... Yes it is an Athleta ... I love it too ... It looked a lot better before I was three months pregnant." We all about passed out. Not only is she sweet, gorgeous, but wears a bikini at three months and still has a flat stomach. This will not be going well.

We move on and totally enjoy our day. The drinks are enjoyed and the Mommies decide we are all going to boogie board. It may have been the Shorenuff ... but we had a blast. We laughed, drowned, nearly drowned again and only came in after two bad jellyfish stings.

That new yummy cocktail made us the beach critics. You could not walk by us without us talking about what you were wearing and expressing our thoughts. All I am saying is Tattoo = Bikini. Not such a great combination. And I will also say anyone over the teen age years should NOT be playing chicken. You clearly are too old and have had too many drinks!

The evening was grand ... we finished up our day at the Red Bar in Grayton. The food is fabulous and we had a blast. It has a great reputation and is completely worth a visit!

Today we will be continuing our relationship with the Hotties. He is a football coach and we are fully expecting him to show up sometime this week with a whistle and get us all in shape.

I am just saying ...

(Katie ... Five Seasons is one of my favorites!!!)



Katie ... check this out ...

Katie - this is for you. Check out We really like Summers Edge and I can tell you which houses are the best. It is our third year here and we love it.

Good luck ...


The skinnies and the hotties ...

We arrived on the beach yesterday to find the pretty people. To our left was the Hottie Family. Dad, Mom, two boys and a girl. They were all pretty. Cute suits, great hair and great smiles. And super nice to boot. We were all envious.

Just as we were getting used to our new neighbors the Skinnies arrived. They were all tall and super thin. Mommy, Daddy, one boy, one girl and twins. They were accompanied by both sets of Grandparents. All super tall, blond with legs that would not end.

So now we have it ... the Hotties to the left and the Skinnies to the right. All of a sudden our cute outfits, matching cover ups and over sized shades seem kind of plain. We all decide we will need cocktails to survive. So out comes the bottle of Vodka (no lie - an entire bottle of vodka in a sand bucket with ice and water to keep it cool) and the gallon of Seagrove Tea. It is June's secret concoction of Sweet tea and juice. We have no idea what kind or the recipe. It just appears in the frig with a note from the Tea Fairy.

So as soon as the fuzzies kick in we begin to enjoy our new friends. I am sure by the end of the week we will all be one, big, happy family!!



Relaxing with cocktail in hand ...

We made it! Four adults, seven kids, two cars, two stops and six and a half hours later we arrived in Seaside! It was an amazingly easy trip. Really, not kidding! We left four minutes off schedule and even with the silly traffic (at times) arrived only a half hour late. It was true perfection.

Mary Poppins is a dream come true. As we were unpacking she changed into her bathing suit and whisked the kids off to the pool to give us some space. Not kidding. She rocks!!! We proposed to her. She declined. Her comment "I do not swing that way". Too funny ...

We have unpacked two cars, grocery shopped, made and eaten spaghetti and meatballs and tucked in the kids. We are now sitting on the sofa, totally vegging and drinking some yummy cocktails. This is the life.

Wish you were here ...


Off to the beach ... see you in a week!

All the work is done. The car is packed. The kids have pottied ... we are ready to go.

I will miss you ... pinky swear!



Beach prep!

Last day to get packed for the beach ... we leave tomorrow 9 am! I am so excited ... we will have so much fun. Babycakes spent the night out last night with June's little one Curls. They are hysterical to watch. In love one minute and sending each other home the next. Just like a woman on some days ... eh?

Finished up swim team last night. It was Little Lawyer's last meet of the year. I truly enjoyed myself. He swam great and I was completely focused on watching him. Great medicine for both of us.

Busy day today ... lots to do. But, I do promise you one more post before I go ... pinky swear.

I am sitting at the kitchen table on Lawyer's laptop watching the dogs on the deck. They are waiting for squirrels. At least the wild one is ... my dog Miles is laying on my foot. He always does. Babycakes always defends Murphy (our wild jack russel) when Lawyer yells at him for digging in the yard. "But Daddy, he is looking for a treasure!" Kind of miss that little cutie this morning. Oh ... give me a minute, I'll get over it! Hee, hee!!



Snaps for all ...

Snap time!!! I absolutely love Elle Woods and all things about her. She is too great for words. But ... back on target. I have been selfish long enough ... time to pass on the award!!!
Sippy Cups ... you are too fancy for words. She makes me day with each and every post. Kind of like Fancy Nancy for grown ups.
Preppy Pink Crocodile ... cuz I love her and wish I had used that title for my blog. Super cute name - super cute blog!!! If she was a drink she would be pink and green in a bottle.
Etiquettely Correct ... makes me want to get married again. Still would marry Lawyer (on most days) but I would do it so differently this time. She is so excited about the entire experience and it inspires me!
And of course my girls ... Clemsongirl, Hair Girl and Tahoe Girl ... without you my days would be much less bright!
Pass it on girls ... snaps for all!

Look what Lawyer found ...

Checking the news this morning Lawyer found this ...,2933,368282,00.html

thoughts? 'Cuz I got plenty ...


Babycakes and her "Daddy"

Yesterday was a yucky day. Don't know how to better describe it. My dear friends rallied and tried to support me, but to no go. Still yucky!!! Not feeling much better today ... but I'm trying.

To sum it up I have been waiting for genetic testing results from Emory. We had to wait eight weeks and next Wednesday is the date. Called yesterday to touch base and got bad news. They just started the test on June 2nd and it will be completed in 6 to 8 weeks. 6 to 8 MORE weeks. Do not even get me started on the emotional rollercoaster I rode all afternoon. Didn't get much better when I called to update Lawyer. He acted like a Jackass. No better way to put it ... why sugar coat it? So on top of the rollercoaster now I am MAD!!! I warned you ... yucky day!

So the rest of my day progresses and I am running errands in the afternoon in the Love Car (aka Borrowed Car). 'Cuz I love that car. It is fabulous!!! Had to get gas yesterday and the little computer screen told me how to do it. Not lying ... the car rocks!!! Finish up the errands and head back to the house to see Mary Poppins and the kids. She was just returning from the pool and Little Mister was foul!!! He had been holding in that BM for a few days now and it was making him MEAN!! So ... we do the potty dance and about ten minutes later we get the largest poop EVER (total of 6 huge ones) and now I am trying to figure out how to plunge the toilet and get it all worked out. Dude ... I warned you from the beginning ... Yucky day!!! But he is now in a great mood and all is well. I am plunging the mess out of that poor toilet and Babycakes answers the phone. I hear her talking to Daddy. Not excited. At. All. She can talk all she wants I am not in that place. She goes on for about ten minutes ... here are the highlights ...

Hey Daddy.
How is your day Daddy? Are you still at work?
Mommy is home.
Little Mister finally pooped. It was huge ... he is much happier now.
Mommy is fixing the toilet. There was too much poop to flush it only once.
I had a sandwich at the pool. And a Sprite.
Oh ... and chips.
Mary Poppins is here. Do you want to talk to her?
No ... Mommy is still busy fixing the toilet.
She is wearing a black skirt today. It is really pretty.
Are you coming home? Before I go to sleep?
Ok Daddy ... I will see you later. I love you!

Oh yes ... she is super sweet. I am not. Still mad. As I finish up in the bathroom I head back to the bedroom and Mary Poppins tells me to check the phone. Babycakes was talking to Lawyer ... but something seemed off so I should check the caller id.

Oh yes ... not Lawyer at all. The service manager at the dealership. My car is ready. He calls back and can not hold in his laughter. That poor man knows more about me and my day than he ever wanted to. And he loved it. Loved every minute. He could barely talk on the phone. It was good to hear him laughing so hard. Glad my day makes someone happy.

Returned the Love Car. Very sad ... very, very sad.



"Borrowed car"

As you know we are preparing to leave for the beach on Saturday. All 11 of us. Me and my three, awesome nanny aka Mary Poppins, June and her two and Hair Girl and her two. We will have a blast!!!

Yesterday I took the Yukon in for pre-beach service and they gave me a loaner. But not just any loaner, the brand new 400 miles mack daddy pimped out loaner. And of course I immediately fell in love. Shocking!!! I drove out of the lot and swore I would never return. The new car smell alone makes me high. I mean high and really happy. I am easy to please!!! I ran errands all day yesterday in my new ride. The only down side was the super large vinyl sticker on the back window. It says it does not belong to me ... nothing a razor and twenty minutes will not cure. If they are going to "loan" you the fancy car why not let you pretend it is yours. I think it is rude they continue to remind me I do not own it!!!

This dealership is the best in town. Their customer service is impeccable and they are really good at what they do. REALLY good! They chose they hottest chick they can find to check you out. You are so busy admiring her you do not realize you just paid $1600 for new brakes. It's all good. She's fabulous and you do not care. Lawyer says they know exactly what they are doing. Contrary to the other dealership we use that has the scary 80 year old chain smoking check out "girl" who can not check you out fast enough. He says it is worth some extra money just to get the hell out of the there.

So ... I spend all day completely enjoying my "borrowed car" as Little Mister calls it and running errands for the beach. The kids were home with Mary Poppins. When she left Little Mister asked me if we could get drive-thru dinner and ride around in the borrowed car. Sure ... why not? We popped in a movie and bliss immediately appeared for all. As we are driving to Wendy's he says to me ... "Mommy .. you should tell the company that you borrowed this car from that it is sweet, totally off the hook!" Sure baby, no problem.

I hate to tell him we get our Yukon back tonight. He will be sad.

And so will I!



Our kids are super cute ... that's why we keep them around!!!

Last night as I am tucking Little Mister in he starts fussing at me ...

LM: You won't stay with me, I know it. As soon as I fall asleep you will leave my room. You always do!
Me: Isn't that ok ... you will be asleep.
LM: No, it is not ok. You will leave and go downstairs and get your groove on wif Daddy.
Me: ( a little nauseous, ok ... a lot) What do you mean?
LM: You know, you will go downstairs and and spend time wif Daddy.

Thank God thats all he meant!!!

This morning Babycakes is laying in our bed talking to Lawyer about his day.

Babycakes: Happy Mother's Day Daddy!!! (I loved that part)
Lawyer: Thanks, baby!!
BC: Can you go downstairs and get me a cup of warm milk?
Lawyer: It is my day ... shouldn't you go get me a cup of warm milk?
BC: (Proceeds to burst into tears) But ... I can't ... I am only little!

And there you go ... Happy Father's Day!!!



I got this super cute award (back and to the left) today from Mad about Plaid. I am VERY excited!!! So excited that I am not sharing it today ... nope ... keeping it all to myself.

Did I mention I might be a little stingy?

Not really, just today!

hee, hee, hee ...



Grandma don't play around ...

Holy cow! This Grandma is kicking ass and taking names ...

I can only wonder what they did to make her angry! Cuz I am sure I have felt the same way ... maybe even once or twice this evening!

I'm just saying ...

Toof Fairy!

The nanny came this morning and I was off with Paper Girl to Scotts Antique Market. Second weekend of every month you will find me there!!! We get in the car ready to go and my cell phone rings. Here is the conversation ...

Little Mister: Hi, this is Little Mister.
Me: Hey baby, what's up?
LM: I lost my toof.
Me: You did, it was finally ready to come out?
LM: Not exactly, Babycakes and I got into a fight and she hit me and my toof fell out.
Me: Babycakes hit you ... what happened?
LM: I didn't want her to turn off the TB and she got mad and hit me and my toof fell out and now I can't find it.
Me: It is ok, the Tooth Fairy will come any way, we just have to write her a note.
LM: That is what Daddy said.
Me: Did Babycakes get in trouble for hitting you.
LM: Oh yeah ... Daddy took care of her.

And there you go ...



Summer Swap goodies ... oh my!!!

My Summer Swap package arrived this weekend from my fabulous partner! In the confusion of all the weekend company I put it on my desk to discover in a less chaotic time. Totally forgot about it, until this morning! I was so excited to realize I had not even cracked the seal on the package! Now that is a great surprise!! Realizing you have a sursy waiting for you to discover ... it does not get any better than that!

I did not realize that my partner was such a swap professional!!! My package is awesome. Each piece was perfectly wrapped, ribboned and labeled! (I would show you its fabulous wrapping, but I got a little excited and ripped it open too fast.) I will post photos later today. I am not pleased with my camera right now. The batteries are not cooperating. I do not know if it is the camera or the batteries (or the operator), but it is not pleasing me! At all!!

Heading to the Super Walmart for snacks and goodies today. I will be checking out the camera situation and get back to you.

I owe you photos ... closet and swap ... I haven't forgotten. Pinky swear!



Breasts ... and not on the chicken!!!

Ok, so I have mentioned before that I am a vegetarian. No meat for me, thanks! But ... I do go to the Big Chick about once a day for a large sweet tea extra ice. So after getting Moes for the boys as a treat I popped in tonight to stock up for the evening. Had a project to do so some sugar and caffeine a big plus!

So as I am driving into the drive thru lane I see this woman sitting in the outdoor playground area. She is sitting in her chair and something just does not look right. At all. As I get a better look I realize she is sitting on the very edge of the chair and leaning forward to breast feed her baby who is laying on the table.

Ok ... before I go any further let me just stop here. I need to mention that I do not care what people do, really I don't. Now I may talk about you (a lot), but I really do not care what you do. You just left your husband and need to talk about it, call me, I am your girl. I will not tell you it was a good or bad idea I will just help you problem solve what to do next. Like where you are gonna live and where you are gonna hook to pay for your new life. Really, do not care about the rest. But ... all that said, you do something really stupid I am gonna talk about it. A lot.

So the fact that she was breast feeding in public is not really the issue for me. It was her decision to make and I completely support her in the decision. It is the thought process behind the details that have me stumped. Like why she felt the need to lay that baby on the table and not hold him. Not lying, he was just laying flat on the table nursing. And why he was out in 100 degree heat at such an early age laying on that nasty table. Please sweetie, hold that baby. And the fact that she was leaning so far forward in her chair. That can not be comfortable at all. And then the bare breasts just laying on the table. Do you really need both nipples exposed at the same time? Isn't there the occasional time when one breasts leaks while the other one is being drained? Cuz really mine was like a faucet that had just sprung a leak. And she was not a first time mom, she had her husband and two other children with her. We can not blame this on first timers disease! The whole situation is just sketchy to me. And yet I was unbuckled and leaning out my window to catch all the scary details. Like a bad train wreck you can not stop watching.

Who knew I would stop in for tea and get a drink and a show? What is up with that?



True friend?

So what makes a true friend? Does a true friend stand there and say nothing when you compliment a transexual on "her" great hair? Apparently! And does a true friend let you try on a dress and then tell you it might look better if it was not on backwards? Meanwhile she is bent over in half with laughter? Yes ... she does!!! The greatest friends are those that make you better than you are, laugh with you and at you and are there for everything. I am truly blessed! I have the greatest friends!!! I would not trade them for anything!

Photos of the closet to come. My batteries are dead in the digital and need to be charged. But .. do not despair. I will post them in the am.

And for all you addicts ... Whim just went 30% off at Target!!! Get off blogger and get to the big T peeps!!

Oh ... and Etiquettely Correct ... yes I monogram professionally. Bring it on!



Pink & Green closet ... oh my!

I have just completed the closet overhaul. It looks amazing!!! I will post pictures tomorrow after a quick trip to Ikea. I need storage boxes for books on the top shelf. I have been working on this since my birthday in January. It has been a transformation into pink and green wood hangers. You will love it as much as I do! I promise!!

You know your jealous ...



Oh ... so exciting!

So ... catching up on my blog reading today and came across exciting news on Etiquettely Correct. Super cute blog ... btw!

Kirsten Davis is launching a line at Belks. Oh ... so exciting!!! For all of us SATC fans who are more like Carrie but dress like Charlotte this is perfect!!! And you know I have been obsessed with the Cynthia Rowley Whim line. This will only top it off! Better get monogramming and save my pennies.

Check it out here.



Little Mister is at Disney World this week. He is in heaven. He called last night, as he does every night, to fill me in on his day. He always has a favorite ride, favorite meal and of course he gives you each and every detail. He has a photographic memory. He can remember anything in full detail after only seeing or hearing it once.

Yesterday they went to Hollywood Disney (MGM). He loved it. He saw the Monsters, Inc. show and Mike (the one eyed short green guy - his description, not mine) was telling jokes. He shared his favorite one with me.

LM: Mom, I have a joke for you.
Me: (On the way to the doctor with Babycakes puking on Lawyer in the backseat) Ok, hit it.
LM: What are the three rings of marriage.
Me: I have no idea.
LM: First you get your engagement ring, then you get your wedding ring and then you get your suffering.

I laughed so hard it was inappropriate. Truly ... it was hysterical! The funniest part was the fact that he had no idea was suffering was and still thought it was funny.



Babycakes and the back alley doctor ...

So, Babycakes is sick. Yuck!!! She woke up this morning fine but progressed downhill all day. When my sitter called me at 1:00 to tell me she would not eat or play at the big Chick I began to wonder. Then she woke up from a nap at 3:00 and threw up. I do not like throw up and apparently neither does she. She was completely grossed out!!! She fell back to sleep, woke up, threw up again and then started complaining of a sore throat. I immediately thought strep and off to the doctor we went. We have this fabulous emergency clinic and I LOVE it. They pamper us and we love them. They close at 7 on Friday and we arrived at 7:20. So off to the other one in the area. I am now convinced this is a front for a back alley clinic and I shall NEVER return.

We arrived and everything seemed to be going well. No one in front of us. (Now I know why.) She took my information and then called me back to the window. Below is our conversation ...

Crazy lady: Babycakes ain't been here for over a year.
Me: Excuse me?
CL: Babycakes ain't been here for over a year.
Me: Yes, that is correct. Usually I take her to another office when she gets sick after hours.
CL: Well, she ain't got a file here anymore. She needs new paperwork.
(fill out paperwork)
CL: Who is the guarantor?
Me: Lawyer.
CL: Is that it's Daddy?
Me: Yes, he is her father and my husband.

At this point I am convinced she is an isolated problem. I am sure she is a lovely person and just needs someone to help her out with her grammar and her customer service skills. I try to move on.

We are escorted to the exam room and Babycakes is burning up with fever. Lawyer is holding her wrapped in a beach towel I bought earlier today. Oh yes, she threw up again in the car. All over her beloved blanket. Tears, lots of tears! The "nurse" takes her temperature and it reads 98.2. Lawyer begs to differ. He is clearly sweating and she is clearly flushed and burning up with fever. The "nurse" tries again and it still reads 98.2. The "nurse" feels her forehead and neck and marks the chart "HOT" in the temperature area. Seriously ... is this really happening? Have we entered a nightmare? At this point I am still convinced that the staff is the issue. I have hope that the doctor will make this experience so much better.

The doctor enters and he is indeed qualified. Very kind, polite, and efficient. We are out of there in a matter of minutes. We have scripts and are on our way.

As we are leaving the "clinic" (I am too scared to call it a doctor's office) the doctor is leaving as well. He hops into his baby blue minivan and heads for home.

Now I am convinced that the whole place is sketchy and I vow NEVER to return!



Tag ... I am it!

So my friend Tahoe Girl tagged me. She wants me to list five strange things I eat. Really ... only five? And nothing vegetarian. That will be a hard one. Ok, here goes ...

1. Salt water taffy - by the bags full. But I really only like about five of the flavors. The rest I will not touch with a ten foot pole. Not kidding. They are trash to me! (Actually I have a major sweet tooth and I am a candy junkie.)

2. Bagel sandwich from the Jewish Deli by our house - Has to be a toasted everything bagel with light cream cheese, sliced tomato and one slice of an onion. Truly delicious!

3. Tomatoes - Not so weird unless you see me eating them like an apple. And why only eat one? Not kidding. At all. I love tomatoes. They really can make anything taste better. Nothing like it sprinkled with salt! And the little grape ones ... yeah those are great too, just like cherries. I can eat these right out of the carton.

4. Mixed up cereal - I love to mix two or three cereals in the same bowl. Usually something with fiber, something with fruit and something crunchy. Love to mix them. I even have a couple of varieties I mix all the time.

5. Vanilla ice cream with honey and cinnamon sugar - Ever had a fried ice cream? When I was in college I worked at a mexican restaurant one summer and fell in love with fried ice cream. When I eat plain vanilla ice cream I love to drizzle it with honey and cover it with cinnamon sugar. To die for.

I tag Clemsongirl, Hair Girl and Green Magsterpie. Come on ... out with it. What strange things do you like?



I can't use that ... it doesn't have my initials.

I am thinking I may have ruined my children with all this free monogramming. Little Mister was getting ready to go to the pool today and Lawyer pulled a freshly washed towel out of the dryer.

Lawyer: Here is your towel.
LM: That is not my towel.
Lawyer: It is the new towel Mommy just bought for you.
LM: That is not my towel. It does not have my initials on it.
Lawyer: No, it says CHAPS.
LM: Well, it is not my towel. My towels have my initials on them.

And so he took his sister's towel instead. He would rather use and hot pink and lime green towel then use a RL one I just bought him.

Go figure.

They're 100% titanium!

Little Mister wears glasses ... I believe I have mentioned this before. They are small ovals and they are royal blue. Super cute!! He was diagnosed with binocular vision last May. Without the glasses he sees two independent pictures, one clearly and one fuzzy! I know ... he is special! In so many ways!!! He has worn the glasses now for a year and it has been a rough going. Sometimes I wish he really could not see at all without them so he would be more dependent on them. He swears he can see "the same without the glasses". Notsomuch.

He has lost one pair, lost another pair and later found them, chewed off the end in complete stress when we went away and broken them twice. Like I said ... rough going! This time the arm broke in half. Not sure if that was the glasses fault or his. The people at the clinic love us. Who wouldn't ... they cost $395. They seem to discount them everytime I need a new pair. I am sure the "insurance" on those ran out long ago.

So ... Lawyer takes him yesterday to pick up the new pair. He was really freaking out before they left that he did not want blue glasses any more. I finally realized that someone at school said something to them. (That is a whole new post and I will probably need bail money to get me out when I am done going postal on some child) Since I had already paid for these new ones and I adore them more than life, I was really pushing for him to keep the blue ones. He looks absolutely adorable in them and I love them!!!

Anyway, fast forward to the clinic and Lawyer and Little Mister together. He wants to look for new frames. Daddy says sure, look around and in July with his new script we will get new ones. Little Mister picks out a frame he really likes. Lawyer looks at the price ... $30. Rock on! They get the new blue ones and they purchase the second frames for July. Done. His total for the day ... $300. What? Oh yes ... the price tag on the frames was wrapped around the arm. It said $300.00 ... Lawyer only saw $30. They do some talking (remember they love us) and a deal is struck and Lawyer walks out very happy and Little Mister is thrilled. He has new frames. But please remember they are only frames. His lenses are still in the other blue pair of glasses.

They arrive home and Little Mister looks adorable. Love the new frames. They are the same oval but this time they are gold. He did a great job ... I love them!!! He looks like a smart little first grader.

He wore them all day!!! He got a million compliments. He was grinning from ear to ear. He swears he can see "the same as the blue ones". Yeah, notsomuch! My favorite part of the whole day ... him telling every one he saw. They are 100% titanium. Every. Single. Person. He. Saw!

(Clemsongirl ... I owe you a $20 ... but you can use your gas to collect it! I am home relaxing! Hee hee!!!)


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