I know for our family we are spending a whole lot more time outside than we normally would have this time of year.  With so many things closed the daily walks began, plus reading outside, yard work, some gardening, and now trips to the pool.  Soaking up Vitamin D in a healthy way has been a life saver for the last few months and will continue during the summer for us.  Camps are closed, church trips are cancelled but the days outside and by the pool are definitely happening and quite honestly, more often than normal for me. Since I have fair skin and we have already had cancer touch our lives being safe in the sun is extremely important.  I wear sunscreen daily and keep it in my purse and in every single tote bag that could be taken to the pool, outside with friends or on a walk.  It is most definitely not optional for us at all.


Great Inspiration

This is a heavy time in our world.  We are navigating a pandemic, we are coming face to face with a race conversation that is way overdue, people are sick and out of work and struggling.  We are all trying to navigate the days and weeks and moments.  It is heavy, heart breaking, and a lot to manage.


Be The Change

Last week was hard and it was heavy and it was dark.  For me I think the fear and stress of the virus and how to "re-engage" was weighing on me along with enormity of the senseless death of another black man.  Then came the weekend with protests and looting and our city being destroyed.  It was so much and I was and still am very brokenhearted over it all. I finally just had to retreat, read what I could, pray and talk to my children.  All in all, none of this is right, it is all so very wrong and we need to most definitely become the change.

I think Andy Stanley summed it up perfectly for me when he said this ...


Six Things I Got + Loved Vol. 2

I was looking over the statistics for this month to see what you have responded to and hands down, this post was it.  Second place was this post, which really makes me proud since I felt so passionate writing and publishing it.  I really enjoyed the six items post and was really excited to see it do well.  I figured, why not make it a regular post ... so here we are!


Happy Tuesday!

We had such a great long weekend, different than years past, but almost better in so many ways. It was a great lesson in letting go of expectations. I have found that when my expectations make me sad I am best to really just set them all aside and let situations be what they will be.  This quarantine has been a daily exercise in letting my expectations go again and again and let things happen. And in a lot of ways, so many amazing things have come, probably a lot of things that would have never happen had I expected to do things another way.


Sale Shopping For MDW

I love Memorial Day ... it is the unofficial start of summer and I do not know about you but I am ready for a new start!!  There are some amazing sales this weekend and after polling you on Instagram you stated you wanted to know what I would chose.  Some great things for the best outdoor months and some great swim options.  I grabbed some shorts, some new beach towels, and some great swim shirts!  There are really some amazing sales!!


Rattan Love

I think rattan is synonymous with summer.  From the wicker my grandmother had on her breezeway to the endless rattan bags we all use to the darling pair of rattan earrings that makes your dress just feel even more like summer, it is just so good. I have gathered up some amazing rattan items to check out, each one prettier than the last one! I am dying over the darling shelves! 💙


Bathroom + Closet Organization

Organizing and straightening is one of the most therapeutic things for my mind.  I find such joy and peace when things are organized and every single thing has a space.  I don't know if I have always been organized but I can tell you that having my own home definitely created a need for me in keeping things tidy and having spaces for things.  My mother is incredibly organized and puts me to shame so I am sure I inherited it from her.  I so wish I could share her pantry with you, its alphabetized by category and makes me swoon when I see it.  Her love of things in order, her love of her label maker, and her love of plastic containers ... yep, I have it all.


Wedgwood Obsession

image by Lele Fain Photography

I have a true love for Wedgwood Jasperware and am slowly building a great collection. I started with a collection of small plates I found at Scott Antique Market a number of years ago and slowly have added pieces to the collection over the years.  My favorite pieces may be my vases, and I love to add beautiful colorful roses, tulips, and other flowers to them.  I have a pair of them on my bedside table and I keep flowers in them as often as I can. There is something about Wedgwood blue that just makes me so happy ... it seems like the true perfect pale blue. 💙


Graduation Gifts For All

I think I mentioned that our oldest is graduating from college this year.  With all of the cancellations his ceremony was one of many that will not be happening and it has made me so sad for all the students who have worked so very hard and have a very different, or in some cases, no graduation. For my son there is nothing planned and when he took his last exam he simply received an exit email and seemingly that was it.  It is so hard to imagine graduating in this manner and so many students are in this boat right now.  There seems to be no closure, its just over.  Truly, my heart goes out to every single high school and college student this year and I think they need all the celebrations we can create for them.  For our son we are getting creative, and I hope he will feel celebrated and the closure that I know so many need.


Six Things I Got + Loved

Anyone else living for the once or twice a week little package that arrives in the mail.  I heard the doorbell ring today and literally tried to beat someone else to the door just to see what the UPS guy delivered.  Yes, it has come to that, but it's ok.  I have really been careful about what I buy recently but I will tell you if I think about something for more than a day (with the exception of the shoes above) I consider getting it.  Prices have been so great, I am trying to support the economy, and we all deserve a happy or two a couple times a week.  Today I am sharing six things I got that I really love and think you will love as well.  💗


What Are We Rushing Back To?

I saw a post on someone's Instagram with this statement a few weeks back and it stuck with me.  I have thought about it a lot with all my extra time and I think I have made some really good headway on my answers.  This time has been a true reset for so many of us, and a lot of that was really needed for so many reasons.  I have friends who had been working tirelessly and needed a real rest, I have some who have lost serious work and their answers are so different, and some who have had a true reality check on their priorities.  I don't think there are right or wrong answers and one persons answers are so different from another.  I can only share mine ... and maybe you will glean something from it or it will validate something you are feeling. My word of the year was intentional and I can tell you I am definitely getting the chance to live out every single letter in that word. This is definitely a very personal post for me and maybe for you as well.


Wallpaper In The Closet

I am finding my groove again after last week, and fumbling through being able to use my left hand more than I did before.  Completing projects and being creative has most definitely helped my thoughts during this crazy time and last week I was definitely in a funk.  This week I have already worked on a few outdoor projects and now I am once again focused on one I have wanted to do for a while ... wallpaper the guest room closet. 💚


Alfresco On The Deck

When we worked on the screen porch a few weeks ago I ordered a new outdoor rug for our table area on the deck.  When the rug arrived and the Hubs and I went to install it, the table we had for many years lifted apart.  It was an old table, something we had inherited from his family, and it finally just gave up and was all done.  It was made of red wood and very dry and it had completely fallen apart unbeknownst to us. The second we tried to lift it the boards came apart and it was clear it was all done.  I immediately chatted with my friends at Frontgate about getting a new one and we chose a beautiful new teak table to take its place.  Ten days later it was at the house, and on Friday I shared a sneak peek of the finished space for you ... it all its gorgeous glory.  Our eating space outside most definitely just got an upgrade!


Introducing Bauble Stockings

A few weeks before Summit this year one of my favorite business owners called me and told me about a girl I would most definitely want to meet while I was there. Taylor knew of my love for both Haiti and needlepoint and would absolutely fall hard for the story of Bauble Stockings.  Not only are these stockings amazing, and the story so very precious, but ... they are stitched by women of Haiti which allows mothers to have a steady and safe fair trade income for their families. Bauble Stockings in partnership with Good Threads is providing income for these communities.  They are working hard to make sure the families are safe, provided for, taught trades, and money is safely moving in their villages.

I was hooked.


50 Fab Finds Under $50

Can you believe it's already Wednesday?  Where oh where do the days go?  I have found that treating myself every few days to something makes the days so much more fun.  Maybe its some flowers from the grocery store, a new to me wine, a sweet treat, or even a little happy in the mail.  It is a fun little pick me up and it definitely brightens my day.


Cinco De Mayo ... at home!

Anyone else love Cinco de Mayo?  It is one of my favorite times to meet up with our best friends at our local Mexican restaurant and just hang out.  I am a girl who loves all things Mexican, I could eat it all day every single day and never get tired of eating it. Give me all the avocado, cilantro, grilled chicken + veggies, chips and most definitely salsa. As I type this I am thinking of Mexican for lunch ... yes please!


Melanoma Monday

I am so very excited to partner with a brand I think is doing amazing things in the retail community and chat today about something I am very passionate about ... cancer.  I have partnered with Cabana Life today, Melanoma Monday, to kick off Skin Cancer Awareness Month.  As you know my husband is in treatment for a soft tissue sarcoma and the surgeon who removed his tumor is a sarcoma and melanoma surgeon.  I have such a heart for this precious man, who will forever be a hero in my eyes for his care of us and for his passion for his field.  About a month into our care I was googling his practice to add his office phone number to my phone and I came across a video he made for the American Cancer Society about diagnosing his brother with melanoma.  Watching the video broke my heart and I sobbed.  Here was this precious man caring for us and doing all he could to keep my husband on the path to recovery and he was sharing his own personal story and why he was the man and doctor he was today.  It was a lot to take in and process, and a few days later I mentioned I saw the video.  He shared his story with me and told me he thinks of his brother a lot and wonders if he would still be here with the new things they have learned. 

My heart went out to him, it was a lot for him to deal with and share and it truly changed him. ❤


Mother's Day Shopping

If I was to guess, I would say this would be a really important Mother's Day for basically all of the mothers I know.  Whether you work or stay home, work from home or travel, have one or more kids, your role as a mother has changed quite a bit in the last two months.  For me my role has not become one of a home school teacher, for the most part, but it has definitely changed a lot.  I found myself more of a counselor ... giving a lot of advice and trying to keep their spirits lifted and way more creative in how they see other people.  I would say my stress in this area is small compared to most, but it is still wearing on me physically and emotionally and this Mother's Day I would love a long note sharing how much I mean to the people I love most.  Wouldn't that be everything in the world for us who's love language is words of affirmation?


Ginger Jars With Elsa

I am teaming up today with my friend Elsa in two ways ... wearing our favorite Foxcroft top (insert twin emoji) + to show you some great ways to style your ginger jars. Yesterday afternoon after having a really good day I got dressed in my new favorite shirt, pulled out some of my favorite jars and styled up our happy hour.  It was a great hour being creative and the best way to end a really good Monday.



Happy Monday!  I hope your day started off well ... the birds are chirping here, the sun is shining and I am trying to embrace this week in all CAPS, and be grateful for every single moment.  This weekend I was struggling with lots of emotions so I decided I would tackle the yard.  We had some bushes that were really overgrown and I was really just sick off, so I decided to remove a section of them to create a hydrangea area to the left of our garage.  We spent about six hours outside yesterday and we all went to bed exhausted but oh so happy.  I can see us with a lot more weekends outside ... and a yard that sees some serious love.  💚


Pink + Lemons With A Cocktail

It should be no surprise to you that I love wearing anything August Morgan.  I have been telling you how much I love her clothes for years.  I love Kate's view on clothes and her designs are perfect for slipping on in the morning and feeling pulled together all day long, especially now.  After wearing leggings and light sweaters for weeks I found myself craving something that made it feel more like real life, so a new August Morgan dress was the perfect option.  Don't you love it ... and the name is even better, the Pink Spritzer.


Sephora For The Win

Weezie towels are amazing for washing your face!

The Sephora sale is in full swing and I originally thought I would skip the sale when it first came up on my calendar many weeks ago.  Here we are six weeks into distancing and I can tell you I found myself all in since my self care game has taken a major role in the days.  I seem to crave a mask, some really good bath products and even tanning options.  I think Sephora has the best selection hands down if you are looking for many products in one location.  I have many items I love and many items I have tried since being home so I am rounding up what I use and know work well for you today.  If you are a lover of beauty products + safe products, this post is for you!


Cards On Repeat

This time together with my family has truly been the highlight of the last six weeks for us.  Since the kids are doing virtual school and the hubs and I are still working we do have some apart time during the day but gather together at dinner time for an hour or so of cards.  I have to say that may be my favorite time of the day.  All the laughter, the smack talk (my kids are competitive), and the fun, it has been such a highlight.


Six Brands New To Me

Small brands have my heart ... mostly because as a blogger I am a small brand as well.  I know what it feels like to have someone support you and share your work with someone else. It feels like a huge hug and a confetti party when someone shares my blog with a friend or someone from their family.  I love hearing ... my mama loves you or my best friend shared you with me and I am obsessed!  For that matter alone I will always love and support small businesses. 💗


The Cottage Journal Summer Edition

By now you may have heard that our home is featured in the summer edition of The Cottage Journal.  We are both really excited and I am truly over the moon.  First of all the images are incredible (we love our photographers - Christina Wedge + Angie Webb) and the article is amazing.  It all came together in early February and was finalized in March but it still feels very unreal.

As in, that is OUR home.


Our Porch, My Sanctuary

Our porch has always been a haven for me, and in the last five weeks it has become a true sanctuary.  I start my days here, retreat during the day when I need some space, and usually end my day here watching the sunset.  During the super sunny days I have worked on planting flowers in pots and tending to my ferns and herbs and connecting with my non gardening skills for the first time ever.  There is something about this porch that just makes my blood pressure lower and helps me to truly relax no matter what is going on.  Right now I am fully leaning in to all the relaxing I can get, especially since my anxiety has been all over the place recently.


Meaningful Mornings

Mornings are my favorite part of the day, I am a true morning person.  I wake up already in a good mood, I just require a cup of coffee to be able to get going.  I know I am not the only person who goes to be dreaming of their first cup of coffee the next day.  Since the kids are now "going to school" at home I have been able to drag out my morning routine and add in a few things I am truly loving.  Trying so hard to make the time precious and not think about anything that gives me more anxious feelings. 

When I rise give me Jesus. 💗


Margaritas For You + Me

One of the biggest things I miss during this time has been our weekly trip to one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.  We absolutely do not miss a week, whether it be takeout or in person.  Everyone in our family loves a good Mexican meal and I do love a good margarita while we are there. We sit down at the table and I already know we need extra chips, a bowl of homemade chunky guac and one margarita (no salt) for me. My brother in law (part time bartender) makes a great margarita but I have always make semi ok ones.  As in, these are good, but they are so much better out.  Well, that is no longer the case.  Since I have had a while to practice and perfect my recipe I am thrilled to share it with you along with some things I think are truly ideal for margarita making.


Lemons + Lilly

Happy Monday ... can you believe its been five weeks at home?  Sometimes I feel like it has been just a few days and other times I feel like it has been so very long.  I am here and committed to whatever I need to do to keep us and others safe and well.  A month ago I decided our front door needed a new fun wreath and so I used some items around the house and freshened up the door.  Luckily for me I had snagged a great wreath and stashed it for later in the spring.  Well, the timing was perfect. You know what they say about lemons ... well I used my stash to make a wreath + some cocktails.


Easter Plans For Us

Happy Basket Saturday!

I think I mentioned it last week but we have always done basket Saturday with our kids.  Since our oldest was small we have always celebrated the Saturday before with Easter baskets and egg hunts.  My parents purchased their baskets for them for their respective first Easters and we use the same baskets to this day.  Baskets are filled with some yummy candy + something fun + something special.  This year I got creative and still managed to find some darling things.  I am excited for them to have them later today.


All The Books

I joined my first book club in January of last year and it was truly one of the best decisions I made.  I had always wanted to join a book club and the offer had never presented itself.  My friend Ashley Brooke started a virtual monthly book club and I immediately joined.  I would read a book a month and the first few months I would literally finish it right before the "deadline".  I loved reading again since I was such an avid reader as a child and always on vacations but felt like reading everyday was a luxury I didn't have time for.  I was so very wrong, and I loved that I was reading again and using it to relax at the end of the day. I was hooked to reading once again.


Gifting Some Love

I miss my best friends, I know you are feeling exactly the same.  It is crazy to me that the same people we normally see in our lives multiple times during the week we know only see on Zoom calls.  (Thank you Jesus for Zoom + FaceTime + endless texts!) Since spring always makes me want to be outside all the time and having friends over is one of my favorite things to do I decided the other day to virtually make that happen.  As in ... I wrapped up some of my favorite things and delivered them so we could all have drinks and snacks on Friday together. I literally can not wait for our Zoom call on Friday knowing I almost had them over and most definitely could serve them, even just a little.


Our Home This Spring

I was asked to be a part of an amazing spring blog hop that occurred a few weeks ago, but with life as it is now, it didn't work out for me to put my post up on time.  I hated it, but it happened and I had to take a deep breath and let it go.  However, the images we shot of our house were divine and everything looks so pretty and I still wanted to share.  I see it as inviting you all over in a time that we definitely can not do that at all.  🏡


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