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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Lawyer and I are headed out to dinner with dear friends!!!

I hope you are ready for a new year ... I know I am!!!

Only 5 more days of vacation for me!!!!

Happy New Year to all of you!!!



Merry Christmas to all!!!

The Lawyer family wishes all of you a very Merry Christmas!!!



Busy season once again!!!

Many orders have been placed!

Many hours of work to do!

Many runs to Starbucks for Double shots!!!

No posting!  :(



Snuggling in ...

Two events have happened to me recently that have made me realize how precious time really is!  How quickly things can change.  What was the last thing I said to my family ... do they know how much I treasure them ... have I been a legacy to them?

When God whispers in your ear you have two choices ... listen and slow down or keep trudging forward at full speed.

I chose to slow down today ... stay in my pjs longer ... hug my kids tighter and text my husband and tell him I love him (even if he is just in the office downstairs). 

Lucky for me ... I have oodles of work to keep me home and my mind busy!

But as I fall asleep tonight ... I will once again praise God for a tiny tree that spared me a whole lot of pain!!!

Have a good one ... and make it a great day!!!


Four more hours ...

... to shop!

Don't miss out!!!!


Last hours for Black Friday sale at Monogram Me!

There are only 15 1/2 hours left to grab up some amazing deals at Monogram Me

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Spend $50 and get free shipping!

Sale ends promptly at midnight!!!




You do not want to miss out on the deals at Monogram Me!

Post hits at 5 pm tomorrow ... read the rules and be ready!!!

Giveaways start Cyber Monday ... check back for that too!  I promise you ... these giveaway items are darling and the perfect way to save money this year!

This stuff is good ... and cute!!!

The big 13!!!

(With my Mom and Dad in Yellowstone last summer)

I wake up this morning feeling very different.  Yesterday I was the mother of three kids and this morning I am the mother of two kids and one teenager!!!!

My sweet boy turns 13 today!  He is very excited and we have a full day planned.

First stop ... breakfast!

He is very excited ... I am feeling like it may be a three cup of coffee morning.

Where does the time go ...


Love this website!!!

I love fashion!  I adore everything about it ...

I love to shop and new things make me immensely happy!!!

My new found love ... this website ...

And these fashion tips were the perfect happy for my day!



Healing and Busy!!!

Such a long week since surgery!  Lots of rest, lots of love from dear friends and family, lots of jello, juice and water ... time to work!!!

Monogram Me has its first open house tomorrow night and all day Tuesday and I am behind!!!

I have been working since yesterday morning (with only one nap and one 8 hour night rest) and it is still looking slow.  I usually can bust it out with my hair on fire.  But I am still low on energy and it is taking a lot longer than usual.  I keep having to remind myself that I do still have stitches and it has only been a week and the surgeon told me to give my energy level two weeks.  But I am ready to work!!!  Sheesh!

I think I will trade my morning glass of water and 1/2 cup of coffee for something with more energy.  Maybe a double shot from the Lucky Buck??? 

I will be setting up for the show tonight and tomorrow.  Lots of photos to come ...

Here is a preview of the products showing this week at Monogram Me ...

 Monogrammed Scarves, Team Koozies, Holiday Koozies, Bar sets, Monogrammed Umbrellas, Scallop magnetic boards with Preppy Magnets, Holiday Pillowcases, Monogrammed Pajama Sets, Applique Christmas T shirts, Applique Letter Shirts, Polka Dot Blankets, Slippers ... and much more!

It is all adorable and I can't wait to show it to you!!!

Have a great Sunday!


I know i pinky swore ... but

I did not get the Christmas items posted this week!  Call me a loser if you like ... but it has been an odd week to say the least!

Monday Little Mister was home from school (not planned) and Lawyer and I spent the day with him.  It was exhausting (too say the least) but we worked with him and got a lot accomplished.  We are working through some of the anxiety and your comments are very helpful!!!  I have printed most of them out and I am checking into each and every suggestion.  He and I will get through this ... just not sure how quickly it will happen! 

Tuesday I spent at the hospital with my SIL for her mom's biopsy.  Exhausting day ... but worth every minute.  They have some good news and how good it is remains to be seen.  But she is not a stage 4 yet and in that news lies a lot of hope!  Six weeks of radiation and she will have a better idea of what lies ahead.

So my SIL Tammy and I sat in the surgery waiting room for the family most of the day Tuesday and in a weird turn of events she found herself back in the same waiting room at 1 am on Thursday waiting for me to get out of surgery.  Feeling bad all day Wednesday turned into an emergency appendectomy early Thursday morning. 

Seriously ... WTH?

I am now home and Lawyer is watching me like a hawk.  He promised me if I drank my water and took a nap I could use his laptop so obviously I was a good girl.

I will be up and moving midweek and back to work. 

Until then ... rest, water and lots of trashy mags my sweet friends have brought by.  What would one do without their friends?  They swooped in and took care of the details and litterally made it all so much easier. 

And my poor SIL ... see is a saint!  She has been through so much lately I am waiting for her to collapse.  Maybe I should get her some monogrammed scrubs for Christmas.  While I am there I will order a set for me, they do look awfully comfy.

I am getting the evil eye ... so back to resting.

I shall return ... MPM


More info? That I can do ...

Preppy 101 (and others) have asked for more information on Little Mister.  I can not divulge it all ... not only for his privacy but because our story is long and detailed.  Here is what I can tell you ...

Little Mister suffers from (among other things) Sensory Integration.  In laymen terms that means that the information his five senses picks up from the environment is not properly processed by his brain.  It gets scrambled.  The therapists describe it as him being on the edge at all times.  The feeling you and I get when we have had too much stress or too much caffeine and we are ready to scream is the feeling he has each and every day.  This can be controlled by OT therapy, swimming, outside excersize, horse back riding, swinging and many other things.  In doing research I have learned it can be made worse with foods and other things.  I have done every single thing I have read to give him every opportunity to succeed.  And succeed he has! 

Two years of OT plus a strict regime of outside time plus diet restrictions plus 12 hours of sleep a night has made his life so much better.  However ... the anxiety remains and in my opionion has gotten worse.  Children with SI will face a situation with a negative response.  Trying new things makes him anxious ... how will it make him feel?  If you ask him to do something new he will respond in the negative and then process it and come back in a minute or so and say yes.  The bad part is the negative answer is not always a quiet, simple no ... sometimes its worse.  Of course his SpEd teacher knows him and just lets him work it out until he comes around and says yes.  Not everyone is this patient and kind.  His IQ is actually higher than my straight A student.  His anxiety along with his visual processing issues impede his performance.  If I can work through the anxiety and give him a smoother ride he will not only have much better days, he would probably be picked up for the gifted program.  He is that smart!  His photographic memory stuns me each and every day.  My point?  The ability is there ... we just have to tap into it! 

This year he has been experiencing panic attacks which have caused all sorts of problems at school.  He has now been labeled as "that kid".  "That kids" mom must act!  I would like to get the anxiety more under control.  I am not opposed to medicine but I want to make sure that is not my only route.  Medicine does not give us the tools to cope ... it simply makes the problems easier or go away.  My happy pills don't talk me off the edge they just make the edge farther away and less desirable.  See my point?

With that information ... what do you think?


Some advice please ...

Ok ... I am throwing this out to you!

Little Mister does have learning issues but his main struggle is anxiety!

He responds to almost every scenario in the negative because he lives in fear.  He will initially say yes to almost everything and then process it ... change his mind and complete the task in record time and most of the time without any errors.  If we could lose the anxiety we could gain so much ground.

Advice?  Thoughts ...

I will take it all!


I knew better ...

... than to press my luck with celebrating Little Mister's good track record at school!

But I did it anyway!

And our lucky streak is over!

Martha called on Friday ...



Grab your wine ... this is a long one!

Ok ... here is my catch up post!  There is lots to report ...

The good news ...
My nephew Scott is doing well.  He is getting stronger and stronger each and every day!  He has been telling his story to churches and groups.  He is truly an inspiration to me.  He wasn't supposed to live.  He not only made it but will make a full recovery.  I am in awe of the miracle God has performed in his life. 

Monogram Me is sooo busy!  It is show season and I am working day and night.  I am tired and have worked hours on end ... but you will not hear me complain.  Busy = success!  New products hit the blog Monday ... so make your lists.  There are so many cute items!!!

The kids are good.  Actually they are great!  Little Mister has gone almost a month without a trip to the principal.  (Now that I have said it I will get a call tomorrow)  He now calls her Martha (only at home I swear) and is working each day towards lunch with her on Fridays.  I have tried to explain to him that most kids do not want to spend their lunch time with "Martha" ... but he does not seem to compute!

Little Lawyer is zooming along in 7th grade.  He has spent his school career being the quiet kid.  Doesn't say much and kind of runs under the radar.  Not this year.  He is blossoming and it is truly funny to watch.  He got his first party invite and is now convinced he is popular.  In fact he has used that word numerous times this week.  He is one of 45 kids in the 7th grade in the private school he attends.  There ALL popular!
Two and a half months ago Lawyer decided to hang his own shingle.  I freaked out ... started praying, freaked out some more and then began to settle in.  I must say it is the best thing he has ever done.  He is almost stress free and loves working for his clients and not a firm.  Now if he would stay away from my to do list all would be perfect!  He is constantly checking on me ... bleech!

Now on to the sad part ...
As I reported above my nephew is doing well and will make a complete recovery.  He made a trip to South Carolina last week to be reunited with the three brothers involved in the rollover with him.  Since they all had different injuries they ended up different places.  One of the brothers is still in a coma ... but miracles are happening in his life as well.  My SIL and Scott returned home Thursday afternoon to SILs parents who had come for a visit.  Scott has not seen his grandparents since the accident.  They were enjoying some family time when his grandmother had a seizure.  She was transported to the hospital to check for a stroke.  She did not have a stroke but does have a inoperable brain tumor.  Her time left with them is uncertain but shorter rather than longer.  My heart is broken for my SIL yet again.  She almost lost a precious son three months ago in a terrible car accident.  He was spared!   Now she will lose her mother.  What does one say?  I litterally had nothing ... lots of tears, but no words!

Another caring bridge page is up.  She is now writing not one but two updates. 

Once again ... I am asking for your prayers ... for peace and strength in her terrible time!

I missed you guys ... hope you are all well!!!
xoxo ... MPM

I'm here ... just working!!!

This is the time of year when I work 24/7 ... the Christmas rush has begun!  Market was awesome!!!  We worked really hard and it was more than worth it!  I have been working the last two weeks on new products for Christmas and prepping for my holiday open house.  It is one big pink and green studio all wrapped in cello!!!

New products will be up online on Monday ... they are darling and I am sure you will love them!  Great products at great prices!

Two shows in two weeks ... lots of prep to finish!

Off to mart today ... will update tonight.  I have much to tell you ...

... but you may need a glass of wine!!!



Off to Market ...

I am helping Preppy Paper Girl at Mistletoe Market this week!!!  Her booth looks amazing as always and we are having a blast!

It is pink and green and Christmas Happies heaven!

See you Monday!



Help Zachary!

NBC World News Tonight ran this story this evening.  Zachary is a six year old boy from Delaware who took his cub scout food tool for camping to school in his pocket.  If you are not familiar with this tool it looks like a pocket knife but folds out to be a spoon, fork and a knife.  When the tool fell out of his pocket in the hallway he was immediately suspended.  The Zero Tolerance policy states he must spend 45 days in a reform school before being allowed to return to his school.

We are talking about a six year old!  Zero Tolerance is very necessary for the safety of our children.  I stand behind it!  I do not stand behind a one size fits all system.  Our children should not be treated as though they are criminals when they barely understand the definition of the word weapon.

I too have been in Zachary's mothers shoes.  It sucks!  There is no other way to put it.  Your children being punished for something they clearly are not old enough to understand.  One size does not fit all.  It does not work for clothes and doesn't work for our children!  Rules need to be in place.  Each rule violation needs to be looked at and evaluated on a case by case basis!  You can not possibly treat each child the exact same way.  No child should ever be picked up in class by a team of people with walkie talkies and delivered to a room without their parents.  They can not be in custody.  They still require car seats!

Hear the whole story here ...

If you feel led ... please sign his electronic petition at


Please think before you leave me a comment ... I am asking that you realize I post this entry because I have been there!  I speak out for my child and not to ruffle your feathers.  Please know you post things I may or may not agree with but I refrain from leaving unhelpful commments ... I ask you to do the same!



I have a working computer!  I can finally move on!

Lawd ... that was a long week!

Many emails to answer, promotional coupons to send out ... much to do!!!

Have a great Sunday!



Computer + CPR = pretty good!!

Ok ... I have picked up said sad computer and it is currently ready to be plugged back in in my studio.

So far ... so good.

I will not begin to understand all that BIL said to me but this much I did get ... all of my information is still on the computer but the applications are gone.  Ok ... huh?  Amazing BIL works for the Lottery.  He writes scientific games for a living and can basically rescue anything from the dead.  Just putting his hand on it makes it better.

It is running ... not sure how.  I have fonts but no software to load them.  I have photos but the software that stores my photos is gone.  I have documents but no software to open, read or edit them.  Basically I need to spend most of tomorrow getting all the programs and apps back and then we shall see.

The first thing I will be doing?  Loading all my work stuff on an external hard drive.  Pronto!

Keep your fingers crossed ... I should be up and running by dinner!!! 

Atleast that is my plan ...

A little postal ...

My computer died on Friday night.  Like died.  Would not even turn on. 

We are not talking about my laptop where I post, answer emails and enjoy life.

We are talking about Monogram Me's computer. 

My business is in that computer ... my life line!

My brother in law is working on it and I will know soon whether or not it can be saved.

Pray for me and for it ...

... it does not have a DNR so I am hoping for the best ...

If not I will be having wine for dinner and dessert and trying to figure out how to recreate 80% off my business.

It is not good!!!


OCD Marathon ...

This afternoon I treated myself to back to back to back episodes of Flipping Out.  I adore Jeff Lewis.  How can you not adore him?  His warped sense of humor and his need for utter perfection had me the first time I ever watched the show.  I would work for him in a minute.  I simply adore a gay man and he is nothing short of perfect!

Jenni ... love her!  It takes a strong woman to put up with someone so demanding.  Why in the world she married Chris the loser I do not know ... thank the Lord she is rid of him now!  She has worked hard for seven years and should be up for an award for making it past the first month.

Trace ... he is simply darling!  The boy can not get out of bed until he wins at the checkers app on his cell phone.  He must win a game before he gets up.  Oh ... and then add in the day he wore the short shorts to work.  Jeff's comment ... "he's going to get beat up today!"  Love it!  Does it get any better?

Zoila ... how in the world she puts up with him is beyond me.  She is simply a saint!  Jeff was so sad when she became a US citizen ... he could no longer threaten to deport her.  And then there was the day she fed him the bad bacon.  It was months out of date and he was throwing up for two days.   He insists he will no longer eat bacon.  Her response ... "you got lots of rest and thin".  Love her!

Ryan ... he makes me nervous.  He is one of those friends that puts money first.  That with Jeff's paranoia is the perfect recipe for complete disaster!  His daughter is darling and Jeff is determined to corrupt her.  She is 2 1/2 and her favorite drink is Chardonnay, she wants to work at Hooters when she grows up and when Jeff asks her what she wants for Christmas ... she says a boob job!  He is one bad uncle!

Bravo ... Tuesdays at 10 ... check it out!  You will love him.

Pinky swear!


A quick trip ...

Sorry I have been out of touch this week!  It started with tons of rain, flooding and then finished with a trip to LA. 

I love LA!!!  It has amazing weather, georgous mountains and tons of fun spots to visit. 

Two weeks ago I received a plane ticket and a request ... "please put my baby on a schedule so he will sleep through the night!"

Not a problem!  The best friend beckons and I respond!  Five days later he is happy and sleeping through the night.  And so stinking cute I almost put him in my carry on and brought him home!

Enjoy these cute photos ...

Enjoy ... MPM


Lovely ...

The news is reporting of all the flooding in the area.  This is the most rain we have seen in 100 years.  Here at the house we have seen 15 inches of rain in two days.


The news reel at the bottom of the screen states ...

"Do not attempt to enter the flood areas.  If you see water rising, turn around, do not drown."

Thank you for that advisory.  I will do my best!



Whitney Houston!!

I just finished watcing the Oprah interview on tivo.

Whitney Houston looks amazing!

Her dress ... flawless!

Her shoes ... to die for!

Her legs ... holy cow!

Her hair ... perfection!

She looks and sounds amazing!  And tells an amazing story!  Her laughs made me smile!

Great interview!!



Once again she does not disappoint ...

Happy Meals once again makes my day!  This video is funny!!!  And make sure when you watch it more than once .... and you will ... you notice him "give that big booty a smack".

Enjoy ...



Giveaway time!

Giveaway days has started at Monogram Me ... check it out!

And don't forget to sign up for Preppy 101's vinyl monogram giveaway!

Both end Friday ... Sept 18th!!


Our dear Scott!!

Scott is finally home!!!
Five weeks in the hosptial ... and he is well enough to continue healing at home!
So much praise, so many happy tears!  God is so good!!!
Thank you for your kind words, prayers and support!


Gotta love Preppy 101!

Preppy 101 is hosting a give away for Monogram Me ...

Not only is she preppy, probably the coolest mother ever and super fun to read ... but now she is sponsoring a give away for me!

I adore her ... and you will too.

Check it out!!

... and don't forget to become a follower of Monogram Me ... prizes and surprises start Monday!



Giveaway planning ...

... is happening!  The studio is stocking up and almost ready!

First giveaway starts Monday! 

Are you a follower of Monogram Me?

You will need to be a follower to be eligible!

... only three more days until the reveal begins!



Join the crowd ...

... and become a follower of Monogram Me

Giveaways start Tuesday and you do not want to miss out!!

Great new products on their way!

Awesome things to give away!

Don't miss out ...



The studio is buzzing ...

The Monogram Me office is buzzing and whirling out product samples for you to peruse!
Lots of new products are being added, old ones updated and some items discontinued!
All in preparation for a great fall season with tons of giveaways.
Tell your friends and become a follower ... great things are on their way!!!


Grab up some team goodies ... On Sale!

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Lots happening at Monogram Me!!!

A lot of things are buzzing and changing at Monogram Me! New products are coming, others are being updated and prepping is happening for holiday shopping!

Monogram Me products are now available both on the blog and on Etsy. As new products arrive they will be featured on both sites. I will keep you updated as new things arrive and new products are created.

The Etsy site has just shipped its first order out ... these pink and green wine glasses will make someone's holiday very merry!

In the meantime ... check out the Etsy site ...
If you mention that you were referred from this blog you will get 10% off!


The battle of the Venus ...

About a year ago I caught Lawyer using my Venus razor. Totally busted him using the pink razor! He admitted he had been sneaking it for a while and that it was "the bomb". It took me a while but I finally moved past it and bought him a blue one. He was in love!

Fast forward to a business trip about six months ago and he leaves the blue Venus in the shower in a hotel. He came home Venus-less! But did he confess? That would be a NO! He just continued to use my pink razor and led me to believe I was running through those razor blades faster than ever. I know your hair changes when you get older ... so I was convinced my razor blades were dulling extra fast.

That was until I busted him again!

Fast forward again to the beach this summer. We are once again "sharing" a razor with our own blades. Do not ask me why ... I have no good answer! He was the last one to shower before we left and you guessed it ... he left it again. I swear the man would leave our kids behind if they did not talk!

Once we return home he goes out a purchases a new razor. Yes ... just one ... once again I have no idea why! He returns home with a purple one. Now ... I despise purple ... all my friends know of my dislike. Not only does he buy only one razor but he buys the ugly one with the nasty extra wide lotion edge on it!

I am left to purchase my own razor. I pick the blue/green stripe and I am loving my new choice! That is ...

... until today when I bust the youknowwhat using MY RAZOR again.

His comment ... "I thought this was mine. Why would I ever have bought a purple one for myself?"

I no longer have any comment!

His death is imminent and I will be completely vindicated once the female judge presiding over my case reads the facts!


Love a rainy day ...

Truly. I do. I adore a rainy day with nothing to do but stay in your pjs ... wash clothes ... watch too much TV ... eat left over pizza and ...


And you?



Prepping for Scott ...

The rumor on the streets is that my nephew will return home on September 9th. That is amazing to all of us who on July 22 were told he would not make it through the week!

A lot has to be done for him to come home. He is a junior at UGA so none of his life still exists here in Atlanta. Since my sister in law is still in Montana I was enlisted to help get the house ready.

I must admit when I arrived yesterday morning I really wanted to turn around and head home ... but a few hours later I was feeling more on top of it!!! The army of men and women showed up including SILs best friend. She is awesome! I thing we graduated from the same organizing school! We have so much to do ... but the first day was great and there is nothing left for us but organizing and cleaning.

It will get done and all in time for Scott's arrival. It will be so great to see him and hang with him and see him with all of his friends! We have so much to celebrate.

Oh ... and the upside of yesterday (besides the obvious excitement of prepping for his homecoming) ... my BIL fixed my laptop. Yes ... he fixed it, it cost me nothing and it works perfectly!!! I am so happy I could dance ...



Dancing in the streets ...

It is time to party! Babycakes will start full day pre-k on Friday. Full day friends ... she will leave here at 7:30 am and return at 3:30 pm with her oldest brother!

Yes ... that is me singing and dancing!

She was accepted today! We are shopping for supplies and uniforms tomorrow and then she will start first thing Friday morning!

And I will be partying all day!!! We are talking lunch with friends, pedi and magazines on the couch after lunch!

I might party all weekend ... because I am back to work early Monday morning!

And that is a whole post of its own!


To explain ...

I must say I feel I owe you an explanation ... of sorts. I know I have been different lately ... ok, very different!

Wednesday, July 22nd at 6:30 am my life instantly changed. I was faced with the ugly side of life. We had just received news that my nephew who was spending the summer in Montana on the mission field was seriously injured in a car accident and it was BAD! (If you got a call from me that morning you heard me tell you it was bad, bad!) There are those moments you will never forget. Those times in your life that mark it for you. I will forever remember that morning and waking up to that call.

We as a family are very close! My husband has two brothers who each have kids. We do not have the privilege of spending a ton of time together, but the time we have is filled with laughter and love. To be married to my husband is to have a support group that never goes away. We have each others' backs. You need prayer, time alone, a drink, a night out ... you name it, we will provide it for you! It is the single best thing about marriage for me. The unending love that never ceases to amaze me.

Getting that call broke my heart. For Scott, for his parents and for the rest of us. It shattered the idea for me that we are safe. Here were four boys driving along doing nothing wrong and instantly their lives were changed. They can never go back. The last three weeks have been filled with tears, fears, endless phone calls, tons of emails and prayers non stop. And it is not over yet!

I never expected to have my blog become so person for me. I never expected to feel connected to people whom I have never seen IRL. But ... it is what it is. This blog is my vent and right now I have shed more tears than laughs and my life is all about trust.

As he heals and gets stronger each and every day our lives are beginning to return to "normal". I am feeling more and more like me each day. But I am forever changed. I am a stronger person than I was three weeks ago. I trust more and worry less.

... or that's the plan anyway!



Just saw this today ... and it is even cuter in person! It retails for $78. Too bad for me ... Babycakes already has a hot pink Lands End backpack with monogram! So ... there is no returning that puppy!
The best part ... it is called the Smart Cookie!
Absolutely love it!


So sad ...

My laptop has a virus and is completely locked down ... it will not do anything! It is headed to the doctor first thing in the am!

The desktop is in the process of being moved and it is also acting up ... Comcast will be out to fix that one.

I am completely out of touch ...

I had to steal a moment on Lawyer's laptop to make an attempt at catching up. I have caught up on blogs and read the news. Or ... as Lawyer says "the trash". I read the newspaper and get all my scoop online. It is what it is!

I hope to be up online by midweek at the latest ... see you then!


Back to school ... or almost!

Got back in the routine this morning for another year at school. I love a new chapter! Summer, the new year, a new school year ... they all bring such possibilities!

Spent most of the morning in a fog ... which turned into a funk and then into depression! ... Could not quite put my finger on the problem. I mean, I know we have a lot of heavy stuff going on but it felt bigger than that.

And then it hit me. Pre K ... you know the school I sat in line at 5 am for in February??? The one who last week lost its funding and I lost my place in??? Well ... it too was to start this morning promptly at 8:30 am. And we all know how that turned out!

So ... why was I sad ?? I must admit ... it was the shadow following me around this morning asking a thousand and one questions. The one I have to watch 24/7. The one who is bright enough to figure out how to drive the car all by herself. The little cutie who gave herself her own haircut! The one who is not going to full day, free pre k this year but instead to an adorable preschool for another year of half days.

Yep ... its a bummer ...


Trust ...

We are ready and heading out to church with my in laws. (Scott is the son of Lawyers' middle brother.) We are headed to Roswell to church with my brother in law and the other two siblings. My sister in law will be appearing via skype from Montana. Hurrah! 2009!!!

I am very excited! They attend a small church where everyone knows you! (compared to our church of 4500+ where I meet new people each week!) The love in those walls will be so exciting to experience. This is the first time we have been together since the accident and we have so many great things to celebrate! This day the Lord has made will be more than great and I will be rejoicing all of it!

So many changes have happened over the last couple of weeks and there are many more to come. Trust is a hard one for me. I take so much peace in being in control of a situation which we all know can never truly be done! So much of my life right now is up in the air and makes me quite nervous! I will hold steady and fast to Proverbs 3:5 that recites over and over in my heart each day.

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path."

My path is completely in his hands!


It's time to celebrate ... and dance in the streets!!!

We have been celebrating all day! We got a Caring Bridge update this morning that my nephew had been removed from the ventilator. He is breathing on his own!!! Let me say it again ... HE IS BREATHING ON HIS OWN!

I read the update ... pulled over the car ... and cried! They were such tears of joy and I was overwhelmed with my love for my family and my faith!!!

This is such great news ... I do not even know where to begin. Only two weeks ago he was pinned in a car and and had to be life flighted to the hospital. He was facing such deep bruises and damage to his lungs. We have prayed and prayed through the infections, collapsed lungs, clogged drainage tubes and more problems.

He is now on to healing other parts of his body that need so much prayer! One step at a time ...

For now he is talking (quietly) and breathing on his own ... and I am thrilled to tell you he enjoyed a vanilla milkshake with his mom!

I took the kids to Steak -n-Shake for burgers and shakes and we toasted our shakes to Scott!

It will be a great nights sleep for us all!


Just putting out fires ...

So far this week I have done nothing but extinguish fires.

That is all!

problem number 1 ... Babycakes pre K starts on Monday the 8th ... that is until they lost their funding and are no longer a pre K program ... and they waited until the 4th of August to inform me. Seriously??? Isn't there a special department at the local news station that deals with businesses who behave this way???

Spent all morning making calls ... she will not be going to pre K but another year of preschool in a great school four days a week. Not a great solution ... but definitely a great school!

problem number 2 ... Hosting a baby shower luncheon with some friends on Saturday for Hair Girl. Got the call today that the MIL and the 2 SILs have not received their invites we mailed two and 1/2 weeks ago. Why is it always the in laws who invites get misplaced???

problem number 3 ... Garage door died! I mean stone cold dead. I am left with opening and closing it all white trash and all every time we leave the house. I will deal that one next week.

problem number 4 ... Cracked the screen on the Blackberry Storm Lawyer gave me for Valentines Day ... we are so not telling him this week ...

Need I go on???


Seriously ... I got nothing!

All I have done this week can be summed up in four statements ...

I have watched the Caring Bridge website for my nephew for hours on end.
I have purchased a bazillion school supplies and books.
I have purchased school clothes, shoes and fall sports gear.
I have organized the house for back to school.

Really? Yeah that would be it! If the paparazzi were following me they would have either (a.) fallen asleep on the job and missed the one time I may have done something remotely interesting ... or (b.) prayed that Britney would fall off the wagon so they could be reassigned.

Not kidding ... I am that dull!

And you ?


Our sweet Scott ...

Third from the left ... this sweet man (yes 20 makes him a man!) is healing slowly and needs all of our prayers!!!

My heart is heavy and that is all I have for now ...



Boot Camp ...

Yes!! This morning I was up at 5 am. Yes, I have shin splints! Yes, I wanted to puke more than once. Yes, the instructors rode me like sea biscuit. Yes, I wanted it to end quicker than it did! Yes, it was the hardest thing I have done since giving birth! And ... yes, I will go again.

How do I feel now? Very, very sore and completely rewarded!

Why did I do it?

Two reasons ...

First, I will be 40 in January. (yes, I said it!) I am tired of walking away from things that seem too hard or frighten me. I am a grown up and I will take chances.

But most importantly ... my nephew is in a Montana hospital in the ICU in critcal condition. I have no idea when he is coming home. He is young and strong and has worked harder in a week than I have in the last year.

... and he inspires me!


Some photos for you ...

We are loving the beach!!! I am sad to say this is out last day! Please know I will be on the beach today until the sun sets!!!


Beach camp!

These two cuties are headed to the Kids Club today. They will play games, do art, swim, eat and have a blast until 3 pm.

We are all very excited!!



Lazy days on the beach ...

We are at the beach for the week ... we arrived around dinner Saturday night. The ride was great ... the kids truly were so well behaved. Just a few fits ... but otherwise I kept it together.
I mean ... seriously ... who likes a long car ride??

The kids ... Babycakes, Hair Girl's oldest, Little Lawyer and Little Mister. They were so awesome yesterday. We spent all day at the beach. Litterally ... all day. We arrived at 11:30 and headed up at 5:30. The weather was amazing ... high in the 80s ... and the breeze made the day perfect!

Little Mister mastered the boogie board this year and spent the entire day on his belly in the ocean. He came up to the beach twice. Once to trade it out for a skim board and once to ask for lunch. He has fallen in love with that boogie board ... I pray the waves last all week.

Babycakes chose this boogie board at the tacky beach shop yesterday. She loves it!!! I am not sure if it is the board she loves or the fact that she needs the older boys to help her ride it. Either way she has ventured out quite far into the water this year. Great for her ... no reading for me!

Seriously ... seriously .. this is where you set up camp? Right in between my rental chairs and the view of my kids??? Please note I will instruct my children to flick sand on you when they walk by and pass you as much as possible until you realize that when you are twenty something you need to set up camp far, far away from families. It is truly best for us all!!!
Babycakes was the hit of the beach yesterday. The older boys were trying to catch a hermit crap for her and could never catch one. They did find a conch which she kept in a bucket all day. It is a very interesting creature with a beautiful shell. All the kids on the beach wanted to see her treasure and she happily showed it to all of them. She was in heaven all day. She insisted on bringing it back to the condo with lots of seaweed for it to eat. We shall see if it made it through the night. I would love to let it go free today ... but we shall see.


Turning over a new leaf ...

Say goodbye ...

to soda for the Lawyer family! Little Mister can not have artificial sweetners or food coloring and can only have Sprite or the like. Lawyer loves Diet soda and I do enjoy a Diet Coke ice cold in the can.
After doing some research and a family meeting ... we have decided to go soda free.
Yes ... you heard me ... no. more. soda.
Lucky for Clemsongirl I just bought the 5-12 packs for $12 special at Publix ... and they are all hers! Dietwhateverisonsale just became Dietwhateverlawyergavemeforfree!!!!


One of the many reasons ...

Fourteen years into a marriage, three kids, a house, two cars, errands galore, stress, medical bills ... etc!!! it is hard to remember why two people fell in love and decided to spend their lives together. I am a romantic and I try to keep my spark alive. Lawyer is a workaholic and very stressed 24/7 and is annoyed most of the time with my giddy in love spirit. There is no one on this planet who can make me crazier! All this being said ... I adore my husband. I love him dearly! And I think it is very important to remember those fall in love moments. The little tiny events that add up to ... yes, I will marry you.

Tonight on his way home he offered to pick up take out. (I adore take out and he knows it!!) I am a vegetarian and he is a meat lover. He was not sure what to pick up. I am tired and truly do not care what he brings me as long as it is on the plate and handed to me!!!

I told him to surprise me ... who knows what I get! As I am sitting and waiting I remembered a fall in love moment which I will share with you.

Early 1993, law office in downtown Orlando ... Lawyer and I (the office Paralegal) were working late. (Read he kept me late at the office working for him on some huge case he left to the last minute!!) We were not dating ... but he begun to show an interest in me and I was beginning to notice him differently and not just as the annoying, self absorbed, golden boy down the hall with an attitude for days. He left the office for an errand and returned with take out for us to share. He had no idea what I liked for dinner so he literally bought one of EVERY single item on the menu. We had take out boxes of fettucini, spaghetti, manicotti, lasagne and more than I can not even remember. I will never forget him standing in the doorway with the bags saying to me ... "I was not sure what you ate so I bought it all". He could have brought me dirt in a box and it would have been special!


p.s. I received a veggie taco from Moe's with his comment of ... "I am not sure I will ever order an Hard Ugly Naked Guy ever again"!!

The Proposal!

The best movie I have seen in a very long time! I promise you ... you will love it!

Make it a girls night with Margaritas and tons of giggles and it will your best night in a month!



Nordstrom does a girl good!!

So kind of a yucky day here in the Lawyer house. Lawyer and I had a fight before he left for work (yuck!) and I am stuck with too many projects this week and not enough motivation. After painting the boys outer bathrooms yesterday I was not up for painting the upstairs hall today! I spent the first part of the day tidying and trying to get motivated and then finally gave up! I got dressed, added some mascara and lip gloss and headed out the door.

Lawyer recently rejected the Havianas I purchased for him so they needed to be returned. I headed for Nordstrom to make my return and stroll the shoe department. I did not purchase today (why make the tension even worse!) but they did have some amazing sandals that would have been very happy living in my closet! After shopping I headed upstairs to gather lunch from the cafe. If you have never been to the Nordstrom Cafe I highly recommend you check it out! The food is divine and the cafe always receives amazing reviews! To top it off ... the Nordy bar is pure heaven! Today I ordered a Pear, Blue Cheese and Walnut salad (to go) and a large Ginger Peach tea. And of course ... one Nordy bar!

I am not sure if it is the retail environment or the cafe, but Nordstrom just makes me happy! I loathe the mall idea but I will venture into Perimeter Mall on one particular end. If you enter through the Nordstrom parking garage you can visit Nordstrom, JCrew and Bloomies without venturing "into" the mall itself. I think it is all of my years working retail that has made me loathe the mall setting and the people who either walk the mall for exercise or hang out there to kill time. The thought of them makes me itch!

As I was standing in line waiting for my salad a very attractive man standing next to me informed me that my collar was falling down. After checking it out I realized he was right. I sat down my bag and my tea and popped it up and back into place! He smiled, nodded and said ... I do love a prep!

And I do appreciate a compliment!!!

I must say ... I have been enjoying my day since then just fine!!



More items on ebay!!!

Kate spade sunglasses just hit the listings!!!

And they are darling!

Pinky swear!!



A peek of cute for you ...

This little happy fell into my lap today and since I am no longer a size 4 (if I ever was ...) I am offering it up to you before listing it on ebay!

It is brand new with its tags! Hot pink and red (Vanilla Show & Tell) on light wale cord ... perfect for the cooler fall days!!

$45 ... free shipping! Anyone??



Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!
Hope you are enjoying this day of freedom!!
The Lawyer family!


Bad, bad camera!!!

Camera would not cooperate last night ... so I have no photos to post for you! I think I have officially killed it this time!

I am borrowing another camera today ... so I will keep you posted on the goods.



Pinky swear ... just hold on ...

I promised you Christmas goodies from the studio today ...

and they are coming!! I watched Clemsongirl's cute boys today (plus another dear friends three for an hour this morning) and I may or may not be super tired at the moment!!

But ... do not fret. I just need a shower, a Double Shot on ice and I will be good as new.

And you will have photos of goodies for sale!!!

Pinky swear!


Ebay listings ...

I am currently adding to my ebay listings ... so keep checking!

Today I added 3 pairs of Lilly sunglasses, 1 Lilly clutch and 1 Lauren hobo wallet.

Tonight I will be adding more!!!

And check back here Wednesday am ... time to clean out the Christmas section of the Monogram Me studio.

And there is some super cute stuff hidden in there!!

Pinky swear!!


I can promise you ...

After reading Clemsongirl's post and googling the article I can promise you one thing ...

Lawyer will NEVER run for senator! Big fat, juicy hell to the NO!!!

This was the end of the news article ...

A partial list of U.S. politicians caught in sex scandals:

June 24, 2009 — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, a Republican, admits to yearlong affair with Argentinian mother of two.
June 16, 2009 — Nevada Senator John Ensign, a Republican, admits to sexual affair with the wife of a former member of his staff.
August 2008 — Former North Carolina senator John Edwards, a Democrat, confirms an affair with a videographer after denying the relationship during his presidential campaign. Admission comes as his wife, Elizabeth, struggles with breast cancer.
March 2008 — New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, a Democrat, resigns after revelations he repeatedly paid for sex with a hooker employed by a high-priced prostitution service.
March 2008 — New York Governor David Paterson, a Democrat, admits upon replacing Spitzer that he had an extramarital affair during a rocky period in his marriage several years earlier.
July 2007 — Louisiana Senator David Vitter, a Republican, says he was a client of a prostitution service run by the so-called D.C. Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who committed suicide after being convicted on racketeering charges.
July 2007 — Senator Larry Craig, a Republican, was arrested and later convicted of disorderly conduct on allegations of soliciting sex in a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport.
September 2006 — Florida Representative Mark Foley, a Republican, resigns from Congress after revelations of sexually explicit e-mails and instant messages with teenage male interns.
November 2004 — New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, a Democrat, resigns after revealing he had cheated on his wife and was involved in a homosexual relationship with a man he appointed as a homeland security adviser.
August 1998 — President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, admits to an inappropriate affair spanning several years with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

House cleaning ...

Time to clean ... time to sell off the extras ...

If you are interested ... check out my listings on ebay!

I still need to list some Burberry and Kate Spade sunglasses and a yummy grass green Hobo wallet ...

Keep checking ... I have lots to list!

check it out here ...

Facebook etiquette

While I was drinking coffee this morning I complete my morning routine. Sit in the office, check email, post comments, read blogs, read the news at and lastly log onto facebook. It is my morning routine and I feel lost if we over sleep and I miss out!

As I was perusing facebook I noticed I had a friend request. These are always fun ... but notsomuch when they are from your friend's 12 year old son!

I have a real problem with this! Why would I want to be friends with my friends underage children? What in the world would we have in common? And for that matter what does a 12 year old do on facebook? Does he care that I am frustrated with finding activities for my kids during the summer? Does he need to know my fake stripper name? Truly ... he is way too young!!!

I honestly feel our children are growing up way too fast. I know 10 year olds with cell phones and TVs in their rooms. Why would they want to have family time when they can be sitting in their rooms watching TV and texting their friends? Seriously ... when did this start??? Little Lawyer will get a cell phone when he drives and I no longer take him every where he goes.

And as for facebook? I really think this is a high school privilege. One for he and his friends to connect with kids at school and keep in touch with those graduate and move on. He will not be friend requesting adults and certainly not my friends.

Kids his age and family.

Period. The end.



My day has FINALLY come!!!

Lawyer and I are watching the closer on DVR. (Little Mister and I were watching Camp Rock and it overlapped!!! And then there was the big Jon and Kate announcement I missed ... but really? Do we not know where that poor family is headed??)

Where was I? Oh yes ... well Lt. Grey Hair mentioned that the new B with an itch on the show once filed charges against his partner for being a misogynist. He said they had to look it up.

Hee hee ... I giggled!

The next thing I know Lawyer has out his laptop and is googling ...

And to my excitment he is looking up the word misogynist!!!

He did not know what it meant!

Seriously?? That never happens to me ... never!!! He frequently uses words I have to google. And most of the time I have to phonetically spell them because I have never heard them! Usually when he is speaking about me or the kids. And I always feel pretty lame.

But not tonight. No ... not tonight!!!

Summer reading

I have been making my own summer reading list and spent a little time today researching. (Well that and reading about Jon and Kate and their train wreck!!) While I was googling I came across the blog of one of Clemsongirl's favorite authors Jen Lancaster. She has a great list. And the best part ... most of them I was not familiar with at all.

Here it is for you to peruse ...

Suggestions??? I do not read enough!!!

What can you suggest for me to check out??

A salad bar in my kitchen ...

We had lunch today at Ruby Tuesdays ... not my first choice ... but good food!!!

I had the salad bar complete with cukes, edamame, shredded carrots, fresh beets, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and many other goodies.

As we were leaving I was thinking ... why do I not have a salad bar at home??? I would eat salad twice a day ...

And then I thought ... that would be pretty easy to do. Spend some time one day a week on prep work and I can have yummy salad each and every day!!

My grocery list ...
fresh spinach
romaine lettuce
shredded carrots
fresh diced beets
sliced almonds
dried cranberries
green peas
feta cheese
golden raisins (thanks for the suggestion)
sunflower seeds (can't believe I forgot)

protein add ins ...
hard boiled egg
grilled salmon (must plan ahead for this one)

What would you add to my list ...


Happy Father's Day!!!

If I was magical I would have twinkled my nose and Lawyer would have woken up this morning as Bobby Flay.

But ... sadly for him ... notsomuch!!!

Since this was not possible we gave him the gift of sleep (til 10:30 am), pancakes (which he made) and the gift of chosing his day.

He has chosen to lounge in his boxers, watch TV, play on the computer and just hang!!!

So ... hang we will do!!!

Happy Father's Day to all our daddies. They work so hard ... and deserve more than one day to be celebrated!!!


First day of summer ...

Why is tomorrow the first day of summer and it is currently 101 degrees outside?

Seriously ... it is even too hot to go to the pool today!

What will it be like July 4th???

That is my question ...

Tiny Whities ...

All of the boys in our house wear boxers. Always have! Lawyer wore them when we got married and I bought them for the boys when they were done with those thick white training pants and were fully potty trained. It was their prize for mastering the potty!

Well ... five years after potty training Little Mister we had to rethink the boxer wearing. He has been struggling with tucking in his boxers and buttons have never come easy for him. So why frustrate him further with the boxer issue.

So after a few deep breaths I purchased briefs for him last week. It was a little bit of a stretch for me since it was my first purchase of said briefs. I never understood them. They are the same inside or out. How can that be ... Not to mention that they come with yucky bands sporting the name of said briefs for all to see if you bend over too far. Not at all my style!

Well ... I did it and he was thrilled. They were easy to put on and fit perfectly under his shorts and beloved jeans.

So ... off to Granna camp he went with all of his new briefs washed and ready to wear. Day 1 and he told Grandad about his "tiny" whities. My dad feeling the need to correct him informed his that they were not tiny but TIDY.

Little Mister stared and him and responded ... "have you seen them ... they are sooo tiny?"

So "tiny whities" they remain!


Sunday thoughts ...

First off I must add that I made two trips to the drive-thru liquor store yesterday. The second time I went my sisters in law and I went together to the "dry cleaners". (Don't tsk-tsk me ... they are in the same parking lot!)

Anyway I drove up, rolled down the window and the attendant greeted me as ... hey Mrs. Lawyer. Both of my SILs giggled ... and then dead silence!

Ok ... so maybe this is an area I need to address ...

On to today's thoughts ...

Today in the sermon at church we were discussing sexual impurity. Good sex v. Bad sex.

Great sermon ... until ...

He mentioned that 80% of our children ages 5 and up have been exposed to Internet porn.

Come again?


80% ... that is 8 out of 10 children. How does this happen? Most times with our sweet children mispelling their favorite websites. Lord knows it has happened to me. Ever tried to visit the White House Black Market online ... Bad! Bad! if you mix up that one! And heaven help the child who is doing a book report on the White House!!

It can also happen when our kids visit You tube. Great site ... but also full of porn. (And yes ... I came home and checked it out for myself and yes it was there!) Even Itunes has some apps that would frighten you.

When did it get so bad? At my age it was the forbidden play boy magazines in my friends parents bathrooms. They frightened me then ... but that was the worst it was!!

Why so young? Because this is the age that our children begin to play on our computers. And at that age if they are typing on their own they are such easy targets.

The whole thing made me shake in my flip flops. I refuse to be the parent who sticks their head in the sand and insists it will never happen to me.

It will happen and I will have talked to my kids and taken every precaution. And it will still slip in.

But I will be checking and waiting ... and that BFF relationship I have with my 12 year old will pay off!

Pinky swear!!


Drive thru therapy ...

I love the drive thru liquor store near our house. It rocks!!

I always make up a batch of margaritas when we have company over. These same margaritas may have made poor little Monogrammed Tahoe a little overserved!

What can I say?

They are yummy!!!

So ... I drive thru the liquor store and begin to list off the ingredients I need.

The attendant asks me if I am having a party ... I respond no ... my husband's family is coming over for a BBQ ...

He looks at me and asks "Would you like a menu?"

Um ... yes ... maybe I need one!


Family fun night ...

... might stink if your 4 year old can repeatedly beat you in Wii tennis.

Not once ... not twice ... but every. single. time!!

And then she decided to tell me how to hold the controller and the best way to swing at it.

And the one point I did make she looked at me and yelled .. "Holy smack ... your good!"

Now that's encouragement!

Thank goodness ... since earlier she asked me if I could look pretty tomorrow.

Apparently I wasn't looking pretty today in my Lilly fish pants, my havianas and my Jcrew white T ...

... but there's always hope tomorrow!!


I think I need a break ...

... from the stress of raising a twelve year old boy!!!

The questions, the tears, the stress (his, not mine), the fears, the friends ... I could go on and on!!

But ... I should feel blessed! He talks to me about EVERYTHING!

And at his place at the kitchen table sits his bible and his devotion book. It could be so much worse!

Some conversations I need a strong cocktail to handle ... and some are just plain funny!

None of which I was ever prepared for when the stick turned blue ...

... and I am not sure I am ready now either!!!



Happy Birthday Tahoe Girl ...

Lawyer and I had a blast celebrating you ...
You are dear, sweet and special and we love you!!


93 more mintues ...

...until 5 pm!

Just got two emails ...

One shitty one that I will not even think about today!

And one from the BFF with this attached ...

could you not just dip him in ranch and eat him whole???

Lord knows I could!!


When the day stinks ... count the minutes until 5:00!

Some days just stink (read suck!!) ... there is no other way to word it. Today is that day for me!!

7 am ... woke up ... Lawyer grunted at me.

I should have known ... day for me can only go down hill from there!

Lost my cup of hot coffee ... when I found it it was ice cold!
Misplaced cell phone ... FINALLY found it!
Babycakes morning playdates she was waiting on cancelled!
Forecast ... rain! (My middle child HATES rain ... he is sporting a hoodie at camp today! Always a good look for June)
Drive 30 minutes downtown to pay $45 non moving traffic violation ... in the rain!
Bon Qui Qui at the Municipal Court window and her waving finger told me off!
(Seriously ... my $45 ticket requires a court appearance ... how can that be a good use of the court's time?)
Called Lawyer ... huge mistake! He does not like to be bothered at work!
Remember after arriving at Ikea that they only serve Pepsi ... which might as well be relabeled brown water!
Drive home to a grumpy 12 year old ... always a good day!
Pick up kids from camp ... Babycakes hurts her sweet friends feelings ... that sucks! And their scheduled play date is in the toilet!
Arrive (with two kids instead of just one) at Gap to purchase jeans for my hoodie wearing 8 year old ... and realize I am without my purse! Always a bad plan ...
Drive home with two crying kids ...

We are all having a "time out" and I am counting the minutes until 5 pm.

Cuz any bad day can be made better with a cocktail and take out!



Mimsie glasses anyone?

These sunglasses are too stinking cute ... and I am offering them to you at $65. These currently retail for $125 each! I have four pairs that can easily be snatched up.
These are brand new with tags and come with free shipping!! If you want them ... email me at ... and I will ship them by Friday!
Too good to pass up ...
... and there may be more to come!


How would you like ...

Lilly Pulitzer sunglasses for $65?

Vineyard Vines polos for $45?

All with free shipping ...

Would I have any takers? If so ... I will be happy to provide for you!!

Just speak up ...



Preppy is not for the weak!

Yesterday during a few hours alone I popped into TJ Maxx. None of my friends are shocked! They know if I have thirty minutes to myself ... you can have me paged at the local TJ ... I will be there!!

I had a maxi dress to exchange and I wanted to check out the bathingsuits for Babycakes. She has grown out of some of my favorites so we needed to revamp!!

I am walking through the men's section on the way out and I over hear a conversation between two women.

Plain woman #1 ... "This shirt has a whale on it ... if I brought that home my husband would laugh at me."
Sad woman #2 ... "And its pink which means I would never buy it!"

They were looking at the new display of Vineyard Vines polos. Solid pink, pink and white striped, and green and white striped. Absolutely darling of course!

The only reason I did not pink one up for Lawyer is that he owns the two striped ones and the solid pink was not available in his size. Not only does he wear pink things and things with whales ... he prefers them!

And that is why I adore him ...


What not to do when you are bored ...

Let's just say I had some time to kill this morning. And let's just say I was spending it looking up past boyfriends. We are talking guys I dated ... not like the one who got away or anything like that. There are none and most days I am happy with my choice. (Sorry Lawyer ... but there are days you would return me as well!!)

So ... the ones I could not privately stalk on Facebook I googled. I stopped when I found this ...

Seems like Mr. Stewart had a past. One I was not aware of ...

Thank goodness we only dated ... briefly ... three or four months ... and did not enter into a "relationship"! I would have been really shocked when I took him home to my parents and my dad did his routine "checking" and that popped up! And I am positive it would have considering he worked for the New York Times Company!

Holy crap ... no wonder Lawyer always referred to him as Boob!!

I think tomorrow I will read instead!!


The perfect day ...

I love to socialize ... I have been known to abandon my to do list to play with friends. I know I shouldn't and I always regret it once I return to the list ... but it is absolutely worth the fun to me. I think it stems from being an only child. I was so ready to play with my friends I would skimp on chores to get there.

Well the last three weeks of focus have totally paid off. I have finished projects that have been on the books for way too long!! I hung pictures, replaced bedding, re-decorated our guest room, hung lights, framed childrens artwork, and the list goes on ... I finished things that have bugged me for ages. My goal was to enjoy the summer. Really enjoy it! Without thinking about all the things I have been wanting to finish.

So, Saturday morning after I took my parents and Little Lawyer to the airport I met Lawyer at our friends The Cleavers. It was about 11:30 am. He and Ward were sitting in their driveway drinking coffee and watching the boys play. I drove up, sat down and did not move until almost midnight! We ate, drank, laughed, watched the kids play, grilled out, watched Iron Man, tucked the kids into bed with their friends ... and had the most amazing day. It was long overdue for all of us!!!

And I am so proud of myself. I came home ... shall I say I tipsyed home ... put away the items I had picked up from the house and climbed happily into my bed. No guilt, no unfinished to do list, just joy!

And just as Lawyer was falling to sleep he whispers to me ...

"That was the best day I have ever had!"

I completely agree!

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