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My Fall Wardrobe

I am going to give you a heads-up. I am feeling super preppy right now.  So much so that I wore penny loafers to lunch on Monday.  I don't know what it is, but the prep in me is having a moment, and I love it.  I think I crave a classic look most times, but for some reason, so much more so right now. So, let's fully embrace it; why not, right?


Leather Pants I Love!

I honestly did not see myself as a leather pants girl.  I see them on other people and love the look, but I wasn't sure it was for me until I tried on a pair and fell in love. I didn't mean to try them on and love them, but it happened, and I honestly can't look back. These leather pants are so good, fit so well, and have become a piece in my closet that I dream of styling. They are really that good


Meal Planning

Last week I watched my friend Ashley Brooke speak about her frustration with meal planning.  Even though we are in very different stages of life, my frustration with having meals prepped and ready to go at the end of the day is the same.  I watched her talk about how her mother told her she could manage it, and she did and realized I needed to do the same.  With one very active senior and all the volleyball games and school back in full swing, I have struggled at the end of the day to make it all work.  It occurred to me we are in a new season, and I just needed to tackle it full-on to feel successful.  If you feel the same way, I hope you will join me in tackling the elephant in the room and the text I dread most, what's for dinner


Palm Beach Sandals + Susan Albright

I was very honored to meet
Susan Albright during my trip to Pawley Island.  Susan is a fantastic artist that creates fashion, home dΓ©cor, and accessories from her stunning one of kind designs. When I met Susan at her store in Pawleys, I was introduced to her lovely patterns and beautiful clothing item.  I tried on several of her pieces and found them all unbelievable.  They fit like a dream, can be customized according to your needs, and are indeed works of art.  I know that seems extreme, but it is absolutely true. I noticed her impeccable work the second I took the first dress off the hanger and was completely smitten when I tried it on.  Her handmade items stand out in the fashion industry.  They are made to enjoy while living your days from casual to more formal.  


It's The First Day of Autumn!

We have had a BIG week.  Our daughter turned 18 on Wednesday, we have Senior night for fall sports tonight, and tomorrow we head to HHI for an overnight tournament.  I am genuinely just trying to keep my head above water this week; it has been a lot of emotion and excitement all at the same time. Why do our babies have to grow up?  She is having the best senior year, and every time I think I will break down in tears over it, I see her joy, and I am once again filled up. πŸ’—


Fall Classics From Talbots

I think I re-discovered Talbots about 4 years ago when a fellow blogger friend posted a fall round-up from the local shop.  I have to say I was shocked as I had not visited Talbots as an adult and really felt like it was more for my mother's age group.  But, I was very wrong and have since taken a page from my mom's handbook and shopped Talbots consistently from that day. I remember the first thing I bought was a denim jacket and a pair of their Ponte leggings, both of which I still have and wear all the time.  Talbots is known for its classic and timeless clothing, allowing us to build a wardrobe we can be proud of and go back to time and time again. 



image + recipe

I am super excited to be traveling to New York City in two weeks to help Better Homes & Gardens celebrate 100 years of publication.  I remember my mother and grandmother reading BHG, and now it is one of the magazines I look forward to receiving in the mail each month. It has been a few years since I was in NYC, and I am looking forward to starting the fall season in a great location.  As you can see, I have already planned my outfits and have purchased a few new things to make the trip feel even more special.  Spoiler alert, I hit up the new Emily McCarthy collection + Talbots, and it was easy to pull it together from there. 


It's Almost Sweater Weather ...

We are just 10 days from the first day of fall, and I definitely have sweaters on my mind.  As I looked at the new arrivals, I spotted a few that would be just darling.  I also checked out some cardigans and some cropped sweaters to wear over my Nap Dresses making them great for fall as well as the warmer months. Does anyone else love a great sweater paired with a pair of jeans? I have been wearing them more around my shoulders than I used to, and I enjoy having options for a sweater in the cooler weather.  


Shift Dress For Day + Night

A shift dress is truly an excellent piece for your wardrobe.  You can dress it up, dress it down, add a sneaker and a baseball hat for a day out, add a cute dress shoe and a clutch and head out for date night.  Holly Shae has created the Arden, my favorite shift dress, perfect for all these needs. This fall, she has released two solids, navy and black, along with a few gingham options, and I love them all.  Is it wrong that some days it is all I wish to wear?


Orange You Glad?

I have wanted to paint my front door a fun color for about seven years.  Every time I tried to pair a fun color with our brick color, it was hard to make it work.  I tried blue, green, and orange, attempting to find a color that worked and complimented our reddish-orange brick. I genuinely want to paint the brick white, but that is an expense I am not ready to undertake, so for now, I am focused on transforming the door. I used the interactive Sherwin-Williams website to see what the result would be.  After testing about 45 colors, I settled on Obstinate Orange. 


LDW Sales 2022

I hope your weekend was so perfect.  Ours was low-key, but after a few busy weeks with school, I was ready for some family time.  I spent Friday in Charlotte for a styling project and then spent Friday night and Saturday in Greenville and shopped my way home Saturday afternoon.  It was terrific, and I still had two solid days with my family. Honestly, I feel like I am getting more into a fall-ish routine so this Tuesday start of the week is a blessing. I will also share that we had the best summer I can recall in a very long time, so seeing that end is bittersweet. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 19

Happy Friday!  I am rounding out a great week with your favorite post and mine. This week was much more low-key than last week, so I guess I am settling into the new school year.  Can that even be?  I hope your week was a good one and that you, too, are ready for a lovely long weekend!


Estate Sale Shopping Tips + Tricks

I am super excited to share that I wrote a fun and informative post about estate sale tips + tricks for my darling friend Ashley Brooke.  She asked me to write a blog post on the topic for her "maternity leave" time.  I am honored and thrilled she asked and you can pop over to her blog, which I love, to read the post.  I hope you love it!


Gameday Ready!


SEC Football hits the ground running this week, and I am more than ready to watch some college football games.  I will admit I love college football but do not care for professional football.  I think it is an entirely different dynamic for me and just doesn't feel the same at all.  As you may know, I attended UCF but spent most weekends in Gainesville at UF as one of my college roommates was dating someone there, and at the time, UCF didn't have a football team.  My dad attended UF, his parents taught there, and I grew up rooting for the Gators.  Many years later, nothing has changed; I bleed orange and blue. πŸ§‘πŸ’™


Goodbye Summer with Printfresh

I have the best news!  My favorite pajama company is having a GOODBYE SUMMER SALE, and some of the best patterns are up to 50% off.  These pajamas are the best I have owned, and the organic cotton gets softer with every wash. I have a number of the patterns on sale and think they are so fun. 


Behind The Boxwoods

I am beyond excited to share with you that I have partnered with Southern Bungalow Co. and created a custom candle!!  This candle results from months of sniffing the most amazing scents Susan sent over and trying to narrow down my favorites.  Every scent from Southern Bungalow is magical, and I knew she would send some incredible combinations when I made a list of my favorite scents.  I wanted something light but memorable so it would be something that could be burned again and again.


Tailgating In Style

Is anyone else ready for tailgate season? I love tailgating, and this year I decided to forgo a particular team or team colors and just really embrace my love for plaid and vintage items.  I could not love it more; it is perfect for any sport, for ladies or men, or a combination of the two.  I say three cheers for all the plaid all the time. 


Denim, On Sale

Yes, my blog post is late today ... but I have been working on two massive projects, one that launches on Friday and one next week.  It has been so fun but so time-consuming!!  But I am not skipping today's blog post because I must share with you this incredible deal.  I just spotted my favorite store is having a denim sale, and you and I must check it out. 


National Peach Day

I almost missed National Peach Day ... but I can not miss the opportunity to share the fantastic picnic I had with friends in Perry, Ga., earlier this summer.  Eating a peach-inspired meal in an orchard is a must-do; we had so much fun. My friend Avoly's husband Tyler manages the most beautiful orchards just outside Perry, and he was so generous to offer to let us set up a table and spend some time in one of the orchards during golden hour.  It was truly stunning, and, as always, I learned so much from Tyler about the peaches


Monday Thoughts ...

I started this week with a deep clean of my kitchen.  I just sat down and am tired, but my kitchen shines like a diamond.  It is amazing how much cleaner your space is when you remove everything and clean it all. It feels so good.  I did the same thing with our bedroom and bathroom this weekend and lost track of time cleaning.  I have neglected it for far too long. Things have begun to pile up, which is always a bad thing! If you are feeling overwhelmed at all, I suggest deep cleaning something.  It will clear your head in no time at all. 


Summer Items I Would Buy Again

I was folding laundry and putting away another stack of post-trip clothes and accessories, and I stopped for a second and noticed a pile of things I had bought this summer and loved.  I realized they were things I would buy again in a heartbeat and decided I should share.  It was a great summer, and with only about a month left of summer, I am absolutely still really leaning into my favorite season.  I will love fall when it arrives, and I feel settled, but summer is hands down just the best, in my opinion.  So with that ... let's chat about what I bought and really loved!


New York Times

Yesterday an interview I gave in July for an article went live.  I am beyond excited to share that I am quoted in a New York Times article speaking on ruffles, bows, and the best ever, chintz.  I was excited to tell the writer, Lia Picard, when she asked if we could talk about three of my favorite things. I can promise you that you will see me in a full baseball slide toward anything chintz at an estate sale, and if it has bows or ruffles, you better bet I will buy it at first sight. 


Pawleys Island

I spent four days last week traveling to a new to me location, one that truly captured my heart.  I will definitely be returning as it is charming, unique, and a quiet little space on the South Carolina coast.


Vintage Paint By Number

When I was younger, one of the notable art projects was paint-by-number.  They were small, kept me busy all morning or afternoon, and never turned out quite like the photo.  Nonetheless, it was so much fun to do.  I think the paintbrush was always a little more giant than it needed to be, which I will blame for my result not looking like the box.  I was one of those kids who expected my results to resemble an example.  That little fact would take years to unwind ... πŸ˜‰


The Perfect Italian Meal ...

Yesterday I introduced you to the beauty of VIETRI Limoni and we talked about the food today.  This meal is so easy to make and one I make a lot.  As I mentioned before, I am part Italian, and a delicious pasta meal with fresh ingredients is a comfort meal for me. As a child, other kids had fish sticks, macaroni, and cheese, and my go-to was buttered noodles with extra parm accompanied by a fabulous crusty bread.  All the carbs, please + thank you. 

This yummy pasta dish is so easy to make.  Known to the world as TikTok pasta, I choose it repeatedly for its perfect combination of roasted tomatoes, fresh garlic, and shallots, and the delicious feta cheese that gives the dish a yummy bite. Even though feta cheese is Greek and not Italian, I think it is refreshin refreshing, and delightful. To be honest, the first time I made it, I was not expecting to like it at all, and then I found out it was so good I swore to make it time and time again. 

TikTok Pasta ... 

2 pt. cherry or grape tomatoes (I always add extra)
1 shallot, quartered
3 cloves garlic, smashed
1/2 c. extra-virgin olive oil, dividedexcellent excellent
Kosher salt
Pinch crushed red pepper flakes
1 (8-oz.) block feta
3 sprigs of fresh thyme
10 oz. pasta
Zest of 1 lemon (optional)
Fresh basil, for garnish

Preheat the oven to 400°. In a large ovenproof skillet or medium baking dish, combine tomatoes, shallot, garlic, and all but 1 tablespoon of oil. Season with salt and red pepper flakes and toss to combine. Place feta into the center of the tomato mixture and drizzle with the remaining 1 tablespoon of oil. Scatter thyme sprigs over tomatoes. Bake for 40 to 45 minutes, until tomatoes burst and feta is golden on top. Meanwhile, cook pasta until al dente according to package directions in a large pot of boiling salted water. Reserve ½ cup of pasta water before draining.

To skillet with tomatoes and feta, add cooked pasta, reserved pasta water, and lemon zest (if using) and stir until combined. Garnish with basil.

For this dish, I poured the tomatoes and feta mixture directly over the pasta in the bowl and let the goodness drip and run down into the pasta.

What is more perfect than a pairing of pasta and a delicious salad?  I love an excellent arugula salad, and this one is delicious while remaining light and easy pairing to a heavier pasta dish. 

Arugula Salad ... 

Fresh arugula
salt and pepper
freshly shaved parmesan

Dressing ...
1 shallot, finely minced
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon honey
Splash of hot honey
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper

Mix well and pour over salad; garnish with shaved parmesan.  I love a lot of cheese!

Just a few extra images entice you to purchase these pieces and make this meal. You really can not go wrong with any of it.  Add to cart!

VIETRI Limoni pieces used ... 

Limoni Dinner Plate
Limoni Cereal Bowl
Limoni Pitcher
Limoni Figural Lemon Platter
Limoni Medium Serving Bowl

Happy Thursday ... now, of course, I am craving pasta!!

Images by Angie Webb Photography


Vietri Limoni

VIETRI is one of my favorite brands to own and use, and I am thrilled to partner with them for this project. When we first discussed working together, I could choose my favorite collection to present, and hands down, I decided on Limoni. My grandmother was Italian, so I grew up eating pasta and Italian meals regularly. My comfort food is pasta with fresh ingredients, warm and crusty bread, and a simple salad. This meal is always a crowd pleaser and has never looked better than served on these gorgeous lemon dishes.  Vietri describes them as ... "cheerful, vibrant, and iconically Italian," and I think their description is spot on.  With the gingham tablecloth, the fresh herbs, and all the lemons, I felt like I was eating somewhere in Italy and not on my beautiful deck.  It was a fabulous meal and a beautiful one made possible with the stunning Limoni collection and other beautiful Vietri pieces. πŸ‹



Everyone in America and beyond has heard of Kim Kardashian; because of that, we all know her brand of shapewear Skims. However, until yesterday I had not seen them in person, touched them, and wanted to leave the store with a shopping cart full of the pieces.  After having lunch yesterday at the Nordstrom Cafe with my friend Nicole, we stopped into the pajama department only to discover that Nordstrom has quite the selection of Skims products. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 18

Well, that was a break I didn't expect to take. Two weeks off from the blog, first vacation, and then prepping for school to begin was all-consuming in honestly the best way possible.  I indeed had no intention of not writing, but one day led to the next, and finally, I just gave in to the schedule of our time as a family.  I intended to lean into the summer as a family, and in the last two weeks, I finally just gave in.  It was truly remarkable, and it feels weird to be "back" to work.  I feel like I am cheating on summer and my family, but school has begun, and our summer break from school is over.  Every morning will start to feel more like the school year again ... and I will be patient with myself until it happens. 



It's peach season and we are eating them at every single opportunity we can.  In fact, we are stopping on the way to Florida tomorrow to grab some from a friend who runs this orchard. This photoshoot was one of the favorites I have styled.  A late afternoon picnic in the peach orchard as it was blooming ... was truly magical.  The star of the show was the peach and I tried to incorporate it as much as I could in the menu.  I mean, you must eat peaches while lunching in a peach orchard, right?


My Journey With Clean Beauty

After tackling safe cleaning products for our homes, the next thing on my list for you is clean beauty.  I have now been using safe beauty products for four years, and I still love my products just as much as I did when I started using them.  I have added to my list of items I use but stuck with the basics, making me feel like I made the right choices initially.  You can read all about my journey in this blog post from early 2019.  As I stated from the beginning, I thought I was using safe products but was way off.  I assumed when I shouldn't have, and once I heard and read a lot, I could not unlearn and unread any of it.  It was a journey, but one I am super thankful for each and every day. 


Beach Edit

T minus four sleeps until we leave for the beach.  I am in full packing and organization mode.  I am equally excited and equally in shock that summer is over for us in 12 days.  

So let's focus on what I am packing instead ... 


Stocking Up On Beauty

We will deep dive into clean beauty this week, but before I do, I spotted a few items I regularly use that are currently on sale.  I did not cover the Nordstrom sale for many reasons, but I did spot a few things I used and ordered, which I will discuss later this week.  I am loyal to my clean brands, and I genuinely think they work well and must be shared.  So, if you are asking what I would buy from Nordstrom on sale for clean beauty ... the answer is below. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 17

Happy Monday!  I think this is the best day for this type of post as I can recap my week and weekend for you and share things I love. This weekend was full of adventure as I spent it in Northeast Alabama in the darling town of Mentone.  I highly recommend you go and when you do, stay in the sweet home of Bee On The Brow.  You will love it and the darling hosts.  I can not say enough about them and their fabulous gift of hospitality. 

You must go. 


Clean Product Lists

I have been talking all week on Instagram about clean products for your laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom and I love the amazing feedback I have gotten. I also love the questions, I have learned so much researching items I did not know, and, for that, I thank you all. I have made a list of items I would and do use for you to trade out what you have in your home. With this list, you can clean your bathrooms, your laundry, your dishes, and every surface in both the kitchen and bathroom.  What I hope you remember is that you don't need to be spending a ton of money to make your home clean.  Yes, maybe at the beginning but these products are meant to last and clean well.  The number of products you will be using will be cut way down and that, alone, will save you time and money.  As always, I am here to answer any questions you have! 


How To Quickly Set Your Table

Anna Louise and I took a bit of a break in sharing content we worked on together, but I have to share, that this may be the best of the best.  In our series, How To Look Like A Pro, our goal was to share tips and tricks that would make your life easier and would cut down on time when doing things in your house and on the go.  One of my favorite things to do is set the table.  It was my chore as a child and it has blossomed into my favorite part of the meal as a wife and mother.  Sometimes setting the table can take a few if you decide to set it with a next-level feel.  That is unless you are using products from the likes of the darling RoseanneBeck


Diving Into Clean Living

I asked a question last week on Instagram prompted by a conversation I was having with my mother while I was with her.  The inquiry said ... would you like to do a deep dive into having a clean home?  99.9 percent of my followers responded and said yes. That was a massive response to me which is why I will be talking in-depth here on the blog in the next two weeks about creating a "clean" home.  And I do not mean one that is dust-free or always tidy; that is not the goal here.  Instead, we are talking about buying and using toxic-free products in your home in the areas of the laundry room, kitchen, bathrooms, and in the air. 


Factory Fourth Sale

All I can say is this ... I got a notification this morning about a fabulous sale and I hit the website quickly.  I just bought 10 pieces for under $250.  That, my friends, is an amazing sale. Run, don't walk and do not forget to use code YAY70 on all those clearance pieces!


Setting The Fourth Of July Table

What could be better than celebrating July 4th at the beach?  Isn't that the ideal spot to celebrate with the shells, sand, and endless sunsets?  I had the fantastic opportunity to spend a few days at the beach in May to set this stunning table to share with you today.  I love all things summer; I just love the slow days, the long meals over a long table, and all the slowed-down family time.  Am I right?  Growing up, we went to the beach every Saturday, and I still crave the feeling of a cold shower when you get home.  It just feels like summer, even now, all these years later. So July 4th at the beach would be a dream come true for me. 


Biscuits ... Not Just For Breakfast

I have often shared my love for Callie's Biscuits and the unique biscuit that Carrie Morey creates.  It is the best biscuit around with the addition of butter and cream cheese inside. The first time I had one of Carrie's biscuits, I was in Charleston, and I loved it so much I craved it until I returned a year later and really dove into my obsession. Since 2015, I have consumed several of Callie's little nuggets of love and have had them in many ways.  I love that I can buy them online or in my local market and bring them home to share with my family. But, biscuits are not just for breakfast and can be enjoyed all day long if you get creative.  Today I have tips for you on how to do just that ... and the many ways these little yummies can be enjoyed all day. 


Shopping Southern Delicacies

Today is all about food, which I think we all love.  I love to eat as much as the same person, but if you make it for me, I am smitten. I think it just tastes better, or is that just me?  On this day of How To Look Like A Pro, we are talking about southern delicacies you can order online and enjoy or treat someone else to a great item. Ordering food by mail has changed so much recently, especially during the last two years.  Two companies I order from repeatedly and can vouch for would be Southern Baked Pie and Caroline's Cakes. These two bakeries are superior in what they do and deliver to you, or your friend will be a top-notch delicacy. You will get a fabulous thank you later.  


First Day Of Summer Edit

Yesterday was the official first day of summer and the longest day of the year.  After attending an event, I sat on my sofa and watched the stunning sunset shining through our den windows.  I do not think I can say enough; I truly love summer. I remember as a child spending all afternoon in the pool and then showering and sitting outside watching the lightning bugs around the yard and just soaking up the smells and sounds of summer.  The days felt so long and magical; I got that magical feeling again yesterday.  It really is just the best time of the year.  I think summer for me equals long evenings, a slower pace, and all the adventure each day can hold.  

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