My New Estate Sale Bag

Since I seem to be shopping estate sales weekly now I needed a bag stocked with goodies to make the day go smoothly. Estate sales are different than antique shops because you have to make decisions so very fast and there may not be time to think on items before someone else snags it.  I prep my bag with all I need to make it work and set out for the day.  I love using this new St. Anne tote from Barrington Gifts as it is filled with pockets and is so roomy so I can load it down with smalls and littles and leave my hands free for bigger items.  Barrington Gifts is always a go to for me since I can design them as I want ... and this fall bag is one of my favorites so far. 


The Strand

I was checking out the news, etc. online this morning and noticed a people.com article about one of my favorite New York stops, the Strand bookstore. I have mentioned before loving bookstores and libraries and getting lost for hours just wandering the aisles and the shelves.  While estate sale shopping I always stop at the books, checking the titles for anything to add to my own collection or something fabulous for resale.  The article shared that this iconic New York bookstore is truly struggling with the economy the way it is and the lack of patrons due to quarantine.  They have been very forthcoming with their needs ... they need their fans to shop online, pop in if you are in New York, and purchase from them or they will have to chose their doors.  


What I Would Buy On Sale

There are some really great sales happening and, while it is very tempting, I am truly sticking with purchasing only my favorite basics this year.  I have already snagged a couple of sweaters, two pairs of pajamas, a pair of boots, a pair of ballet flats, and a coat. My favorite retailer is offering 50% off right now and I am ALL IN.  Classic J.Crew?  Yes please! 50% off ... that is basically Black Friday sale prices ... and I am completely shopping the whole sale!


Serena & Lily Fall Sale

I popped over to check out the new arrivals at Serena & Lily this week and noticed they are currently in the middle of a fall home sale.  To know S&L is to adore their products ... and their products on sale is even more adoration.  We have quite a few S&L pieces in our home and love them all.  I like how versatile they are and how much we use them, most definitely for entertaining and making our house feel so much like a home. 💙


My Skin Care Routine

I have received a number of messages lately asking if I am still using Beautycounter + loving it?  The quick answer is yes and absolutely, but there is a longer answer as well.  I am still 100% in love with my skin care routine and think it is making true changes to my skin and its "age".  When I begin to notice the question coming in more and more I decided it was time to update you on my products and how I am using them and new ones I have added to the mix.  I think as new products are being released my routine will change some, but I see that as a good thing.  To keep up with the best of the best I will continue to try out the new products that are released, and then change my routine to make sure I use what is best for my skin and what I respond to in the best way.  All that being said, there are some things that I have not changed since the moment I tried them, so it is clearly time to give you an update. 


A Fall Playlist

Are you moved by music as much as I am?  I think it started for me working retail when I first moved to Atlanta.  We had seasonal tracks we played and to this day if I hear one of those songs I am taken right back to the mid 90's and stocking shelves + motivating a team. The biggest imprint of all would be Christmas music, it instantly will remind me of a holiday collection of clothes ... am I the only one who ties music to experiences?


On My Radar

Happy, happy Monday!  I am pretty much in shock that we are entering the end of October.  Please someone else tell me that I am not the only one who things time is flying by in warp speed?!  I swear it was just early September like 2 weeks ago.  I hope your weekend was a good one, ours was equal part relaxing + productive so I will call that a major win.  It is the beginning of the week and I am ready to make a plan and see it happen. I was just looking through my photo stream for an image to share with you and noticed I seem to have screen shots of the same thing over and over ... so clearly I have some things on my radar, four of them to be exact. Do you do the same, screen shot things and then go back and see you clearly have some ideas on your brain?  I think this would be such a great topic of conversation, so ... what is on your radar?


All The Amazon Things

Have you shopped Amazon Prime Days yet ... I say yet because I am pretty sure every single person has grabbed an item or two from the sale list. It is crazy the amount of items we as a family purchase from Amazon. It is so easy to open the app, search for what you want, and then click and purchase it in a few easy steps.  Within two days it shows up at your door. When I ordered my new coffee maker a few weeks ago it came the exact same day ... I mean, can it get any better?  Amazon is most definitely our go to for Covid, and with good reason. They are currently in the middle of a two day Prime Day event where you can score amazing items at even better prices as a prime member. The deals really can not be beat!


At Home Tailgate

Per usual for 2020, football season is so different this year.  If you are anything like us you know what college games are on each weekend, what time they are on, and what time you plan to begin the snacking for the day.  We love college football, and as a dating couple would go to UF games on Saturdays.  Lawyer was always impressed with my ability to get really great tickets for us for every home game.  I still have not given up my little secret on that one.  😉 Since we are not attending games, and tailgate this year looks so very different, I have some ideas for you on how you can make it feel somewhat normal in a time that is anything but normal. 


Bring On The Cozy

Cozy times curled up on the porch with my best girl?  Yes please! The chill in the air is really my favorite thing about fall ... well, that and a great fire.  I have been living in sweaters + jeans lately and discovered that my sweater collection needed a few new ones.  I got a few from a few weeks ago and still wanted to add a few more to my collection.  Since I seem to gravitate to the same sweaters season after season I thought I would share my favorite styles with you.  My classic prep style most definitely shows up most in the fall and winter months as I seem to have a sweater, jean + loafer (or ballet flat) habit.  When it works, why make a change, am I right?


One Year Later

Yesterday marked one year since we brought Nathan home from the hospital.  I felt off yesterday and then when I finally noticed the date I realized why I was feeling so strange.  I am most definitely one who subconsciously feels things and then remembers a day or so later what that date meant to me.  I can not believe that it has been a full year since we took a huge leap of faith and brought him home.  I was scared, honestly frightened, to do it on my own without the support of the hospital staff who had cared for both of us for two months.  The doctors felt it was the best time to give it a try ... so I prayed hard and God left the door open and we brought him home. 

Do You Shop Thrift?

I chatted about my love for thrifting great pieces of clothing and accessories in this blog post and got a lot of great emails.  I think it is apparent to me that a lot of us enjoy finding great pieces (both mainstream and luxury items) at incredible prices.  I remember buying my first Louis Vuitton Neverfull on my 40th birthday with money my grandmother sent me.  She told me to spend it on something fancy for myself and I did.  I love that bag, I love that seeing it reminds me of the gift, and it is a timeless piece that has aged and worn so well.  That being said ... I do love buying luxury pieces second hand, and getting a great deal while doing so.  I have purchased two pairs of Stubbs & Wooten loafers, numerous luxury scarves, and a second great Louis Vuitton bag second hand.  I can't say enough about it ... and have some tips and tricks for you to do the same. 


Happy October

original post

It has been a busy week ... I promise I will get it together and be back to posting five days a week next week! Every single time I got the time to write something would interrupt me and I could not get back to it.  This week we have a brand new driver ... sniff ... and that is lots of details to start out, plus I am finishing up for next week's launch, and wow, just busy being a mom.  I am not complaining one single bit but I need to get back on my own schedule for my own sanity, I do love a routine!


Sweater Weather '20

Remember last week when I was complaining about the seasons changing?  Yes, I do too, and now I am here to tell you I was wrong.  As sad as I am to see another summer go ... I am really enjoying the cooler weather.  We have had crisp mornings, warm days, and then cooler evenings and I am here for all the sweater weather!  Cue the cute sweaters, jeans, and loafers ... I am ready!


Creating Plate Walls

I love a great plate wall.  I will admit that I am a plate addict and have collected some great ones over the years.  I see a collection of plates and either immediately think they are perfect to set a table ... or think how pretty they will be hanging on a wall.  I am not sure exactly when I started hanging plates on the walls of our home, but it was early on right about the same time a plate I had put up on a plate stand in our kitchen fell over and broke.  I can recall thinking there must be a better way and then spotted an article in a magazine with a plate wall.  The plate wall instantly resonated with me and that began a lot history of plates hanging on our walls. 


Shopping Thredup

I love finding a deal and a great piece while hunting.  I think it is one of the best things I love about consignment and estate sales, you find a treasure and it is just soo fun!  I also love scoring something I missed out on the first, or even second, time and enjoying it for years.  With retail it happens a lot, you see something you want to try and it sells out in your size and you think you have lost it for good.  Finding it later at a consignment sale is so fun, and the piece somehow means more this time around. 


Staffordshire Dog Statue Calendar

I do not know about you ... but I may be pretty excited about the prospect of a brand new year.  Do not get me wrong, I am definitely embracing all that 2020 has blessed us with, but the idea of a new year with a clean slate sounds amazing as well. The only thing that makes me even more excited about a new year is a new calendar full of my favorite things ... Staffordshire pups! 🐶


First Day of Fall

original post

Wow, I can not believe we are entering a new season.  This year has both crept by like a snail and rushed past. I absolutely enjoyed every second of spring, loved every minute of summer (it is my favorite season), and hope to fall in love with autumn.  With the stunning show spring displayed in Georgia I am hoping for an equally beautiful fall.  I really experienced my first fall the year I moved to Atlanta, in October of 1993.  I was 23, ready for an adventure.  Oh, and also trying to get over a breakup ... I have told that story many times ... so the season really was a nice break from the endless Florida months which can feel daunting in the dead of summer.  That first crisp leaf, and the smell of fireplaces, it will forever make me feel like I am 23 all over again. 


Paige Minear + Buckhead Gift Co.

Happy Monday ... I so intended to share this post with you last week and with weekend planning (Covid makes all things hard) + me feeling not my best I got so behind with work!  So ... here we are with a great new week, all sorts of amazing things to share, a chill in the air and here we go. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 5

Happy Tuesday ... I hope your day is starting with the sun shining.  It is raining here in Atlanta and all I want to do is hunker down with a movie and a great blanket but there are things to be done ... so fun music and coffee will have to push me through. I hope you found some goodies at the Lilly sale, I am waiting to see what is up for sale today, and I have my eye on a few goodies + accessories.  I so love the Lilly sale!


Lilly After Party Sale Tips

It is that magical time again, where you can shop Lilly Pulitzer and snag some amazing deals.  If you have shopped a Lilly sale you know to get online early, go ahead and create a profile and then stay online from about 7:30 am until your time to shop is up.  I usually get up early, get online and then as soon as the sale goes live I have about a ten minute wait time.  This sale is highly shopped as us Lilly lovers know so you go to be prepared! The sale will last two days, today and tomorrow, and they will release new items tomorrow so make sure you shop both days to make sure you see all the items available.  I usually shop both and snag about 4 items from each, last year I over shopped, but I did love getting some happy mail while Nathan was in the hospital and I put the cooler pieces to use in that cold hospital room.  


Entertaining Beautifully

image by Simon Upton

Stop the presses!  Ha ... literally since this post is all about a great new design book you need for your library, coffee table, gift giving list, and for your best friend.  In case you missed the news Aerin Lauder has a brand new book and it is good.  As in, really, really good and you are going to want it asap.  Think all things classically Lauder + entertaining tips and images.  It is really that good.


French Curtain Rods

via Pinterest

If you take notice in magazines and designers work you will see a number of French curtain rods emerging in the design world.  I had seen them here and there for a bit and then began to notice them more and more.  At first I assumed (silly me) that it was just a small brass rod and then with more detective work noticed that they have a return on the side and were much more classic than my first impression.  After going down a rabbit hole (anyone else do this?) I noticed that so many of the interior designers I love to peruse were using them quite a bit. With even more digging I found the proper name for the rods and the history behind their usage. 


LBD Sale Roundup

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are enjoying this amazing weekend ... and maybe even slept in.  #yesplease. I have my coffee, I am easing into today and I have even checked out some great sales happening this weekend.  I have not shopped online much recently so I found some great sales, and even more fabulous items to share.  Why is it at the end of the season that the clothes look the best?  Is it just me?

I have a list of amazing sales for you to check out ... here you go!

First up, eyebobs!  I posted on Tuesday all about my favorite eyeglasses ... and then see that eyebobs is having an amazing sale this weekend.  Everything on the site is 25% off and this includes readers + blue light glasses.  Use code LABORDAY25 when checking out to take advantage of this amazing sale! I have a few pairs of eyebobs and I love them all.  One of my favorite pair was a promotion pair to bring awareness to cancer.  Had I known when I received them that those Stand Up To Cancer glasses would mean what they do to me know I probably would have bought a dozen pairs.  If you are new to eyebobs you will love them! 

I mentioned Thursday on Instagram that all the sale items at J.McLaughlin are another 40% off and there are some amazing pieces to shop!  

J.Crew: 40% off your purchase with code BYESUMMER

Madewell: Long Weekend Sale, Up To 50% Off (Including some new cool-weather faves) Use code HIFALL

Factory: 50 to 80% off everything!

Elemis: Get 25% off select favorites with code LABORDAY

Shopbop: Take 70% off sale styles

Williams-Sonoma: 20% off Tabletop, Bar & Wine items.  I am in love with the Fiore Collection!

Wayfair: Take up to 70% off bedroom furniture, area rugs, storage solutions and more now through September 7.

Home Depot: Take up to 40% off select appliances, kitchenware, patio furniture and more.

Frontgate: Up to 50% off the entire site!

Serena & Lily: Living Room Furniture Event ... great prices!

Amazon: Save up to 50% on select items across all categories.

I hope you have the best weekend ... and happy shopping! 🎉


All The Blue + White For Labor Day

I for one am not ready for summer to end.  Honestly, I never am.  It is by far my favorite season and I truly soak up every single day.  This summer was much quieter and it has been amazing and I do not want the goodness to be replaced with fall, not quite yet. I have a quick little trip scheduled for this weekend and I know I will be packing all the blue and white pieces I have to be able to soak up the last full weekend of summer ... and can it please go super slow?


Hey, Hi ... What's Up?

How are you?  How are you doing, feeling, coping in these strange times?  I was sitting here this morning listening to Lauren Daigle as the sun poured into my otherwise dark office and just felt peaceful.  But I was also aware that I have had a few days very recently where I felt completely frazzled and anxious and uncertain. The struggle bus was very real and I had to use all of my tips and tools to control my anxiety. It made me aware that I am on a weekly, sometimes daily, roller coaster to have peaceful days and moments, but aren't we all?  These days and months are unprecedented and hard and we all need all the grace that can be handed out.  

So, on that note?  How are you? 


My Eyewear Collection

The number one question I get from readers and followers is ... where did you get your glasses?  I can recall many years ago when I had perfect vision thinking it was so cool seeing others wear different and fun frames.  Fast forward to turning 40 and the "dream" of wearing cool glasses and looking sophisticated became a real reality when my eyesight went from 20/20 to needing a pair of readers to now requiring glasses most of the time.  When I started wearing them I decided I would pick great ones, ones I loved picking up and putting on ... and I now have quite the collection.  This collection is one I get so many compliments on and questions about daily, so I decided the best way to help you all pick ones you love is to share details on where mine are from, how I order them, and what makes a cool pair for me. 


Mental Health Map

I was asked by Carusele to participate in the #Genomind campaign, sponsored by Genomind.  Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

As I have shared many times, our family has been dealing with some issues that have brought up the conversation of mental health again and again.  As someone who has dealt with some level of anxiety since having our second child I understand how much information and insight and tools bring peace of mind.  With the cancer journey our family is on plus the mental health issues my son has experienced the last couple of years we talk about it a lot.  I have said time and time again that mental health should be something people feel comfortable discussing and I really feel like our family has made progress in this area but I still see it as more of a stigma in society.  I will never stop sharing my personal experiences in the hopes that it helps one or more of you speak up, ask for help, or just share with another how you are feeling.  Mental health is definitely part of our overall health and deserves the same conversations the rest would receive.  If it had not been an open conversation in our home things could be oh so different


Six Things I Bought + Loved

 As you can tell I took off yesterday to kind of soak up every single minute of the day.  We were celebrating our 25th anniversary and since the last one was spent in the ICU I wanted to treat this year as if it was two years in one, and give it all the attention.  The day started off completely normal, the best plan EVER, and then we both worked all day, also the best way to spend it, and then the evening we hunkered in for take out Chinese and our favorite TV show.  After all the chaos from last year it was exactly how I would have spent it ... doing life things and starting and ending the day with big hugs and lots of love.  I am thrilled to be healthy, happy, and feeling all the blessings that have been poured on us.


Vintage Sheet Crush

When I was very little I stayed with my grandparents in the summer and during other times when I was sick and could not go to school.  At the time we lived about 30 minutes from them and my mother would take me half way and they would keep me at home.  I remember meeting at a certain chicken place somewhere in between like it was yesterday.  The things we recall, if only it was what I did yesterday, 😳.  My grandmother's guest bedroom was a light pink color that filled the whole room with light and fun.  I recall the way it looked, smelled, and most of all laying out on the twin beds she pushed together thinking it was just HUGE.  The biggest bed I had ever seen, can you even imagine how big a king size bed would be to a six year old. And the best part ... the beautiful pink floral sheets.  


Stripes + Gingham ... + A Sale

Happy Monday ... anyone else excited about a brand new week?  Last week was a dooooozie for me and I was so ready to flip the calendar to a new week and begin again! I am starting off today in a super cute outfit (if I do say so) and a great sale for you. I call that a double win ... and if you count the fact that I was also wearing makeup I would say it's basically early 2020 once again.  😂


My Favorite Devotional

I love using a daily devotional, I think it is the best way to start my day and keep my heart and mind on the right track.  For years I have used two different ones and moved back and forth between them and an app on my phone.  Just the time when I was yearning for a new devotional my friend Anna Louise shared an Instastory of hers and I quickly asked her for the title.  I could tell by the page she shared I would really enjoy it but I had no idea I would crave time with it and miss it when I was busy in the morning.  It is hands down my favorite devotional to date. 


Updated Entry

In March, actually two weeks before quarantine began I bought a beautiful chest for our home.  My original plan was to use it in our son's room as he took his when he moved out.  When I moved the chest in from the car I left it in the entry since it was heavy and I was tired.  The next morning, I came down and while staring at it with my coffee in hand I decided to give it a try as the piece in the entry way.  I decided to leave it there on a trial basis and move the white lacquered piece into the hall way to see which I like best.  I can say after five months of "trying it", it is official, we have a new piece in the foyer!


My Favorite Nightgown

 About a month ago I spotted Emily Hertz sharing a new to her nightgown that caught my eye.  I loved the idea of it, but thought it may be a little too frilly for me.  I checked out the details on her blog and quickly realized I was not only sucked in but found myself buying two different styles immediately.  Fast forward a few days later when the first one arrived and I knew the second I put it on at bedtime I was in love.


Cocktails For Two ...

Y'all it's Friday ... and I was ready for this day all week!! 😂 For anyone else that felt that this week was a long one I high five you, we made it, and it is time to relax and refresh for the week ahead.  I am really excited about today's blog post as I have partnered with the darling MK Hennigan to bring you two ideas for cocktails for two.  MK writes the fabulous blog In The Curious Kitchen, a food + entertaining blog that is new to me but quickly becoming a true favorite.  Her photos make me drool as I am reading each and every word.  I don't know about you but I am a visual learner so if you add photos with food descriptions I will order it immediately.  Long story short, you will love her blog!


Pearls Of Palm Beach

As a lover of all things Palm Beach and a huge fan of Holly Holden I was giddy to learn she was releasing a new book.  I have loved Holly Holden since she introduced herself via email to me a few years ago and find her style and etiquette to be addictive.  Holly lives in the most amazing home and had decorated it with so many incredible details, it is a space you will want to slowly take in again and again.  Her new book, Pearls of Palm Beach, is a wonderful treasure ... filled with beautiful images and the understated elegance that exists in the residents of this magical little island of Florida.  


What The Heck?

Or as Anna Grace would say ... what the hecky?  That is the way I feel since my girl started school last Thursday.  It was like time stopped on March 17 when we went into quarantine and then shot back to present on August 1 when some of the realness began again. Remember this post I wrote about what I would not be rushing back to ... yes number 1 is most definitely required errands and the busyness of the day.  Holy cow ... it is not fun. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 4

Happpppy Monday!  I am so thankful for a brand new week, last week was so very hard for me.  My youngest started her sophomore year (gulp), the pup had a load of issues, and the anniversary of surgery, plus a very full moon and I was driving the struggle bus every single day. It became evident to me on Thursday that I just needed to lean in and let it all happen knowing that it would end and I would be thankful I felt all the feelings.  Thank you Jesus for your unending grace every single day. 💗


Nordy Sale Goodness

One of my favorite sales of the year starts today.  It opens different days for different tiers of card holders, but today is the very first day of the sale!  I am a loyal Nordstrom shopper as their customer service truly can not be beat.  There are some amazing things in the sale this year, all of which are really great prices. I scoured the preview and picked up all of my favorites and have them for you below!!



It has been a week.  Full moon, getting kids ready for back to school (one virtual, one in person), and just catching up on school paperwork, sports physicals, all the things.  I have spent so much time in my car the last week and it has worn me out.  Add in a pup with issues and I am spent.  I can recall a time months ago where this was a norm and I am truly thankful for the pause and rest Covid has given our family.  Wow ... so much has changed


Monday Blues ...

Happy Monday!  I don't have any Monday blues today (and normally I do) as I have spent all weekend tidying and organizing our house.  The past five months the house has taken a hit for sure.  It started with Lawyer unpacking his office at our kitchen table and really only spiraled from there.  There were piles everywhere, something to manage every single place I looked and last week the anxiety and dread hit me in full force.  I could not manage it one more minute and at the same time did not know where to begin.  I am more than half way there and feel like I am on a roll for sure.  We have moved Lawyer into a quiet space in the basement, and even though he's sad (he hates change), it will be so good for all of us to have some normalcy in the chaos.  So ... while I am still hair in a bun, t shirt and shorts on, and getting it all done I have some great images for you of blue areas in our house.  

So while it may feel like a blue Monday, let's embrace it in the best way, with photos of pretty blue things!


Summer Tour Round Up

I shared last week that I was among an incredible group of women who had joined together to share their homes with you as part of  It's A Colorful Life Home TourSummer Snapshots.  I am always so honored to be included and this year the tour was so good, maybe the best one yet, and the round up most definitely deserves a whole post of its own. I think for me having missed out on so many things I loved seeing peeks of so many homes and feel so blessed they have shared their homes and talents with us.  


Lake Pajamas Sale

This is always one of my favorite sales to share the details on, as Lake Pajamas are literally the softest things I own, and they are the best price they will be all year.  This is the time to buy them, to stock up, and to grab some extras for gifts.  You will be so happy and thankful you did, I promise you!


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