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Renovating Our Home

I promise I didn't disappear entirely; I am buried in home renovations.  Who knew when the first blister in the den ceiling appeared in October, we would decide to renovate a bathroom and then add and change our wood floors.  I promise you that if you told me in the fall that I would do this, I would have laughed and said, absolutely not. I sort of feel like I backed into this, and now that it's complete and we move back in tomorrow, I am so thankful that it is almost behind us.  


Small Business Christmas Vol. 3

Today is the third in the Small Business Christmas series, one I have felt truly blessed to write.  I have been supported by small businesses since the time I decided to write full time and it is my pleasure to highlight them this year.  Today I have the remainder of the list, that is filled with stunning jewelry, sweet treats, and some fun items to make your home oh so merry!


Small Business Christmas Vol. 2

Happy Monday!  I am back with another installment of my deep dive into small businesses this holiday season.  I really hope you enjoyed Volume 1; I loved putting it together and even ordered more gifts after I published the post.  Tomorrow I will finish up with the last post; these unique women-owned businesses are my go-to this year. 


Small Business Christmas Vol. 1

My focus this Christmas is on small businesses as I hope to bless a group as much as I have been blessed this year. As a small business myself, I have worked with many small businesses over the year and have developed relationships that have been vital to me.  I pride myself on being picky with my selections and brands and am thrilled to share I get to work with the best of the best.  Whenever a brand reaches out, I deep dive into their business, products, and people before I partner.  With all but a tiny few, I have continued to work with the same ones year after year. 


Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charity

I was thrilled to announce yesterday that I have partnered with the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities for this giving season. After touring one of the houses and meeting with the team twice, this partnership will extend past the giving season. This house and this organization have imprinted my heart in a big way. During my husband's hospital journey in 2019, the nurses, the doctors, the people at the hospital, and my friends and our families carried me during those days.  It was the hardest thing we have faced as a family and will not be a part of my life.  The people, the love, the support, and the endless prayers offered to us by every single person who touched us made every moment bearable.  If there had been a Ronald McDonald House connected to Northside, I would have used it daily for showers, breaks, naps, and a refuge from the grueling days and nights. I have always thought I would find a way to pay it back, and when the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities digital content creator asked if I would like to be involved, I responded in all capitals.  


Barrington Gifts - Gift Ideas

Before I go any further, I need to share that from here until the week or so before Christmas, there is a possibility that I will have two posts in one day.  Today, for example, is the last day of the crazy good sale happening at Barrington, AND it is also Giving Tuesday.  I have two posts for that, and they both need to go up today.  So, you aren't crazy ... there will be more than one post in one day and quite a few days just like that. 


Cyber Monday Sales To Note

How are you
?  Are you happy it's Monday, or are you like me and could have used one more day this weekend?  I am beginning to put our house back together after six weeks of construction, and it feels fantastic to have some normalcy.  We woke up in our bedroom this morning, and I felt so good to be back in a routine.  Oh, and to use our new bathroom!  


Small Business Saturday

Happy Saturday loves; I hope your weekend has been filled with family + festivity.  Today is one of my favorite days of the year, as today is the day we support all of those incredible small businesses. Today is the day the shop owners live for as it is an excellent way for them to jump ahead in sales ... and I am here to help them do so!  I have been updating my Black Friday sales post from last week but today the small businesses get their own shout-out.  Let's make some shop owners do some happy dances!!


Black Friday 2022

The sales are
happening, and I have already seen some crazy good ones.  I will start this list now and then update it as they come in and change.  I will also keep changing the date of the post, so it is current for you. I hope you will see this as a great resource to come back to time and again throughout the weekend of sales. All I can say is, it is time to get that shopping done!


Bespoke Gift Giving

Of all the beautiful pieces we own in our home, the custom and bespoke pieces are one of my favorites.  There is something about the extra details and unique additions that make them stand out.  I will never forget when my friend Emily McCarthy offered to create a custom couture monogram for me in 2015.  I was blown away, and when she delivered it to me stitched out on a pillow, I shed tears of love and joy.  I knew she had taken time to sit and think about me and our relationship and created something that she knew would be special. 


The Crew is 50% off

Is anyone else slightly excited about shopping this weekend?  I save so much of my Christmas shopping for after Thanksgiving to get some excellent sale prices. I have a list of things to purchase and will be ready to shop the second I see the prices and details. I am excited about my list of items to share with you after the busy sale weekend, as this year, I have partnered with a list of small businesses I will spotlight in detail.  You will love these people and their inventory and hopefully knock some dents in your shopping lists.  Just wait; it will be so good. 


Thanksgiving Punch

As I mentioned, we are going to my brother-in-law's for Thanksgiving.  I am thrilled to see them and to enjoy a home without mess, dust, and construction.  I plan to take a batch cocktail, as I always do, so we can have something yummy to sip, with or without spirits, all day.  My go-to for fall is the same punch recipe that never fails.  It is so yummy every single time I serve it!


Better Homes & Gardens

I am beyond excited to share our home decorated for Christmas is featured in the December issue of Better Homes & Gardens.  I have been sitting on this little tidbit of news for 11 months, and I finally get to share! We are thrilled, genuinely honored, and absolutely without thoughts over the gorgeous feature and stunning images. 


Bathroom Details ...

As we are thinking about the next two weeks of the bathroom renovation, I am really thinking about the details. This part is my favorite; I love all the tiny details. To keep my mind focused on something other than the dust and mess, I am visualizing moving into a new (and clean) bathroom. I am mentally ready.  I am prepared to sleep in our room, use our bathroom, and, most of all, be able to sit in the den together and watch TV.  With the holidays just around the corner, this is the perfect time to finish up these weeks of construction. I am unsure which movie will be our first together as a family, but I am ready to make it happen. 


Chappy Wrapped

Last year I purchased my first ChappyWrap, the coziest blanket I have ever owned.  From the second I took the wrapping off, it became the most fought-over piece in our den.  It is a perfect size, so warm and soft, and the patterns are really darling.  After purchasing one for myself, I snagged two more for gifts, one for a best friend and one for our girl.  A year later, it is still our favorite blanket, and the item I reach for the second it gets chilly. This year I purchased a second for our den in the prettiest green pattern.  With all the construction in the house, I took it to bed with me last night and slept well. Hands down, the ChappyWrap is my favorite blanket. 


Thanksgiving Edit

Don't fret; we have agreed to attend Thanksgiving with my in-laws; there is no way my house will be dust free and ready to host on time. Praise the Lord, my brother-in-law invited us; we will have the best meal with family and can forget the mess at my house while we are there. I love Thanksgiving as it is the perfect time before Christmas to sit and be thankful before the crazy hits.  It is also the time I remember most when traveling to my aunts; everything would feel so festive and warm. My parents will be with my aunt and uncle, and we will be back together at Christmas when my house is again ready for viewing. 


A Bigger Redo

Remember last month when I shared we were doing a Little Redo?  As I sit amongst stuff everywhere in my house and tarps galore, I realize that this redo is anything but minor. Holy dust and stuff, every place the eye can rest.  I am so ready to start cleaning and organizing again, but yet I think we have about three more weeks. I recommend a repipe or a bathroom redo, and maybe not both at the same time.  However, I would not want to do all this again later, so there is that. 


It's Plaid Weather

The second November 1 arrives, I am all about wearing plaid 24/7.  Let us all welcome plaid season as it should be ... all day, every day!  Every year about this time, I share my plaid favorites, and today is no different.  Not all the retailers I shop at have released their plaid, but we can start with this edit.  I am so happy it is a plaid season; it may be one of my favorites of the year. 


Team Shutters Or No Shutters


I am in the final phase of choosing our new door and shutter color, and then the conversation began about keeping or removing our shutters.  I am telling you, I don't feel anything is safe now with all the construction.  My mother and I talked about shutters on Saturday, and she reminded me they removed theirs and love it. Our conversation extended, and we started talking about proper shutters on the house, which mine are not.  And then I began to think ... do we want to remove ours?  We can always replace them later with proper ones when we aren't spending so much money.  


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!  May the tricks be few and the treats plentiful and sweet!! ๐ŸŽƒ


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 21

Our week has been crazy.  Renovating is no joke, and our contractor is blowing through so quickly, so things move so fast.  Every morning when he arrives at 7 am, he asks for something and needs questions answered.  I could not love him or his work ethic more! It has been a lot to manage, but it went perfectly. So ... to condense my thoughts of the week, I thought a great Six Things post was in order. Plus, since we bought so many things last week and this one, I have much to share. 


Lessen The Hate

I have read and witnessed a few things of late that have given me a heavy heart.  On Monday, I searched for an image of our bathroom and stumped into a pit of hate on the internet that has given me quite a bit of pause.  Beyond that, I am beside myself with the amount of hate rampant in the media, the world, and the communities where we live.  How did it get this bad, or has it always existed, and I just see it without blinders?  And what do we do?


Hostess Gift Shopping

I mentioned on Instagram that I would dissect the brand new Mrs. Southern Social x Dillard's collection for hostess gifts for the holidays, and today I am here to deliver on that promise.  I have seen the collection in its entirety at this point, and I can tell you it is even better in person than any beautiful image can do justice.  I am really so smitten and so proud of my dear friend, it will be very popular!


Bougie Because I Hustle

If you missed the announcement yesterday, the cutest sweatshirt just dropped on the scene.  My sweet friends Nicole and Emily collaborated to make the most extraordinary design available on a precious pink sweatshirt.  Mine arrived last weekend, and I stalked it waiting to be able to wear it when it launched.  I love a cheeky sweatshirt, and this one is just perfect. ๐Ÿ’—


A Stunning Halloween Table

The second we painted the front door orange, I started thinking about fall and Halloween.  I saw all of my clay pumpkins outside and all the stunning colors of pink and yellow mums, and I got very excited. Since the orange is short-lived, we are repainting it, I decided I needed to capture all of the orange door I could, and this time of the year, it is living its best life. In doing some research, I realized that Roseanne Beck Collections Halloween options + my orange door were a match made in heaven, and I instantly began to order it all. 


A Little Southern Social Christmas

Yes, it is October 18.  Yes, we are still in the fall and talking about fall and Halloween.  However, today we must pivot and cover the brand new collection, which releases today, between Mrs. Southern Social and Dillard's for Christmas.  If you loved the first collection, you will flip over this one.  It is filled with precious classic pieces you will use year after year.  Per usual, well done, Mary.  I could not love it more!


A Little Redo

So, I have been silent on the blog over the past (almost) week, and I apologize for that.  It wasn't planned for sure, but a little leak turned into a significant leak, and then we lost wifi, and I just gave up.  It was a week last week, and a lot has transpired.  To sum up, our copper pipes have pinhole leaks (do not choose copper), and we need to replumb our house.  To save my favorite wallpaper in our bathroom, they are going through the tile in the shower, which we don't care for, so it has turned into a remodel.  If your head just spun around, I apologize for that.  Mine did that last week when one tiny thing turned into a big something, and then the words "gut" sent me into a tailspin.  But ... it is a new week, I have a plan, and it is time to just lean into it all. 


Tidal Tablescape

It is most definitely fall in Georgia, and I absolutely love the weather and the stunning blue skies. It has been weeks of gorgeous weather, and I am soaking it up before it gets cold. This is the time I crave being at the beach and eating alfresco every meal.  Growing up in Florida, I have a genuine appreciation for the beach in all seasons, and fall may be the best. 


The Tortoise Edit

There is just something about tortoise-colored items for me.  I love it.  I own many tortoise pieces and wear them year-round.  But ... in the fall, they just seem to hit a little bit better.  Maybe it is that late summer sunshine, maybe it's the longer days with cooler temps before Daylight Savings, I don't know, but I do know I use more of my favorite tortoise pieces in the fall than any other time. 


Stitch + Supper With Us

My darling friend Nicole Letts and I are thrilled to announce we are co-hosting a fabulous event at our local needlepoint shop, The Nimble Needle. When we dreamed up this fun evening, we decided it should be what we love to do most, eat, hang out with our friends, sip, and stitch. So, that is precisely what we will be doing on Thursday, October 27, from 5 to 8 pm.  


How To Elevate A Candle

A great candle instantly makes the house feel more like home. When we travel by car, I always take a candle with me to give the space a more homey feel.  Since launching my candle with Southern Bungalow Co. in August, I can tell you that one of them is always burning in the house, giving it a fantastic scent and feel. Creating my own candle has been a dream for me; I use them often and love to gift them, and now I can give a candle of my own. I love hearing that people love the scent and enjoy their new Southern Bungalow Co. candles; I also love mine. I love hearing that people love the smell and enjoy their new Southern Bungalow Co. candles. I also love mine. It is a great clean scent, and the coconut wax and essential oils combination help to keep it a safe option for a candle in your house.  All in all, I am thrilled with Behind The Boxwoods!


Happy Birthday Weezie!

One of my favorite brands, Weezie Towels, is celebrating its 4th birthday this week!  They are offering 25% off their inventory to celebrate, making my favorite towels and accessories even better.  I love my Weezie towels and have written about them so many times.  I use them daily, take them when I travel and love to gift them to others.  There is nothing better when you travel than to take a Weezie kitchen towel set to the hostess.  Everyone loves Weezie, and you will easily win the hostess gift award when you bring along a hostess gift from Weezie.


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol.20

For the last 24+ hours, I have been glued to the news coverage of Hurricane Ian as it hits my beloved Florida.  I am heartbroken by the images that are surfacing and praying so very hard for those who have been affected.  We were just in Manasota Key in July and North Captiva last year, and the direct hit to the area honestly tears me apart.  I love my home state, its magic, and many untouched areas.  I am heartsick over their current state. I have found several ways to help, and this article seems to have listed many of them for us feeling helpless.  If you are looking for ways to help, I will start here. 


My Fall Wardrobe

I am going to give you a heads-up. I am feeling super preppy right now.  So much so that I wore penny loafers to lunch on Monday.  I don't know what it is, but the prep in me is having a moment, and I love it.  I think I crave a classic look most times, but for some reason, so much more so right now. So, let's fully embrace it; why not, right?


Leather Pants I Love!

I honestly did not see myself as a leather pants girl.  I see them on other people and love the look, but I wasn't sure it was for me until I tried on a pair and fell in love. I didn't mean to try them on and love them, but it happened, and I honestly can't look back. These leather pants are so good, fit so well, and have become a piece in my closet that I dream of styling. They are really that good


Meal Planning

Last week I watched my friend Ashley Brooke speak about her frustration with meal planning.  Even though we are in very different stages of life, my frustration with having meals prepped and ready to go at the end of the day is the same.  I watched her talk about how her mother told her she could manage it, and she did and realized I needed to do the same.  With one very active senior and all the volleyball games and school back in full swing, I have struggled at the end of the day to make it all work.  It occurred to me we are in a new season, and I just needed to tackle it full-on to feel successful.  If you feel the same way, I hope you will join me in tackling the elephant in the room and the text I dread most, what's for dinner


Palm Beach Sandals + Susan Albright

I was very honored to meet
Susan Albright during my trip to Pawley Island.  Susan is a fantastic artist that creates fashion, home dรฉcor, and accessories from her stunning one of kind designs. When I met Susan at her store in Pawleys, I was introduced to her lovely patterns and beautiful clothing item.  I tried on several of her pieces and found them all unbelievable.  They fit like a dream, can be customized according to your needs, and are indeed works of art.  I know that seems extreme, but it is absolutely true. I noticed her impeccable work the second I took the first dress off the hanger and was completely smitten when I tried it on.  Her handmade items stand out in the fashion industry.  They are made to enjoy while living your days from casual to more formal.  


It's The First Day of Autumn!

We have had a BIG week.  Our daughter turned 18 on Wednesday, we have Senior night for fall sports tonight, and tomorrow we head to HHI for an overnight tournament.  I am genuinely just trying to keep my head above water this week; it has been a lot of emotion and excitement all at the same time. Why do our babies have to grow up?  She is having the best senior year, and every time I think I will break down in tears over it, I see her joy, and I am once again filled up. ๐Ÿ’—


Fall Classics From Talbots

I think I re-discovered Talbots about 4 years ago when a fellow blogger friend posted a fall round-up from the local shop.  I have to say I was shocked as I had not visited Talbots as an adult and really felt like it was more for my mother's age group.  But, I was very wrong and have since taken a page from my mom's handbook and shopped Talbots consistently from that day. I remember the first thing I bought was a denim jacket and a pair of their Ponte leggings, both of which I still have and wear all the time.  Talbots is known for its classic and timeless clothing, allowing us to build a wardrobe we can be proud of and go back to time and time again. 



image + recipe

I am super excited to be traveling to New York City in two weeks to help Better Homes & Gardens celebrate 100 years of publication.  I remember my mother and grandmother reading BHG, and now it is one of the magazines I look forward to receiving in the mail each month. It has been a few years since I was in NYC, and I am looking forward to starting the fall season in a great location.  As you can see, I have already planned my outfits and have purchased a few new things to make the trip feel even more special.  Spoiler alert, I hit up the new Emily McCarthy collection + Talbots, and it was easy to pull it together from there. 


It's Almost Sweater Weather ...

We are just 10 days from the first day of fall, and I definitely have sweaters on my mind.  As I looked at the new arrivals, I spotted a few that would be just darling.  I also checked out some cardigans and some cropped sweaters to wear over my Nap Dresses making them great for fall as well as the warmer months. Does anyone else love a great sweater paired with a pair of jeans? I have been wearing them more around my shoulders than I used to, and I enjoy having options for a sweater in the cooler weather.  


Shift Dress For Day + Night

A shift dress is truly an excellent piece for your wardrobe.  You can dress it up, dress it down, add a sneaker and a baseball hat for a day out, add a cute dress shoe and a clutch and head out for date night.  Holly Shae has created the Arden, my favorite shift dress, perfect for all these needs. This fall, she has released two solids, navy and black, along with a few gingham options, and I love them all.  Is it wrong that some days it is all I wish to wear?


Orange You Glad?

I have wanted to paint my front door a fun color for about seven years.  Every time I tried to pair a fun color with our brick color, it was hard to make it work.  I tried blue, green, and orange, attempting to find a color that worked and complimented our reddish-orange brick. I genuinely want to paint the brick white, but that is an expense I am not ready to undertake, so for now, I am focused on transforming the door. I used the interactive Sherwin-Williams website to see what the result would be.  After testing about 45 colors, I settled on Obstinate Orange. 


LDW Sales 2022

I hope your weekend was so perfect.  Ours was low-key, but after a few busy weeks with school, I was ready for some family time.  I spent Friday in Charlotte for a styling project and then spent Friday night and Saturday in Greenville and shopped my way home Saturday afternoon.  It was terrific, and I still had two solid days with my family. Honestly, I feel like I am getting more into a fall-ish routine so this Tuesday start of the week is a blessing. I will also share that we had the best summer I can recall in a very long time, so seeing that end is bittersweet. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 19

Happy Friday!  I am rounding out a great week with your favorite post and mine. This week was much more low-key than last week, so I guess I am settling into the new school year.  Can that even be?  I hope your week was a good one and that you, too, are ready for a lovely long weekend!


Estate Sale Shopping Tips + Tricks

I am super excited to share that I wrote a fun and informative post about estate sale tips + tricks for my darling friend Ashley Brooke.  She asked me to write a blog post on the topic for her "maternity leave" time.  I am honored and thrilled she asked and you can pop over to her blog, which I love, to read the post.  I hope you love it!


Gameday Ready!


SEC Football hits the ground running this week, and I am more than ready to watch some college football games.  I will admit I love college football but do not care for professional football.  I think it is an entirely different dynamic for me and just doesn't feel the same at all.  As you may know, I attended UCF but spent most weekends in Gainesville at UF as one of my college roommates was dating someone there, and at the time, UCF didn't have a football team.  My dad attended UF, his parents taught there, and I grew up rooting for the Gators.  Many years later, nothing has changed; I bleed orange and blue. ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™


Goodbye Summer with Printfresh

I have the best news!  My favorite pajama company is having a GOODBYE SUMMER SALE, and some of the best patterns are up to 50% off.  These pajamas are the best I have owned, and the organic cotton gets softer with every wash. I have a number of the patterns on sale and think they are so fun. 


Behind The Boxwoods

I am beyond excited to share with you that I have partnered with Southern Bungalow Co. and created a custom candle!!  This candle results from months of sniffing the most amazing scents Susan sent over and trying to narrow down my favorites.  Every scent from Southern Bungalow is magical, and I knew she would send some incredible combinations when I made a list of my favorite scents.  I wanted something light but memorable so it would be something that could be burned again and again.


Tailgating In Style

Is anyone else ready for tailgate season? I love tailgating, and this year I decided to forgo a particular team or team colors and just really embrace my love for plaid and vintage items.  I could not love it more; it is perfect for any sport, for ladies or men, or a combination of the two.  I say three cheers for all the plaid all the time. 

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