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Vintage Beaded Ornaments

A number of years ago at Scott Antique Market I spotted a darling and fun pink beaded ornament.  As all things go with me, then I saw another and another and before I knew it I was collecting them to hang on our tree each year.  These vintage beaded ornaments were sold in kits and made by our grandmothers as treats for their tree and as gifts for others.  They are adorned with sequins, beads, pearls, silk threads, and even tiny objects.  To me they are so very beautiful and something I buy each time I find them.  Over the years I have gathered enough to fill a punch bowl and as I gathered them together this year I could not help but wonder who made them, where they hung in their past life, and which of the people in my life will want them after me.  This bowl of estate sale goodness is one of my favorite little collections I have, and I love seeing them hung on our tree some years, and others, all snug in this beautiful bowl. 


Pass The Cocoa

The very second that we have cleaned up Thanksgiving I began to crave hot chocolate. I think the Macy's Day Parade + the start of holiday decorating just flips a hot cocoa switch in my brain.  Years ago when the kids were really little and lived off of the chocolate in a cup I set up our first hot cocoa station and never looked back.  I love a fully dressed hot cocoa, and so do they, so I gather up some of my favorite toppings + the cutest little accoutrements and a hot cocoa bar is born. 


Nutcracker In The Dining Room

I have a confession, two years ago at Christmas was the first time in my life I had seen the Nutcracker.  Well, that I recall.  My mother says we say it together when I was little but I do not remember and most certainly probably was distracted as a small child.  I do love the theater, both my mother and grandmother are huge fans, so it made perfect sense for us for my mother and I to see it together.  We absolutely loved it (if you are local see it at the Fox) and I have been thinking about it ever since. I found some darling Nutcracker themed poppers this year and the vision for our dining room took off.  I think the darling little details ... and the vintage Avon wood ornaments (found on Etsy) are truly my favorite parts. 


Collections + Traditions

Let's talk about collections and traditions today ... two of my favorite things to talk about, and do, each holiday season.  When I was little I remember opening that one single box on Christmas eve and getting to put on freshly washed and cozy Christmas pajamas for one last sleep.  I remember the first year we were married with a baby I was determined to not miss out on my pajama tradition.  I told Lawyer time and time again what was expected and he delivered, well sort of.  Before my sad self headed up to bed he told me to check the dryer ... and there it was a Christmas nightgown washed and ready for me.  It was truly so sweet, but I think he was thrilled when my mom took over the tradition for him the next year.  He doesn't do pressure well at all, and definitely not in the gift category. When we had children of our own I was determined to keep the tradition alive ... and 25 years later it is the one thing they all ask before we retire for the evening.  I love the simple "is it time to open our gift?".  

Traditions are truly my favorite. 💗


Block Print Goodness

Last week I stepped into the best new dress ... and I did not want to take it off.  I love a great dress, one you can wear with fun sneakers, booties, and most definitely loafers!  I think the beauty of a dress for me is that it is easy to wear and elevates my day by the ease of wearing it.  I feel pretty ... and these dresses most definitely get me excited about wearing them and tackling the day. 


Cody Foster Christmas Houses

I absolutely love vintage Christmas houses ... and have collected them for years.  It wasn't until last year that I realized I was drawn to those made by Cody Foster.  Now that I have narrowed that down I am watching and making a wish list of those I love.  Each year they are different, but with some careful watching on eBay I have found that you can purchase some from years past.  There is something about a Cody Foster house, they have such darling details and the pink ones are by far the best.  I snagged two this year from
Lucy's Market and I am completely in love with them.  I chose Santa's House and the Snow Angel Cottage House.  I have my eye on one more (ok, two) ... but it is Christmas and I have to leave a few things on the wish list. 😉


My Gift Shopping ...

Anyone want to talk about the fact that we are 15 days away from Christmas?  I mean, wowza for sure! As I am prepping today for a small brunch at my house tomorrow I am heavily gathering gifts for my best friends and family.  The remainder of my wrapping paper arrives today and tonight while watching movies I intend to start wrapping.  I love buying and wrapping gifts, I get so excited about what I picked out for my loved ones.  


Without A Hitch ...

From the time I met Mary Huddleston in 2019 she spoke of the book she was working on with such pride.  As an event planner working for one of the largest outlets in Dallas, Texas Mary as most definitely seen and worked on some crazy events.  What I have always loved about Mary is her incredible work ethic.  I noticed this the first time we planned something together.  She had asked me to come and collaborate with her on a tablescape in Nashville and I literally showed up and it was completely taken care of, every single detail.  We were shooting and she took a break to go to the bathroom and I could hear her making calls to check on a project while she was in the bathroom peeing.  I was blown away, she literally never stops.  I knew then and there that Mary was a girl working on a plan. 


It's A Colorful Life Tour Of Our Den

... and welcome to our den.  I absolutely love Christmas, as you know, and so decorating our home is so very fun for me.  I find decorating our home to prepare for the bliss of December to be something I have worked on for years.  I know which areas I find that shine and those are my favorites to add touches of pink, green, glitter, velvet, and vintage pieces that I have collected for years. The den is most definitely the heart of our home, and so it is my favorite all gussied up for the best month of the year, December. 


Hostess Gifts + Favorite Things

Happy Monday ... and happy second week of December!  Do we think time will ever slow down a little bit?  I had a really laid back weekend after hitting a major wall last week.  I am not sure what all contributed to the panic attack, but I know I have made some big changes since then.  I do know that I was in the middle of working on my advent posts for Influenced by Grace and talking about Mary and her heart and thoughts and at the same time staring at a very worldly to do list.  It did not make any sense at all and I had to make some changes and remove items.  This is the season of advent and I want to lean into that and to the blessings I have been given and not spend the season rushing from one thing to another and not enjoy any of it.  I laid on the couch on Saturday evening watching the SEC championship and snuggling with my family staring at the beautiful twinkle lights just taking it all in. It was peaceful and it was right where I wanted and needed to be. 


Amazing + Beautiful Homes ...

Happy Friday ... I hope your week has been incredible.  Where have I been all week?  Buried under boxes I need to ship for the shop and decorating for Christmas.  I will be back next week when both are done with so much to share and all the time to devote to all sorts of fun things.  Last minute shopping, tutorials, hacks, and the like.  I am so close to finishing all the things on my list this week ... so I can just write and play all next week.  


Jewels At The Greenbrier

It will be of zero surprise to all of you when I tell you that Hazen & Co. is one of my most favorite small businesses.  I absolutely adore Taylor and her team and their incredible customer service and philosophy of running the business.  What I love most about Taylor, beyond her precious heart, is her creativity, and her incredible collection photo shoots.  When she told me her newest collection was shot at The Greenbrier I spent all of one second before I said ... "I am going to need those images."  


Merry + Bright Entry

Happy Tuesday
... it's such a fun day!  I have the first peek into our home this Christmas and I am participating in one of my favorite things a blog round up.  I love these as you get to see the homes of so many creative and talented people, and snag some amazing ideas.  I always love partnering with others ... and this group is a fabulous grouping of incredible bloggers so I know you will truly enjoy today's hop.


Cyber Monday Goodness ...

I hope your weekend was incredible and this morning you are just like me, trying to decide if that last piece of pie can be considered a good idea for breakfast.  😋 I am working on decorating today and I could not be more excited, it is the most magical time of the year.  I am also shopping some sales today to be able to knock out some items on my list.  I am updating the sale list I made the other day for you, I hope you find some incredible deals. 

So, Happy Monday + Happy Shopping!!


Stuffing The Stockings

I really enjoy stuffing our stockings, I get a little crazy and most definitely over fill them, but I think the tiny fun gifts may be the best.  I always grab some candy, each of their favorites, some small bottles of bourbon, for those who can partake, and some scratch off lottery tickets ... because they are just fun.  I am almost done with the stocking stuffers this year, just a few more goodies to snag. 


Holiday Sale Time ... Master List!

What a week we have ahead of us all, family time, all the yummy food, and a time to pause and show all we are thankful for, sign me up for sure. I am really excited for this Thanksgiving after having to cancel it all last year.  My husband was in the hospital having emergency gallbladder surgery, we all had covid, and it was a huge mess.  I think back and am just so very thankful that it is behind us and this year we have the time to be thankful to be so very blessed. Oh, and please pass all the Thanksgiving sides and cranberry sauce to my end of the table.  

Anyone else most excited about sides?


My Favorites ... The Kitchen

The truth be told, I do not love to cook.  Most of that dislike stems from the fact that I do not feel accomplished in the kitchen while my husband is a true master. While we were dating we discussed of ordering pizza and then he proceeded to make pizza dough himself and the rest is history.  I am, however, a master of appetizers, drinks, salads, and setting a mean table.  So ... with his knowledge and mine combined I am sharing our favorites from the kitchen along with our go to orders for sending and ordering food online.  I have a list of favorite spots I order items to be enjoyed by our family and to send as gifts.  At the end I have a list of gift recommendations for all needing or wanting to gift anything kitchen and food related. 


The Sweetest Fall

It occurred to me this morning while having brunch with two friends that this is the first fall in four years that I am just "being". Sitting outside this morning by the fire pit with my yummy Oat Milk Lavender Latte and just enjoying the weather and all the leaves was magical.  I do not know a time in the last four years where I have really had nothing to manage health wise for someone in our family ... and with Maggie's ankle healing we are just enjoying the fall. The trees are prettier than they have been in years, the temperatures are perfect, the sky is blue.  


Christmas Dreaming

Don't misunderstand
... it is not decorating time yet, but I am very much in planning mode. I love to make lists and plan it out weeks before the tree comes up from the basement and gets dolled up from head to toe.  For a number of  years I decorated two trees, one in the dining room and one in the den, and then last year we just had the one in the den.  I loved it and will do the same, but ... I also see a small one in my office, and quite possibly a skinny one in the foyer. I haven't decided on the last bit yet, but I am thinking about it while staring at the entry and thinking it might need something different this year.  I usually decorate the banister of the stairs and add a few extra touches and this year, with a new and taller dresser, I may add a thin tree decked out in lights and bows.  We shall see, but it is definitely the way I am leaning. 


How To Set A Beautiful Table

I am so very excited to be included with some fabulously talented bloggers to share with you our tips and tricks for setting a beautiful table.  I love setting a table, in fact, so much more than making the actual meal.  Luckily for my family my husband loves to cook.  For me its the pairing of the linens, the china, the little details all while thinking of the people who will be sitting at the table. When we sit down at the table the first thing I think of is how it will look.  I think its part of the excitement for me. 


Oh, Hello ...

I hope your Monday is filled with sun pouring into your house and you so enjoyed the extra hour of sleep yesterday.  I was absolutely exhausted after my trip to Dallas, but in the best way.  After being sick all last week before we left I was a bit tired before we left and I used yesterday to just completely rest.  It's cold and flu season, make sure you take extra care of yourself ... that is my PSA.  I had a cold that worked its way into fluid in my ears so with an antibiotic I feel so much better.  I felt so silly at the doctor on Thursday asking why I was still not feeling well after taking a Covid test four days before.  I recall thinking I shouldn't be sick ... I completely forgot about colds and normal viruses after focusing on the more serious ones the last two years.  She giggled and said, well you could just get a cold.  #sillyme


Short Sleeve Tops to Layer

I discovered a few weeks ago that I am lacking in great short sleeve (or not long sleeve) tops.  When I found myself wearing the same darling black top again and again I realized I needed to decide why that was. I love this top, it is so comfortable and so flattering and works with a variety of jean styles and shoes.  In the fall in Georgia you can have days that are in the mid 70s and so a sweater, even a light one, seems to heavy.  The fall and winter is the time I wear jeans the most and with those jeans I love a sweater, a great long sleeve top and a light jacket ... and in times like now where it is still pretty warm a shorter sleeve top.  

And I am truly lacking in that category. 


My Favorites ... Entertaining

I have swapped up my entertaining favorites and my beauty favorites today worried about ordering time lines and monogram cut off dates.  Of course I am monogram obsessed and most of our entertaining favorites are monogrammed so these would require a little more lead time.  I noticed that Emily McCarthy (my entertaining go to) has a cut off for personalized gifts this week and I do not want you to miss out on being able to order any of these items for holiday gifts. Trust me when I saw Emily nails it when it comes to monogramming and entertaining items.  Her Shoppe is my first go to time and time again, the customer service and the options are just superior to some.  And, of course, she is one of my closest friends ... so that is a win, win for all. 


Plaid Palooza 2021

With the beginning of November I begin what my family calls plaid palooza.  I crave all things plaid, I wear all the plaid and my porch looks like a plaid shop. My response is always ... and is this a problem? I love plaid, it's the preppy in me and I love mixing them.  So here we go with all the plaid all the time until (and maybe even beyond) Christmas decorating time.  I have been known to have a plaid den at Christmas.  


Falling Into November

Anyone else need a moment?  What the heck, how is it NOVEMBER?? What happened to August and the remainder of the months until now. It feels as if it flew by but when I look at photos from July I feel like it was a lifetime ago. For us we hit the ground running the second we came home from family vacation and returned on August 1.  First it was volleyball tryouts, then an injury, two doctors, then school started, then rehab and games, then she could play, then another worse injury, more doctors, more rehab, more games, playoffs, then they lost state in the first round and then two weeks of catching my breath and now its November.  Also, that was the longest and worst run on sentence I have ever written. I swear I was just celebrating her birthday in September mere weeks ago. 

Time is a true thief


My Favorites ... Travel Edition

Oh travel
... I think one of the things I missed most about quarantine was the adventure of traveling.  But ... we are traveling, some, and enjoying smaller trips instead of bigger ones and getting out there to some extent, and I love it.  I have so many places I wish to travel, see, and things to do and have a running list.  Let us all hope that next year is the year that this crazy virus finally gets under control for the duration. One of my favorites things about travel is packing and getting ready for the trip.  I have worked hard to find pieces that I love to travel with, and a system that works time and time again.  I am thrilled to share those pieces with you today, and after, to suggest gifts based on this list. 


The Fabulous Melissa Smrekar ...

I fell in love with all things Melissa Smrekar about a year ago when my friend Nicole shared she was gifting me something she had learned about from Melissa. When I inquired more she shared with me that I was about to adore Melissa and her strong self and cheeky wit.  She was indeed correct, Melissa is a favorite follow for me on Instagram and someone I admire and adore.  Melissa reminds me a lot of my youngest who is also someone who has a strong sense of self, is well spoken, can convince her very well educated and extremely un-waivered in most things father with a perfectly executed power point, and speaks her mind.  I adore all things Melissa. She is bold, she is self-assured in the best way, and she is funny.  You will love her ... 


The Best Tomato Soup ...

This weekend I made a big batch of tomato soup as the first soup of the season.  We love soup and tomato soup is the second favorite in the house, right after Taco Soup.  I like to make it instead of buying it at the store, I think the flavor is better and I can control how much basil I add, which spoiler alert ... is a lot.  With the cold weather coming the soup will be good for lunches all week and will be perfect to add a grilled cheese for dinner on a night when I am tired and ready for dinner and bed.  I made a big stock pot and broke it down into a few containers, one of which I froze.  It is easy to pull out, defrost, and before long the house will be smelling of tomatoes + basil just in time for a warm meal. 


My Love For The Nap Dress


This summer, funny enough at a needlepoint class, I took the plunge and bought my first Hill House Home nap dress.  After seeing so many love theirs and buy them time and time again I decided I needed to understand the hype.  So three of us were busy typing away on our phones instead of listening, sorry Marcy, and in minutes had all purchased two new dresses.  I then stalked my email for days waiting for the goods to arrive and once they did, I put one dress on and immediately understood the hype.  To own a nap dress is to love it. 


Happy Monday ...

Happy Monday!  I had the best weekend, and woke up this morning in a really good mood.  I am a morning person by nature, but this morning I felt lighter and happier than I have in a bit.  I am so excited for the week, some fun things on the list, and just to tackle another week in October.  I shared on Instagram this weekend that October feels like a month of adventure to me, the weekends I crave to pick apples, hit a pumpkin farm, walk through some corn mazes ... and sit by a fire.  It's definitely the crisp air I am loving. 


Fall Alfresco

This time of year I crave to be outside.  I think its the thought that in just a few months it will be too cold and more undesirable to be outside and yet now the weather in the evening is just perfect and crisp and begs for alfresco moments.  As much as I fight summer ending I do love fall once I really give into it.  I am planning a pumpkin carving next weekend ... so I am already thinking of setting a table to carve pumpkins, what to serve, and what I want it to look like.  We only have one week left of pre-Halloween and then it will be just full on fall with all the leaves changing and the time I crave to be outside in the evening will just grow. 


My Favorites ... Bed + Bath

This year when it comes to gift guides I have decided to do it a little bit different.  I always struggle with choosing things from various lists and various retailers, small and large, and trying to put together a list of items that I would love to gift.  I have decided to go about it a little different and instead share with you my favorite things I own and gift and give you some ideas on how to pair and gift them.  I am intentional with gifts and I think this is a better fit for me that massive gift guides.  Every single item on this favorites list, and the ones to come, are things I own, buy again and again and gift to others.  I will not be checking stores for things I think would be a good gift, but instead will be sharing what I swear by, own and love, and how I would gift it.  And to go a step further I would suggest you write a card, let your receiver know why you chose it for them and what your thoughts were in choosing the gift.  I can promise you a handwritten note with your thoughts about why they are important to you, why you chose the item, and how you thought it would bring joy to their life will mean so very much. 


Our Bedroom Refresh ... It's Done!

As you know I have been working on our primary bedroom for a few months, every single thing takes so much longer these days. I am so excited to share we have all of our custom bed linens back from the Upholstery Spa and it is even better than I imagined. 

Let's go back and catch up a bit. 


My Favorite Cold Weather Drink

I will cop to the fact that I do not care for pumpkin spice.  I do not like the smell of it, the taste of it, or sadly, the hype it gets this time of year.  I do, however, love all things pumpkin.  The second the air changes and it gets cold in the fall I want all of the pumpkin things.  I buy pumpkin bread, muffins, soup, cookies and we eat them on repeat.  You will not find me ordering a PSL ... I have to say I just do not like them.  


A Great Trench ...

I love a trench coat ... it's the perfect "I need a light coat for wind and rain" + a great accessory.  A good trench fits well, buttons well (everything lays flat) and folds up well allowing you to wear it and store it in your car without wrinkles.  I have a solid one I snagged a few years ago but this one is truly so very me.  I popped into the store to return a dress and there it was hanging next to the counter.  I swapped that dress for this coat and the rest is history. 


Halloween Explosion ...

I have decorated for Halloween for many years but to varying degrees.  Sometimes I just do carved pumpkins and tea lights and other times I have decorated the stoop with more details and even dressed a scarecrow as me.  I have never added blowups to our yard as they really aren't me ... but this year I have gone all out.  When my father in law went into hospice I decided I would decorate with every single thing I had since his birthday falls on Halloween. When he passed away a few weeks ago I added to my stash to make sure it was full all Hallows eve over here to celebrate him. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 11

Happy Monday
... I am a little sleepy from all the activities last week and then Homecoming this weekend, but in the best way.  It was a fun week and my girl was the cutest for the dance.  She had the best time and I was up early Sunday morning waiting on the sofa with all the coffee to get all the juicy details.  They had a blast ... and their group is so cute, oooh ... high school.  It will another busy week as their volleyball team has made it to the finals and my girl has been cleared to play so ... all the prayers please for the safety of her ankle.  

Does life ever slow down?  I think not


A Perfect Breakfast Idea

When I was planning what to pack to take to Athens my list also included snacks, a cheese tray, and a breakfast idea.  I was excited about being able to enjoy the house we rented and I wanted to try out something I wanted to make, a toast board, and I figured a group of girls was perfect to use as a test subject.  I stopped at Trader Joes on my way out of town and snagged all my ingredients for both the cheese board and the toast board so that when we arrived in Athens it would be all about the events and the shopping would be done.  It turned out to be the perfect plan as the traffic was bad and we arrived later than planned.  But ... all my shopping was done so I didn't feel the stress I could have. 

Win, win. 


Denim + Bows

When I first planned out my outfit for this darling bow denim shirt I planned on a cute pair of off white jeans.  But ... when it came to wear the top I could not find my jeans (they were buried between two towels I put away) and I decided to try the top with these light wash jeans.  I recall saying to myself ... can I wear denim on denim??  Well, the answer is a resounding yes, because fashion is what ever you make it and I like it so I will wear it again and again. 


Introducing The Preppy Desk

I love stationery.  I think I have loved it since I was a small child and I was sending letters to my grandmother.  She was an avid letter writer and kept up with many friends and family via snail mail.  She would send me letters weekly, all which I still have, and I would send some in return.  I was never committed the way she was.  But, this action as a child definitely made me a lover of handwritten notes and letters, and by extension a lover of stationery. 


The Southern C Fall Retreat

art market on Thursday afternoon

Athens was sooo good. You know I am a big supporter of all things Southern C and I was really excited to try a smaller workshop vs Summit which can have around 400 attendees.  I also really love Athens and do not spend any time at all in this darling small town so "living" there for a few days was really so fun.  My friends and I rented a house and loved having time in the morning and at night to recap our days, bond, and talk all sorts of business (and personal) related things. The house was truly stunning and I could have written a whole blog post on the house, its location, and the decor if I had not been so immersed into all things small business.  You can see more of it here, and if you need a rental for a game, this one was so good. 


Athens Bound ...

I am off to Athens today with The Southern C for their Fall Retreat.  I am beyond excited for many reasons.  I love my Southern C community and how it has help me grow and change in the six plus years I have been attending.  I love the people and their brands and I love learning from there.  And last, but not least, I love adventure.  I hope you will follow along as we settle into this darling college town and eat, shop, and learn. 


Monday Thoughts ... (+ TSC Prep)

I am really thankful for a new week.  The last month was hard and having my sweet father in law in hospice broke my heart.  He died peacefully in his sleep early Tuesday morning and I was incredibly thankful he was no longer hurting.  He deserved the best as he always gave his best.  Now we just have to remember him and his hard work and his legacy each and every day.  I woke up this morning feeling so much lighter and more focused than I have in a month.  I think the worry of him hurting was truly killing me and this morning I was thinking of him the way we all knew him best and it brought light and a spring to my day.  


Jenna's Yellow Jeep

I know you loved yesterday's post ... the emails I got were just incredible.  Jenna Shotmeyer's story is truly magical and so very inspiring. I told you today I would share the piece she designed for me and today here we are. This yellow Jeep is so very me.  It is filled with all sorts of estate sale finds and would totally be me driving home if we still owned our Jeep.  It will happen again, I just know it.  A yellow Jeep is in our future. If you are not sure what a yellow Jeep means to our family you can read that story here


Introducing Jenna Shotmeyer ...

I have such an amazing artist and woman to share with you today.  I think I connected with the darling Jenna Shotmeyer the second she slid into my dms.  There is something about her art you just fall in love with and then she begins to share her life and you are completely sunk.  Jenna is young but in many ways she has already lived two lives and does her best to truly make the most of every single day.  She is wise and thoughtful. Her life has already experienced great trauma but what she has done with it is highly inspiring.  Her art shows her love for the coast, for life, and the way she seems objects and places we know and love is magical.  


Lloyd Oliver Minear

We lost my precious father in law yesterday.  He was the best man I have ever known only second to my own father.  He was quiet and strong.  He was dedicated and faithful. He was an excellent husband and father and worked hard at every single thing he did.  He was precious and loving and left me little notes on post its.  He was always with a smile and always required a two arm hug.  As my husband's best friend told me the other day ... losing him will be the end of an era ... and she was correct. 


More Fall Sale

We both know that I love J.Crew.  One of my top desired collaborations is with this incredible brand.  I have been wearing J.Crew longer than I can even recall, and I gravitate toward the classic prep with a twist clothing they sell.  I got on the site yesterday to pull an image for an outfit board and noticed they were having a sale and a fantastic one, so I immediately placed two orders.  You can save up to $100 on an order of $250 or more, so if your order is larger than that I would suggest making two orders to benefit the most.  I snagged a dress (seen above) , two shirts, a pair of darling shoes, and a pair of glasses and received $200 off.  I am telling you, do not miss out!  


Let's Prep For Fall ...

Since our Georgia weather will not be above 80 degrees, let's get prepped for fall.  I found some darling things for your house, a sweatshirt or two you can cozy up in, and some darling earrings.  The first day of fall is officially 4 days away ... will you be ready?


Gameday Dress ...

It's college football season ... which means a few things.  One Saturday's in the south with SEC football is huge.  Second, college football means tailgates and games.  And lastly, that means game day outfits.  For all from the tiny to older crowd is very serious about what they do and what they wear on game day. We love to find things that are comfortable and cute, and we hoard gameday clothes. I was absolutely thrilled when Never A Wallflower reached out to ask if they could send me one of their Game Day Dresses.  I think I said yes in ALL CAPS


The 'Easiest" Cheese Board

Since Mandy Rye created her Build Your Own Cheese + Charcuterie Board I have wanted it.  It is such a great piece, its long and its marked with for the placement for cheese (and which kinds), meats, vehicles (for your cheese and meat), nuts, fruit, and extras.  Basically ... it's a fail safe way to create a fantastic charcuterie board.  A week or so ago I took advantage of Waiting On Martha Home's buy more, save more sale and snagged the board and a number of other amazing things to be able to create amazing boards all fall.  I immediately came home and gathered all of my favorite cheeses + fruits and extras and put together a small, but delicious dinner for us.  I added a slice of pie for dessert (I am doing my best to lean all the way into fall) and it was the easiest, and best dinner outside for the four of us.  

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