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Jenna's Yellow Jeep

I know you loved yesterday's post ... the emails I got were just incredible.  Jenna Shotmeyer's story is truly magical and so very inspiring. I told you today I would share the piece she designed for me and today here we are. This yellow Jeep is so very me.  It is filled with all sorts of estate sale finds and would totally be me driving home if we still owned our Jeep.  It will happen again, I just know it.  A yellow Jeep is in our future. If you are not sure what a yellow Jeep means to our family you can read that story here


Introducing Jenna Shotmeyer ...

I have such an amazing artist and woman to share with you today.  I think I connected with the darling Jenna Shotmeyer the second she slid into my dms.  There is something about her art you just fall in love with and then she begins to share her life and you are completely sunk.  Jenna is young but in many ways she has already lived two lives and does her best to truly make the most of every single day.  She is wise and thoughtful. Her life has already experienced great trauma but what she has done with it is highly inspiring.  Her art shows her love for the coast, for life, and the way she seems objects and places we know and love is magical.  


Lloyd Oliver Minear

We lost my precious father in law yesterday.  He was the best man I have ever known only second to my own father.  He was quiet and strong.  He was dedicated and faithful. He was an excellent husband and father and worked hard at every single thing he did.  He was precious and loving and left me little notes on post its.  He was always with a smile and always required a two arm hug.  As my husband's best friend told me the other day ... losing him will be the end of an era ... and she was correct. 


More Fall Sale

We both know that I love J.Crew.  One of my top desired collaborations is with this incredible brand.  I have been wearing J.Crew longer than I can even recall, and I gravitate toward the classic prep with a twist clothing they sell.  I got on the site yesterday to pull an image for an outfit board and noticed they were having a sale and a fantastic one, so I immediately placed two orders.  You can save up to $100 on an order of $250 or more, so if your order is larger than that I would suggest making two orders to benefit the most.  I snagged a dress (seen above) , two shirts, a pair of darling shoes, and a pair of glasses and received $200 off.  I am telling you, do not miss out!  


Let's Prep For Fall ...

Since our Georgia weather will not be above 80 degrees, let's get prepped for fall.  I found some darling things for your house, a sweatshirt or two you can cozy up in, and some darling earrings.  The first day of fall is officially 4 days away ... will you be ready?


Gameday Dress ...

It's college football season ... which means a few things.  One Saturday's in the south with SEC football is huge.  Second, college football means tailgates and games.  And lastly, that means game day outfits.  For all from the tiny to older crowd is very serious about what they do and what they wear on game day. We love to find things that are comfortable and cute, and we hoard gameday clothes. I was absolutely thrilled when Never A Wallflower reached out to ask if they could send me one of their Game Day Dresses.  I think I said yes in ALL CAPS


The 'Easiest" Cheese Board

Since Mandy Rye created her Build Your Own Cheese + Charcuterie Board I have wanted it.  It is such a great piece, its long and its marked with for the placement for cheese (and which kinds), meats, vehicles (for your cheese and meat), nuts, fruit, and extras.  Basically ... it's a fail safe way to create a fantastic charcuterie board.  A week or so ago I took advantage of Waiting On Martha Home's buy more, save more sale and snagged the board and a number of other amazing things to be able to create amazing boards all fall.  I immediately came home and gathered all of my favorite cheeses + fruits and extras and put together a small, but delicious dinner for us.  I added a slice of pie for dessert (I am doing my best to lean all the way into fall) and it was the easiest, and best dinner outside for the four of us.  


Monday Thoughts ( + The Lilly Sale) ...

Another great weekend on the books, I am truly loving taking time off of social media and truly just relaxing, organizing, and spending time with my family on the weekend.  This will now be a permanent thing, which I love.  Not that I wasn't all in with family before, but somehow I felt like I needed to document weekends, which was truly silly.  Stepping away from my phone on the weekends has been a gift and one I will keep. If you haven't tried it I highly suggest it.  So refreshing.  I also have now set aside Sundays to regroup around the house and organize for the week and the anxiety I have had for years on Mondays is slowly fading away.  I think we have found the recipe for a great week over here. I highly recommend it. 


Citrus Garden Obsession

I have been in love with Schumacher's Citrus Garden pattern since the moment it was released.  I think it is just the most perfect wallpaper, and reminds me so very much of my childhood in Florida. As a child my grandfather would drive through citrus groves to inspect fruit as part of his business.  We played in the groves, we listened to music in high school at grove parties (probably a bad idea) and since they were literally everywhere in central Florida a citrus grove is one of my favorite sights. I have no idea where I will use this pattern or where it will go, but mark my words ... I will absolutely have a space in my home with something using Citrus Garden. 


Welcome, September!!

Yep, September is really here.  I think for the first few days, before Labor Day, I was like ... it is coming and now that the long weekend is gone and I have flipped my calendar, it is really here.  August was so long and so full I felt like it was going to last forever.  But ... the weather already feels a little different, so it is time to embrace it and invite the upcoming fall in for coffee and a scone. 😉


LDW Sales ...

Happy long weekend ... and the last long weekend of summer. #sigh I was checking my favorite retailers for sales since I seem to have some carts filled and found some amazing ones to share, so the list I shop is below.  I have also included every single thing that is currently in my cart and most of what I have pulled as ideas for outfits for fall.  There are some darling items coming out, and I am here for the cute! All of the items below are part of the sales I have listed for you, so nothing is full price. 


Monday Thoughts ...

Happy Monday ... I hope you are safe from this bad storm and enjoying a slow start to your week, we all could use it. I can't believe September starts in two days, August drug on forever ... but it was a good one.  We celebrated our 26th anniversary last week, my parents their 45th, lots of special memories for August.  With the exception of school starting it may be one of my favorite months in the year.  I don't think I am ready for September, but it is coming in fast so here we go ...


Iced Coffee ... on repeat

With the late summer weather here in the south hot coffee has become a little hard for me to have.  I love my first hot cup every single morning but I have found myself not wanting a second one ... just because it is really hot outside. Every single time we travel I always love a great iced coffee, so I decided to try and make a great one at home. I tried just making hot coffee and then icing it and found I didn't love it.  Then I tried buying a premade iced coffee, and same.  With some trial and error and actually a conversation with a guy at Whole Foods I settled on a cold brew and love it. I have been making them once a day for a few weeks and I love it so very much.  


Needlepoint Finishing

Last Tuesday I took my stash of finished needlepoint projects, well most of them, and coordinating fabric I had chosen for the backs to my local shop to be sent off for finishing.  Most of the items were ornaments and I also requested two door hangers and one coaster.  It was a huge pile and when it returns it will cost me some dollars.  I am sad I waited to have something finished, I think the excitement of working on the project is definitely in the rush to have it finished to be able to enjoy it.  I had this pile of ornaments for over a year and I just kept adding to it and now I will have a pretty stash when they return and also be paying a pretty penny, but it is all worth it for the work involved.  I am counting down the days until my work will return, and that may be a bit with the back up. 


Giving Back ...

Waking up this morning I think a lot of us are heavy from all the news in the past few weeks.  It is hard to process, hard to fathom it is real, and even harder to decide what to do. I know for me I have found that finding a great place to donate money or items to help others makes me feel so much better than just sitting at home staring at an unbelievable screen.  The news is hard to watch and it is literally everywhere on social media, so finding peace in the storm is also a challenge.  If you are feeling anything like me I hope today's post helps and gives you a resource for doing good in the hard.


Back To Projects ...

Happy Monday ... isn't this month just flying by??  I am completely in shock that its the four week of August.  We have an anniversary later this week and the month feels like it will be over.  Why does time fly??  I am excited to get back to a few projects this week, and to share it with you.  I am ready to do some fun things on IGTV and to just embrace the week, even though I am hoping it goes slowly and I can really just soak it all up.  I love August, well except for school starting, and next month my daughter has a birthday and I am 1000% not ready for that at. all.  


All The Dresses ...

I think this is the first summer I have worn dresses on repeat.  Usually summer consists of Lilly shorts + polos with dresses mixed in but this summer I have completely dove into the dress uniform.  It is so easy to pull on and pair with sneaks or slides.  In the past few weeks it has been so very hot in Atlanta and a dress is the only thing I even want to think about wearing. As we start school I realize that fall is coming, even though I always dread it.  I am trying to embrace a new season and I thought window shopping for fall dresses would be so fun. 


My Beauty Routine 2021

I have had a surprising number of requests lately for my skin care and makeup routine ... and so I figured it was time to jot it down. It has changed some since the last time I posted about it ... so why not update that.  The number one question I get is ... are you still using Beautycounter? ... and the answer is a firm yes. I am using BC plus some new fun add ins, and swapping it up some in the summer, but all in all I am still very focused on clean beauty, products that really work, and finding things that work for and are great for my skin.  Add in daily sunscreen and you have it.  


Weekend Review

Happy, happy Monday
!  I will confess that Monday used to be a day I dreaded, after a few days with just my people it was hard to start a week knowing it was back to regular scheduled programming.  Somewhere along the way that idea shifted and I now embrace Monday as a clean slate, a new beginning, and one that needs to be loved and embraced.  This week was so good for me.  I did a lot of thinking about last weekend's inability to relax and reset and made it a mission to really dive in this weekend.  I turned down not one, but two, friend invitations to go shopping and really just stayed in and tackled the mess that was my life.  There were piles, and there was a list of things I needed to do.  I can say as we ate dinner last night with me newly showered and ready for the evening I felt so much better about so many things.  I don't relax well, I have learned that about me, but I forced it and when 7 pm hit yesterday I was relaxed. I am proud of myself.  Do not misunderstand me, I got so much done this weekend, but it was all things I had wanted to do at the house, lots of tidying and organizing, and lots of things on my "that needs to be managed" list.  I will say it again, I am very proud of me


The Preppy Podcast ...

I am super excited today to share that I have recorded a podcast with the darling Preppy Podcast. Patricia, the incredible host, had been asking for a while to have me on and the timing just never worked out.  When she asked again a few weeks ago it turned out to be ideal timing for both of us.  I am thrilled to share the episode went live today ... and is ready for all to listen. 


Weekend Review

Wow, last week was a lot.  We did not arrive home from our vacation until Sunday late afternoon and then Monday hit hard.  It is such a shock to the mind to go from complete relaxation to a huge list.  I feel like it should be banned maybe.  Tuesday evening my girl was injured ... and the rest of the week was trying to manage my list and help her and by Friday night I was burnt out.  Bless that sweet girl, she worked so hard to be able to make the varsity team, and although she did may it (thank you Lord!!), she is out for a number of weeks.  Praying so hard this passes quickly and she is strong when she gets to play. I made the decision that I would not take on too much this weekend and really relax.  Try to decompress and stay off my phone and chill.  I did a fair job of both, but I think I need some work in this area, I seem to have a problem not adding things to my schedule, something I seriously need to address. But ... here we are, it's Monday and it is a brand new, clean slate.  


North Captiva Island

I still can not believe that the family vacation we planned for months is now over and behind us.  It was everything we wanted and more and I loved, well almost, every single second.  Being in Florida is just always so good for me, but also we were celebrating and that ... was the very best part.  This was our first family vacation since my husband was diagnosed with cancer in April of 2018.  We did spend a long weekend in May of that year at his best friends lake house to begin the journey and think about our new normal with chemo and cancer ... but since then we have not traveled together for obvious reasons.  It was hard.  I tried my darnedest to take the kids places, to make memories, to make sure their lives didn't completely stop ... but this trip was so good.  We watched him have fun, relax, take photos (one of his loves), play games, prepare meals, and just be.  I cried so many happy tears and just tried my best to take it all in. 


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 10

While I was prepping for our vacation, which I think went on longer than I needed, I found some amazing things to add to my collection.  I pulled both some old and new items to take with us and, while I wore only half of what I took, I am now enjoying all the dresses I bought and am loving them transitionsing back into real life.  When I buy things I try to buy items that I know I will use again and again and what I keep becomes exactly that.  I am having a major dress moment right now ... they are so easy to wear, put on, and can be styled so many ways ... so this post is most definity dress heavy in the best way possible. 


Introducing Holly Shae Design

I honestly do not remember when I met Holly Jarvis ... I just know the months since we met online I know I have come to respect her and adore her immensely.  She "slid" into my direct messages introducing herself to me and I am so thankful she did.  She is not only an incredible designer, but also a strong and wonderful woman, mom, and second grade teacher.  I am blessed to have met and get the opportunity to work with Holly and to introduce you to one of my favorite new brands ... Holly Shae Design.


Biscuits ... on repeat order!

We all know I love Callie's biscuits.  I love taking friends and family to the shop in Virginia Highlands and I love serving them at home.  But ... did you know that you can subscribe and get them delivered to your house regularly?  I know ... so good and I am here to share with you how much of a blessing it has been for us when I was strapped for meals.  Having them in my freezer is the perfect answer when I am looking to make a quick and yummy meal for company, which we are all doing again. Hooray for company ... and biscuits on the ready


My New Sandals

A while back I asked a question on social media about which new Sarah Flint sandal I should order and then sorta left you hanging, how rude.  I completely forgot to share my new goodies when they arrived because I was so happy to have them.  I tore into that box and immediately started wearing them.  The best part about Sarah's leather is it is comfy from the first wear and only gets better from there.  These sandals, like all of her other shoes are so good. They are so well made, will last forever, and are so amazingly classic.  They literally look good on everyone.  I love them so ... 


What To Do For Others ...

Good morning ... and happy Tuesday to you.  This may seem like a complete out of the blue post, but it has been on my heart for quite some time.  I remember when we were in the hospital I would think to myself ... "one day I will write about this" ... and I guess today is that day. Having just experienced a hard time for us I think the time is prime as I am the one who is trying to figure out the best way to help my parents.  So ... let's chat. 


Beach Bound ...

In exactly seven days I will be on my way to the beach and I literally can. not. wait. It will be the next to last week of summer for us and I am ready to unplug, insert sand and water and truly relax.  It will be our first trip post cancer and I can not believe that my husband will be sitting next to me while we travel for the first time in over three years. The last trip we took was in 2018 for Memorial Day to a friends lake house when he started chemo.  He was so sick and we were all just trying to soak up our new normal.  It was a good trip, but so hard. This one will be so different.  

It is time. 


All The Tonic Please!

Happy, happy Friday!  I hope your week was good and if not great, then swift!  It is the beginning of the weekend and I am 100 percent here for it.  I plan to be sipping one of my new favorite drinks thanks to a cocktail I ordered at Superica a few weeks ago.  I decided to order the Tequila + Tonic and was immediately smitten with the flavor, presentation, and smell of it.  I enjoyed every single sip and since then have done my best to recreate it at home.  


Our New Powder Room

While it appears that my work in the kitchen has taken a small turn I thought it would be the perfect time to share the completed powder room and her new updated photos. While Angie was here shooting the collaboration between myself and Carrie I had her take some other images.  I just love getting photos back and seeing all of the hard work done and completed in Angie's amazing work. This room is one I always loved but also was ready to make a few small changes to allowing it some extra love.  


On My Radar

Happy Tuesday loves!  As you may have spotted on Instagram it was a weekend, and a hard one.  My parents brought our daughter home from a week at their house and while they were here my mother went for a walk on Sunday evening and was injured.  It was awful to wake up from a nap in the rain to hear she was in the road and bleeding and my post traumatic stress kicked in quickly.  When the ambulance and firefighters arrived they decided we both needed treatment, me just some space and breathing exercises, and her so much more.  She will be fine, praise Jesus, a cut on her head and a broken shoulder that should heal with no surgery ... but it was bad and awful and I am taking a few days to take care of me.  They left this morning to see her crew of doctors at home so I am tidying the house, taking lots of deep breaths and letting the emotions flow when they need to.  After many months of therapy after our hospital ordeal I have learned that I need to process my emotions and feelings when they happen and not let them build.  Self care is a real and vital portion of life and should never be ignored.  



Our Organized Pantry ...

I don't know why this didn't post on Friday ... but here you are!  Sometimes planning ahead and scheduling things just doesn't work as planned!  😘

As you read yesterday we enlisted Carrie Peeples to organize our rather small but very disorganized pantry.  Since it was simply a cabinet with shelves it had no definition at all and over time became a clustered mess on each shelf. With all of us home during Covid we were overbuying due to the fact we had no idea what was on each shelf and there was quite a bit that was expired and needed to go.  Carrie was amazing.  She took every single item out, disposed of what was expired, donated what we had too much of, and then organized the rest. It was truly magical. 


Introducing Carrie Peeples + Neatsmart

Oh my pantry, it has given me stress since the day we moved into our house.  For a house with such a large kitchen area the pantry and food storage is most definitely lacking.  When we first moved in it was a strange pull out cube situation and then my dad came to my rescue and removed it and installed shelves for us.  Once again, my dad to the rescue.  But ... it still didn't work.  Over time the deep shelves led to overbuying and losing items and then just a huge mess.  So ... with the room to room cleanout and refresh I decided it was time to let a professional tackle it and tackle it she did.  Why oh why did I wait so long to finally let an expert help me?  


Our Favorite Serena & Lily Item

It may surprise you, and did me, when I was asked this question how quickly I responded with the answer ... our dog bed.  I guess I am a little surprised I didn't respond with one of the bar carts or even the pillows on the porch, which I also love and clearly use often.  But ... to the benefit of our sweet pup it's her beloved bed.  I think it is so cute and so useful and I promise you there is not one day that piece is not used.  If I am downstairs then Millie is as well ... and curled up in that sweet bed.  I just love walking in the room and seeing her snoozing. 🐶 


Little This, Little That!

Happy Tuesday to you!  I hope it was a good start to the day and not one that we all normally feel after coming off of a great and long weekend.  If it was hard, guess what ... the week is a short one. I am here just to update you a little, tell you what is coming this week and let you know the status of some of the things I have on my plate.  So ... basically a mix of things for you today! 😉 


Happy 4th To All ...

I hope your weekend has been incredible and you are still enjoying some relaxing family time today.  We have had the best weekend spending it with family, friends, lots of great eats and sips and some incredible fireworks. Today I am taking my youngest to meet my parents for the week and then I am spending the evening eating left overs and hanging with my cute husband. 


Powder Room ... It's done!!

I love our powder room!  I loved it before, but as I mentioned in this post I felt like it was missing something, some extra character, something cheeky, and definitely some points of interest.  Well, after two weeks of work I couldn't be happier with the results. It is exactly what I wanted, and more, with some great ideas sent in from Instagram followers.  I have a video of the space you can see here, but I will break down sources and ideas below.  Our dear friend David, who cuts and colors my hair, was at our house on Monday and he came out of the bathroom and said ... love the sign on the door.  Yep, exactly what I hoped and more!  


Six Things I Bought + Loved Vol. 9

Happy Wednesday!!  Did the first day of summer sneak up on anyone else, or just me?  I looked at the calendar today and was in shock ... its June 23?  What happened to the first three weeks??  I think that time is marching so fast these days and I have had to go back and look at the photos on my phone to realize what we did and that we are truly soaking up summer and not just working out way through it.  The older my children get the faster time flies.  The little one just mentioned yesterday she will be 17 in three months and I promise you it was a combination feeling of almost passing out and throwing up.  How did my little baby get so big??!


Kitchen plans ...

As I am putting the very final touches on the powder room this week I am already looking at my next room to tackle.  The kitchen and breakfast room are the largest space on the main floor after the den and definitely the most used!  As it is in any home the kitchen is the heart of the home and we are in there all the time, cooking, eating, and playing all the games.  I love our kitchen, but I did want to switch out just a few things.  We finished it in November 2015 as part of an invited participant One Room Challenge redo.  I loved it then, and I love it now, and will be changing the smallest of things.  It will be an easy upgrade ... so I have it all on the brain and the list made so that the second the rug arrives for the powder room I will be able to hit the ground running!


Sarah Flint Crushing ...

I shared with you in May that I am completely and totally in love with my new Sarah Flint shoes, so much so that after my Natalie flats arrived I immediately added a pair of Grear sandals to my closet as well.  Well, she has some darling new arrivals and once again I am smitten.  The only question, which pair(s) do I chose?? The magic of Sarah's shoes is the way they are made.  She thinks of every single detail and if you have ever watched videos of her trips to Italy you will notice her care and love for every single piece she designs and sells.  And ... the comfort is worth every single penny.



Today is one of the best sales you can find this year for Frontgate.  You know I love them, love working with them, and stand behind every single piece we use and own from them.  I can not say enough good things about Frontgate or their products, and right now you can shop for 20% off with code LTK2021.  The sale is live and ends on June 13th so don't delay. 


Slim Aarons

As I am working on my powder bathroom I have talked about our love for Slim Aarons and his photography.  For me it is the perfect mix of art + the vintage feel I love to add to our home.  We have so many inherited pieces and I find I do well mixing it with both vintage pieces + new pieces to make it feel timeless and not just a museum for old pieces. I honestly do not recall the first time I learned of Slim Aarons and his iconic photographs but I can tell you I truly am a fan of the timeless, and often cheeky, images.  


Social Media Etiquette

This blog post has been on my heart for so long.  I think I put it off because I felt I wasn't qualified to speak on the topic, but as time goes on I feel called to speak up, so here I go.  Please know this comes from a place of love, kindness, joy, and a place where I think someone really just needs to speak about it.  I can only speak about my experiences, which I intend to do so, and hope to spark a conversation about change.  It needs to happen. 


Operation Completion ... Powder Room

It's a new week, and a new room, and I am here for it. I really missed not working on a room last week, but also since it was truly so short, I think I would have struggled.  This week is all about the powder room ... and I love the room, but also think it needs some changes.  There is nothing wrong with the room (well, the light flickers and it needs a rug) but it will also benefit from some goodness.  I have had a new light for a while and I am ready to get it hung.  I also snagged a cute mirror on Spring Break and immediately wanted to hang it in the powder room for a change.  There is a whole lot of squares and rectangles in the room and it is begging for some circles.  


Marrying Faux + Real

Wowza, it's Wednesday ... and I am in shock.  I know we all took Monday off, but it also felt like a two day Sunday so the fact that the week is half over is just crazy to me. Today I am chatting about something I think I have mastered and would love to share.  We are going to break down the topic of faux vs real plants and more specifically mixing them together.  I have always wanted amazing topiaries for the front of our house, but after buying and killing two sets I gave up.  That is until I decided to embrace them in a different capacity and now I am loving how they look.  The funny thing is ... the house I have always loved in the neighborhood that inspired the topiaries are also using faux and I had no idea until I decided to purchase and try them out.  

Do you shy away from faux plants?  Maybe you shouldn't.


Operation Completion, The Office

Why oh why did I not decide to tackle my house one room at a time a long time ago.  This is so good for my type A finish a project self.  I have found I instantly love walking into rooms that are "done" vs rooms that have a pile of anything anywhere.  I have no idea why I made piles to begin with, except that I have been super busy running a blog + a shop, and I just lost my focus.  

But this ... wow, it has been incredible.  


Memorial Day ... We Always Remember

I hope your weekend was relaxing and lovely, ours was perfect.  Today we pause to remember all of those who gave their lives for our protection and freedom.  I always buy and use all the flags I can find.  They are in our pots, at the front door, in the flowers, on the porch, and on the kitchen table.  This year I remembered we own a large wool flag and the Hubs and I hung it on the porch in remembrance. I loved walking by the door and being humbled by its presence. I am very blessed to come from a family of service and to have never lost a loved one in the military. But ... I am very aware many have and continue to have their loved ones serve for our freedom.  


Cheeky Needlepoint

I love a great cheeky piece ... something that makes you giggle when you read it.  I have a small collection of cheeky needlepoint pieces and I am looking to add more to the collection.  Recently I snagged a cute piece at the pop up at The Studio at Candler Park and I think hanging it in my office only fueled my want for another piece or two.  I have my eye on this piece which I think would be so cute finished as a pillow ... can you imagine it on a side chair in the den?  I love it.  


Sea Marie .. Make A Note

While perusing my favorite blogs this morning I was stopped in my tracks.  So much so that I moved what I was intending to post today to share it with you.  First of all, if you are not reading
Diana Rose Spier's blog you need to asap. I love Diana and her style and everything she curates is beyond.  So when I was checking on the sources I was so excited to discover that it all came from my favorite headband girl, Sea Marie.  

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